Arkadium Bringing Interactive Content To Life With Inhabit !

Newsboy wearing flat hat holding newspaper and shouting to sell.Megaphone in right hand, and newspapers in left hand.Model is wearing red suspenders.The image was shot with Hasselblad H4D


Arkadium Introduces Interactive Content With Inhabit !

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Arkadium, the New York based content generation technology provider has announced the launch of its new interactive content creation platform for its publishers. Arkadium’s new editorial content technology can read any article and automatically insert interactive media elements for an engaging experience.

Content publishers can now deliver interactive content—factives, using cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence (AI) to significantly enhance user interaction and session duration.  – Via Martechseries 

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Arkadium and Inhabit had launched “factive” : an interactive data visualization platform that enhances human life with artificial intelligence boosting customer interaction . 


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