Adidas is outdoing Nike and Under Armour, here’s why !


Back in early 2015, Adidas found themselves in a decline of sales due to design misfires. Fast Forward 18 months, Adidas are now outdoing Nike and Under Armour. At the time Under Armour, were a far smaller upstart brand, and Adidas were confronting headlines that it was trailing Under Armour in U.S. sportswear sales. Not only Under Armour, but Nike were also outperforming Adidas in the same sector.

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Adidas is just following simple sales pitch still the main reason for their success is their wide range of products and cool designs .

With this strategy from past years , adidas has crossed a huge records of sales making more and more customers attract to them.

“We are really proud of the fact that we are the fastest growing [sportswear] brand in North America,” King told Fortune in an interview.


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