Are Electric Scooters Legal In The UK? UK Scooter Laws

are electric scooters legal in the uk

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The world has transformed at a very high pace and we are loving every single moment of it. Years ago, summers would mean walking and running down the streets. Today, we have ample options that let us surf around the town in a great fun way. One of these options is Electric Scooters.  

Electric scooters are the new rush in the world and we are all in love with it, aren’t we? While electric scooters are super fun to ride around, they also come with a lot of risks involved. This is what makes us ask the question “are electric scooters legal in the UK?” To answer the question, yes, electric scooters are legal in the UK but only partially. The government of the UK identifies the risks involved with riding an electric scooter and has a few rules for riding the same. Electric scooters are personal light electric vehicles that fall in the same category as bikes and cars do. Electric scooters do not require a helmet to ride them down on the streets but the rider surely needs to have a license. To learn more about ‘are electric scooters legal in the UK’, we pulled out thorough research and have prepared this article for you. Hope it helps.

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Are They Street Legal?

Before getting too excited and right away buying an electric scooter it is important to understand and learn everything about them. The first question that should pop into our minds is, “are electric scooters legal in the UK streets?”

In the UK, electric scooters are still illegal on the streets. One can buy an electric scooter and ride it around on private land with the land owner’s permission. But the government of the UK does not permit electric scooters to be ridden on the streets yet. If a rider is caught riding an electric scooter on the streets, they can be fined 300 pounds to 1000 pounds.

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In the year 2020 alone, 100+ riders were caught and fined in London for riding their electric scooter on the street. They were all slapped with hefty fines to pay. If a person is caught riding on their electric scooter on the street, along with a fine they will also be charged with 6 points on their license.  

 Electric scooters fall into the same category as cars and bikes do. The government does not have laws set for electric scooters yet but the discussions over the same are taking place. Soon there will be a guideline on if electric scooters will be legalized on the streets or not.

Can you ride Electric Scooters on the Sidewalk?

It is not clear how long will it take to completely legalize the electric scooters on the streets yet. The authorities have several safety concerns for the people around the country. This means, no, riding an electric scooter on the sidewalk is illegal. The motor in an electric scooter is generally powerful which puts it under the transportation vehicles category.

The concerns of the authorities include the poor manufacturing of the electric scooters, not a powerful motor, extra powerful motor, lack of security for the rider and people around the rider, etc. The list is long.   

The privately-owned electronic scooters are not legalized to be ridden in the streets, the sidewalks, the malls, the parks, or any other public place. The electric scooters can only be ridden on privately owned land. The rider however would still need permission from the landowner to ride a scooter. The authorities also have the legal right to question any rider taking a ride on the private land as well.

are electric scooters legal in the uk


Does an Electric Scooter need a License?

A license is simply the authorities allowing any citizen to drive around in a motor vehicle that can be considered as a transport. As we have noted, an electric scooter has a powerful motor. The scooter falls in the same categories as any other vehicle. It needs training and the right skills to ride around on an electric scooter. This is why the authorities have made it mandatory for the rider to have a license if they wish to ride an electric scooter. Along with a license the rider has to be 16 years or older in age. Riding an electric scooter without a helmet on is strictly illegal.

An electric scooter is easily available to be bought in the UK but there are several restrictions on riding one. If a rider is caught riding an electric scooter without a license, the authorities can find them with as much as 1000 pounds. This means no matter if the rider is on private land or in a public place, a license while riding an electric scooter is a must.

Even if you have a license it is advised to always keep the electric scooter under 15.5 mph of speed. It can turn out to be extremely risky if the speed limit crosses the bar and the rider may lose control and get into a serious accident.

Do They Need To Be Registered?

A vehicle that runs on pedals, along with a light motor is considered equal to a bicycle. A bicycle does not have to be registered. It is a vehicle with very little risk and not a strong motor to be registered as per the road and vehicle laws of the UK. Any person who is above the age of 12 or 14 is allowed to use such vehicles.

Electric scooters however have powerful motors. This makes them fall into class 3 of vehicles. The heavy motors make it available only to be ridden by people who are above the age of 14 years old. As an electric scooter has a high-power motor, it is mandatory to get them and any other vehicle of class 3 to be registered.

The authorities if find a rider using a nonregistered electric scooter can take strict actions. The wiser choice will be to get your electronic scooter register if you are planning to ride it outside your house. To understand it in more detail, one can have a detailed look at the road and vehicle laws of the UK.

What are the Road Laws in the UK?

Road Laws are the set of laws the authorities made to protect the citizens. Recklessness on the streets has become a common practice and an electric scooter rider should not be contributing to it as well. This is why here are some road laws for an electric scooter rider and owner.

  • Do not go over the speed limit – The speed limit of riding an electric scooter is set to be 15.5 mph. going beyond it only invites the risk of accidents.
  • Always have a license – Make sure you have a license when you decide to take a ride on the electric scooter. The authorities have all the rights to ask you for the same.
  • Do not ride on public property – Riding an electric scooter on public property and in public areas can prove to be a serious risk for the lives of the rider as well as the people around. This is why the authorities have restricted electric scooter riding in public.
  • Wear a helmet – While this is not the law, it still is a great safety measure and must be followed by every rider.
  • The rider should be 16 years or older age – The engine of an electric scooter is powerful and falls in the 3 class of vehicles. This means any human under the age of 16 is not legally allowed to ride it.

are electric scooters legal in uk



Are electric scooters legal in the UK?

Yes, electric scooters are 100% legal in the UK. But there are several restrictions imposed on their usage. It is legal to ride an electric scooter in the backyard of your house or any other private property with the owner’s permission. Riding an electric scooter in public is strictly considered illegal.

Will riding an electric scooter in public will ever be legal in the UK?

There are no separate laws for electric scooters in the UK as of now. This is why these vehicles have been restricted from being used in the public. However, the discussions on the same have been taking place and it might legalize soon.

Does a rider need a license to ride an electric scooter?  

If a rider wishes to ride an electric scooter in the UK, they must have a license. The authorities may question the rider at any time.

What happens if a rider is found riding a scooter in public?

As per the rule of authorities, no one is allowed to ride an electric scooter in public. In case one is found doing so, they can be slapped with a hefty fine between 300 and 1000 pounds.

Are electric scooters very expensive?

Electric scooters can be found in your budget. Make sure you look for it thoroughly and you will find the right choice that is in your budget as well.


Final Verdict:

Riding an electric scooter is a super fun thing to do, especially in summers. We would all love to take our e scooters and attack the streets right away. But the government of the UK does not allow it yet.

Let’s answer the question which we had begun with “are electric scooters legal in the UK?” Yes, electric scooters are legal in the UK. But riding them comes with tons of restrictions. So if you are planning to buy or ride one, make sure you go through this article and understand all the restrictions and rules you will have to follow.

Happy riding.

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