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 The thought of an electric bike puts the image of an electric scooter or motorcycle – however, in actuality, they are pretty different. They are pretty much similar to regular pedal cycles but with some added components. These components are mostly motor, battery, and control systems. These are designed to keep the entire experience of riding one seamless and similar to a regular cycle but with an added zing and punch!  

Most of the parts are similar to the electrical components inserted to amplify the human element of riding this rather than negating it. These components reduce the regular effort factor required to tackle obstacles like hills on a long journey. In turn, this makes for a much less tiring journey as opposed to a fully mechanical and laborious journey. 

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There are different types of motors – front, rear, and a mid-drive. What does that mean? Well, the front is when the engine is placed in front and propels the front tire giving a pulling effect to the ride. The rear is when the motor is placed in the rear and propels the rear tire thereby giving a pushing effect. And lastly, the mid-drive is when the engine propels the bike’s drivetrain rather than the tires. This provides a more natural bicycle riding experience.  

The batteries are created similarly too. A pedal only mode is when it is a regular cycle. A pedal-assist mode is when the battery provides an additional boost once pedaling has been started. Finally, the electric-only version is when the rider does not need any input physically, the battery `runs the electric bike without any assistance similar to a regular electric motorcycle. 

These electric bikes are required to be charged since they run on batteries. The charging times vary from 2-8 hours depending on the quality of the battery. If you want to convert your regular pedal cycle to electric, you can buy yourself a e-bike conversion kit.

electric bike

Despite being in smaller numbers compared to other forms of vehicles such as regular cycles, motorbikes, and cars. The adoption rate for electric bikes is increasing over time. Awareness of the benefits of these kinds of bikes has been raising and more people are investing in this technology. It has been a fringe idea for nearly a century, however as technology has matured with the ability to create batteries on a mass scale, the consideration has increased for these machines. 

An electric bike is technically a regular cycle with an additional electrical drive system that gives more power to the ride experience. Now, many will question the fact that regular cycles were created to get more exercise. That still holds, however the electric bike takes the weaknesses of a regular cycle and throw it out the window. Low fitness levels, tackling hills, going to work, commuting for regular chores, and more, this is what the electric bike excels at. 

If you travel daily to work or for another purpose, and taking a regular car is just a hassle and not worth the short distance. The electric bike comes into its own here. Lots of hilly roads to tackle, well not a problem! The electric bike tackles these issues easily. If you are someone who commutes to work on a cycle but doesn’t like being covered in sweat once you reach. Well, this takes care of that problem. If you’re an older person who enjoys cycling but not as fit as you used to be? Not a problem again, just sit on a bike, rev the throttle or use pedal-assist to get little or no exercise. It is fun to ride, no licenses are required, it is easy to learn, and most importantly it is affordable. 

The Best Electric Bikes UK Reviews

1. Ancheer 2019 Upgraded Electric Mountain Bike

An iconic bike brand that is a household name. It has been delivering cutting edge, high quality, and affordable electric cycles for years. The bikes are mostly for those looking to explore the outdoors or just plain simple transportation. 

The electric bike has a 36V 8AH battery with a 250W stable brushless motor which is a potent combination of speed and fun. This is the bike you need if you want to combine working out, a weekend exploring, or just regular commute. The bike is durable and lightweight, with the front fork made from carbon steel and the remaining parts made from corrosion-resistant aluminum alloy. These materials give the bike a sturdy and light feel and are easily maneuverable.

The e-bike has a range of 15-30 miles depending upon the usage and the removable battery adds an extra dimension of convenience. It can be removed anywhere and put to charge. This helps in reducing worries of it being stolen. The bike is equipped with disc brakes that are conducive to all weather systems.  There are 3 working modes to tackle varying terrain. A burst speed mode on the throttle is conducive for tackling steep hills or zooming out of traffic. The e-bike is equipped with a horn and bright headlamps, so riding in the night is not an issue. 

Specifications –

  • 26” Wheel Diameter
  •  50 lbs/23 kg weight of bike
  •  330 lbs/ 150 kg weight capacity
  •  15-30 miles/ 25-50 km mileage
  •  36V 8 AH Lithium Ion battery
  •  15 mph/25 km/h top speed
  •  3 speed, 21 shift gear system
  •  LED headlamp



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2. Hiriyt Electric Mountain Bike

Made from high-quality materials, the body frame is made from aluminum alloy, the front fork is forged from carbon steel. There is premium shock absorption technology packed into the frame making the ride a lot more comfortable.

There is a large capacity removable battery – 36V 8AH Lithium-Ion battery that has a range of 25-50 km depending upon the usage. The battery has fast charger technology and needs about 4-6 hours to completely charge. The option to remove the battery adds a layer of security as there is a lesser chance of theft if it can be removed and stored elsewhere when not in use.

The tires are 26” in diameter giving stability and assurance to the ride. The bike has an adjustable seat, bright LED headlights, and a horn that is conducive for riding at night. A 3-speed mode that allows for greater control on a ride. The bike has a load capacity of 120 kgs and a maximum speed that varies between 22-30 km/h. The 250W brushless motor gives the ride a thrilling yet controlled feel. This bike is perfect for those who are looking for their first e-bike. Simple, affordable, and easy to use! 

Specifications –

  • 36V 8 AH Lithium Ion removable Battery
  •   250 W brushless motor
  •   26”wheel diameter
  •   3 speed mode
  •   25-50 km range
  •   22-30 km/h top speed



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3. Shengmilo MX-01

This monster e-bike has a set if unique fat tires that make it distinguishable from a distance. The 4” tires make it easier to cross obstacles and provide great stability and comfort in the riding experience. It also makes the bike a lot safer than the others on the list. The wide gauge of the tires allows the bike to be used upon multiple kinds of terrains. The bike is also equipped with a full shock absorption function.  This bike is just perfect for all your commuting needs and what’s more fascinating is that this comes under the category of best road bikes under 1000.

This means even more comfort when riding over bumps, potholes, and gravel surfaces. The bike is powered by a massive 48W 13 AH Lithium-Ion battery that powers a 1000W motor. The large battery not only generates more speed but also gives the bike a large range – about 50 miles on a full charge.  The best part about this bike is that it is foldable! This means an added security feature and portability.

There is a lesser likelihood of theft as portability allows you to store it indoors. The build of the bike is sturdy, as it can take a load capacity of 180 kgs. Three driving modes give options to the rider. Want to test your physical endurance? Switch off the engine and use it like a regular bike. Feeling lazy? Switch it to fully automatic mode

Specifications –

  • 48V 13 AH Lithium Ion Battery
  •   1000W Motor
  •   4” tyres
  •   Shock absorption features
  •   3 driving modes
  •   Folding Design



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4. Ancheer Folding Electric Mountain Bike

One of the best-known brands in the e-bikes industry. Known for making high quality, affordable-bikes for sports, travel, and outdoor use. The bike is no frills. Despite being modest in specifications, it is surprisingly quick. When you twist the throttle, it may not be as fast as the super-premium bikes however it is pretty decent. The pedal assist is perfect when you want to have a quick workout.

The suspension systems are decent however not as good as the ones on super-premium versions. This does not affect the comfort of the ride. It is an urban mountain bike, so it is well versed in tackling the bumps on the streets, however not as proficient as regular mountain bike to tackle the elements when it gets rough. The e-bike is still capable of handling tough terrains but the ride will not be as comfortable.

Despite these shortcomings, the e-bike is perfect for city use. It has a carbon steel front suspension fork and rear suspension. It is meant for getting around for grocery shopping, daily commute, and other leisure-based activities. It can be folded and carried on public transport or a normal-sized car. This gives it an added advantage over other non-foldable bikes. 

Specifications –

  • 36V 8 AH Lithium Ion battery
  •   250W brushless stable rear hub motor
  •   Range 15-30 miles
  •   Top Speed 15-17 miles
  •   Front and Rear suspension
  •   6 spoke wheel
  •   LED Headlights



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5. Extrbici Electric Mountain Bike (Fat Tyre)

An interesting bike with an interesting name. This brand has quickly become a household name in Europe. This cycle is perfect for anyone irrespective of the level. If you’re a beginner or an expert, this e-bike will give you unlimited thrills. Right from the start, the bike looks unique and sets it apart from its competitors.

The bike has a 1000W motor powered by a 48V 13 Ah battery that gives the bike enough power to travel long distances. The bike is capable of reaching speeds of 40-45 km/h. The brushless motor is connected to a seven-speed Shimano gear system. The striking features include fat tires that are equipped to handle most terrains such as snow, mud, and so on.

There is an LED display that shows all the necessary details and a separate control unit to control the ride modes. There is a USB charging point in the bike so if your phone runs out of juice, just plug it in and continue the ride. Two hydraulic disc brakes provide improved safety. The battery requires about 6-8 hours of charging time. There is front headlight for night riding and reflective pedals. 

Specifications –

  • 48V 13 AH battery
  •   1000W brushless motor
  •   Top speed: 42 km/h
  •   7 speed Shimano
  •   3.8” fat tyre
  •   LED display



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6. Cryusher XF800

The XF800 e-bike is a head-turner. The go-to machine for all those who are addicted to adrenaline. An impressive e-bike that is equipped with top-notch features. The build quality is excellent and has the capability of lasting against intense rough use. Made from top-grade aluminum alloy, it has a full suspension rear and front fork for taking on the rough terrain with ease.

A dedicated control panel allows for easy monitoring of charge, speed levels and modes. The XF800 has a 48V 13 AH battery that is housed in a convenient place on the bike and most importantly removable. This adds a layer of security as the battery can be housed away for charge when not in use. The range of the bike is between 25-50 miles depending on the model used.

The bike has a USB charging point too that is perfect for charging phones on long rides in case one uses maps a lot. A twist of the throttle and this machine zooms into the distance. A 7 speed Shimano shifter is ideal for building up speed, hydraulic disc brakes and the monster wide tires keep the ride smooth and bump-free! 

Specifications –

  • 48V 13 AH battery (range 25-50 miles)
  •   1000W motor
  •   USB charging point
  •   7 speed Shimano gear system
  •   6-8 hours charging time



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What are the electric bike laws in the UK?

In the UK, electronic bikes are classed as regular non-assisted cycles. If they are traveling at speeds more than 25 kph with electrical assistance and has a motor that generates more than 250W of power, the bike will be legally treated as a motorcycle or a moped. Under the law, if the e-bike falls under the restrictions mentioned above, it can be ridden on cycle paths, roads, and other places where it is allowed. No need for bike registration or a helmet requirement. Although it is always advisable to wear one for personal safety. 

In the UK, one must be over the age of 14 years to ride an electric bike on roads. There is no need for a license in such a case. Off-road, someone younger than 14 years can ride an e-bike. There is no requirement to pay vehicle tax.  In case you have a bike that is above the requirements, you have to register with the DVLA and a driving license will be needed along with insurance and compliance of wearing a helmet. This applies if one wants to ride their e-bikes on public highways. 

It is not illegal to own an e-bike that has more than 250W of power or if the electrical assistance is greater than 25kph, it is, however, illegal to ride it on public highways. It is also okay to ride it on private land with the permission of the landowner. 

Factors to Consider while Purchasing Electric Bikes

best electric bikes

Depending on your requirement, pick your e-bike. If it is for long-distance, then a bigger battery that will give a longer range. If it is for tackling terrain that is full of ups and downs then an e-bike with more power, if it is for fun then a lower end with the basic motor. 

Be sure to keep your expectations sky-high. This is not an ordinary machine and not all e-bikes are created the same. Hence it is important to go for the best and expect to get the most out of it.

Always double-check the warranty! It makes sure that your investment is a good one rather than a wasted one. Having a warranty on parts, motor and battery are the least expected. 

If it is possible to test ride a bike before purchase, make sure you do. This is especially important for those who are riding it for the very first time. This is an excellent way of understanding exactly what you’re purchasing.

Be sure that you know your local experts or service partners around. This will ensure that you will always have support in case something goes wrong after purchase.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

 It is faster than a conventional bike, requires less effort, it is more fun and is perfect for daily commutes. 

 Average e-bikes can start at 15-20 km/h and go higher. An assist pedal version can take speeds higher than usual. 

 The range of an e-bike can be 20-30 miles depending on usage. It can be greater than this. 

 Batteries can take anywhere between 3-8 hours. Depending on the quality and size of the battery, the charge time varies.

 Not all e-bikes have this feature. However, some have regenerative braking that charges batteries when using the brake.

 Of course! Switch off all the electric modules and use it as a regular one. 

Final Verdict –

Understanding your needs in the first place is extremely important. Once you know what kind of bike you need, choosing the one that fits your requirement best makes the next step easy – buying the e-bike! 

If you’re looking for a first e-bike that is safe, reliable, and affordable, go for the first two options that we have provided. These are perfect for urban and semi-urban areas with a ride that is smooth and comfortable without any extra frills. Just perfect for a beginner or those looking to invest in an affordable daily commute e-bike. 

On the other hand, if you’re someone that is looking for extra thrills, the next few options that we have provided will be perfect for you. Bigger batteries, motor, and tires are a perfect combination to let loose and have fun on multiple kinds of terrains. If you don’t mind the higher price tag, the reliability factor is higher as the quality of build is far superior to the daily commute bikes. 

Electric bikes are for everyone! Don’t be limited to the regular boring experience of pedal cycles. Get home the future and enjoy it!

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