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Welcome to Futuresport.co !

We are a team of 4 experts in outdoor sports and riding activities from skateboarding to ATV trials. For many years we have been hitting various trials together and always loved to do it very often although we had other fulltime jobs to go to. Back then selecting the perfect gears was not a big deal for us and we also got the best one from the market. Over the years when the choices increase it did get a bit confusing and hard to select the perfect gears for our trials. But with our expertise we tackled the confusion easily and we still manage to get the best things suiting us.

However, the changes in the market didn’t went well for everyone and we were starting get a lot of questions from others who want to get a skateboard, a mountain bike and other riding gears. This is when we realized we have what it takes to help out those who are in confusion with our yeas of expertise in hitting various trials. And this is what marked the start of Future Sports.

The Mission :

The outdoor sports world can be a tough one to start without enough information on them. Either people are confused on how to start or they think it will not suit them. And that is what we have created our mission from.

Our mission is to use our knowledge and experience of going outdoors and help those who need it. Through Future Sports we share what we know with people and help them kick start their trial riding and getting the right gears that they want.

We aim to provide our readers with:

  • Expert reviews on the latest gears available in the market.
  • Buying guide to help them own the right thing for them.
  • Answering a lot of FAQ and clear the confusion.

In total as our name suggest we make it easy for the world to choose the right future sport and do it the right way.

What do we cover?

Future Sports was started to cover almost everything you need to make a great and adventurous outdoor day. We are always aiming to help people with all walks of life and age group. So we have covered a lot of products including different kinds of bikes, boards, four wheelers and toys to ride on.

The Team :


founder, chief editor

I’m Brian who is the brain behind Future sport.

I have been a big enthusiast of mountain biking and have been doing this for almost 10 years. I have owned a number of bikes over the years matching different trials I hit regularly.

When I started to get a lot of questions from friends and family about mountain biking I decided I can help a big group through something like Future sports. And as I discussed the idea with my friends who had similar interest few of them weighed in and that is how Future Sports became a reality.

I am linking some of my professional work portfolio below :


Head of Platform

I’m a person you can find at your mountain trials every other weekend. When on a regular day you can spot me on by skateboard rolling through the streets.

I’m very passionate about collecting different boards and go freestyle sometime too. My collection of boards is over a 100 which was collected in a period of 12 years. I’m still a regular board buyer and get most of the new and promising boards that hit the market. Most of the board reviews in Future Sports is made with my help.

You can check some of my famous works here :


Part-Time Contributor

My main love in this world is a good engine that churns out some good horses. I’m not really into normal cars and bikes I love to take my monsters out in the woods and make some drifts and jump some hills.

My collection of 5 ATV is personally selected by me with extensive research. With my expertise I’m able to get free rides on most of the new ones that’s hitting the market. I’m aimed to help new ATV buyers by reviewing the ones in took out for rides.

You can also see my in the local Go-cart track when I’m bored and need a change.



Pedalling a bicycle and riding scooters all around the streets is what I always loved. I’m an environmental enthusiast and always try to encourage people to ride bicycles and scooters.

Most of my weekends, I take my mini bikes to the trials and sweat myself out hitting the rough tracks. It does gives me feel full and adventurous. Brian is my best mate at the trials and we are very passionate about sharing our thoughts through Future Sports.

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