5 Best Downhill Mountain Bikes in 2022 [Reviews]

best downhill mountain bike

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When you think of a mountain bike, you can probably imagine yourself climbing up some hill to reach the top. However, mountain bikes are much more versatile and with such a variety of mountain bikes, it can often be hard to find the perfect option. The best downhill mountain bikes are a great addition for those risk-takers.

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Good downhill mountain bikes are essential when you take on rugged terrains. It is not easy for people to control the bike and it needs to be a comfortable bike that would not lead to serious injury. The top downhill mountain bikes will put you in the optimal position to have fun and allow you to easily reach your goals.

Before you simply buy a mountain bike for downhill, you need to consider a downhill mountain bike review. The main purpose of this article is to allow you to better understand some of the features and get to grips with some of the quality components. We will look at a couple of top mountain bikes that could be used for downhill riding.

1. Best New Downhill Mountain Bike: 2021 Gravity FSX 1.0 Dual Full Suspension Mountain Bike

One of the main characteristics of a good downhill mountain bike is suspension. While hardtail mountain bikes are effective for climbing by reducing the overall drag of the bike, the dual suspension tends to absorb more of the shock. The 2021 Gravity FSX 1.0 Dual Full Suspension Mountain Bike is one of the ultimate bikes with a dual suspension.

The bike is designed with large 26-inch wheels, which makes navigating obstacles a bit easier. Additionally, you can find it in a variety of different sizes that should accommodate riders of all ages and sizes. The aluminum frame is essential for maneuverability and makes the bike a bit more lightweight for most people.

One of the biggest concerns is the assembly and many people might have a couple of issues when it comes to assembling the bike. You need to be precise when assembling the bike, with some issues around the brake pads being found. The brake pads might come too close to the bike, which could damage them.




Final Verdict –

As a whole, the 2021 Gravity FSX 1.0 Dual Full Suspension Mountain Bike is an excellent option when you consider the price and the features. Having mechanical disc brakes can be expensive, but they are included with this bike. You will only need to navigate the assembly and it should be a worthwhile bike.

2. Best Downhill Bike For Kids: Hiland 20/24 Inch Mountain Bike

The Hiland 20/24 Inch Mountain Bike is one of the bikes that we can spend hours debating. However, mountain bikes for kids rarely have the same features you will find in many adult bikes. The Hiland 20/24 Inch Mountain Bike is made from a carbon steel frame, but since the bike is smaller than adult bikes, it compensates for the weight.

Having tires that are almost 2-inches wide is one of the main draws to this bike. It means that kids will have some form of stability when they are on the bike. Additionally, the 7-speed drivetrain is more than enough for kids to find the optimal gear they could need for comfort. The biggest downside to the bike is the hardtail design, which might be bumpy on downhill trails.




Final Verdict –

The Hiland 20/24 Inch Mountain Bike is by no means a professional bike that you will be using to increase your overall performance. However, if you are new to the downhill scene, it could be the ideal bike. While it is marketed to children, shorter and smaller individuals might also find the bike useful when riding.

3. Best Folding Downhill Mountain Bike: YH-G7 Folding Mountain Bike

If you enjoy traveling and you spend plenty of time transporting your bikes, the folding mountain bike should be one of the most useful additions. The YH-G7 Folding Mountain Bike is one of these essential mountain bikes and it comes with a 21-speed drivetrain, while also being constructed from durable carbon steel.

The suspension is perfect for those taking on downhill terrains and should make gliding over different obstacles slightly easier than when you have a hardtail frame. At 27.5-inches, the bike can accommodate large riders and it has an estimated weight capacity of over 300-pounds. However, durability is one of the biggest concerns.




Final Verdict –

If you enjoy a bike that makes transportation easier, you will need to give the YH-G7 Folding Mountain Bike a shot. Being functional and portable means that you don’t need to buy a specific trailer for transportation. Additionally, it is not an expensive bike, which means that most people should be comfortable affording it.

4. Best Hardtail Mountain Bike: Hiland Adult Mountain Bike

You have seen the kids’ version of the Hiland Mountain Bike. However, those who love the brand and are comfortable with having a hardtail mountain bike will certainly enjoy using the Hiland Adult Mountain Bike. The bike is made with an aluminum frame and comes with a reliable 21-speed Shimano drivetrain that emphasizes functionality.

The 26-inch wheels are not only added to accommodate some of the larger adults, but it also makes gliding over different obstacles a bit easier. However, the addition of the aluminum frame seems to be one of the best factors. A special spoke design is great for breaking wind resistance and allowing the bike to glide freely.

One of the biggest concerns is the design of the bike. While you will not have any issue getting up the mountains, downhill rides can be daunting. You will find that without a rear suspension, the bike tends to feel stiff. Yes, it can still make it downhill, but you will certainly feel every obstacle you ride over.




Final Verdict –

Hiland is one of the most affordable brands and they are widely known for producing some of the best bikes on the market today. In terms of value, you can be sure that you are getting what you paid for and we would also recommend the bike to all downhill and mountain bike enthusiasts.

5. Best Budget Downhill Mountain Bike: Schwinn High Timber Youth/Adult Mountain Bike

It seems like we have left one of the best mountain bikes for last. Schwinn is one of the many brands in the cycling world that almost everyone has heard of. They might not be the most expensive or most luxurious brand, but most people have a Schwinn bike or they have owned one like the Schwinn High Timber Youth/Adult Mountain Bike.

The bike features an aluminum frame and a dual suspension that makes going down treacherous terrains slightly more comfortable. The 21-speed Shimano drivetrain is an excellent feature that enables the rider to choose the most comfortable great for their needs when cycling. You should also keep in mind that Schwinn is a reliable brand.




Final Verdict –

Finding downsides to this bike is not easy. Aside from it not being at a professional level, the price and the features match one another to ensure that you get the best value for your money. The bike is not expensive but comes with plenty of testimony from other riders. We would recommend it as one of the top options for beginners.

Factors To Consider When Purchasing A Downhill Mountain Bikes:

best downhill mountain bikes

Now that you have some knowledge on which mountain bikes are the best, you might be wondering how we selected them. The following buyer’s guide will give you some insight into the best features that could help you find the right bike. Here are some of the most important features we used as criteria to find these bikes:

No matter which bike you choose, the frame is one of the most important things to keep in mind. Having a good frame means that your bike will be lightweight while being durable enough to sustain potential damage. For entry-level buyers, the choice between a steel frame and an aluminum frame is important. Steel might be more durable, but it is heavier.

While the choice between a dual-suspension mountain bike and a hardtail mountain is one we don’t give much thought to as beginners, it is important for downhill mountain bikes. As a rider, downhill trails are much faster than going uphill, which means small bumps are felt much more. Having a dual-suspension mountain bike can absorb some of these bumps and create a smoother ride. Those choosing the hardtail bikes might need to slow down to keep control of the bike with these vibrations.

Bigger wheels and frames are often reserved for the larger riders. However, larger riders are not the only beneficiaries of having big tires. If you like downhill trails, the wheel size is an important addition, and with bigger wheels, you can traverse more obstacles. With bigger wheels will come stability and functionality.

As a beginner, the single-speed drivetrain might appeal to you. However, your drivetrain should accommodate downhill nature cycling. When going downhill, you want to be in a larger gear, which makes pedaling easier and more consistent. Having a versatile drivetrain will be beneficial to make all of this possible.

When selecting a drivetrain, you will need to choose the brand. Shimano is one of the most popular brands on the market today. Additionally, they also give you plenty of options when it comes to different speeds and styles.

When going downhill at speeds with your bike, can be dangerous. Having features that help minimize the risk can give you more confidence. One of the best ways to minimize the risk is to have reliable brakes that will help you stop when you need to. Unfortunately, brakes can be daunting to choose if you are on a budget.

The best brakes are the hydraulic disc brakes, which offer you stopping power on a dime. You should not need to worry about losing the bike or brake failures. However, those buying on a budget might want to consider the mechanical disc brakes. While these brakes need a little more maintenance, they have exceptional performance.

Some people swear by specific brands, and this makes sense. When you trust a brand, it will be your go-to brand. However, not all brands have the right mountain bikes for downhill terrains. The downhill mountain bike brands are great with all the features. Once you have the bikes assembled, you should be ready to go.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

When looking for the best downhill mountain bikes, you might run into a couple of questions. If you have some of these questions, we have tried to answer as many as possible. These are some of the most common questions that people have when looking for the best downhill mountain bikes:

  • Can I Use A Hardtail Mountain Bike For Downhill Cycling?

Yes, the hardtail mountain bike will work. However, you will need to control the speed and ensure comfort when going downhill. You won’t be able to absorb as much of the bumps, but when you use the bike for downhill cycling, you might need to go slower and control the speed.

  • Are Downhill Cycling Trails Dangerous?

Almost any mountain bike trail can be dangerous, and you will need to take the necessary precautions. Aside from the obstacles, you could lose control of the bike, which is why the right gear is always essential.

  • Can You Convert A Hardtail Bike Into A Full-Suspension Bike?

Unfortunately, it will be very costly and take a lot of time to make these conversions with your bike. It is far cheaper and more effective to buy a full-suspension mountain bike with all the features and components.

  • Can I Find Full Suspension Mountain Bikes For Kids?

Most bikes for kids have a hardtail frame, and the design of these bikes is functional for what kids use these bikes for. The full-suspension mountain bikes are slightly more expensive, but you should be able to find a smaller one for kids.

Final Verdict

If you have a passion for taking risks and you love the downhill challenges associated with cycling, you would want to have a look at the best downhill mountain bikes. These bikes are designed with features that make them comfortable to ride downhill. Additionally, they are also safer. We would love to see any other downhill mountain bikes we might have missed.

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