5 Best Electric Tricycle For Adults | Top Electric Trike Bikes 2022

electric tricycle for adults

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Many people like to have a bike with two wheels when it comes to riding around town. However, the best electric tricycle is one of the newer additions to the market and it will ensure that you have a little more stability. It is important when looking for the best electric tricycle that you understand all the features and how we select them.

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In the following article, we will look at these special features and give you some insight into the top trikes. There are a couple on the market today and as new options come to the market, you must understand the features before buying them. A high-end tricycle will give you value for your money and a fun experience.

Before we dive into these special features, you need to understand which of these tricycles are the best on the market today. The following options have been around for a while, which means you will get some value for your money. Here are a few adult electric tricycles that will give you a smooth riding journey.

1. Schwinn Meridian Adult Tricycle


Schwinn cycles have always been the talk of the town when it comes to design and durability. The Schwinn meridian adult tricycle is one of the best electric tricycles for adults with an affordable price range. It features 26-inch wheels and gives the riders a very comfortable bike. To make it even more smooth, you can easily adjust the handlebars and the seat. Anyone with a height between 5’4″ to 6’2″ can easily ride this tricycle.

Moreover, it has a low standover aluminum frame that makes it easier to step through and also step on the cycle. The wheels have full fenders to keep the wheels from any mud and keep it clean and dry. We loved the use of a rear folding basket that you can use to carry groceries or any essential items. This is a 1-speed Tricycle but there is an option for multiple speeds as well which will cost more.



What We Like-

While the unit does not have any electrical components, it is a great option for adults and beginners. The unit is solid and durable, which makes it useful for stability. Overall, we would recommend the Schwinn Meridian Adult Tricycle for the brand and the value of the bike.

2. Mobo Triton Pro Adult Tricycle for Men & Women


For those who like to stand out from the crowd, this unique electric tricycle for adults is simply perfect. What makes this tricycle different than others in the market is its unique design. It is an adult recumbent bike that is claimed to be ideal for both teens as well as adults. The low-rise design is also ideal for mild exercise and a healthy cardiovascular workout. The reclined seating arrangement with added cushioning provides the best support to the riders.

Although you cannot take this bike to your errand run to the market, it is a great electric tricycle to have a great recreational time. Another added feature of this trike is its dual joystick handling. You can easily make your way through the road by using the user-friendly joystick function. Finally, the low design of the trike offers better balancing ability because of the low center of gravity.



What We Like-

The Mobo Triton Pro Adult Tricycle for Men & Women is one of the more unique options on the market today. The recumbent design means you won’t have a lot of speed. The speed of the unit is not important and you will be able to use the unit for working out.

3. Slsy Adult Tricycles


If you are looking for tricycles that possess the properties to give you good speed, Slsy Adult tricycles are the best option in this category. It is super easy to install them since the brand provides proper instructional videos so that it is easier in every step. The build quality is the absolute best since it is made entirely of steel and can carry a maximum weight of 350lbs.

You can easily select from the tens of colors available along with the choice of wheel size. To make cycling easier, it features a 7-speed option that allows you to choose between multiple options that can be used at the appropriate time. You can go down the slope or climb up a high area with varying speeds and enjoy a comfortable ride.

It even has a large basket at the back so that you can go shopping or carry out what you need conveniently. One of the best parts of this tricycle is the comfortable seat and the backrest that takes care of your comfort as a priority.



What We Like-

When it comes to durability, you cannot go wrong with this bike. It has a massive weight capacity that you will be able to use. The brakes might not be the best, but the bike is made for cruising. The cruising design will give you a basket to make it possible to transport gear.

4. Addmotor Motan Electric Tricycle


If you are a heavyweight person and looking for a trike that can carry you easily while offering stability and comfort, the Addmotor Motan Electric Tricycle is the right choice. It is perfect for people weighing up to 350 lbs. there are two carriage options, one at the front and the other at the rear. The tires are broad measuring 24-inches and the sturdy aluminum frames add to its stability.

Suspension Fork Cushions ensure that you do not have a bumpy ride and make it a reliable all-terrain electric tricycle for adults. The trike is loaded with a range of features including Single Charge Of The Battery that makes it easy to have a 40-55 Miles run at a stretch Using Level One Pedal Assist. The rear carriage of the trike comes with a cover that can be zipped to secure the items stored inside. The seat can be adjusted to offer the rider better comfort as well as add charm to the fun element.



What We Like-

When looking for an electric bike, you will notice that it is much more expensive than some of the others. This bike is one of the very best on the market today and it will give you some value for your money. It gives you tons of battery life and it should be much easier to ride with assisted pedaling.

5. Emojo Electric Fat Tire Tricycle


If you have a large budget, then there is something you cannot miss out on. Emojo Tricycle runs on electric power and has loads of advanced features that you will not find in any of the products we have listed in this list. Emojo Caddy Pro is a state-of-the-art tricycle that features very comfortable padded seats with a proper backrest. It runs on a powerful 500W motor so that it can take you to places with good speed.

Similar to the Slsy electric tricycle for adults it has a 7-speed system combined with a motor power that gives an exceptional performance. You can achieve a top speed of 20 mph and a range of 35 miles with a single charge. The three fat tires are pretty unique and serve the purposes well keeping you well-balanced over difficult terrains as well. Furthermore, the small-sized basket is ideal for carrying heavy items while you take the tricycle for a spin.



What We Like-

While these bikes need to be lightweight to give you value for your money, it is much better when you have a fat tire bike. The fat tire design will give you some versatility and it will make life much easier. Unfortunately, it does not have tons of speed.

Factors to consider before buying Electric Tricycle for Adults – The Ultimate Buying Guide!

electric tricycle for adults

There is a range of factors to consider while purchasing an electric tricycle scooter. While reading adults’ electric tricycle reviews can make it easier, knowing the key actors makes your purchase fail-proof. Here are the key factors you must consider:

Different electric tricycles have unique design features. It is important to check the type of frame before you buy one. The common choices are low-step trikes, vintage trikes, traditional trikes, and even chopper trikes. While Traditional and vintage trikes are best for young adults, chopper trikes are for adults of elder age. You can also buy a folding electric tricycle if you are interested.

You will be amazed to know the speed variants that are available in trikes nowadays. With the advent of 7-gear transmission, electric bikes offer you to ride the air very conveniently.

When selecting an electric bike, you will need to consider the battery. Not every electric bike has a battery and some of them are manually operated. However, the battery should be lithium-ion and a lithium-ion battery will give you some good value for your money in the long term.

There are three common choices when it comes to the size of the tricycle for adults– 20″, 24″, and 26″. While the 20-inch sized bike is ideal for those up to 5’6″, 24 and 26 inches bike is recommended for people 5’6” or taller.

The one benefit of buying a trike for the adults in the family is that the vehicle comes with a storage option. You must assess the storage option to ensure you get the best storage option. An added feature is a waterproof coverage or bag attached to the storage basket.

One of the final things to consider is the different accessories that one needs to look at. Having a basket can make transporting some of your goods much easier. The accessories will add a little more to the price. However, it can make your life slightly easier.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

After looking at all the different bikes and the features, you should be ready to buy the right bike for your needs. However, you also need to have all the information to buy these bikes. The following questions are some of the most popular. We have researched to answer some of these questions on the best electric tricycles.

Yes, you can wash the electric tricycle scooter. In most of the trikes, the motor and the battery are water-resistant. However, it is recommended to read the user manual beforehand.

Yes, in a lot many ways, the electric tricycle offers greater benefits than conventional bikes. Here are a few to note:

  • Easy to drive uphill
  • The lesser time required to travel to a distance
  • Safe ride
  • Automation offers no sweat drive
  • A storage facility with great capacity

Well, it depends upon the size of the battery installed in the trike and its wattage. Lithium-ion e-bike battery with a full charge will last up to 3.5 to 6 hours.

This again varies depending on the size of the battery. Usually, it takes 400-500 watt-hours to fully charge the battery.

There are two options in e-trikes, either you can pedal or you can run on the battery. If you pedal, the speed will depend on your pedaling ability. On the other hand, if you take help pf the pedaling assist, you can ride it at a speed of 20 mph to 24 mph.

Final Verdict

An adult electric trike is a great addition to your garage. These options are the best to evaluate and pick a perfect bike as per your budget, desired features, and other preferences. Our recommendation is ‘Addmotor MOTAN M-350 Electric Tricycle’ as it offers great safety, stability, speed variance as well as storage capacity.

An electric tricycle can serve a range of purposes and investing your hard-earned money in one of them is indeed the right choice. Make sure you pick a trike that is affordable and easy to recharge and maintain.

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  1. I don’t know where you are in the world, but just to say to people that you can’t ride in the UK only using electric assist. You have to be pedalling. It’s a legality.

  2. Jamison P Burnside

    hello, i love the trike at the bottom of the page, with the woman riding it. Red frame silver lower frame. That bike is not listed but it looks like something so comfortable to ride with the long wheelbase. is that something you made or is it a commercial model?

    1. Hi Jamison,
      Thanks for visiting us.
      Sorry, but that is a commercial model and currently not available to purchase.

      But don’t worry, we have other great models listed on our site available to purchase, you can choose one from there. 🙂


      1. Hi Bryan, I hope you might be able to give me some advice. I no longer drive and because of health problems but wish to be more independent not having to rely on my Daughter. I have been trying to source an electric trike with rear child seats, rather like the Jorvik Trekidoo, which apparently no longer produced so I have been told. I would be very grateful for any advice or recommendations you have or which e conversion kit could be fitted to which trike. I am not confident buying online and would appreciate any advice.
        Kind regards Jo

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