5 Best Drift Karts For Adults And Kids In 2020

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We love a day out go-karting. The thrills and frills of racing on a track with your mates or family. The experience is exhilarating and extends up to the point our time and money run out. Fun’s over right? We all have to head home and wait until we have the next experience. 

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There’s something that can help you take the fun home – Drift Karts! These are specially designed miniature karts for Adults and kids. These come in electric variants as well. It is super easy to ride and perfect for kids to practice driving for the first time. 

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It might seem that there is one type that works for both. In reality, different versions work according to various requirements. The drift kart is essentially a go-kart that has been specifically created for road conditions in neighbourhoods. Not track specific, these are made to get many who may not be ready to get on a track to race. It instills a sense of familiarity with the concept of karting. The principles are the same, however, a stripped-down lower power version than the regular go-kart. There are multiple points to be considered before purchasing the right kart for your use – speed, battery life, price, safety, size, operations, and mechanics and durability. Let’s look at some of the best available:

Razor Crazy Cart Shift 

  • Battery (Run time) : 24V (40 mins)
  • Speed : 8 mph
  • Weight : 30 lbs
  • Max. Rider's Weight : 120 lbs

Razor Drifting Crazy Cart 

  • Battery (Run time) : 24V (40 mins)
  • Speed : 12 mph
  • Weight : 50lbs
  • Max. Rider's Weight : 140 lbs

Razor Drifter Force

  • Battery (Run time) : 24V (40 mins)
  • Speed : 12 mph
  • Weight : 55 lbs
  • Max. Rider's Weight : 140 lbs

Razor Crazy Cart XL

  • Battery (Run time) : 36V (40 mins)
  • Speed : 17 mph
  • Weight : 112 lbs
  • Max. Rider's Weight : 240 lbs

Razor Crazy Cart Electric 360

  • Battery (Run time) : 24V (40 mins)
  • Speed : 12 mph
  • Weight : 60 lbs
  • Max. Rider's Weight : 140 lbs

Let’s take a more in-depth look at different karts and what makes each one special. We will be focusing on the best attributes and evident weaknesses. As different people have different requirements, so do these karts. It will help eliminate the choices to the one that you want specifically. 

The 5 Best Drift Karts Reviews

1. Razor Crazy Cart Shift – ‘Featured Pick’

This kart is made specifically for the younger ones. Despite being one of the smallest and lightest karts (at 30 pounds) it can still handle a maximum capacity of 120 pounds. 

This kart is a perfect start for beginners. The kart can hit a top speed of 8 miles an hour. This is just right for those beginning their journey in karting. At lower speeds, it makes the rider comfortable and ensures a safe ride. 

One point that that purchasing must be aware of is the lack of brakes. There are no installed brakes and comes to a stop via deceleration. This is manageable as the kart does not hit high speeds. The kart is equipped with a detachable cool flag which not only exciting for kids but adds a safety factor as it improves the visibility of the kart from a distance.

Features and Specifications-

  • 1:1 steering ratio
  • Simplified drift system (easy for engaging the driver into drifts while allowing maximum control)
  • rear caster wheels in a fixed incline
  • The maintenance-free motor that eliminates sprockets, chains, and upkeep of such parts. 


  • Slow speed for a safe ride
  • Easy to assemble
  • Increased visibility with attached flag


  • Limited battery life of 40 mins a charge
  • 2.5 hrs charging time

Final Verdict –

For the price it is available, the Razor Crazy Cart is the perfect first kart for a youngster. It is entertaining, safe, and affordable.

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2. Razor Drifting Crazy Cart

Designed for kids older than 8, this cart will appeal to the 10-12-year-olds. The cart is specifically designed for drifting, spins, and tricks. The cart has an acceleration pedal with plenty of legroom which allows a comfortable ride. There is a variable speed function which is controlled by the foot. This lends an authentic driving experience.

The unique feature of the cart is that it has three wheels which serve the purpose of drifting well. There is a drift bar that gives the rider improved control on spinning and drifting. Rather than turning or leaning to the edge to drift, the lever is directly linked to the rear wheel and can move in all directions. Combine it with a steering wheel and it is a perfect recipe for tricks that even standard go-karts wouldn’t be able to perform. Sadly the machine isn’t equipped with seat belts or brakes. Hitting a top speed of 12 miles an hour, this could be a cause of concern. 

Features and Specifications-

  • Foot accelerator for variable speeds (up to 12 mph)
  • Drift bar for control over spin, drifts, and tricks.
  • 24 V rechargeable battery, charger, and flag


  • Great for tricks, spins, and drifting
  • Special lever for added drift control
  • Spacious legroom


  • Long charging duration
  • No brakes or seat belt

Final Verdict –

If you’re looking for a fun cart that may have fewer features compared to other carts then this is the one. It is specialized to drift and it’s what it does well.

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3. Razor Drifter Force

The next cart is also catered towards older kids. The cart has a load capacity of 140 pounds so it becomes a perfect fit for teenagers. The cart is heavier than the others on the list as well, so it is best for use by a teenager. Resembling a go-kart, this electric-powered machine has a close resemblance to a derby car. The Drifter force has a maximum speed of 12 miles per hour with relatively simple controls. The throttle and brake are all operated in the handle. 

The wheels are super slick and designed to handle higher speeds. The cart has a larger turning radius owing to the go cart-based design and hence is tougher for drifting purposes. The tires are durable with larger rounded-edged tires at the rear and smaller, hollow front tires. 

This cart is loaded with cool extra features. There is a lever placed on the right-hand side of the front chassis that can alternate maximum speeds. The harder the trigger is pressed, the faster it goes. The cart is equipped with extra safety features like seat belts. The cart is conducive for use of multiple kinds of terrain however it is best to be used on smooth, flat surfaces like roads and pavements.  

Features and Specifications-

  • Slick wheels
  • Racing inspired chassis
  • Variable-speed, chain-driven motor
  • Thumb trigger (Acceleration control)
  • Hand-operated brake


  • Seat belts for safety
  • Large wheels for stability and turns
  • Variable speed lever


  • Long charging time
  • Unsuitable for younger kids
  • Not friendly for beginners
  • Expensive

Final Verdict –

This is an excellent product however not for first-time users. It is recommended for slightly experienced users. 

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4. Razor Crazy Cart XL

The full-size version of the Crazy cart, this is meant for adults. It has a higher speed than the kids’ version and it is perfect for adults to recreate their karting days. Since this is for adults, the machine is larger and more powerful than the predecessors. The machine can hit speeds of 17mph. It has been made to thrill and has a speed advantage over the other versions. There is a larger 36V rechargeable battery that is powering the motor. 

It is clear for those who can handle a heavier cart as it weighs nearly 112 pounds. It has a maximum load capacity of 240 pounds which means people of various sizes can use it.  The unique feature of the Crazy Carl XL is that it has five wheels rather than the regular four. This has been done specifically to allow for better drifting. The extra wheel lends greater stability, especially at turns. The bonus is that they swivel in all directions which means greater rooms for tricks and spins. There are four small swivel wheels and a larger fifth wheel located in the front center. The fifth wheel responds to the drift lever mostly.  

Features and Specifications-

  • Max capacity 240 lbs
  • Battery Life 40 minutes
  • Max speed 17 mph with a foot accelerator. 
  • 36V rechargeable battery
  • Patent drift system for greater controls in drifts and spins. 


  • Higher weight capacity
  • Powerful engine
  • Pedal acceleration
  • Faster speeds
  • Suitable for adults


  • Heavy
  • Expensive
  • Not suitable for kids

Final Verdict –

The Razor Cart XL may be larger and more expensive but it is definitely worth the money. 

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5. Razor Crazy Cart Electric 360

This cart is designed for kids nine and older and has a load capacity of up to 140 pounds. The bucket seat has comfortable ergonomics that will allow most kids to fit in comfortably. The machine can hit speeds of up to 12 miles per hour. The cart runs on two 12V rechargeable batteries. On a full charge, it gives about 40 minutes of operating time. The time can be doubled when the top speed switch is controlled to the low-speed setting. The motor is a 90W high torque that powers the core hub motor. The design and build quality are sturdy and durable. 

The foot pedal acceleration makes the machine go up to 12 miles per hour. It has an interesting drift system as the steering wheel can be used for 360-degree turns. The steering wheel is easy to use and is pretty good when it comes to spindrift and turning. There is a drift bar that turns up the fun factor of the cart. Just pull it and perform stunts at a drop of a hat. It takes corners like a pro and that’s when this machine comes to life! The drift system is patented so it will be hard to find the same on other brands.

One of the downsides of this machine is a lack of safety features like brakes. It is equipped with seat/lap belts that are more than enough in terms of safety. However, brakes would have been a welcome addition to the mix.

Features and Specifications-

  • Variable speed pedal for acceleration 
  • Patented Drift Bar that allows for maximum control on spin, drifts, and cornering.
  • Pneumatic front tire
  • anti-tip caster wheels (front)
  • Seat belt
  • 24V rechargeable battery


  • Powerful
  • Safety
  • Throttle response
  • Patented Drift system


  • No brakes

Final Verdict –

The Razor Crazy Cart Electric 360 is crazy yet completely worth the buy. If you’re into the fun and joy of drifting at a much more intense pace then this is the one for you. This would be recommended to someone who is slightly advanced from the beginner level. 

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

The carts are mostly light unless you have the higher version. They can be pulled fairly easily. 

Ideally these have been designed to work on smooth surfaces like pavements and roads. Some models with larger tires are capable of being driven on the grass. However, this would not be advisable. Off-roading is complete no-noo. 

Each machine has a designated maximum load capacity. Check it before making your purchase.

Most as designed for children and youngsters however there are adult versions as well.

It is fairly easy to assemble (instructions are given in the box)

Get in touch with the manufacturer’s customer care directly.

Final Verdict –

With the breakdown given in the above article, it will be easy to purchase the drift kart of your choice. It comes down to your budget, requirements, and interest level. The drift kart is a great gift for kids eight years and above. It is perfect for a youngster who is interested in karting but isn’t sure about it. It is a great alternative to kids just sitting at home in front of screens. For the older kids and adults, who don’t have the option to go to a karting track, this is perfect to have.  

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