6 Best Electric Bikes Under £500 UK | 2021 Reviews & Comparison

best electric bikes under £500
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While the biking industry has witnessed a massive boom in the recent few years, one section of the biking industry is still on its way to the top. Electric bikes or e-bikes are becoming increasingly popular because not only are they easy to ride, but they also make for a great mode of transportation for those who need to travel a long distance to commute. These distances would have become tiresome for people if they were to ride a regular bike. An electric bike gives the rider the power of riding a zero-emissions vehicle without getting tired too easily.

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Some people may have this perception that electric bikes are expensive, but there is a whole range of electric bikes that are affordable and can be easily bought under £500. In this article, we are focusing on 6 of the best budget-friendly electric bikes the biking industry has to offer to its audience. If you are on the fence and find it confusing to choose which electric bike is ideal for you, we suggest that you go through the reviews and also the buyer’s guide at the end of the article and then make an informed decision. 

Types of electric bikes –

1. Windgoo 36-Volt Foldable Electric Bike

This electric bike has a unique shape with its circular arc design, which makes it very easy to fold up and store when not in use. With a 36-volt battery, you can charge this bike up and take it for a spin no matter where you are. This electric bike is mostly used for city-use and commuting to and from work if your office is close by.

People can also use this fun and eco-friendly mode of transportation to ride around their neighborhood and do little chores like buying groceries. Be it for work or be it for leisure, the Windgoo foldable electric bike is one of the best options you have for an electric bike under £500.

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2. ANCHEER 2019 Upgraded Electric Mountain Bike for Adults

While this electric bike has a lower power motor, don’t be fooled by this beauty one bit! With an electric mode, assisted-riding mode and a normal mode, this bike is versatile and offers so much more to the rider than they expect.

Ancheer is a pioneering brand in electric bikes and we love this model a lot, as it gives the rider a top speed of 15 miles per hour and also has a higher weight capacity as compared to the previous electric bikes reviewed here. It is the perfect electric bike for teens as well as adults and needs very little time to assemble it fully. It has large wheels, but the only drawback we feel is the fact that it cannot be folded up.

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3. TOEU Foldable Electric Bike

Just like the previous electric bike we reviewed earlier, this electric bike has the same motor power and same weight capacity. But with a slightly higher speed, there are certain aspects of this electric bike that we absolutely love.

For one, we love the attention given to the safety features of this bike, because it has double front and rear brakes that give the rider a lot of control over their riding, in turn making it a very safe experience for them. The lights on this thing are also very bright, making this bike very safe for use during the night.

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4. Windgoo MoovWay Foldable Electric Bike

The focus for this electric bike is on the incredible high-speed 350-watt motor that powers this beast. Made by keeping city dwellers who love to explore the outdoors in mind, this is an electric bike that can be used for fun even for commuting to your workplace, if your workplace is not too far away.

While the motor and battery of this bike don’t support long-distance travel, it is ideal for riding for leisure or just taking a breath of fresh air around your neighbourhood. With electric bikes being increasingly popular, this is one bike you must keep your eyes peeled for because it does not cost a lot and offers a powerful performance.

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5. Swifty Electric Mountain Bike

If you have owned a regular mountain bike before, well it is ime for an upgrade for more power and acceleration. The Swifty Mountains Electric bike is a premium build bike with a lightweight alloy frame that keeps the entire weight of the bike very low. It features 7-speed shimano gears that will help you climb and ride on mountains that have tougher terrains than usual roads. 

Moreover, the incredible 3 levels of assist make it even more favourable that allows you to choose between pedal mode, fully electric, and a walking mode as well. Speaking of the battery power, it is equipped with a Panasonic 36V 9.6AH Lithium-ion battery that provides up to 30 miles of pedalling assistance in a single charge. Furthermore, you can easily take the bike under control using the powerful disc brakes.

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6. OUXI Electric Bike For Adults, 250w Folding E-Bike

For people who are looking for an electric bike under a budget, then this OUXI electric bike is ideal for you. What’s best is that it is a foldable bike with a powerful 350-watt motor. Made for people who love to opt for the most eco-friendly option to ride around the city.

The best part of having this electric bike is that you can either use it as a normal bike, use it in assisted mode or use the fully electric mode. Being so versatile, it fits all the needs of people, giving you the best riding experience possible. With a bright LED light, this is a bike that can be used in the night as well. 

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Best Electric Bikes Under £500 Buyer’s Guide-

Electric Bikes Under £500

While there are so many different electric bikes out there, how can you choose the one for you? To make an informed and smart decision, we have compiled this awesome buyer’s guide that will give you an idea regarding what features you must look for and examine before you choose to put your money down for a specific electric bike. Read the next section carefully to have all your doubts regarding electric bikes resolved.

The wattage of the motor directly tells you how powerful the bike will be. When you are on a tight budget, you don’t have to worry too much about making a compromise. In under £500 you can get an electric bike with a motor power of 250 to 350 watts. This is the preferred power you must go for because anything less than that will deliver up to your expectations. If you want a bike with higher motor power, then you have to be ready to shell out a few extra pounds.

Look for electric bikes with at least a 36-40 volts battery. If you go lower than that, then you will have to settle for a shorter range, and the battery of the bike getting discharged quicker than your expectation. The worst part is being on your way to someplace and your bike battery running low. Invest in a bike with a great quality battery that also has a shorter charging time. 

It helps to have different modes to ride the bike as it gives the rider a lot of flexibility and choice to select however they want to ride. If they are looking for biking to burn off some calories, then they can use the normal riding mode. For other times, they can use the electric or assisted riding mode. 

If you are looking for a bike that you can ride for longer durations, then making sure that you are comfortable on the seat is a must. No one wants to feel discomfort while they are riding a bike, so it is important that the seat is well-padded and easy to ride. 

If you are all about convenience and always prepared to be on the run, a foldable electric bike is just what you need. These bikes have a very easy to use folding mechanism that can be activated in just a few minutes and you can store your bike easily in your home or even your car.

It is important to pay attention to your safety while having fun. It is important that your future electric bike has bright headlights and taillights, powerful and responsive brakes, and a great suspension system. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

It would be unfair to say that all electric bikes are expensive. There are different price ranges that you can buy a great electric bike for. In this article particularly, we have reviewed 5 of the best electric bikes under £500. If you have a tight budget, then don’t worry, there are many bikes that can fit your budget as well.

If we are talking about electric bikes on a budget, then you can get a bike with a motor power of 250 watts to 350 watts. If you decide that you want an even more powerful motor, then be prepared to pay a bit more money. But a motor with 250-350 watts is quite impressive too. 

It depends on the modes that your electric bike has. Most electric bikes have a mode that allows you to ride the bike as a normal non-electric bike. If this is a specific requirement, it makes sense to do a bit of research and find out which bikes offer this option. 

Final Verdict

This is a misconception that electric bikes are all super expensive. As you can see, we have reviewed five of the best electric bikes under a tight budget, so feel free to look up more information about these and make a decision without burning a massive hole in your wallet! Trust us, you will not be disappointed!

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