Best Electric Unicycles of 2019 – The Ultimate Review !

Gotway Tesla 16″

The best thing about this unicycle is that is is very comfortable and safe to ride, Also this is very sleek in design which makes it one of the best unicycles so far.

5/5 Ratings

A unicycle is what it exactly sounds like – single-wheeled cycle. Pair this up with electric power and voila! Now you have a highly efficient and fun way to commute from one place to another. This personal transportation system relies entirely on the movements and balancing capabilities of the rider and the self-balancing mechanism which is built inside the unicycle. The concept of a unicycle has been around for a while, but thanks to the growth of technology, the act of pedaling have been replaced by a motor which turns the wheel for you. So the motorized unicycle has minimized physical effort and made commuting from one place to another quick and easy without compromising with the fun part.

These electric unicycles are not only trendy but also extremely environment-friendly. The most popular market for electric unicycles has been tech-savvy millennials who also care about their carbon footprint on the environment.

So, How do they work?

Based on principles of accelerometers and gyroscopes, the electric unicycle is a sophisticated and extremely impressive mode of transportation. What looks like a simple wheel with a seat attached to it, is so much more than just that. A motorized unicycle consists of a single self-balancing axis. When the rider mounts the unicycle, they add lateral stability to the whole system. To increase the speed, the rider needs to lean forward slightly, and to decrease the speed, they need to lean back. To control the steering, twisting their feet is how they can turn right or left. These awesome ways of controlling the electric unicycle may seem a little complex but the rider just needs a few minutes of practice to master these skills and they’re good to go. This is possible thanks to control moment gyroscopes, auxiliary pendulums, and reaction wheels.

NamePreviewWheel size Speed Cost
Gotway Tesla 16” 16”30mph
Swagtron Swagroller14”9mph
KingSong 18XL18”31mph
InMotion V10F 16”22mph
Ninebot Z10 18”28mph
Gotway MSX 19”35mph
Superride S100018”20mph
KingSong 16S 16”22mph

1. Our Ultimate Pick – Gotway Tesla 16” 1020Wh/2000W Motor

Our first impressions of this electric unicycle are pure admiration. Not only is it absolutely beautiful to look at, it also packs a great punch of power and stability. It is, without a doubt, one of the best motorized unicycles out there.

  • Weight: 42 lbs
  • Carrying Capacity: 275 lbs

Speaking on a purely aesthetic basis, we were stunned at the beauty of this beast. Sleek and definitely one of the best Gotway designs thus far, the Gotway Tesla takes the points for being a great looking electric unicycle.

Apart from this, we were quite impressed at how this electric unicycle made such little noise. It was extremely stable as well and the pedals are very comfortable as well. One of the best features of the Gotway Tesla is that even at slower speeds it was very easy to balance on it. This goes to show that the Tesla has been equipped with state of the art technology which makes it extremely safe and easy to use. It is definitely one of the best electric unicycles Gotway has produced till date.


  • Extremely smooth and sturdy
  • Very stable and easy to maintain balance on, even when the unicycle is slow
  • Creates minimum noise
  • The pedals have soft rubber pads for extra comfort
  • Very responsive to the rider when they want to change the speed and direction
  • With a 16 inch wheel, the unicycle is very stable and safe as compared to smaller wheels
  • It has a 275 pound weight limit
  • A maximum speed of 30 miles per hour
  • It has a battery capacity of 1020Wh
  • Comes with a retractable handle and USB charging port
  • Has rubber paddings on the pedal for added comfort
  • Weighs 42 pounds
  • Costs $1575

What are the Pros?

  • Large wheel size
  • Sturdy
  • High battery capacity
  • Extremely responsive
  • Has front lighting
  • Highly water resistant
  • Has side padding
  • Has a retractable handle

What are the cons?

  • Can be too heavy to carry
  • No rear lighting
  • No Bluetooth speakers
  • No quick motor disengagement
  • The average durability of the shell of the unicycle

2. Our Budget Pick – Swagtron SwagRoller Unicycle

At first glance, we can easily say that the blue and white design is super classy and gives the unicycle a futuristic feel. The 14-inch dual air-filled tires are sturdy and safe.

  • Weight: 30 lbs
  • Carrying Capacity: 265 lbs

But what sets this electric unicycle apart from the rest is definitely the app which lets you control the speed of the unicycle with your phone, making it very safe for children to use as well. While there are all these safety features in place, the SwagRoller promises what the name suggests – bucketloads of swag, as it has LED lighting, a Bluetooth speaker and great speed pick up capabilities.

At first glance, we can easily say that the blue and white design is super classy and gives the unicycle a futuristic feel. The 14-inch dual air-filled tires are sturdy and safe. But what sets this electric unicycle apart from the rest is definitely the app which lets you control the speed of the unicycle with your phone, making it very safe for children to use as well. While there are all these safety features in place, the SwagRoller promises what the name suggests – bucketloads of swag, as it has LED lighting, a Bluetooth speaker and great speed pick up capabilities.

Commuting from one place to another has never been more fun!


  • It offers an app to control the speed of the unicycle
  • It has funky LED lighting
  • It has great Bluetooth speakers
  • It has 14-inch diameter sturdy wheels
  • It is child-safe
  • It has a retractable handle
  • A maximum speed of 9 miles per hour
  • Can easily handle a 15 degree uphill climb
  • Super stylish and easy to maneuver
  • 450W motor
  • Weighs 30 pounds
  • Costs $396.85

What are the Pros?

  • It has front and rear lighting
  • It comes with a retractable handle making it easy to carry
  • Easy to use on all terrains
  • Can carry weight up to 265 pounds
  • Takes 3 hours to charge fully
  • Has an app to control the speed
  • It is very child safe
  • Highly cost effective

What are the cons?

  • Cannot handle uphill riding if weight is more than 190 pounds
  • Can be slightly difficult to ride in sandy areas
  • The battery only lasts for 2 miles
  • It does not have a seat

3. KingSong 18XL

KingSong is a pioneer in making some of the best electric unicycles in the business. The KingSong 18XL is a limited edition version of the KingSong 18L. It matte black beauty is quick at drawing eyes of people when you are riding it down the street.

  • Weight: 53 lbs
  • Carrying Capacity: 325 lbs

As the name suggests, it has an 18-inch wheel which packs great power and stability. Weighing about 52 pounds, it is a heavy unicycle but with weight comes greater safety and stability. This awesome motorized unicycle can deal with most terrain types and is also great t handling uphill terrains head on. It can deal with an inclination of 35 degrees with absolutely no issues.

One feature which we loved that it has a dual charging system. This simply means that it has two ports which facilitate faster charging. With an amazing speed of 31 miles per hour, the KingSong 18XL is a heavy duty electric unicycle which promises to make getting from one place to another quick, fun and hassle-free.


  • Works great with all kinds of terrains
  • Can easily handle an incline of 35 degrees
  • Has a high weight capacity of 330 pounds
  • Has a maximum power output of 4000W
  • Has a dual charging system
  • Has a mobile app for easy controlling
  • Has 4 stereo speakers
  • Comes with brake light and regenerative brake
  • Has a trolley handle and position locking so that it’s easy to carry
  • Has a speed of 31 miles per hour
  • Weighs 52 pounds
  • Costs $2150

What are the Pros?

  • Can handle a 35-degree incline very easily
  • Has a dual charging system for quick charging
  • Has a brake light
  • Has 4 stereo speakers
  • Has a road lamp
  • The battery lasts for 100km
  • Comes with trolley handle
  • Has an app for easy speed controlling
  • Has a low battery indicator

What are the cons?

  • It is very heavy
  • It can be a little too expensive for most people
  • It is not foldable
  • It is not waterproof

4. InMotion V10F

InMotion has definitely outdone itself by coming up with the V10F electric unicycle. It is one of our favorite 16-inch unicycles that is powerful and sturdy. What sets this unicycle apart from the rest is the unusually high pedal height. The pedals are 17.2 cm above the ground. This is a feature we fell in love with because it made controlling the unicycle so much simpler.

  • Weight: 45.4lbs
  • Carrying Capacity: 260 lbs

This feature also makes you feel like you are riding an 18-inch wheeler. This goes to show how stable this model is.

The pedals have a rubber covering which makes it comfortable to ride for a number of hours at a stretch and you can even take this unicycle off the road and go wild, because it has your back as far as safety is concerned.

A rough and tough electric unicycle with the sleek and sexy design, this is a must have for every unicycle enthusiast. It also has a very bright headlight, and a handle which makes carrying the unicycle around a lot easier.


  • High pedal height adding extra stability
  • Slim and sleek design
  • Has a climbing angle of 30 degrees
  • Can take on 260 pounds
  • Has LED lights on the front, rear, as well as sides
  • Has a cooling system to avoid overheating of internal components
  • Has an app to control the unicycle better
  • Takes 8 hours to charge fully
  • Rubber padding on pedals for added comfort
  • Weighs 45.4 pounds
  • Costs $1800

What are the Pros?

  • High pedal height
  • Nice and bright headlight
  • LED lights on the front, the back as well as the sides
  • Rubber paddings on the pedals for added comfort
  • Has an internal cooling system
  • Great for off-roading and rough and tough use
  • Has an app for your phone

What are the cons?

  • It does not have bluetooth speakers
  • It is not water resistant
  • It is a little tricky to fold the pedals with just one foot

5. Ninebot Z10

This is an amazing 18-inch electric unicycle which is your perfect companion of you enjoy riding off on your own in the city or even some offbeat places. With a speed of 28 miles per hour and super powerful motor (1800W), this 18-inch beast of an electric unicycle is an absolute pleasure to ride.

  • Weight: 53 lbs
  • Carrying Capacity: 325 lbs

Not only is the motor powerful, but it also makes the mundane tasks which involve traveling from one place to another so much more fun and exciting. Apart from just using it for daily chores and commuting, the Ninebot Z10 is great for the adventurous streak in you as well. If you feel like exploring nature, this is your best friend. Weighing 53 pounds, this unicycle sure is heavy but this weight gives it the stability it requires as well. It has a 25-degree climbing capacity and a 4-metre braking speed.

Apart from all these amazing specs, the Ninebot Z10 looks so good that it is impossible for people to not turn their heads when they see you cruising down the road. A great purchase for teenagers and adults alike, everyone loves the Ninebot Z10!


  • 18-inch rubber vacuum tire which is 2.5 inches wide
  • Perfect for rough and tough use
  • Has a capacity to run for 90 kms straight
  • 1800W motor, which is extremely powerful
  • Can handle a maximum load of 330 pounds
  • A maximum speed of 28 miles per hour
  • Has a braking distance of 4 metres
  • It has an ergonomic pedal design for comfort while riding for long periods of time
  • Has an integrated display for battery and other tech-related matters
  • Weighs 53 pounds
  • Costs $1999

What are the Pros?

  • Rubber vacuum tire is 2.5 inch wide
  • Has a practical integrated display
  • Can handle 330 pounds of weight with ease
  • Has a braking distance of 4 metres
  • Can easily handle a 25 degree incline
  • It has a retractable handle
  • It has side padding for comfort purposes
  • It has front and rear lighting for safety purposes
  • It has a feature called quick motor disengagement
  • Highly durable external shell
  • It is water resistant

What are the cons?

  • Does not have Bluetooth speakers
  • Does not have a USB charging port
  • It is slightly on the expensive side

6. KingSong 16S

KingSong has outdone themselves once again, by coming up with this killer 16 inch electric unicycle. One of its best features in our professional opinion is the all-new control board which is powerful and comes with great connectors and a very responsive system as well as great power delivery.

  • Weight: 38.5 lbs
  • Carrying Capacity: 250 lbs

With an ability to run even on a 30 degree incline, this KingSong model is perfect for using on forest trails and hilly terrain as well. With a capacity to take on 330 pounds, this electric unicycle is the ideal and most fun mode of transportation for teens as well as adults.

Buyers have the option to choose from their two color options – white and black. In terms of safety features as well, they have got you covered. With a voice as well as light warning, this unicycle will let you know when you are reaching the speed limit and give you a little indication to slow down. We also really loved the  large pedals and the soft cushioned sides as it made riding the unicycle a whole lot more comfortable. Also, it has great maneuverability as well and riding it is so easy and quite frankly, a treat.


  • Highly impressive battery
  • Great maneuverability and smoothness
  • Designed for greater comfort of the rider
  • Has a cruising speed of 22 miles per hour
  • It charges very quickly (can reach 80% in just 3 hours)
  • Can take on 250 pounds
  • 840Wh Battery capacity
  • Has a range of 35-40 miles
  • Weighs 38.5 pounds
  • Costs $1475

What are the Pros?

  • It weighs lesser compared to other 16 inch electric unicycles
  • Cruising speed of 22 miles per hour
  • The highly efficient control board
  • Soft cushioning on the pedals
  • Buyers can choose between black and white options
  • Comes along with Bluetooth speaker system
  • Has front and rear lights
  • Highly effective and bright headlight
  • Has an app which can help control the unicycle
  • Has an ergonomic handle
  • Very easy to maintain
  • Has a dual charging system

What are the cons?

  • It does not have quick motor disengagement
  • It can be a little too expensive for new electric unicycle enthusiasts

7. Gotway MSX

This is the only 19 inch wheeled electric unicycle on our list but it is pretty impressive so there was no way we could miss it on this ultimate review! With a battery power of 1600Wh and a range of 60 miles, the Gotway MSX is one you should go for if you are looking for a durable and sporty looking motorized unicycle.

  • Weight: 52 lbs
  • Carrying Capacity: 325 lbs

Being a hefty 19 inch wheeler, it is unexpectedly smooth and nimble, something we don’t get to see from many big unicycles. This unicycle comes with a highly responsive system which is quick to act on any small movement your feet make.

One more thing which was an absolute winner for us was the width of the tire, which made it extremely simple to go over tiny potholes and making it a smooth ride. The 2000W rated electric motor is another big win which made this unicycle qualify for this list.


  • It can carry 325 pounds
  • It has a range of 50 miles
  • Its maximum cruising speed is 35 miles per hour
  • Flaunts an impressive 2000W motor power
  • It has a retractable handle for easy carrying
  • It has padding on the sides for comfort
  • Strong and sophisticated shell strength and durability
  • Comes equipped with front and rear lights
  • It weighs 52 pounds
  • It costs $2100

What are the Pros?

  • It is strong and durable
  • It is perfect for rugged terrain
  • You can get an app to control the unicycle better
  • It comes with both front and rear lights
  • It has regenerative braking
  • Comes with side lights and powerful headlights
  • It has strong aluminium alloy pedals
  • Has a retractable handle
  • Has USB port for charging
  • Side padding for added comfort

What are the cons?

  • It does not have bluetooth speakers
  • It could have a better inclination angle (it is only 20 degrees)

8. Super Ride S1000 Self Balancing Electric Unicycle

This is a special one for one specific reason – it is the only electric unicycle on this list which has a seat. This means that the person riding this one can sit on comfortably and ride away! As you can see in the picture itself, it has a huge wheel and cushy seat, so it not only looks super comfortable but it actually feels like a throne, with a wheel.

  • Weight: 45 lbs
  • Carrying Capacity: 280 lbs

While the mechanism of the Superride S1000 is the same as any other motorized unicycle, the sheer size of it is what makes it a lot safer and comfortable than the rest. But along with that comfort comes the aspect of size. This unicycle is large which makes it quite difficult to handle in terms of portability. But with that being said, the Superride S1000 packs incredible power and impeccable acceleration. Being so large and sturdy, it also makes it the perfect unicycle for taking it out into the wilderness. If comfort is what you seek, then this is your best bet!


  • Sturdy and perfect for offbeat trails
  • Super comfortable and comes with the seat for the rider to sit on
  • Very quick to charge fully
  • Has an emergency brake
  • Equipped with a strong headlight
  • Weighs 45 pounds
  • Costs $1499

What are the Pros?

  • Comfortable and safe
  • Comes with a safety emergency brake
  • It has a speed of 20 miles per hour
  • Has a seat
  • It has a strong headlight
  • It has 1000W power
  • Can carry 280 pounds of weight
  • It charges very quickly, in just one hour

What are the cons?

  • Not portable
  • Less inclination degree (it is just 20 degrees)
  • It has a range of only 15 miles

Why should you buy an electric unicycle?

If you want to make your daily commutes fun and also want to care about the environment at the same time, then an electric unicycle is your best bet. But one thing to keep in mind is that when we say daily commute, we mean relatively shorter distances. The range of travel that a unicycle is able to cover depends entirely on the type of unicycle you choose, and this article can guide you through that easily.

Features you need to keep in mind while buying an electric unicycle –

  • Size of the wheel

In the plainest sense possible, we can say that the wheel size matters a lot because a larger wheel size like 18 inches are a lot heavier and hence more stable and comfortable. Whereas a smaller wheel size like a 14 inch one is more agile and easier to maneuver. With an 18 inch wheel unicycle, you can comfortably ride over little bumps and potholes without it affecting you at all. When riding a 14 incher, you can feel all these disturbances, but it is way simpler to use in a crowded street and turn quickly and just control it a lot better in general.

What are the Pros?

  • Super agile
  • Easy to maneuver
  • Easy to carry around (portability)
  • Easy to store when not in use
  • Best if you want to use it for tricks and stunts
  • Easy to deal with the weight

What are the cons?

  • Riding can be a little bumpier than usual
  • Can be trickier to learn for beginners
  • Less powerful motor
  • Smaller battery capacity

What are the Pros?

  • Stable
  • Super comfortable
  • Smoother to ride
  • Easier to balance
  • Powerful motor
  • Great battery power

What are the cons?

  • Heavier
  • Not very portable
  • Difficult to take on public transport
  • Weight capacity

An electric unicycle is a personal transportation device, so make sure that the one you are investing in is completely suited to your needs. Based on your body weight, you must choose a unicycle that can carry that weight without any hassle. If you overload your unicycle, then it will not work up to its maximum efficiency. This is something you want to pay close attention to.

  • Speed

If you are getting an electric unicycle for your children, then getting one which is not too fast is the best bet for safety reasons. Usually 8 to 10 miles per hour is the top speed for an ordinary electric unicycle. If you go for higher and more expensive models, you can easily expect a 15 miles per hour speed. The fastest motorized unicycle can go up to 30 miles per hour as well. But analyzing the need and usage of your unicycle is very important before you go ahead pick picking a high-speed unicycle.

  • Portability

By portability we mean how easy it is to carry and store the unicycle. Smaller unicycles are more portable because they weigh lesser and can be stashed easily under any type of furniture. With bigger unicycles portability can be a bit of an issue but the designs that are coming out now try to combat this in the most effective way possible. Adding retractable handles and trolleys is one way to make electric unicycles more portable and easy to carry around.

  • Motor power

This is the measure which lets the rider understand how much power a motor can deliver. An average electric unicycle has a motor power of 400-500W and an advanced unicycle has a motor power of 1000W to 2000W. The motor power determines how well and efficiently the unicycle will work. Hence motor power is extremely important to ensure that you get from one place to another without any problem.

  • Range

The range is the distance you can cover after completely charging your electric unicycle in one go. The range can vary depending on your riding style, the incline of the path you are taking and your body weight. Obviously, you must go for a unicycle which has the highest range possible.

  • Charging speed

Since these are electric unicycles, they need to charge with a source of electricity. Most unicycles take about 8 to 12 hours to charge completely and then their range may vary depending on the specifications of the mother and battery. Choosing an electric unicycle with the maximum range coupled with the least charging time is the smartest thing to so, but in our opinion, as long as you can charge the unicycle overnight, you are good and don’t need to base off the important decision of buying an electric unicycle on this specification itself.

  • Lighting systems

Having adequate lighting systems in your electric unicycle is a must. This safety feature is necessary because riding on the streets especially when it is dark can be tricky. The lighting systems (front as well as rear) let the people on the streets know that you are around. It is a feature added for your safety as well as others driving alongside you.

  • Additional perks

Having some additional perks like Bluetooth connectivity, speakers, apps for your phone, cushioning on the pedals and so on never hurt anyone! They make the whole experience of riding so much more fun and memorable and not just a routine ride from point A to B.

Some perks which set your electric unicycle apart from the rest are –

  • Bluetooth speakers
  • Dual charging systems
  • Water resistance
  • App for your phone
  • Comfortable and cushioned pedals
  • LED lighting effects
  • High durability shell design

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