12 Best Electric Scooters Of 2022: Reviews & Buying Guide

best electric scooter

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Electric scooters are a must-have item in these modern times. If you purchase one of the best electric scooters, then you can ditch the car, be more environmentally friendly and get where you need to be in no time at all.

When riding one of the best electric scooters for adults, you don’t need to worry about traffic and you can travel right up to the door of your destination. A perfect example of where they shine is commuting to work in a busy city.

They are easy to use, you don’t need a license, and can make your life a lot easier. That’s all great but what is the best electric scooter for adults? Well that’s what we wanted to find out here. We’ve scored the market to show you all the top scooters available today.

Along with electric scooter reviews of the 12 top models, we’ve also written a buying guide to give you all the info you need. Let’s get started!

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Before we look at the best electric scooters, it’s good to take a look at how they work. We’re not going to bore you with the specifics. Instead, we’re going to give you the essential details so that you can make a more informed decision on the best electric scooters for adults.

You should bear in mind that not all models are the same and some have different features than the other. This section will include the basics that all of the best electric scooters have, which are:

  • Motor
  • Frame
  • Motherboard
  • Throttle
  • Brakes
  • Battery

Every electric scooter has a motherboard, which are the brains of the operation. This part will tell all of the other components, such as the motor, what to do. Similarly, to our brains, it gathers information from all of the necessary parts of the electric scooter.

The motor is obviously the part of your electric scooter that is going to propel you forward. As a side note, the majority of the customers prefer the models that have a hub motor. This is because it will provide more torque power, lower operational noise, and faster response time.

The cheaper versions have a chain-drive motor. Such models are great if you want to purchase your first ever electric scooter. The scooters are suitable for beginners that are willing to learn until they buy a more advanced model.

You will control the electric scooter through the throttle. When you want to go forward at a higher speed, you will have to apply pressure to the throttle. It will send a message to the motherboard to tell the motor to increase the speed.

Where budget and premium models can really differ is in the efficiency of the battery. You need it to not only deliver a high level of power but sustain that power for a long time. You should always check the maximum speed and range before deciding on the best electric scooter.

Now that you know how they function, it’s time to take a look at the best electric scooters for adults.

Best Electric Scooters Reviews:

1. Best Overall Electric Scooter – Apollo City

Apollo City

When it comes to the Apollo City scooter, you’ll be hard-pressed when it comes to the price. It is a top-quality e-scooter providing all commuters with their practical needs to travel busy urban roads. You can enjoy a comfortable ride with the pneumatic tires and responsive brakes for safety.

The Apollo City is a commuter’s best friend to jump on/off. You can fold it up to carry onto a bus and open it up to travel the rest of your journey to work.  While it is still hefty to carry up a flight of stairs or underground, the manufacturer still kept the commuter in mind by keeping things simple.

best electric scooter

You get exceptional customer service with a price point you cannot overlook. It makes it a serious contender to use for daily commutes from your home, office, shops, to city cruises. The e-scooter has dual mechanical brakes, suspension with superior battery power.

You can reach a top speed of 25 miles per hour with the brushless 600W motor. You can even travel inclines of 15° and are suitable for riders within the 260 LBS weight limit.  If you decide to get the fast charger, it only takes four hours, and you’re ready to scoot around town.

The slick black design is waterproof with a LED light at the back and front. You also get loads of customizable features with an outstanding two-year warranty. It all adds up to an incredible escooter and one you’ll fall in love with.




2. Best Long Range Electric Scooter – Emove Cruiser

Emove Cruiser

For long-range commuters, the Emove Cruiser is one of the best electric scooters to have. You get rider-focused features from the range to braking. In addition, the built-in amenities from the suspension, brakes, smart turn signals, and folding mechanism are great.

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For a high-quality long-range e-scooter, look no further than the Emove Cruiser. You get a well-balanced yet practical scooter that is big enough and powerful to satisfy all your needs. The price tag is reasonable, and it has a weather-resistant, durable design.

best electric scooter for adults

You get semi-hydraulic disc brakes with tubeless pneumatic tires, keyed ignition with a voltmeter. It even has user-friendly turn signals with a brake and headlight. The turn signals work independently from the rest of the lights and are controlled with a slider and audible beeping.

You can easily take on wet roads with the IPX6 water-resistance rating. While the scooter is not ultraportable to carry, you can fold it up for transport. The cruiser even fits a wide range of weights and has a balanced suspension for stability.

You even get a choice of color from white, black, or orange to suit your riding style. With the full charge at night, you can easily travel using the battery power for a week as it travels up to 62 miles on a single charge. That is amazing for the price. Even climbing hills is a breeze with this e-scooter, and the anti-theft locking mechanism makes it a worthy investment to have.




3. Best High Load Electric Scooter – Apollo Ghost

Apollo Ghost

The Apollo Ghost is an exceptional e-scooter for the value you get and pay. With the dual-motor, you too can become a ghost rider but keep the speed limit in mind. Therefore, if you want a high-performing scooter to ride with the big people, it is a worthy investment packed with exceptional features.

The Apollo Ghost scooter is so powerful it is actually scary. With the dual-motor, you feel your soul lurching from the body once you hit the throttle. You can easily reach 40 miles per hour traveling in the city but this is usually not permitted by state law.

electric scooter

While the power is bit overkill for most people, the price also does not come cheap. The sci-fi vehicle also has a red button to push. There are two 800W motors, and with a single push, it activates the motor. You can effortlessly cruise up to 25 miles per hour. Just push that red button and feel the power.

Even the disc brakes work well for stopping power traveling at such a speed. However, people never switch from dual motors to using only one. It is like downshifting gears and can lead to injuries. Oh yes, and there is an orange button to switch from Eco to a Turbo mode.

Furthermore, it has 10-inch pneumatic tires with a dual-spring suspension system for a comfortable ride. Other features are the IP54 water rating, fenders, folding mechanism, lights, yet it has a hefty 64-pound weight.




4. Best Electric Scooter for Safety – Varla Eagle One

Varla Eagle One

With the Varla Eagle One, you get efficient power to travel longer distances compared to other e-scooter brands. Even the charging speeds improved to older models, and you get wide maneuverability to enjoy an exciting ride. In addition, the dual switches on the dashboard are easy to use and come in handy for sticky situations.

For a game-changer in commuting, invest in the Varla Eagle One e-scooter. It comes with pneumatic tires, a dual-motor, and a suspension system. You get a smooth ride that is classy and provides you with a powerful ride for steep inclines at a top speed of 40 miles per hour.

electric scooters for adults

Yip, you read right; it has a rated power of 1000W with a speed controller. So do not go and break the speed limit. The climbing radius is even great at 30 and it comes with an Eco mode to save battery power.

You can easily travel long distances with the scooter, and the battery takes up to eight hours to charge. The good news is you can replace the batteries as needed as well. Furthermore, it has independent front/rear suspension for a comfortable ride.

Moreover, it comes with ABS and dual hydraulic brakes for stopping when needed. The ABS is ideal for preventing the wheels from locking. You can comfortably travel at night with the headlights. It has taillights to light up the back, making you more visible for motorists.




5. Best Electric Scooter for Value for Money – X7 Pro

X7 Pro

The Turboant X7 Pro is not too expensive to buy and comes with a removable battery. With the lightweight of the battery pack, you can easily carry it in your backpack. In addition, it comes with a durable folding mechanism, while the brakes are excellent.

One of the best electric scooters that are a trend now is the X7 Pro. It comes with a removable battery pack and has an affordable price. You get three independent braking systems with flat-resistant tires and are packed with features.

best scooters

While not as powerful as the previous model, this one comes with a single 350W electric motor. However, the acceleration offered is reasonable to hit top speeds and climb hills. You can easily reach 20 MPH and can go 16 miles per hour quickly.

It outshines other electric scooters because of the triple braking system made up of an electronic disc and a foot brake. Another highlight of the e-scooter is the lightweight at 27 LBS, making it easy to carry onto public transport. Furthermore, it folds up for transport and storage.

For added visibility, it comes with a headlight and taillight included. In addition, the cockpits are equipped with a display of LEDs to control your lights, mode, settings, and more. Even the cruise controls are enabled by default, and it works well for long stretches of travel.




6. Best Lightweight Electric Scooter – Apollo Air

Apollo Air

We loved the portability of this scooter along with the high quality. It makes it ideal for those who work in offices, or similar, and need to pick up their scooter for the very last bit of their journey. It’s excellent value for money.

If you wanted a light and portable electric scooter which still has some great specs then the Apollo Air could well be the one for you. The 35lbs weight is very low which makes it ideal for those who need to take it into their workplace or up a flight of stairs.

electric scooter reviews

Despite its low weight, it still has a good max load of 220lbs so almost everyone will be able to use this escooter. It’s also extremely comfortable to ride, which is aided by it having a front spring suspension along with a rear disc brake.

Despite the affordable price tag, the scooter still has excellent build quality and this should last for many years. It’s no slouch at 15mph and we thought it is ideal for those who need to commute up to six miles from home. It’s a high-quality scooter and one that won’t let you down.

Apollo is a highly respected escooter brand and you can see why with models such as this. The power to weight ratio is phenomenal. Not only does that mean it excels in terms of acceleration but it also makes it more fun to ride than heavier escooters. Whatever your reason for wanting an escooter, you’ll love riding this.




7. Best Fast Electric Scooter – Dualtron X

Dualtron X

One thing is the Dualtron X is one of the best electric scooters for many reasons. First, you can enjoy dirt road traversing with smashing speed limits while giving you an adrenaline rush when used. The only downside is it is heavy to haul from one place to another.

The Dualtron X is one mean machine in the electric scooter brands. When you lay into the throttle, you get aggressive riding, so best to hold on tight. The design is on the boxy side yet durable; while the coil suspension makes sure, you get a comfortable ride.

best electric scooters

To add to the hype of the e-scooter is that you can buy a seat optional if you prefer a more relaxed scooting. This is where the electric scooter shines above the rest with its two (6720W) brushless DC motors. Naturally, therefore, it goes like a rocket on those two wheels.

You quickly reach 20 miles per hour, leaving everyone behind eating your dust. Furthermore, it comes with a huge battery pack providing up to 2940W an hour. Moreover, you get an added one in the stem that works the lights.

You get hydraulic disc brakes in the front and rear for stopping power. One thing is sure you will get a comfortable ride with the adjustable steering damper. When tightened, you can cruise comfortably at high speeds.

However, it does not shine in the portability department. It has a folding mechanism but is heavy to haul onto public transport or up a flight of stairs.




8. Best Rapid Charge Electric Scooter – GoTrax Xr Ultra

GoTrax Xr Ultra

We like the visible finish and lightweight design, making it suitable for commuting around town. You get a decent range of quality and portability in this electric scooter.

The GoTrax XR Ultra has an excellent finish and fits in nicely for the value offered. You get air-filled pneumatic tires with disc brakes and a headlight while it folds for travel. There is an extra safety pin to make sure it does not fold up accidentally.

electric scooters

You can climb hills with the scooter but can expect to climb up them slowly, and it has a top speed of 15.5 miles per hour with a range of 16 miles per charge. For emergency stops, the electric scooter has two braking systems.

The front wheel is a regenerative brake to slow the motor down, while the rear wheel has a disc brake. While it does not have a suspension system, the wheels provide ample traction and comfort for riding.

The cockpit is simple and suitable for beginners to use, and it comes with a thumb throttle, brake lever, and a bell. A bright display shows your battery life and speed. Furthermore, it comes with a single push-button to power the lights and mode you want to ride.

For scooting at night, you have a headlight with a rear reflector on the fender.




9. Best Portable Electric Scooter – Inokim Light 2

Inokim Light 2

We like the visible finish and lightweight design, making it suitable for commuting around town. You get a decent range of quality and portability in this electric scooter.

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Do you need an ultraportable electric scooter for commuting? Then you’re in luck as the Inokim Light 2 is one of those vehicles. You get a thumb-style throttle with a locking slot and provide you with a low center-gravity deck.

best electric scooter

The e-scooter easily fits into the executive market with its stylish look. Furthermore, it has a 350W electric motor that reaches 21 miles per hour that is the limit in most states. It does have a kick to start to engage the engine.

You can enjoy a leisure ride that is comfortable yet smooth without feeling jerky. Once you reach higher speeds, you can quickly get to your destination in time. While still portable, it comes with two drum brakes activated by levers for emergency stops.

Moreover, it also comes with two colossal pneumatic tires for a cushioned scoot around town. You also get an LCD throttle, and the handle grips are comfortable on the hands. There is a light in the front and rear for night travels with a spacious deck to place your feet.

Best of all, it comes at a reasonable price considering all the features packed into this electric scooter.




10. Best Advanced Electronic Scooter – Segway Ninebot MAX

Segway Ninebot MAX

We liked the advanced technology features of this scooter. Along with the regenerative braking, it also has an intuitive LED display which has Bluetooth capability, cruise control and mobile app connectivity.

Segway is a huge name in the world of electric scooters and it’s easy to see why. This is one of the best electric scooters for adults, especially those who are looking for a little more range of their machine. The 40.4 miles here is brilliant.

best electric scooter for adults

There are three different modes to choose from with ‘sport’ mode available for those who want to get that top speed. Unfortunately, the electric scooter does automatically reduce that top speed when the battery drops below a certain level.

There is plenty of great technology here such as the regenerative braking which give extra life to the battery. It also has a portable design while also being safe and comfortable to ride. It’s an all-around brilliant escooter.

While some will just want a basic electric scooter, this is perfect for those looking for something better. We loved the intuitive dashboard that gives you plenty of feedback. When you’re riding onboard the Segway Ninebot, you do feel like you’re riding a premium escooter.




11. Best Stylish Electric Scooter – Xiaomi Mi Electric Scooter

Xiaomi Mi Electric Scooter

If you are worried about the safety aspects of an escooter then we think this is the best electric scooter for adults. It allows you to feel safe and secure while still getting to your destination in record time.

If you’re looking for the lowest possible weight then this is one of the best scooters around. Weighing just 26.9lbs, it’s also foldable which makes carrying it exceptionally easy. Despite that low weight, it still manages to have a solid feel.

best scooters

The electric scooter reviews did note that customer support is limited, which is worth bearing in mind. Aside from that, there are many features here you’ll appreciate such as the LED display and high-quality materials.

One area this electric scooter really stands out is with its safety features. It has large disc brakes that will give you a very short stopping distance. There is also a powerful safety light too and you’re going to have no problems being seen here.

We also thought this was one of the most striking escooter that we’ve ever seen as it looks fantastic. That’s aided by the matte black finish that makes it look astoundingly cool. While it looks great the most important thing to remember is that this scooter has plenty of excellent features and is another good option to choose from.




12. Best Electric Scooter for Commuting – Segway Ninebot ES4

Segway Ninebot ES4

There’s plenty to like about this escooter as it excels in all areas. We personally loved the anti-lock braking system, which is great for preventing accidents. It also looks great and is one of the most stylish scooters around.

If you want an all-around great model then the Segway Ninebot ES4 is one of the best electric scooter for adults. One of its main features are the dual batteries which help to give it an impressive range of 28 miles.

electric scooter

As with all modern Segway electric scooters, it also has an app to go with it. This can help you lock/unlock it, activate cruise control and it also allows you to see what your riding stats are. It’s a fun addition to a brilliant scooter.

The only downside to this scooter is that going over bumps can be quite uncomfortable. If you have a regular commute that involves some uneven ground, then you may want to avoid it. For most users, however, they love all the advantages that you get from the Segway Ninebot ES4.

It also ranks highly for portability and is exceptionally easy to fold with just the push of a button. The safety features are good too with an anti-lock braking system and bright lighting. It comes at a great price and is perfect for everyday commuting.




Factors To Consider When Purchasing Electric Scooters:

When you want to purchase an electric scooter, you should figure out what you will need it for. Are you going to use it for commuting or for casual riding?

As you can notice, each model in this review has different maximum speeds. The more expensive models have dual motors, so, inevitably the speed will go higher than 20mph.

Bear in mind that some states have regulations imposed on the scooters that go faster than 30mph. You should have a rough idea of what you need the top speed to be. If you want an ebike for delivery, then you’ll probably want something quite fast.

If you want to use the electric scooter to commute from work to home, you will have to figure out the distance between point A and point B. If you want to use the scooter for adventures on the weekend, you have to have an electric scooter that will hold a charge for more than 3-hours.

Bear in mind that the range will be affected by your weight, riding style, and temperature. You should look at the voltage to tell how much battery capacity the scooter has. Many factors go into the exact range you will get.

It’s also worth to note that most brands will give you the mile range of the most economical setting that the electric scooter has. If you then ride it at the highest speeds possible, the mile range won’t be as high as you saw advertised.

If you’re going to use the electric scooter on the pavement at a low speed, you will not need to have industry-leading suspensions.

For off-road, you need spring suspension or pneumatic tires. The reason for this is because you want to avoid feeling all of the bumps on the road. It’s also dangerous to ride without shock-absorbing components because you risk losing control of the electric scooter.

You’ll also want to see which other features you’ll want from your electric scooter. If you’re traveling through a busy city, then it’s going to be the safe option to get an escooter with brilliant braking power and a good light system.

If you have a high weight, then you’ll want a model with a high max load and a wide deck. Another factor can be if you’re particularly tall as you’ll want a scooter that can be adjusted to your needs.

Think about what you want beforehand and write down a list. You can then choose the best electric scooter that most closely matches it.

Advantages of Electric Scooters:

The most obvious advantage of this product is that they’re earth-friendly. This mode of transport will not harm our climate. Even though it does use electricity, this amount of energy will not emit emissions. Therefore, your carbon-footprint is limited. If we all came together to use an electric scooter, air pollution will drastically decrease.

By using electric scooters, you will no longer need to wait in traffic. Although you will have to respect the same rules as the drivers, but you will get to your destination faster. It doesn’t matter if you’re using the scooter during rush hour or when it’s quiet. If you purchase a model with a high-speed capacity, a 30-minute walk can turn in a 5-minute ride.

You can also ride uphill with electric scooters. Nonetheless, you have to ensure that your model has enough motor power. Your weight can affect the speed the e-scooter is climbing. The heavier you are, the slower the scooter will go.

How much money you spend on an electric scooter depends on your budget. You can buy a model that is cheaper than $500. However, a car that will cost as much as a scooter will probably not last long. Best of all, such scooters don’t need thorough maintenance. E-scooters will allow you to save money since you don’t have to buy gas or expensive insurance.

You don’t have to be a driver to know that there aren’t enough parking spaces. As a driver, searching for more than 30 minutes for a parking spot can be frustrating. If you do find one, you may need to pay a tax. With e-scooters, you can park anywhere you feel safe.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

  • How difficult is it to charge an electric scooter?

Nearly all of the models in this review come with a power indicator light. Once you notice that the light is red, you will have to charge it. Usually, you will find the charging port on the side of the scooter. Sometimes, the port is around the deck area.

You should allow it at least an hour before you can use it again. We recommend that you fully charge it every time to ensure that you don’t run out of battery in the middle of the journey. Electric scooters are very easy to charge

  • Can I make my electric scooter travel faster?

You should remember that you can’t go any faster than the speed set by the manufacturer unless there is a speed limiter due to state regulations. We’d never recommend removing this as it can be dangerous, illegal and invalidate your warranty.

However, if you drive on a straight road or pavement, the e-scooter will travel more quickly than if you were riding on grass. Furthermore, you also have to ensure that you keep the product clean and well-taken care of. When you can, you should clean the tires from mud and dust-off the battery port.

  • Can I ride such scooters without a license?

Technically, you can ride e-scooters without a driving license. However, each state has its regulations when it comes to an electric scooter. To ensure that you keep yourself and others safe, you should learn how to ride the scooter in a secure area. Then, you travel on the main road. Also, you have to wear the proper gear, including a helmet.

Final Verdict

What is the best electric scooter? It’s hard to say as there are so many great models out there. As you’ve seen from our electric scooter reviews, there is something for everyone. All 12 we’ve looked at here could be regarded as the best in different categories.

When looking at the best electric scooters, it makes sense to make a list of exactly what you’re looking for. That way, you can easily find your perfect electric scooter match. All that’s left to do now is choose your favorite and enjoy a ride like never before.

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