10 Best EDC Flashlights 2021 [Reviews & Guide]

best edc flashlights

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The world is changing constantly and evolution is a part of the change. We all have read the evolution of mankind. We were once hunters and gatherers, I believe we still are but in a civilized manner. Humans back then always had a sharp knife, and stones to make fire. We do not need that anymore. The needs have changed and so are the essentials.

Imagine running late to work and you drop your car keys in the crack of the staircase. It is going to be impossible to find the keys without an EDC flashlight. Ask watchmen, police, firefighters, carpenters, handymen, and people from literally all the other professionals too. EDC flashlight is an essential item in the present day.

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If you don’t have one, it is important to understand the vital need for it and get one today. Here are some of the best EDC Flashlights we have selected after analyzing the essential characteristics to look for in the best EDC flashlight.

While everyone understands that EDC flashlight is an essential item today, there are more than a million options available in the market for the same. But it is important to choose the right one as per your need.  Here we have chosen 10 of the best EDC Flashlights available on Amazon. 

1. SureFire Defender Series LED Flashlights with Strike Bezel

SureFire Defender is a tiny and lightweight EDC flashlight. Despite the lightweight and the compact size of this excellent flashlight, the body of the flashlight is strong enough. The output range of the light is something that stuns us. With two different ranges of 600 lumens and 5 lumens, it proves to be effective in all kinds of situations whether you wish to blind someone or read a text inscribed on a paper.

Displaying phenomenal performance, this flashlight is a great and a resilient choice for all endeavors you wish to use it for. The blaze of the light can be bright enough to illuminate the entire room.

The flashlight has a longer commodity life. It also uses less battery power that makes the batteries last longer. This is how, along with the selling price, the flashlight comes handy and affordable at the same time. It is convenient to flip between the light modes of high and low. The flashlight comes induced with a switch that makes it very comfortable to use. This is why SureFire Defender made it to our list of best EDC light.

Key Features:

2. Fenix PD35TAC tactical flashlight

If you are looking for a flashlight that is affordable, durable, and runs on simple directions, this one is the best EDC light for you. Fenix Tactical flashlight is an affordable and reliable light that contains the qualities rarely found in any other flashlight in the market for the same budget.

Fenix Tactical flashlight comes with an adapter charger and a battery case. This makes it even more comfortable for the user as it sustains on a rechargeable battery, saving the cost of buying new batteries repetitively. The compact size of the flashlight of 5.4 inches and 3 oz makes it a perfect everyday partner for every individual. Even in the compact size, the performance this flashlight gives is highly viable and apt for daily usage.

Fenix tactical flashlight comes with 6 output modes. The highest mode goes to 1000 lumens which make the light a perfect fit for outdoor use as well as daily use. The tactical light can blind anyone when flashed on.For easy access to all the 6 modes in the light, it comes with dual switches, a tactical switch, and a side switch.

Key Features:


3. Streamlight 88061 ProTac Professional Tactical Light

There is absolutely no reason for one to not carry a flashlight every day. It is a vital object that can pull you out from the situations of trouble. Streamlight 88061 ProTac Professional Tactical Light does exactly the same. This flashlight has a very strong strobe with 350 lumens for high. It can throw light in a space of 100 feet for a matter at once. The battery power and life of the flashlight even in the high beam mode can last more than 1.5 hours on constant usage. This makes it a great fit for everyday usage.

The 4.25 inches long body of the flashlight makes it very handy to carry around. The flashlight comes with an attached clip as well with a nice grip. It also just weighs 4.8 ounces which is never going to feel heavy to you. The flashlight comes with a ten-tap programmable mode system. One just has to tap for 9 times and then click the 10th time to change the mode of the light. The light can be easily run on different modes like High/Strobe/Low, Low/High, or High. 

The light flashing out of the flashlight is in cool white color which seems neutral. The best part about the flashlight is it meets all the requirements, looks great, is very handy, has a great battery life, and all of it comes at a very affordable price. 

Key Features:


4. ThruNite T1 Magnetic Flashlights

ThruNite T1 Magnetic Flashlights is an easy to carry around flashlights that will leave an ever lasting impression on you. The compact size of the flashlights does not become a challenge in its amazing functioning. The flashlight can be faded to as much as you want and can go high to 1500 lumens. The flashlight comes with a magnetic strap that lets keep it tied on without occupying your hand all the time.

The flashlight is also affordable in the long run as it comes with rechargeable batteries with an inbuilt rechargeable port. This exceptional feature makes the flashlight more handy and perfect for everyday use.  ThruNite T1 Magnetic Flashlights comes with multiple inbuilt modes including Turbo, Firefly, Strobe and stepless dimming which makes it standout in the market. This helps in switching the lightmodes as per your need. 

The body of the flashlight is made of aluminum which makes it strong and also resistant to water. The compact size of the flashlight makes it pocket friendly. The flashlight has the cool white light color which is the most preferred color for flashlight needs of the users. It also helps in the visibility more in comparison to bright white or yellow tints. 

Key Features:


5. Streamlight 88062 ProTac Flashlight

We understand a flashlight is a must to have and changing it every month is neither convenient nor affordable. This is why it is important to invest in a flashlight that is perfect for everyday use, has a reliable built and is durable. Streamlight 88062 ProTac Flashlight checks all the boxes I have mentioned here. 

The one problem most EDC flashlight users face is how to carry it around conveniently. With the Streamlight 88062 ProTac Flashlight, it does not become a problem at all. The flashlight comes in   a very compact size that can easily fit in the corner of your bag, slit of your pocket, or the space of your palm. But if you wish to keep your flashlight handy but not in hands, here is the perfect solution for you.

The flashlight comes with a strong griped clip that can be conveniently attached to your pocket, your hat, or even your wristband or watch. With promptly chargeable batteries and multiple battery holders, the maintenance of the flashlight does not demand any extra effort at all either. 

Key Features:


6. Soonfire E07 Cree XP-L Rechargeable flashlight

Soonfire is the world’s best EDC flashlight maker. The company is known for its rugged models and impotent flashlights that always shines bright in the market saturated with great flashlights. There is no replacement for the flashlights Soonfire makes. This is why we have picked their EDC flashlight that has made it to our list of best EDC flashlights 2021 has brought. 

The Soonfire flashlight is a compact flashlight that is incredible to use as an EDC light. Although the flashlight comes in a compact size and with very light weight, the quality of its lens, built, and performance is still top-notch. The strong aluminum body of the light keeps it tough with waterproof manufacturing making it the most perfect flashlight to use every single day. 

The flashlight works with a self alarming system that alerts you when the battery is running low. You can then simply plug in the flashlight in the in-built USB port to recharge the batteries. There is a never ending list for the amazing features this flashlight has, some of them are listed here. 

Key Features:


7. Streamlight 66608 Microstream

With the goodwill of Streamlight, we are assured that this product is trustworthy and reliable. But has it got the features that make it an apt choice to make it to the list? Yes, it does.

Streamlight 66608 Microstream is a great emergency or an EDC flashlight. While it is an absolutely suitable flashlight for household purposes, it can also be used vividly for commercial or professional purposes. The extremely lightweight of the flashlight makes it an even more attractive piece available in the market.   

The minute size of this flashlight makes it fit right in your hand. While it may look small and fragile in weight, it is not. The body of the flashlight is made of metal which keeps it strong and resistant from shocks. While the highest output of the flashlight is 250 lumens, it can still be used for tactical purposes. The light is just bright enough to serve its purpose and fulfill your needs.

Key Features:


8. Prometheus Lights Beta Quick Release v2n Flashlight

When buying a flashlight, we always have a fear of losing it in our minds. The flashlights can more often be compact and tiny which makes them a commodity to be lost easily. With Prometheus Lights Beta Quick Release v2n Flashlight, the risk of losing the flashlight because of its size reduces to almost negligible.

The Prometheus Lights Beta Quick Release v2n Flashlight is a very tiny light that comes with a key ring. This flashlight can be easily attached and detached to your keys, which makes it less prone to lose. The size of the light is extremely tiny to be able to fit with the keys aptly. This, however, does not make it lesser than a professional EDC flashlight. This is one of the best pocket flashlight EDC        

The white spectrum of the light is effortlessly strong and can travel as far as 30 meters, which is enough to enlighten a reasonably closed space. There is a lot more feature in this tiny little flashlight to facilitate with your work.

Key Features:


9. Olight S2R II LED EDC Flashlight

This elegant yet rigid flashlight is filled with features. Olight S2R II LED EDC Flashlight has enough qualities to make your day a great one every day. If you are looking for an EDC flashlight to run to work with, this could be the perfect choice for you right in the budget. Olight S2R II LED EDC Flashlight is one of the best EDC flashlights available in the market. The miniature size of the flashlight makes it comfortable for you to carry it around in your front pocket.

The flashlight is equipped with a bright white light that has 1150 lumens of maximum output, enough to blind anyone in the bright daylight. The tough aluminum built makes it the best pocket flashlight EDC for professional as well as household usage. The flashlight comes with two detachable stainless steel clips that allow you to attach it to your hat, shirt, pocket, or anywhere there is a viable place for the flashlight. This makes it very easy and comfortable with a flashlight.

Key Features:


10. EdisonBright Fenix PD25 Tactical Flashlight

A tactical flashlight in a compact size is the greatest deal a flashlight user can get. EdisonBright Fenix PD25 Tactical Flashlight is enriched with the same.  The 550 lumens output flashlight is a great fit for almost every purpose. The affordable, trendy, and durable flashlight that satisfies the need of the user is what one wishes to find in a flashlight. 

The EdisonBright Fenix PD25 Tactical Flashlight has a bright white light that shines even on a sunny day. With rechargeable batteries, you will never have to worry about running out of battery. You can simply plug it up and get your battery back with no extra investment. 

The tail of the flashlight also has a clip that allows the user to easily attach it to their clothes, hat, or anywhere feasible. With bright white tactical light, the light beam travels as far as 30 meters.  This tactical light is induced with many such amazing features and that is why we have enlisted it to be one of the best EDC flashlights of 2021

Key Features:


Factors To Consider While Choosing The Best EDC Flashlights-

Buying an EDC flashlight can be an exhausting task. While the flashlight looks like a tiny stick that just works like a torch, only a user can understand how crucial it is to have the right flashlight. This is why we have mentioned the must to look for specifications before you decide to settle for an EDC flashlight. 

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An EDC life, without any doubt, has to be tough. When one has to carry around the flashlight every single day, it cannot be fragile or it will break down in no time. Make sure to check the material of the body of the torch. 

Some flashlights have a great battery life but their beam length is not great. Some flashlights have amazing beam length but they either have the brightness too high or too low. Performance here refers to the specification that you may need and the flashlight provides are meeting your needs or not. 

Most flashlights run on two different types of batteries. One is the normal changeable battery and the other is a rechargeable battery with a USB or a charging port attached. Choose which one you want and look for the EDC flashlight accordingly. 

The EDC flashlights are usually compact in size. It is important to make sure how tiny or how big you want your light to be. There are options available that are as small as your biggest finger and there are options available bigger than your palm and all in the middle. 

There are several different kinds of modes available. It is on your to decide what is your purpose of the light and how bright you need it to be. The best is to buy one with multiple brightness and tactical modes to choose from. 

The clip is one of the greatest features available in the EDC flashlights. It makes carrying the flashlights around just so easy. The flashlight then can easily be hooked to your clothes, wristband, cap, or anywhere you need it. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

Batteries used in a flashlight can be of various types. When it comes to rechargeable batteries, it depends on the model you go for. There are some flashlights that have inbuilt batteries that are packed inside the body hence cannot be removed. Others have batteries that can be easily taken out and replaced if the batteries are not working right. 

Well, no. It depends on the purpose the user has for the light that decides how much brightness works best for the user. 

A multimode flashlight always gives the user an advantage. A multimode EDC flashlight works great and can be an aid in varied situations. A single mode flashlight however, not always works the best for the needs of the user. If you are assured what you are looking for, go for the single mode otherwise, multiple mode is the best option.

A clip can be detachable and permanently attached too. It depends on the model you chose. 

No, not all the EDC flashlights are mandatorily waterproof. If you wish to have a waterproof one then make sure to check the specifications. 

There is no perfect lumen limit for the ideal flashlight. Some flashlights work fantastic even at 80 or 100 lumens and some flashlights can go as high as 1500 lumens or even more. 

Final Verdict

Choosing the best EDC flashlight can be a huge task. There are so many challenges the user has to face, starting from picking one or maybe a couple of flashlights from the thousands and thousands of options available in the market today.  We made this huge list of the best EDC flashlights 2021 that comprises 10 of the best EDC pocket flashlights that are available in the market today. If you have gone through the entire article, we are assuming that you were able to understand the specifications of each and every flashlight and it helped you make your decision. 

To start the process of searching for the ideal EDC flashlights, it is important to understand your need first. Analyze your need first and then list the specifications you need like longer battery life, longer traveling beam, soft or bright light, etc.  After making a list of the specifications, go through our list of the best EDC flashlight 2021 and match your specifications with every single one. Find out how many of these flashlights can fulfill your requirements. Once done, shortlist the flashlight and read the commonly asked FAQs for flashlights to understand it vividly. 

An EDC flashlight may seem like a tiny object that only shines a light, but it is just so much more. An EDC flashlight can blind anyone, can illuminate an entire room, can even shine in the bright sunlight, etc. An EDC flashlight is built in a way that it is able to help you get through your day over and over again.  We hope you find the right choice after reading our review on all the best pocket flashlights and bring it to use. 

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