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The love for chopper bikes can never fade away from the heart of true chopper bike enthusiasts. First introduced in the 1930s, Chopper bicycle became famous and yet live to their glory. These bikes are extremely comfortable and amazing to ride. Commonly known as the beach cruiser, these bikes offer a low riding style.

Easy to repair and maintain, these bikes are a great way to have some great fun and recreational time. Loved by boys and men alike, Chopper bikes are available in the market in large numbers. You can make your pick and then enjoy a long ride with the best biking experience.

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From manual to electric, chopper bikes are available in different types and styles. Depending upon your preference you can choose the best option available in the market. However, when offered with so many choices, choosing the best one is not very easy. You can easily be intimidated by the features and specifications.

So, how have you planned to ensure the best purchase? Well, while some of you must be experienced in evaluating different chopper bikes, there will be a few who will rely on us for the best information.

Coming for your assistance, we have compiled a list of the best chopper bikes available in the market that you can consider buying. These chopper bicycles are feature-rich and affordable; offering you some amazing biking time.

1. 20” Micargi Men’s Hero

chopper bike

An amazing ride for the kids as well as adult men, the Micargi Hero Low Rider Bike is a great investment. The best partner for your beach biking experience, this bike is easy to control and ride. Featuring a banana seat, mini springer front-end fork, and ape-hanger handlebar, the bike is available in several color options so that you can choose the best one. The manufacturer’s aim with this bike was to make a cruiser bike available to the enthusiasts that look as cool as they looked in the 70s.

The entire bike and its components are made of high-quality steel and feature an attractive retro style. Whether you are heading to a local biking trip or just want to enjoy a beachy ride, hop on this bicycle with your friends and enjoy!

Key Features:

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2. 20” Micargi Lowrider F4

chopper bicycle

One of the most popular Micargi low rider cruiser bikes in the market. The bike features a 20″ steel frame lowrider well fitted with high rise handlebars and a springer end fork. The banana seat of the bike is very comfortable while the sissy bar makes the entire design very appealing.

The rim has a whopping 140 spokes which enhance its aesthetic appeal. The boys can have fun riding the crowd and also ensure that they stand out from the crowd.

A glimpse of this amazing bike and you will fall in love with it. It is equally affordable as it is reliable and comfortable. The mini chopper bike can be used for a variety of purposes including evening rides, recreational activates and more

Key Features:

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3. 20” Micargi Prince

mini chopper bike

Marketed as an Old School Bike, the 20” Micargi Prince is a modern updated chopper bike with a classic retro look. From the banana seat to the high rise handles and white wall tires, everything about this bike will make you even more excited to hop on it and try cycling around.

The bike features a stylish and strong cantilever frame measuring 20 inches. The tires are much like they were used to be in the 60’s; custom 140 spoke wheels with white wall. As the name suggests, it is designed and developed for young boys who love to have all the fun.

Once you have ordered this chopper bike, all you need is a professional assembly and you are good to ride it for great biking experience. Let us give you some details on its kept features:

Key Features:

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4. Micargi Puma GTS Chopper Beach Cruiser Bicycle 26

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What’s there not too fancy about this bike, The Micargi Puma GTS Chopper Beach Cruiser Bicycle 26 catches your attention as soon as you spot it, made to value the retro design and style this 26-inch chopper bike is extremely popular among the young bikers. It is probably the most sold model within the Micargi Cycles Stretch cruiser category.

The beast bike features a lot of specifications including a striking springer end fork, springer saddles, and 68 spoke count rims. To enhance the aesthetic appeal of the bike as well as make unique rider’s impressions, the bike comes with aggressive decals that are certainly eye-catching.

This bike has a single-speed coaster brake. This means in order to stop the bicycle, one needs to pedal backward. The handlebar is in moon shape, another striking feature of this beast bicycle.

Key Features:

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5. 26” Micargi Men’s Slugo A

chopper bikes

Designed exclusively for men, this chopper bike took the market with a storm. It became instantly famous in the men with a fancy for retro look bicycles. The key attraction of this bicycle was its Rover Frame. From the steel frame to the wheels and brakes, the bike is made bespoke to offer ultimate comfort, reliability, and riding fun to the riders.

High tensile steel construction and amazing color options give the riders a unique way to create impressions, great for recreational rides, this bicycle is affordably priced for the features it offers.

Key Features:

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The Best Chopper Bikes Buying Guide

mini chopper bike

Copper bikes are made of different material but the most common and the best one is hi-tensile steel. All Micargi chopper bikes are made of hi-tensile steel so you do not have to worry about the reliability of the construction.

You must also consider the brand while buying a chopper bicycle. A reputed brand like Micargi will definitely offer you hi-end construction and reliability in all the specs and features.

Depending upon your weight and height, you must choose the right frame size. There are different chopper bicycles in the market in diverse frame size category. The commonly available are 12”, 20” and 24 “.

Know what types of wheels are used in the bike and their reliability, you don’t want a wheel breakdown in the middle of nowhere. Also, the number of spokes plays a key role in determining the efficiency of the wheels. So, the larger the number the more stiffness will be provided to the wheel and better would be the results.

The budget is also a key part of your bike buying decision process. Make sure you have set your budget before you start searching for the bike. You can buy a hi-end chopper bicycle within a range of $350 to $600.

There are different types of warranties associates with chopper bikes. This helps you in ensuring that you can reach back to the seller if in case there is any problem with the bike within the warranty period. Watch out for the seller’s warranty and manufacturer’s warranty.

Most of the Micargi Chopper bikes come semi-installed and you will need professional installation post-delivery. Check with the seller for installation assistance and ensure handle-free assembly.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

Despite their looks, which often make people wonder if they are comfortable to ride or not, chopper bicycles are extremely comfortable. They are designed in a way that the weight is evenly spread and the handlebars offer full support to the rider’s arms.

Most of the chopper bikes are designed keeping the male customers in mind, the reason is that they have a more monstrous look and are a derivate of the chopper motorcycle, a famous motorcycle in the male community. However, there are some bikes that are uni-sex.

Most chopper bikes come semi-installed. As per the manufacturers the assembly must be done by professionals. However, if you have the skills and experience of assembling a chopper bike, you can always try installing it on your own. Please make sure you do not lose the warranty by self-installation as some manufacturers might have this clause.

Whitewall tires are extremely famous and are fitted in a range of vehicles including cars, motorbikes, and chopper bicycles. These tires have a stripe or entire sidewall of white rubber. They are an inseparable part of chopper bikes as they were primarily used in cars in the 1970s.

Coaster brakes are safe as long as you know how to use them. Basically these brakes take a while to stop and for effective stop one must pedal backward. There is a full instruction guide for the use of coaster brakes that you can read and follow.

Final Verdict

Chopper bikes are a craze to have. If you love the retro look and classic riding experience, you must invest in a chopper bicycle. Micargi is one of the most reputed brands offering top class chopper bicycles. You can invest in any of its variants and enjoy a great ride to the beach or anywhere in the town. Personally, our vote goes to 20” Micargi Lowrider F4.

Extremely dependable this chopper bicycle is ultimate fun to ride. T s also very comfortable and easy to maintain. With a frame size of 11.5″, it is ideal for both men and boys. Also, the hi-ten steel construction makes it a powerful bike for long rides and the ergonomic handle design makes the rides comfortable.

So, venture to the market and pick the best chopper bikes mentioned on the list to enjoy your first ride on a classic chopper bike.

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