The 10 Best Electric Mobility Scooters In 2021

electric mobility scooter

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Having a disability of any kind especially when it limits your activities throughout the day can be very challenging? Well, we know how difficult it can be, so we made a list of the best Mobility Scooters that are perfect for anyone either be it the person itself or the caretaker.

If you are not aware of how the electric mobility scooter works, well the scooter runs on battery power and has a rather very low output as compared to any other fuel-based vehicle. Such scooters are used by people who have either very low motor functions or none at all. It is absolutely safe and prevents any kind-of accidents for the disabled. Moreover, if you are a caretaker, you can easily use it to take care and operate the vehicle.

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Some of the major reasons people prefer to use an electric mobility scooter are if you have a disability and unable to walk, having a long term injury, old age, basic traveling purpose, and a lot of other purposes too. You will find multiple types of such electric scooters under different brand names. The different types of scooters can carry a heavy load or simply be used for a single person.

The most important thing that you need to consider before you have made the right choice is to buy a fixed budget. These scooters are a long term investment and are priced on the higher range. So, make sure you go through the specs, and all its features properly along with the purposes of buying the Scooter should be clear. Without wasting any more seconds, let us get straight to the list of mobility scooter reviews.

1. E-Wheels : 36 Scooter


EW-36 is an excellent choice and one of the most popular 3 wheel Electric Scooters you will come across. It is perfect for handicapped people who have suffered from injury and reduced body movement. This scooter is powered by a 500 Watt brushless motor producing the least noise in your neighborhood and making it easier for everyday usage.

Well, this electrical handicap scooter can be driven at a maximum speed of only 15 mph which is good enough since you would not want any accidents due to high speed. It is known to carry about 350 pounds of weight capacity with a battery capacity of 48V. So, with a single charge, the scooter can be driven for 43 miles making it very powerful overall.

You can select from the different colors that are available such as Balck, Yellow, and Blue. To make the vehicle safer for everyone, it has the front and rear brake system that ensures stability and can be used for any sudden break during an emergency. This scooter has a special basket at the back of your seat where you can carry all your essentials while traveling or for any other purposes.



2. Drive Medical : Spitfire Scout 4 Extended Range


Drive Medical Spitfire Scout 4 Extended range is a four-wheeled electric mobility scooter that comes in the most affordable range you can get. It is highly durable and an excellent vehicle especially for traveling. Well, the weight capacity is about 300 pounds which is great and you can carry essentials too in the basket on the front.

If you have been looking to carry on your groceries with zero hassle you can make good use of this particular vehicle. Not only is the travel safe but also the seats look very comfortable with a cushioned armrest. An amazing aspect of this scooter is that you can easily adjust the armrest height, width, and even lift it up when not needed. Furthermore, the seats can also be adjusted by height to make it comfortable.

We had an amazing experience with the scooter and were able to collapse it in parts so that it can be carried to places unlike EW36 scooter. However, there were some minute details that may not be the best but good enough at this price such as the top speed is about 4.25mph, and the driving range is 15 miles for a single charge.



3. Pride Mobility : Victory 10, 4-Wheel Scooter


Well, we have another superb electric mobility scooter for adults that can carry a weight of about 400 pounds. It has a stylish design and the tires are very lightweight as well. You can easily fold them and take them to places such as for traveling. This 4-wheeler scooter can easily attain the top speed of about 5.3 mph. Also, the front basket is perfect for you to carry everything you need. This scooter is one of our top pick for outdoor mobility scooters list.

We have a great battery power that gives about 16 miles in a single charge. It has simply tow colors i.e. Blue and Red. For medical purposes, you can use the oxygen holder to carry the cylinder for the patients. Also, we have the cup holder and the walker holders come in pretty handy for all the caregivers. You can easily take disabled people out in the park for some fresh air.

Pride Mobility has a LED battery meter that is very easy to read. We loved the design and all the parts are highly durable with great shine and finish on the body. The seat is comfortable along with the armrest. You can also use the armrest in multiple manners and adjust according to your needs. Well, lastly it can be a little expensive but serves the purpose.



4. E-Wheels : 72 Scooter


EW72 is a rather high performance electric handicapped scooter that is highly popular for its extensive performance. You can reach a max speed of about 15 mph which is on average perfect whether you are a caregiver or simply using it for other purposes. Well, it sure does is a lot more powerful than the EW36 scooter. This electric scooter can carry a massive weight of 500 pounds making it highly durable.

Since it has four-wheels, the entire structure is a lot more stable than any three-wheeler vehicle. Also, the scooter has the automatic key with the remote that is super cool to use. It is powered by the 700Watt brushless motor which is super powerful and makes the least noise. The seat is pretty comfortable along with the armrest. It can easily be lifted up so that you can enter and exit easily.

Speaking of the 48V maintenance-free lead-acid battery, it can go for as long as 43 miles in a single charge. You will hardly find any such scooter with a massive drive range. In fact, the intelligent alarm system brings maximum security in terms of emergency. Furthermore, you can use it for both indoor as well as outdoor use.



5. Drive Medical : Spitfire EX 3-Wheel Travel Scooter


Spitfire EX is super easy to assemble and also reassemble since you easily fold them and travel it around with you whenever you feel like. This is yet another affordable option that you choose to go with every feature that you desire. Unlike the regular handles, this scooter has a rather ergonomic throttle control helping for easy turns any point of the time. Well, we loved the seats and the armrests were very comfortable.

You can easily adjust the height of the site and make it suitable according to you. It also the perfect backrest that folds down at the back for your comfort. The scooter has a very large plastic made basket for all your essentials. Although the scooter is a three-wheeler it still provides stability and keeps you in balance while you drive.

Moreover, this electric mobility scooter is available in 12AH or 20AH battery power depending on the purpose you need it for. Well, if you are going for the latter the 20AH battery capacity will increase the scooter’s maximum range. Similar to what we have seen in EW-72, this too has an ergonomic throttle control so that you can make the turns superb easily.



6. Pride Mobility : Go-Go Ultra X, 3-Wheel


There has been a lot of buzz around the use of Go-Go Ultra X 3-wheel scooter at an affordable price. You can make use of it for years since it is highly durable and can carry about 260 lbs of weight around. Well, it is perfect for the handicapped people since it requires minimum knowledge with not so difficult operation. But not an ideal option to go shopping since the basket is too small.

With a maximum speed of 4mph, take it for a stroll in the park or indoors as well since they are highly portable. Moreover, the scooter can be folded and taken about anywhere needed. It has the front-framed mounter seat for extra comfort and ease. You can easily assemble and disassemble since the scooter can be brought down into 5 super lightweight pieces.

Well, this surely has only 3-wheels which makes it stable but not as much as the four-wheelers. You will love the design because of its excellent and modern design overall. It can either be charged while you are onboard or off-board. Furthermore, in a single charge, the scooter has a drive range of 6.9 miles which is great on average.



7. Drive Medical : ZooMe Auto-Flex Folding Scooter


We have another electrical handicap scooter that is known for its portability. You can fold it up very comfortably and carry it around while you travel. The scooter supports complete electronic folding as well as unfolding that hardly takes 15-20 seconds. Along with these seats are adjustable too and the armrests are padded for your comfort. Since it has four wheels, the stability is at par than other 3-wheelers.

The steering wheels are ergonomically designed to provide throttle control and bring easier turning motions when needed. You also get enough leg space especially for everyone who is medically disabled and needs constant care. If your patient has difficulty sitting down, move the armrests upwards and enter the scooter much more easily. 

This scooter comes with two ignition keys to start the scooter and remote key for easier access. The panel on the front shows the battery power and when you need to recharge when needed. Similarly, battery power is great and gives a driving range of about 13 miles. More importantly, it can carry a weight of 275 lbs and has both the rear and front reflectors.



8. Drive Medical : Phoenix 4 Wheel Heavy Duty Scooter


Phoenix Drive Medical Scooter is a highly efficient and affordable mid-range product. It is capable of carrying 350 lbs weight that includes the disabled person or if you are using it for traveling along with the essential items that you would be carrying in the basket. The best aspect of this electric mobility scooter is that you can easily fold the parts to make it highly portable.

The seats are highly comfortable and also can be adjusted based on your height. Well, you will love the padded armrest which can be lifted so that you can easily enter and exit the scooter. It has anti-tip 4-wheelers that prevent any situation that may befall and provide complete security. With the top speed of 4 mph, this scooter has excellent battery power. You can recharge it while being on or off from the vehicle. Moreover, it can attain a max drive range of about 15 miles in a single battery charge. 

Similar to what we have seen in other Drive Medical designs, this too has an ergonomic throttle wheel control with freewheel functions, allowing you to make turns comfortably while being on it. The Phoenix 4-wheeler is everything you have been asking for making it one of the best mobility scooters in the market currently. 



9. EV Rider : Transport AF+ Automatic Folding Mobility Scooter


The EV Rider is an exceptionally well-built scooter and the design is based on modern looks. Even though the scooter has just 3-wheels, the design is perfectly well-created which stops it from tripping in case of any bumps or anything. With the top speed of about 3.8 mph, you can take it around with utmost security. Moreover, you can use the automatic remote control that helps to fold and unfold them within seconds.

The total weight capacity of the scooter is 250lbs which is perfect for anyone whether it is for travel purposes or simply for the handicapped. Moreover, the scooter comes in multiple colors that you can choose from i.e. Red, Black, Blue, and Golden. The panel on the front provides you information about the battery charge indicator, horn button, etc. Also, the handles are a little too small and could have had a better grip.

Furthermore, the entire vehicle is very lightweight and you can carry it around anywhere you would like for any purpose. It is indeed perfect for travel but unfortunately does not have a basket anywhere to carry out essentials if and when needed.



10. Afikim : Afiscooter S 3-Wheel Scooter


The Afiscooter S is one of the most expensive electric mobility scooters that we have listed above. All the specs that it features are among the best you would come across in the market. You can use this 3-wheel scooter for traveling, gold, disability, with the canopy, etc. Well, the seats are adjustable based on heights, and even move it around to make it comfortable.

It has a digital monitor on the front panel where you can track the top speed, miles, and battery power. Also, the battery can be charged while being on or off the scooter. Also, there is an option to charge your smartphones by using the USB ports on the front. Furthermore, the ergonomic throttle wheel is amazingly well while you drive. In fact, the brushless motor is highly powerful with a power of 1400 Watts.

You can use the scooter in difficult trains as well, in harsh weather conditions, etc without having to think of tripping over the vehicle. It also has a very small turning radius with outstanding user experience. Furthermore, it has this big storage basket on the back of the seat where you can store loads of essentials that you may need.



The Electric Mobility Scooters Buyers Guide

best mobility scooter

Well, since we have now covered all the mobility scooter reviews that you need to know. But before you can select one for yourself, there are certain aspects that you should take care of. Here are certain factors in this Buying guide that will help you lead the way.

This is an interesting aspect that every user must need to take care of. Most of the Electric Mobility Scooters that you see have the weight capacity ranging between 250 to 400 lbs. In fact, there are certain scooters that even have a weight capacity of about 500lbs. As we have mentioned above, if you are looking to go for a scooter of huge load capacity you can go for EW72.

mobility scooter wheels

First things first, so you will find the scooters that have multiple wheels i.e. three, four, or even five wheels in some cases. All of these are perfectly built and take care of the passenger with ample security. Every scooter has mandatory two wheels at the back while it only differs on the front wheels. The most common ones are either 3-wheels or 4-wheels.

While the 3-wheelers have lesser stability than the 4 or 5 wheelers. Although there are a lot of such scooters which are excellent and do not trip over even in the harshest of the terrains. While if you are totally sticking to outdoor scooters, you should go for the 4-wheelers while for perfect maneuverability for both indoor and outdoor using 3-wheelers are the best.

Every scooter has a maximum or top speed that it can run with. Well, some have the capacity or are meant for only indoor use and have the top speed of up to 4mph. While there are tons of other such scooters with a very good speed variation of up-to 8 mph that you can take out for a spin on the road as well. You can take it out for travel, golfing, park, etc.

Make sure to choose the one with the lower speed for all the disabled people so that you can save any kind of accident from occurring. While if you have a caretaker using the high speed one under assistance could be good too.

So, there are multiple kinds of mobility scooters that you will be awestruck when you know about them. For everyone who cares more about portability, using the foldable ones is the right choice to make. Such scooters have lower top speed and very light weight so that you can take them for traveling. 

Some heavy-load scooters or one that can carry heavy weight are perfect for handicapped or disabled people. Furthermore, the type of scooter also depends on the purposes you are buying it for such as if you have trouble walking, injury, vacation, caregivers, etc.

Lastly, it comes to comfort while buying a vehicle no matter whatever the purpose is. The seats need to be highly comfortable and also adjustable so that you can drive on it as much as you like. You will find that almost every scooter has specific features that let you adjust the height of the seats, and a lot more. 

Moreover, the armrests need to be padded so that you can get the best out of it. And also, move the armrest up and about to make it easy for you to enter and exit it at your convenience.

How To Pick The Perfect Electric Mobility Scooter That Suits You?

Hopefully, by now you might have carefully gone through each of the options above and made your choice. If the guide is not a big help to you, note down your purpose, and make the right choice accordingly. Here are the things that you can make sure are ticked off on your list.

  • Make sure you have the purpose set up in the mind. It could be for travel, as a caregiver, handicapped or disabled person, injury, etc.
  • Choose the type of wheel based on your purpose. Either go for a 3-wheeler or 4-wheeler. If you need only for outdoor purposes choose the later one and for both indoor and outdoor get the 3-wheeler.
  • Next up, decide the weight capacity of the vehicle that it can hold. As you know it ranges from 250-500 lbs, it can be based on the user’s weight.
  • Anyone would need a portable scooter that is lightweight and easy to be carried around. Such scooters are foldable and highly easy to assemble and disassemble.
  • Make sure you choose the one that has the best seats or at least comfortable enough. The same goes for the armrest too.
  • Having a basket could be an exceptional aspect since it gives you space to store essentials if you are traveling or anything else.
  • Lastly, once you have decided everything that you need, make sure you have the perfect budget set up or at last a range so that you can eliminate the other options immediately.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

Yes, there are multiple scooter models that you can buy which are highly portable and easy to be folded. We have mentioned some options in the list that use a remote control to be folded within seconds. In fact, some of them are easy to disassemble and assemble again, making it easier for you to carry around especially in an airplane. Also, these scooters are approved for travel purposes only.

As per we know, you do not need any kind of insurance to buy any kind of scooter whether it is for travel purposes or simply for the disabled. Although since it can cost too much for some, it is recommended that you take insurance so that it can be protected for any damage in the future.

Well, according to the law you do not necessarily need the number plate. Although, while you are on the road you have to comply with every rule followed by other vehicles. Moreover, after you buy the scooter, it already comes with a registration number that rules out the possibility of necessity altogether.

The best mobility scooter to buy according to use would be a perfect option that includes everything in a proportionate manner. It is an EW36 scooter that can be a little costly to buy but worth it. If you are looking to go for more affordable options we have that too on the list. You can choose any of the above and go for it.

Final Verdict

It can be too overwhelming at times to choose the best electric mobility scooters for adults. Well, you need not worry if all of this is new to you since we have the guide and the right options to choose from. There are like 100’s of such options in the market but not all of them are good enough. Hence without wasting any more time, it is better that you stick to our list and buy one.

If you already have one, you can let us know your experience in the comment section below so that others can get the maximum understanding. Furthermore, if you feel that you are stuck somewhere, let us know in the comments section and we will help you select one for yourself.

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