The 7 Best BMX Bikes For Adults

best bmx bikes for adults

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Getting on bikes and traveling from one place to another is no fun anymore. Everyone does that. Well, BMX bikes are much more than that and you can use it for extreme sports. If you are looking for the Best BMX Bikes For Adults, you have landed in the right place.

We do not mean to brag about how cool riding on these superb bikes would be. Before anyone tells you that it is meant for only kids, you are completely mistaken about the BMX bikes. These bikes have large pegs for you to stand on to try out some stunts, the handlebars to spin around, and all the other basic ideas you have about any other bike. To make you look a lot cooler and safer, we have tested dozens of top BMX bikes in the market.

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No matter the age, you can get one for yourself but make sure you are safe before going for a spin. Keeping everything in mind, you can check out the list of best BMX bikes in the market and how they have evolved over the years. If you are somewhat of a newbie and have no idea what we are talking about here, check out below to know about what is BMX Bikes and why everyone has been talking about it. Let us get on with it.

best bmx freestyle bikes

Freestyle BMX Bikes are meant to be used for motocross stunt riding bicycle sport where people compete and perform stunts on it. In fact, this sport was meant to be a part of the Olympics this year which unfortunately may not be entirely possible. If you do not know anything about the bikes and the sport, well these are used for a simple fun ride or thrashing around.

These freestyle bikes have long-tubes on their frame that allow them to stand over them and perform stunts for fun. They are highly portable and not so expensive as well. No matter what age you are, you can always drive bikes. But overall, safety is needed as it involves some serious stunts too and anything can be a part of this. For starters, we have successfully added about seven of the best options for every beginner at the most affordable rate.

Although if you are hoping to buy it for general-purpose it may not solve any of the issues. These are solely meant for risk-taking and also for the purpose to perform some dangerous stunts in the days to come. Alternatively, if you want something more sporty and lightweight vehicle for stunts, do check out pro scooters.

The Best BMX Bikes For Adults

1. Mongoose Legion Freestyle BMX Bike Line

The Legion L100 is one of the best BMX bikes for adults and probably our favorite as well. If you have been looking for a freestyle bike which is perfect for every beginner as well as advanced riders, this is the one to go for. You can try out all your street tricks and stunts on the bike such as curb jumps on the very basic level to aerial stunts as you move on further. While choosing a bike, you need to take care of your height as well and which one is compatible with you.

This freestyle bike is perfect for riders with an average height of 5 ft 8 inches and higher. Well, the Legion L100 supports Mongoose’s full 4130 Chromoly frames that are known for its lightweight and strong steel. It offers good flex and lasts through years of usage. You can get this bike in multiple colors i.e. Light Blue, Silver, and Green whichever suits you. It has removable brake mounts, mid-BB shell, and a 21-inch top tube length. 

Furthermore, it features 2.4” BMX tires that have high durability and offers complete precision. For speed control, it has been provided Alloy U-brake with brake levers and the Chromoly handlebar and fork are joined for max steering performance. This bike has everything that you have been looking for in the most affordable price range.

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2. Elite 20″ & 18” BMX Bicycle Destro Model

The newly introduced Distro BMX bike is an excellent mid-level option that is perfect for street, parks, dirt, etc. This is a pink-colored bike that you will love and is super lightweight too. The design looks solid with a Hi-tensile steel frame that has a size of 20” top tube. It has been designed in a way to bear heavyweight since these are mostly adult bikes.  With an upgrade to the entry-level models, this sure fulfills every criterion that you had been looking for.

The brakes provide great strength and are made of Tektro Alloy U-brake which shows immense quality improvement from their earlier models. The size of the tires is 20 x 2.4″ which is on average a good number considering the overall weight and size of the bike. It has 4 Piece Cr-MO bars that allow high jumps while performing stunts due to the lightweight of the bike.

No doubt this is one of the coolest bikes we have come across. All the parts have been used of the highest quality and that is bound to last longer than you can think of. As you know it is not recommended to be used for kids since it can be dangerous for them on multiple-level. This BMX bike comes with a 1 set of pegs that can be used for performing stunts on an advanced level.

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3. Redline Bikes Proline BMX Race Bike

Redline Bikes are of top-notch quality and comes in multiple vibrant colors such as Blue, Grey, Red, Turquoise, and Yellow. It is one of the top BMX bikes that are perfect for expert-level riders that also compete in races and perform stunts at the most advanced level. The price range depends on the kind of level you are looking to buy the Redline bike. 

For the expert level, the price range could be higher and for other levels such as Youth, Pro, etc, the ranges are on the lower side. It is made of a Redline proprietary aluminum alloy frame with a sealed Euro bottom bracket. Each of them with the excellent quality that may hardly need any upgrade for years. The 100 percent Chromoly steel race fork with tapered legs makes it easy for riders to get a smooth run through all day long.

However, it only supports riders with at the most 5.4 ft height which isn’t a lot as compared to what we have come across above. The only disadvantage that we did not like is the plastic seat. It can get a little uncomfortable for some since it is a little hard and made of plastic. The paint job is of the best quality and gives it a fabulous finish. If at all you have enough budget, you can simply get a new seat and make it more comfortable.

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4. Mongoose Title Elite Pro BMX Race Bike

If you love BMX Bikes by Mongoose, here we have another advanced-level  Elite Pro BMX Race Bike. This is among the best BMX freestyle bikes capable of high-end performance. No matter whether you have intermediate skills or have advanced-level skills, this is for everyone. You can gradually learn as you practice and ride more. You will love the seats too, they are very comfortable to sit on. 

It is perfect for riders with a height range of 5’3″ – 5’8″. Unlike the bikes we have come across above, this particular one has Professional-grade 6061 Tectonic T1 biaxial hydroformed and butted aluminum frame for better durability and smooth ride all along as you take a spin on much difficult terrain. To offer better speed control, you will find the Radius Alloy V-brake and brake levers.

Mongoose Title Elite Pro is a perfectly race-ready bike as soon as you assemble it. It will hardly need any modification since all the parts have been made a perfect match for an advanced level functionality. No doubt that it has a lightweight frame with great race-tuned geometry and gearing. Furthermore, the pedals and the cranks have been well thought of as well and may not need any upgrade for years.

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5. Mongoose Legion L20 Freestyle BMX Bike Line

We couldn’t miss out on one of the best BMX bikes for adults by Mongoose Legion, another masterpiece, and perfectly designed to meet all your needs. Well, we have already spoken about one of its most popular models, the L100, which is excellent but on an advanced-level. Here we have the L20 freestyle BMX Bike that serves perfectly well for every beginner who has been looking to be out on the street. 

The suggested height that would be best on this bike is around 4 feet 8 inches – 5 feet 4 inches. Not only can adults get on with it but also teenagers who have just started to learn and show off their skills on this stylish bike. It features a Hi-Ten Steel Frame for maximum durability and strong outcome. Moreover, this is for beginner level riders such as yourself. The superb wide rims and BMX tires offer grip and durability.

It has the aluminum brakes for speed control while the threadless sealed integrated headset os for maxim steering performance. It will hardly take you minutes to assemble all the parts with the instructions mentioned. Although it may feel a little heavy to start with overall, gradually once you get used to it, the rides will get a lot smoother. The money or great, highly adorable, and perfect to start with.

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6. Redline Bikes MX BMX Race Bike

Redline bikes have been in the market with some of the best BMX bikes that you could never ignore. The MX-24 is just another of its marvelous creations that is also very much affordable and super lightweight. Take it out of the box, assemble it and it is perfectly ready for a race. All the parts have been aligned in the complete sync and do not need any adjustment. The frame is made of professional-grade aluminum keeping your bike strong and steady.

It surely is worth buying considering the price range is pretty low and you can afford it as well. In fact, not only can you buy it for yourself but also it’s safe for your kids as well. The seats are very much comfortable and are also adjustable based on your height. YOu can choose from multiple color options such as Red, Blue, Crimson, Dark Grey, and Teal. 

This bike features Vee Speedster 20 inch tires that are an excellent addition for rough terrain. To make it race-ready, it has been equipped with 175mm Chromoly steel 3-piece cranks. The high-quality frames, cranks, and forks make it ultra-durable and very safe altogether. It has a pretty great design and amazing finish too. Although you may only find the rear brake for speed control.

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7. Kent Pro 20 Boy’s Freestyle Bike

Kent Pro 20 has an excellent design and the stickers look great. It is an amazing option for adults and also for young teens who are just looking to start things out. This bike certainly meets all the features that you might have listed out. It has a strong and durable Tig Welded Steel Frame and Fork. Kent Pro is perfectly designed for professional-level riders who have great skills in freestyle and performing stunts.

The package comes with a perfect set of instructions and you can easily assemble them within minutes. You may find it difficult to set up both the rear and front brakes but the proper set of steps can make it a lot easier. The bike is of excellent quality and highly durable. Although the brake pads are pretty useless overall and may not be of much use. Also, the bike isn’t too lightweight but indeed on the heavy side. Although with regular rides, you may get used to it.

If this is your first bike, you will love the entire outlook and the design. It is a lot easier to learn before you can try out the jumps and the stunts. Moreover, the pegs on the rear wheels are quite huge and comfortable too to try the tricks and learn some stunts on the way. The seats aren’t the best but workable in the long run.

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How To Choose The Best BMX Bikes – Buying Guide

Well, to start with the foremost thing that you need to consider thinking about is the sole purpose of buying a BMX bike. It can be either for freestyling or just practicing out stunts in the park or the dirt. There are adults who are looking for a simple daily commute which is a lot more affordable than the other high-end professional bikes.

Moreover, no matter the purpose, it has to be lightweight, especially for you daily commute since you cannot ride heavy bikes all day long. In fact, these bikes are designed in a very different manner for both daily commute and freestyling. Hence make sure you have made up your mind.

Next up, you need to make sure you have a highly durable and strong frame featured with the bike. A lot of frames we have mentioned are made of Chromoly known to be the best among all with the top-notch quality. Some other frame materials that you might have come across apart from the above one is high tensile steel which is equally good enough for the entire performance of the bike.

Another important factor that needs to be taken into the light is your height and weight too. Since we are talking about adult BMX bikes, all the bikes above are made to watch a good amount of weight and also the average height of about 5.3 inches. If you are well within the weight that the bike can carry it would be excellent for you to choose the best one. Also, don’t worry about being too tall, there are taller bikes too and it would be perfect for you.

Not all bikes have both the rare and front brake available with them. If you find such a bike at the affordable rate there cannot be anything better. Especially for the simple riding purpose, it can be the best to go for so that it can give the maximum control over the speed. On the other hand, for all your stunts and tricks the front and rear brakes serve different purposes.

If you are buying the bike for freestyling and overlap riding, the front brake will do the job just perfectly well. Furthermore, being a racer or a dirt biker, the best option to go for are the rear brakes on your bike. So, keeping all of it in mind, choose the one that suits your needs and budget.

It ultimately all comes down to the budget of the bike. Even if you have selected the best bike, it may not come under your budget, and then you may have to look for something else. Bikes may or may not certain parts upgrade for which you may need to save up some money. So, fix your budget likewise so that you do not fall short of it in the end. There are plenty of bikes in the market that will suit your budget quite well.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

Well, the entire scenario depends on how tall the adult is. He may or he may not. Such bikes are great for those who have a shorter height probably around 5 feet or something. In fact, having a good understanding of such aspects help you save a lot of money while buying a bike.

In most of the states, it is considered harmful to not have brakes in BMX bikes. The only reason being the safety of the person riding on it and also other people on the road. Furthermore, some places even have proper ticketing factors that are given to those who do not have brakes either be it front or rear.

Traditionally, BMX Bikes have not been equipped with the complications of changing gears. Such bikes are meant for extreme sports, stunts, freestyle, etc, and do have any space or need for changing gears while riding on it. In fact, it is not even considered safe to change gears while performing stunts since it can act as a distraction overall.

Final Verdict

All these bikes are available in your favorite stores and you can get them at your doorstep conveniently. There isn’t a lot to think about if all of this is not new to you. Simply select the one according to your budget and you are good to go. On the other hand, the above small guide has been made for the only purpose to help all the beginners choose their bikes in the best affordable range possible and that can last longer.

There are different levels of the best BMX bikes that start from the very basic or say beginner level and can go beyond the professional level. You can select according to your purpose and get started with it immediately. The only issue will be the budget but it works out pretty well since there are tons of range available.

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