✅ The 8 Best 3 Wheel Electric Scooters For Adults [ 2021 Reviews ]

3 wheel electric scooter
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Whether you suffer from a motor disability or need extra help to move around, a 3 wheel electric scooter will provide the helping hand. The product combines the useful features of a wheelchair and an electric scooter. Therefore, one can sit comfortably while controlling the scooter on different terrains.

And these 3 wheel scooters are not just for adults, Yes! We have also reviewed 3 wheel scooter for kids. 

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Before, 3 wheel electric scooter for adults were a thing of the future, similarly with flying cars. However, start-up firms saw a gap in the market, and people realized how beneficial it is for those in need.

Whether you’re thinking about purchasing or doing thorough research on the subject, take a look below. This informative guide will let you know everything there is to know about 3 wheel mobility scooters and further considerations. Alternatively, if you are looking for more wheels, do check out these options for 4 wheel mobility scooters.

1. E-Wheels 36 Three Wheel Scooter


This 3 wheel electric mobility scooter is for those that want style and performance. One of the main reasons why this product is our top choice is due to its design. Many argue that this is the fastest scooter that you can currently find. So, if you’re in a rush, this product will help you to get there as fast as you need.

With a maximum speed of up to 18 mph and 43-mile driving range, you can use the scooter throughout the day for a variety of activities. Thus, if you want to use it for shopping or cruising, it will cater to your specific needs. Best of all, it doesn’t matter what you use it for; many heads will turn as the scooter is difficult to miss.

Nonetheless, the benefits don’t stop here. While you get to be as fast as you want, you will also feel comfortable. Many customers say that the padded seat is as comfortable as a car seat. When you wish, you can recline the chair according to your preferences. Furthermore, the armrest is foldable for a customizable experience.

Finally, safety is one of the main priorities when it comes to this 3 wheel electric scooter for adults. For example, the speed control dial will allow you to go from 18 mph down to 1 mph on busy roads. Others will be aware of you on the road due to the bright headlights and taillights. When you turn, the turn lights will let others be aware of it.



2. Drive Medical : Scout DST 3-Wheel


Having a powerful scooter is excellent, however, if it doesn’t fold, you’re limited in choice. Thus, this 3 wheel foldable electric scooter will enable you to take it wherever you go. The lightweight scooter weighs 50 lbs so that you can lift it with ease. Additionally, you can disassemble it into five different pieces to fit it in a car’s trunk. Some customers say that they even took it on vacation with them.

In comparison with the others, this 3 wheel electric scooter with seat for adults has Dynamic Suspension Technology. Therefore, you can ride the scooter on different terrains such as sand, rocks, or off-road without feeling discomfort. The smooth ride will not put pressure on your spine so you can sit as comfortably as possible.

This model is a great choice if you’re looking to purchase the scooter for someone with limited mobility. The reason for this is because it has a quick-connect battery and ergonomic throttle. These features make it perfect for those with less ability than usual.

The best news is that this is a 3 wheel electric scooter street legal. The headlights and variable speed will keep you and others safe on the road. The armrest also has reflectors so that you can use the scooter at night or during limited visibility. All 3 wheels have an anti-tip design to prevent it from tipping over.



3. Pride Mobility : Go-Go Ultra X 3-Wheel – SC40X


This 3 wheel folding electric scooter is suitable for those that have a disability. As it weighs only 29 pounds, you can carry it with limited effort on your behalf. With a full battery, you can reach up to 4 mph for a maximum of 8 miles. Therefore, you can use it for leisure and moving around at an average walking speed.

Similarly, with the other scooters, the product offers you easy maneuverability. When you need to, one can disassemble the item into five different pieces. Each piece is lightweight and can be moved around with ease. Take advantage of the auto-latching mechanism when disassembling it. The feature will separate the frame from the wheels. As well as, the auto-connect will latch the front to the rear cable. You can do this activity with one hand.

The included front basket will also allow you to carry things without taking up space. In contrast with the others, the charger pack can charge the battery on-board and off-board as it’s removable.

Adjust the seat according to your preferences and needs. When you get off the scooter, you can make the chair to swivel whatever way you go. Hence, you can come off it without further assistance.



4. Drive Medical : Spitfire EX2 3-Wheel


Those who believe that they will stay on the scooter more than usual will take a look at this 3 wheel electric scooter for adults. Its design is the perfect combination of performance, durability, and style. With customizable features, you can make this scooter feel like your sofa chair right. For example, many customers find the cup holder and the basket highly useful.

This model is another 3 wheel electric scooter street legal. On the arms, it has side reflectors that are bright in low-light conditions. Moreover, the bright headlights will make others aware. Additionally, the control panel will allow you to change the speed according to your needs.

With a climbing angle of 6-degrees and a turning radius of 46-inches, you can keep yourself and others safe in tight areas. When you no longer need it, you can disassemble the scooter in 5 different parts. Thus, you can store it with ease. Similarly, with the others, you can also take this scooter wherever you go.

The cushioned seat and the armrests will keep you comfortable so you can use the scooter for up to 15 miles on a full battery. The maximum speed you can reach is 5 mph. Some don’t mind its speed capacity as you’re letting others catch up with you on feet.



5. Afikim Afiscooter C Mobility Scooter


The advanced technology implemented in this model makes this more than just a 3 wheel electric mobility scooter. With an impressive driving range of up to 25 miles, you can use this product for a variety of activities, including leisure and shopping. Move around with peace of mind as you don’t have to worry about the battery running out at an inconvenient time.

Whether one is an elder or has a disability, this scooter will provide help in a stylish way to anyone that needs it. The orthopedic design makes the product comfortable, so you can ride it for as long as you need it. It has adjustable chair height and armrest for a customizable fit. Also, the front and back have shock-absorbent properties so you can use the scooter wherever you wish.

Furthermore, you will feel safe to ride it outdoors as the bright headlights will let others know of your presence. In comparison with the others, it has two brake systems. Use the throttle to slow it down gradually or make the scooter come at a stop fast. The pneumatic tires will not burn out or put you in danger.

It’s important to mention that you will know the battery’s exact status as it appears on the control panel. Additionally, the headlights will also show the turning signals, brake lights, and hazard lights. With an implemented horn, this scooter is for those that want to ride it on the street.



6. Pride Mobility : Victory 10


This 3 wheel electric scooter offers a sizeable maximum weight capacity of 400 lbs, to keep you safe. Therefore, it’s suitable for the elderly or those that carry additional weight. Also, you can disassemble so that you can store it away or fit it in tight areas. Most importantly, the product is for those that like high performance but keeping a low-profile.

The seat and the armrest can fit your specific needs as you can choose between 8-positions. Both have viscoelastic foam so that it will shape precisely to your body. So, you can ride in a comfortable and safe position. With a high-end Delta tiller, you can move around the scooter even if you have limited strength in your arms.

If you look at the implemented features, it’s easy to see that this is one of the best 3 wheel electric scooters for adults. For example, the bright LED headlights will illuminate the area regardless of the natural light intensity. Also, the 42-inch turning radius will allow you to turn and move indoors or around tight spaces.

Another useful feature is the LED battery indicator. So, you will know when the battery is running out before it does. The charging port is at the front, so you can quickly put it to charge.



7. Afikim : Afiscooter S 3-Wheel Scooter


This industry-leading 3 wheel electric mobility scooter is comfortable and fast. With a driving range of up to 28 miles, you will feel like you’re riding in a car. The seat and armrest have thick orthopedic padding to ensure comfortability for long rides. The chair also has a swivel feature so you can come off and on with the minimal effort. Whether you’re tall, short, skinny, or carry additional weight, you will be impressed with how pleasant it is to ride the scooter.

The luxury design is not only aesthetically pleasing, but it will also provide high performance. What we like about this model is that it comes with a 3-brake system. You can use the regenerative brakes for fast braking, park brake will automatically start once the scooter is off, and the handbrake is similar to a car’s handbrake.

Besides, although the frame is of steel, it has shock-absorbing components. Hence, you can ride it on whatever terrain it is available. Move the headrest to fit your exact needs and customize the LCD control screen according to, however, you like the most. The panel will show you information such as battery status, driving range, and speed.

In case you enjoy shopping, you will be pleased to know that there is plenty of storage space on the scooter. The front basket will fit small items such as your keys or cellphone. Whereas, in the back, there is a small storage plastic unit that will fit the shopping bags. It comes with a lock to keep the items safe.



8. EV Rider : TranSport M a-S19M


Made as a 3 wheel foldable electric scooter, this lightweight model weighs 42 lbs assembled. However, even though it has an impressive weight, it can reach an impressive driving range of up to 10 miles. While the speed is slow, it will make it easier for beginners to control the scooter indoors or in tight corners.

In other words, we recommend this scooter for those that are starting to use such a product. To control the speed, you will have to move the ergonomic throttle. With a light touch of a pedal, you can fold the scooter with one hand. Also, you can take the model wherever you go as it has airline travel safe components. With a battery capacity of 11.3Ah lithium, the airlines consider the scooter reliable.

This 3 wheel electric scooter for adults is FDA-approved. Therefore, it was under thorough tests before being put on the market. Similarly, with the others, it has a bright headlight so that you can see what’s in front of you in low-light conditions. The wheels have flat-free technology so you can use the scooter on a range of surfaces. 



The 3 Wheel Electric Scooters For Adults Buying Guide

3 wheel electric scooter

If you care for the environment but also like putting in minimum effort when going from one place to another, then you must most definitely consider getting yourself an electric scooter. These days 3 wheel electric scooters are becoming increasingly popular. This is because it adds a level of extra stability, making it easier to ride as compared to its two-wheeled counterpart. 

To make the best decision, you will have to take into consideration a few features. Below you will find a list of particularities that you need to know about when buying such a product. 

Ask yourself, what will I need to use the scooter? If you need to use it for short distances, you don’t need a model with a driving range of more than 5 miles. On the other hand, if you cannot move around without the help of a scooter, you will need to look at the models that have a driving range of more than 10 miles. 

Remember, the driving range means for how long you can drive the scooter before the battery runs out. Also, the range will be affected by the speed the scooter is going. The faster the scooter is going, the shorter the driving range will be. 

It’s important to understand that the medical scooters, such as Scout DST 3-Wheel aren’t for fast riding. The reason for this is because it’s for those that suffer from limited strength in their arms or suffer from motor neuron disease. 

The scooters with low speed are best suited for those that want to use it indoors. Additionally, it’s also perfect for beginners that are learning how to use the scooter properly. 

The scooters with a higher speed than ten mph will help those that want to drive the scooter on the road. A high-speed scooter will be the best choice for your needs if you plan to go on adventures or cruise. You shouldn’t worry about safety when it comes to such models because they usually come with more than one braking system. 

For casual riding, you will not need the scooter to have many accessories. After all, companies will bring the price up for every additional feature. Nonetheless, having extra storage space from the carry basket is helpful. The majority of the models in this review has a basket that will hold small belongings. 

Additionally, a 3 wheel electric mobility scooter is more comfortable if it has a headrest and armrests. If you want to use the scooter for your daily activities, you will want to be as comfortable as you will be in a car. 

One of the best features a scooter can have is foldability or the ability to disassemble with ease. If you live in a small living area, a model that doesn’t disassemble will become a nuisance if it takes up too much storage space. Be mindful of how much space you have available before you purchase such a scooter. 

All of the models in this review have superior safety features that will keep you and others safe. Some scooters have both headlights and rear lights. Thus, you can ride them on the street during night time. You can rely on the LED illumination of such features. Also, some have a horn integrated that you can use with ease. 

Other models in these reviews have more than one braking system, meaning you can come at a stop right when you need it. All of the scooters have a range of speeds so that you can ride it indoors and outdoors. 

Advantages Of Getting a 3 Wheel Electric Scooter

Having someone to help around with particular needs is great. However, it’s in our human nature to crave independence from some situations. A 3 wheel mobility scooter will allow you to move around without having to be supervised. You can also do it by yourself if you have enough mobility in your hands. Make sure that you can use your hands to at least brake when you need to do so.

Moreover, such a product will get you out of the house even if you can’t move. Sometimes attending family events or outdoor events can do your mental health a world of good. 

Some disabilities or diseases will have an impact on stability and balance. If this is the case, you will need a mobility scooter. Some scooters come with a swivel seat so you can quickly come on and off the scooter. Additionally, you won’t have to hold or carry walking sticks that sometimes can be inconvenient. 

Once you adjust the seat and armrest according to your needs, you prevent injuries. The chair will keep you steadily in place even if there isn’t an armrest or headrest. The shock-absorbing components with the orthopedic seats will keep your back straight. So, you don’t have to worry about slouching if you’re going to drive the scooter for long.

If you purchase a model with a high driving range, you can use the scooter for cruising during vacation. Therefore, you don’t need a person to move you around. You can ride the majority of the scooters in this review on a range of terrains.

You will notice that some scooters are airline-approved, which means that you can take them wherever you go. So, you can travel with friends and family even if you have a disability. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

The main difference between the two products is the steering. The electric scooters move through the help of a tiller (throttle). Whereas, you need to move an electric wheelchair through the help of joystick. 

Another difference between the two products is the driving range. You can travel for a further distance than electric wheelchairs. Also, the scooters will allow you to rest your feet inside. In comparison, the powered wheelchairs will allow your feet to stay on the baseboards. 

If you live in a state with unpredictable weather, you will need to pay attention to the type of wheels the electric mobility scooter has. The bigger the wheels’ width, the easier it is to ride during snow and heavy rain. Usually, the ones with large wheels have integrated shock absorbers, which means that you will have a smooth ride. 

Nonetheless, you have to be mindful of the control panel, especially if it’s LCD. It would be best if you used a canopy to cover yourself and the scooter itself. Do not ride in paddles or snow that are higher than the wheels. 

The seats will allow enough room for the driver only. You should never squeeze and make additional space for another person as you’re putting them in danger. You should never allow someone to hold onto the back of the scooter as you ride it as the scooter can tip over, and accidents can happen. 

If you wish to ride along with someone else, you can let them walk while you maintain a low speed. Otherwise, there are double-seats scooters available to purchase. 

The waiting period depends on the design of the battery. Hence, we recommend that you charge the electric scooters overnight. In general, it will take a maximum of 10 hours for the battery to charge fully. Sometimes it can take less than 7 hours. 

We advise that you let the battery fully charge before using it as you don’t want to remain without battery at inconvenient times. Some scooters come with a battery light integrated, so you will know when it’s time to charge it. If the mobility scooter runs out of battery on the road, you cannot start it again until it’s at least 5% charged. 

Some scooters will have the ability to climb slopes. However, you will have to pay attention to the specifications of your favorite model. Some models in this review have a sloping climb of up to 6-degrees. We don’t recommend that you use such a product on steep slopes as it can overheat the battery. 

Final Verdict

3 wheel electric scooters for adults are a helping hand for those that need it the most. It can provide people with the independence that they desire. Best of all, all of the models in this informative guide come at an affordable price. Therefore, you can enjoy the outdoors without having to worry about budgets. 

You don’t need a driving license to use the mobility scooters on the roads, but you will have to be careful to keep yourself and others safe. Furthermore, it’s also important to know basic driving signs as it will help you to navigate easier. If it helps, you can also think about purchasing safety accessories.

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