8 Best Beach Cruiser Electric Bike In 2020 Reviewed

beach cruiser electric bike
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If you are looking for a comfortable Electric bike to ride on, well, you have landed on the right spot. So, we have been searching for the Best Beach Cruiser Electric Bike all over the market and came up with this exclusive list that is highly curated.

Beach Cruiser Electric Bike has been designed for the sole purpose of providing every user the comfort of riding a bike. They have the most comfortable seat, perfect riding position, wide tires, wide handles, etc that makes it easier for anyone to ride it with the utmost ease. Moreover, since they are electrically powered or better say they run on battery, this makes it eco-friendly as well. One of the most preferred ways of transportation currently and more so in the coming days will be electrical bikes and then the cost may become way too high.

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Apart from this, having the best electric bike is what should be on your mind right now. It is not very difficult to choose one for yourself but surely you must take things into consideration. All the factors that you must consider before buying the beach cruiser electric bike has been carefully curated in the list at the end. Make sure you go through it as well.

Let us get on with the list of 8 Best Beach Cruiser Electric Bikes.

Electric Beach Cruisers

There are hundreds of electric cruiser bikes in the market currently and frankly, it is not at all easy to decide which one is the best for you. Before we can even move to review each of the bikes in the list we have, you first need to know about the different types of Electric Beach Cruisers there is. Well, as of now we know of about Five of them. Each has its unique purpose that they tend to cover. Let us see what we have here.

As the name speaks these are made to handle harshest conditions. You can use it for coming down the hill or simply for the mountains. They are excellent for riding trails or simply for heading anywhere but on the road.

These bikes are all about comfort and style. The seats are highly comfortable, wide as well as paddy seats for comfort, etc. Cruiser Bikes are found on the beaches a lot where the huge tires do the job perfectly.

Such Bikes are not for the purpose of your stylish ride but to make things useful and a lot better. They have been designed so that they can carry huge tons of load or cargo.

As the name says this bike is mainly about a daily commute and riding it on the road. With all those who aren’t looking for anything special but simply something to ride every day and keep themselves healthy, they can go for this.

You may have seen bikes that are folded within seconds and become very easy for portability. Although they can be a bit heavy to carry to your car or trunk while you are going out.

The Best Electric Beach Cruisers

1. Surface 604 Rook Electric Cruiser

Surface Bikes have been designing e-bikes for over 100 years now and you can always expect the greatest performance from them all times. We tried several electric beach cruiser bikes and loved each of them. Surface 604 is one of the most comfortable bikes you may come across. The overall design is pretty good and has been made of premium material. Furthermore, it only weighs 55lbs which is great. 

Speaking of the body of the cycle, the seats are very comfortable and maintain your body posture while you sit on it all day long. With the use of Selle Royal ergonomics that is a gel saddle making it even better. This e-bike features an SR Suntour XCT Suspension fork that helps you ride even in the most difficult terrain or any bumpy rides. It has a max weight capacity of 285lbs which is amazing. If you are on the bike with the max speed and weight, you can still make a secure stop with the help of TEKTRO Auriga hydraulic disc brakes.

Surface 604 is powered by the 500W Bafang rear-mounted motor that gives it the ultimate power. Some other parts that you will find on this electric beach bike are 5-levels of PAS, Class 2 twist throttle along with a 10-speed SRAM X5 drivetrain. The bike has a 48V battery that has the capacity to run for as long as 50 miles in a single charge.




2. Nakto 250W Camel City

If you have been looking for an affordable range of bike that is perfect for the daily commute, Nakto Camel City is the best you can think of. This series has been designed keeping in mind about everyone who would not want to spend too much on an electric bike. This e-bike has a 250W electric motor that adds the necessary power to it. Well, you will find the motor on the rear end of the bike. This is very common these days i.e having the rear-wheel motors that are looking to change their normal bike to electrically powered one.

If you are unable to understand any bit of this bike, you can simply check the manual along with the toolkit provided. You will love the design of the beach cruiser electric bike. It is made of Carbon steel frame and weighs only 59 lbs with the battery. The bike is highly durable and very lightweight as compared to others. Nakto Camel City has a battery of 36 volts which is on average a great number for a regular commute. Moreover, in a single charge, it can cover about 20-25 miles. Furthermore, this bike has a load capacity of about 250lbs.





If you are looking for the most stylish and stunning designed Bike, well Micargi Cyclone is on top of all. The entire look is more of a retro adaptation from earlier times yet it looks as good as any other. Yes, it surely is a lot expensive which is why this is considered to be more on the luxury side than simply for anyone to buy. This bike is powered by the 300W powerful motor that is responsible for its amazing power.

No matter your age, you can ride it pretty easily and with pride. The overall weight of this bike can be a little more than normal but it is very comfortable to ride on and the seats are great too. Once you would have a look, the seat is hooked on a little lower to give the entire thing a more retro touch. You can achieve the max speed of about 30mph which is great too. Also, to make the e-bike stop you can use the Disc brake that is very effective.

Speaking of the battery power, it runs on the 48V chargeable battery. You can use the bike for as long as 50 miles in a single charge which is amazing considering the bike being on the heavy side. It can carry a weight of 290lbs.




4. X-Treme 500W Laguna Beach Cruiser Electric Bicycle

X-Treme Laguna Beach Cruiser Electric Bicycle is everything that you mean luxury or better say you would want on your bike. It has a basket, bottle or cup holder, stunning cushioned seat, and above all superb design. This bike is lightweight and 59.5 lbs only. Also, it has the capacity to carry the weight of about 350 lbs which is massive. The package also includes the tool kit which will help you tighten up anything that goes wrong if at all. Moving on to the design, it has been made of 100% aluminum and has a pretty good finish to the paint.

It has been equipped with the 500W brushless motor giving the power you need to drive off. Moreover, the bike also has a Meter 5 PAS with a USB charging port to easily charge your smartphone. If you are a cycling enthusiast this is a good option that you can go for without a second thought. The LCD display will help the bikers to keep track of the speed, time, battery life, and even distance. This bike runs on the 48V Lithium Powered battery power and has the capacity to run for as long as 70+ miles in a single charge.




5. Michael Blast 350/500W T4B

Well, here we are with a more Vintage look e-bike that some of you bike lovers may love to buy in the end. The bike is powered by the Lithium-Ion 48Volt 14.5Ah that is located in the middle of the bike. This entire setup makes the ride even more stable and easier too. You can even remove the battery completely and charge it fully before you take it for a ride. It takes around 5 hours for a complete charge before which you may have to think of something else on what we can do. It runs on the battery power of 36V with a backup of 25-35 miles in a single charge

This bike is known to be very fast and can be custom created yet again by your choice. You can also choose other custom chosen styles as well as functionality. For instant power, the motor has an easy twist throttle. We loved the design for both the styles i.e 350W and 500W motor. It has a headlight on the front which is great as well. As we speak about other components, this e-bike has a large comfortable saddle that makes it very easy to paddle all day long.





X-TREME MALIBU ELITE is a beautiful cruiser bike that is perfect for your daily commute around the beach or simply in your streets. The battery has been attached to the rear wheel of the bike and you get a basket to carry your essentials in the front. This bike has an excellent design and is highly durable. Moreover, it is one of the lightest bikes that you will get hold on to among all with a weight of 51lbs.

You will love the bike overall since it is indeed very comfortable to use and makes the ride even smoother. Moreover, you can ride anywhere you want with its highly powered 300W brushless motor. It gives power to your bike so that you can maintain the speed as per required. If you have had experience with the normal bike you would see that the entire structure is somewhat similar to the old ones. With the help of the 28-inch rims, you can comfortably ride over speed bumps or potholes without any bumps.

The best part of the bike is that it is very easy to use and control. Anyone can use it without any issues no matter what. You no longer have to worry about rusting anymore since all the parts are made of aluminum.





If you have dreamt of riding a bike that can not only be driven on the streets but can handle much difficult terrain as well. It has the power to drive on sand, mud, and even rocks. This bike runs on a powerful 500W geared rear hub motor that is enough to help you get over the sand and the mud while riding. Here, you can choose between 9 different levels of the paddle to assist on this e-bike. Not only this, but it also has an LCD display that gives you reading on Distance, battery, speed, and time.

Speaking of all the technical aspects, the battery here is of 48V which is quite powerful with a charging time of max 6 hours or even lesser. Furthermore, it can go on for about 1500 cycles which is Indeed not the worst you would expect. This bike has a weight capacity of 295lbs so you need not worry about your weight being higher and enjoy every inch of the bike ride. 

The bike has 4″ tires that are fat enough and powerful to handle harsh conditions and give you a smooth ride. It is very easy to handle and does not require much effort. You can also choose the color of your choice and learn more with the manual provided with it.




8. Eprodigy 750W Jasper Electric Cruiser

Apart from all the options, we have mentioned above, Eprodigy Jasper Electric Cruiser is the most expensive of them all. It is a very popular bike making it a very reliable option for anyone who loves to ride bikes. Not only is it comfortable but also very stylish and upgraded that what we have seen generally in other Electric Beach Cruisers. You will find that the bike has an ultra-deep step-through frame making it easier for mounting and dismounting. Not only will this help bikes to ride any traditional Cruiser who have limited flexibility but also those who are struggling with their balance.

Along with a comfortable saddle, the bike prevents any kind of bumps since it has been equipped with SR Suntour NEX lockable suspension fork. Jasper Electric Cruiser runs on the 48V Panasonic lithium-ion rechargeable battery that really gives amazing performance overall. You can ride for as long as 75 miles in a single charge. Moreover, the bike has a 750W massive motor power which is perfect to add more power to your rides.

It has an overall weight of only 52 lbs which is pretty good and very lightweight as well. It is available to buy in multiple colors such as White, Red, and Black.




Features to Consider When Buying an Electric Beach Cruiser

beach cruiser electric bike

We have successfully reviewed all the bikes that we found to be the best ones. However, make sure you go through another list here that has all the factors you must take a look into apart from all the technical aspects before buying any one of the above.

Any machine no matter whichever you are looking for needs to be of very good quality but also highly durable. Since we are speaking of the electric cruiser bike here, it is very important that your bike bears proper pressure, wear and tear along with any kind of damage. Moreover, such bikes are mostly concerned for the battery power that they have hence these bikes must be durable in the long run.

A lot of bikes we have come across had motor power ranging from 300W to 750W. You will notice that any professional bike can peddle with 400W alone so anything below 300W isn’t enough for a good ride or better say it provides speed. Make sure to choose something with at least 300W-500W for an average run. If you are okay to spend good money, then you can go for motor power beyond 500W.

Beach cruiser electric bikes are known for their comfort more than anything. All the bikes mostly have padded seats and a very comfortable ride in every possible way. Make sure you have read everything about the bike and know more about it on the comfort level so that you can ride with ease.

Well, since these bikes run on batteries mounted on them beforehand, you must know how important it is to consider the capacity of these batteries. We did notice that these bikes ranged from 20 miles to 70 miles capacity in a single charge. Well, the lowest margin is way too low for a long ride but an average number for the daily commute. Furthermore, if you need to ride it for longer distances you may want capacity with at least 40 miles or above.

Lastly, you may want to look over the purpose of your buying the bike. Well, there are multiple types of electric beach bike and you can simply learn more about it so that you can choose how it fills your purpose. Whether you need mountains, commuting, folding, etc.

Benefits of an Electric Cruiser Bike

Some of the major benefits of using the Electric Cruiser Bike are here below.

  • These Electric Cruiser Bikes are highly beneficial for your comfort and also make sure you lose weight while you ride on it. No matter whatever the speed of the bike could be, it is still a very healthy option other than any other vehicle.
  • No doubt these bikes are faster than your normal bikes without battery power. You can use it for your daily work or simply for leisure time.
  • You may not feel it but it can be a money saver. You may no longer have to spend on buses for short distances or take a cab to your office or work.
  • The best part of these bikes are that they are highly reliable and you can trust ton their durability for better rides ahead and add up-to your comfort.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

Yes, indeed they are. The sole reason for this being comfort and not to forget they are nature friendly. It does save you a ton of money and also the time as compared to your normal bikes without the battery power. You also do not need a lot of maintenance with them so the initial cost is somewhat justified and also worth it.

It does help you lose weight. If not weight but surely does keep you fit since you are ultimately peddling your way through while riding. These bikes are battery powered but still require peddling at some point or whichever mode you choose and so you can enjoy being fit and healthy.

Yes, if you are taking them in difficult terrains, or simply riding on the road, you need to pedal it to provide the driving force to the bikes. Every bike no matter whether it is battery powered or not requires you to peddle. So there is no escape to that. You may have to put less effort than normal but yes peddling is needed.

Final Verdict

Have you finally decided on your dream bike yet? Well, we have every piece of information here that you would need. From the basic technical aspects to the factors you would need to consider everything that has been covered for your benefit. We would recommend you to go through every piece of information and also keep your budget in mind. You can always get what you desire whatever budget you have put up.

In any case, you are unable to find the best match for yourself, let us know in the comment section and we might be able to help you with every aspect we can think of.

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