8 Best 750 Watt Electric Bike [Buying Guide]

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Are you thinking of getting the best 750-watt electric bike? If so, we’ve got you covered here. A 750w electric bike is perfect for traveling over many different types of terrain and getting to your destination quickly and efficiently.

But what makes a great 750 w ebike? Well in our reviews we had a close look at the key features such as range and speed while also looking at other factors such as comfort and safety. We came up with 7 models that ticked all the right boxes.

Not sure what to look for in a 750-watt electric bike? We’ve also written a buying guide to give you all the info you need. All you need to do is read on and choose the best 750w electric bike for you!

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Having a fat tire e-bike is very advantageous. First, it is perfect for use on any terrain, be it tarmac roads or you want to explore that off-road trail near your home. The width of the tire provides a larger contact point with the ground increasing grip. This helps the bike accelerate and brake better which is especially helpful when riding off-road.

The wider base means there is less air pressure acting in the tire at one point. This ensures a smoother ride as the tire soaks up most of the shock brought about by uneven road surfaces. The wide tire also means that there is more rubber to flex and absorb impact when the tire is exposed to shock.

They are a great alternative for cars as they are more agile and can move through spaces cars can’t. The e bikes 750 watt motor is also going to give you plenty of power to quickly complete any journey.

What Are the Downsides of 750 Watt Fat Tire Electric Bikes?

Despite the many advantages of the fat tire e-bike, there are some drawbacks. They are generally more expensive than regular e-bikes because of their sturdier construction. The fat tires themselves are also pricy compared to normal tires. They are only small issues to deal with when compared to the advantages of having one of these brilliant electric scooters.

How Fast Does A 750w Electric Bike Go?

Because of their high power ratings, 750 watts, these bikes are very fast. They are almost as fast as race bikes. Their speeds range from between 20-30 km/h on rough, muddy, and uneven terrain and 40-50 km/h on semi gravel and tarmac roads with higher speeds while going down slopes.

Best 750 Watt Electric Bike Reviews:

1. Opeak E-bike

This company offers one of the best foldable electric bikes out there in the market. The bike is made of an aluminum frame to ensure durability. It also comes fitted with an 8-speed gear drive train with 26-inch fat tires and a two-way suspension system.

The 750 watt electric bike offers a top speed of 51km/h with a 75km range for the paddle-assist sensor model with the throttle model offering a top speed of 55km/h and 55km of range. The fact that it’s foldable makes it easy to fold and carry in your truck.

The two-way suspension ensures a smooth ride across all terrains. Included with the bike is an auto headlights system that makes the headlights come on automatically in dark conditions increasing safety.



2. RadRunner 1 Electric Utility Bike

electric bike 750 watt

This is the perfect definition of a versatile bike. This single-speed, 750 watts hub motor powered bike comes fitted with 20-inch tires, Tektro Aries (MD-M300) brake calipers, a twist grip throttle, an LED display that shows battery charge level, peddle assist level and light indicator, and an integrated brake light

The hub motor provides 80 Nm of torque, perfect for moving heavy objects. It also comes fitted with a rear integrated rack with a 54.4 kg carrying capacity and an optional front rack. Its heavy and sturdy construction makes it perfect for carrying heavy objects.

The LED display helps you keep track of your battery level keeping you in the know on when to recharge. The rigid front fork ensures a stable and responsive riding experience, perfect for cruising around town.



3. DJ Folding Bike

This 750 watt electric bike is powered using a 48-volt battery mounted at the back of the bike. It has a foldable feature making it easy for you to fold it in half and carry it in your SUV. The battery is detachable making it easy to dismount and recharge it at home.

The heavy duty motor pumps out 75 Nm of torque enabling the bike to have a top speed of 20 m/h (32km/h). It comes fitted with 20-inch wheels unto which tektro brakes are attached. The top quality suspension fork ensures you get a perfectly smooth ride.

It also comes equipped with cruise control and a LED monitor for you to monitor your battery level. Its heavy construction makes it perfect for carrying heavy objects. It comes equipped with both front and rear racks. The frame is also made from an aluminum alloy making it lightweight.




It is a powerful and effective mountain e-bike that is surprisingly cost-effective. It comes fitted with a 750W rear electric motor and 48V lithium battery giving it speeds of up to 25 m/h. It also comes equipped with a 7-speed drive train and an aluminum frame.

The 48V battery is detachable for easy charging. The approximate charge time is 6-8 hours. It also comes equipped with 26-inch fat tires that are perfect for all terrains. An LCD panel is also included to provide you with the different stats about the bike.

Also included is a USB port and a device holder to help you charge your phone. The aluminum frame makes the bike lighter and sturdier. It has a maximum carrying capacity of 260 pounds.



5. eAhora RURUI

This is another good example of a folding bike. It comes fitted with a dual, both front and back, suspension system. Equipped is a 750W high speed brushless electric motor that is activated using a thumb throttle. The 7-speed gear works hand in hand with the motor to provide power to the rear wheel.

The 750W motor is powered by a detachable 48V high quality lithium battery hidden in the frame, with a 4-5 hour charge time that offers a range of 50 miles. Cruise control helps you hold speeds >15m/h.  Eahora Power Regeneration system enables you to have an added 10-30 mile range.

They have included a dual suspension system that incorporates the fat tires to offer you a perfectly smooth ride.



6. Rattan Electric Bike

Rattan is a name that you can trust in the world of electronic bikes and this is another brilliant model from them. You can either buy it with a 500W or 750W motor. It comes equipped with 20-inch fat tires with disk brakes for braking. It is a 7-speed bike with an aluminum frame and rear suspension.

This 750w electric bike comes equipped with an IPAS energy control system that recognizes your riding status and accurately distributes current. This helps reduce energy loss. Front and rear fenders are added to protect you from debris thrown by the tires.

The aluminum frame reduces its weight making it one of the lightest e-bikes on the market. The rear suspension absorbs shock making your ride smooth.



7. Rattan Folding Electric Bike

Another entry from Rattan, but this time their folding e-bike. The 750 watt electric bike comes with an option of either the 500W or 750W motor with a 48V battery that gives you a range of 60-80 miles on I-PAS mode. It also includes 20-inch fat tires that ride on literally any surface.

Rattan also made this beast from 100% 6061 aluminum that not only makes it strong and perfect for off-roading, but also light. The foldable design makes it easy to carry around in your SUV. Fenders attached to both the front and the rear help protect you from dirt thrown up by the tires.

The suspension system gives you 60mm of front suspension travel that will make your ride comfortable with fewer bumps. Just as in the previous model an intelligent LCD monitor is included to display various bike stats



8. Thunder T1 Fat Tire Electric Bike

electric bike 750 watt motor

The Thunder T1 electric bike comes with 26-inch tires that are 4-inch thick tires, and it is suitable for all terrains. This fun and easy-going bike is an excellent choice for commuting and running errands around the block. The T1 e-bikes 750 watts come 90 percent pre-assembled, and you will not have to do much to get them out of the box and start riding. The T1 features 26-inch large tires, and they are 4-inch thick. It means that you can comfortably ride all terrains on this versatile ride. You can ride it on the beach, play around in the streets and commute to work. T1 is your trusty sidekick in everything you do. The 750-watt electric bike comes with a powerful 750W motor, making it a class apart from its competition. Twitch this electric bike’s 750-watt motor, and you will get faster acceleration for a longer period. It can reach a top speed of up to 28 miles an hour and attain 80 Nm maximum torque. So, you can get a good start and reach your destination in time. 

The bike comes equipped with a Samsung/LG li-ion battery with a 672 watt-hour capacity. With this powerhouse, you will comfortably get up to 60 miles per charge. Therefore, you can use it for long rides. There are two different options that you can use to charge your 750 w ebike. You can either go for in-bike or off-bike charging to keep your battery topped up at all times. This 750W electric bike is all about comfortable riding. The fat tires that this electric bike 750-watt motor features make those bumps non-existent. The powerful hydraulic front fork with preload adjustment and lockout option allows the bike to tackle different terrains.



What To Look For In 750 Watt Electric Bike? – A Buyer’s Guide

If you are looking to fit fat tires on your bike be sure to consider one with a wide frame construction. This is to fit the 4” wide tires you would love for your off-road exploration.

As for construction, the main reason you would want a fat tire bike is for off-roading.  Ensure your bike has a tough enough frame to be able to handle the extreme riding conditions of off-roading. Nobody would like a bent frame during one of their riding escapades.

There are generally two types of motors for e-bikes: hub motors and crank motors.

  • Hub Motor: They are attached directly to the hub which improves efficiency. Their position also means that they provide a low center of gravity increasing stability. Considering they are sealed in the hub they are mostly maintenance free. They are however expensive because they are more complicated and harder to maintain. They also increase the weight of the wheel.
  • Crank Motor: They are cheaper and lighter than hub motors. Because they are attached to the crank, they are easy to incorporate with the gears which increase their efficiency.

Be sure to get a bike that uses a battery from a well-known and highly rated manufacturer. Some of these manufacturers include Samsung and LG. this ensures that you got a high quality battery and that you can easily get a replacement in case of damage.

This is the distance which you can travel on one full charge. Consider buying a battery with a long range. The last thing you would want is your battery to die in you while making an almost impossible climb, or when you are on a track far from home.

With fat tires, disc brakes are more commonly used. This is because v-brakes are unreliable compared to disk brakes and unlike v-brakes, disk brakes are rim size neutral meaning they can be used with different rim sizes easily. Make sure your bike is fitted with high quality brakes.

The type of suspension you want to be fitted on your bike depends mostly on the type of terrain you will be riding your bike. Standard fat tire e-bikes come fitted with front suspension, which can be used basically anywhere. If you want better shock absorbance to be sure to get a bike fitted with both front and rear suspension.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s):

  • How fast can a 750 watt bike go?

These are very powerful bikes. The speed of these bikes depends on the terrain they travel on. Their speeds range from between 20-30 kph on rough, muddy, and uneven terrain and 40-50 kph on semi gravel and tarmac roads with higher speeds while going down slopes.

  • Is 750 watts enough for e-bike?

It all depends on what the bikes are used for. If they are being used for off-roading and riding on steep slopes the electric bike 750 watt motor is more than enough. All that power would be wasted if you intend to use the bike for simple tasks like going to the store. In this case, you should consider a cheaper, less powered alternative.

  • How powerful is a 750 watt e-bike?

The electric bike 750 watt motor is generally a very powerful motor perfectly suited for off-roading. It is powerful enough to help you haul heavy objects up steep slopes without breaking a sweat. It also makes the bike extremely fast, perfect for competitions. It however uses a lot more power.

  • What class is a 750 watt e-bike?

750 watt e-bikes lie between classes 1-3. What varies between the groups is how the motor is activated. Class 1 bikes have only the paddle-assist sensor to activate the motor. Class 2 bikes have a throttle and paddle-assist sensor to activate the motor while for class 3 the speed limit is higher.

  • Can electric bikes go up hills?

Yes, electric bikes can go up hills. This is made easier using the motor which works hand in hand with the gears to make your climb up the hill easy. With an electric bike, you require less energy to pedal uphill compared to your normal bike.

Final Verdict:

Fat tire e-bikes have introduced a new and thrilling element to the whole e biking experience. Their versatility ensures that they can be ridden practically on any type of terrain without any drop in performance.

Choosing the perfect fat tire e-bike can be challenging. If you are considering buying yourself one, be sure to consider the above guide. Once you choose one, you’ll love riding it. A 750 watt electric bike is a brilliant way to travel. You’ll enjoy quick journeys and have a lot of fun on the way.

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