The 6 Best Fat Tire Electric Scooters In 2020

fat tire electric scooter
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Back in the day, there were not many options when it comes to personal modes of transportation. But lately, electric scooters have made their way down the busy city streets and into the hearts of people who are craving a fun and eco-friendly way to travel. Electric scooters are easy to use, compact, speedy, and very comfortable as well. They also don’t use any fuel, making them the most eco-conscious choice when it comes to commuting. If you love biking but your office or choice of destination is quite far off, then an electric bike makes a lot of sense. While they can be quite an investment, it ends up being way cheaper in the long run. It has a battery that can be recharged over and over again.

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Since these types of scooters are gaining so much popularity, it can be confusing and overwhelming to choose the perfect fat tire electric scooter for yourself. To help you make a well thought out decision, we have compiled a list of 6 of the best and most recommended fat tire electric scooters in the market. These scooters have features that set them apart from the others, making them great options for you to choose from. 

fat tire scooter

Fat tire electric scooters are just like regular electric scooters but with fatter and sturdier wheels. The tires of these scooters are made to endure all types of terrain and weather conditions – be it sand on the beach or snow in hilly areas. They are sporty scooters made for those who love to explore the path less taken and explore their wild side. 

There are many different advantages of using fat tire electric scooters, and some of the advantages are –

  • It can be used on all types of uneven terrain.
  • They can be used in all types of weather conditions, and are extremely reliable.
  • Riding fat bike scooters are easier because the tires have more contact with the road or the path, giving you better grip and stability.
  • The tires of this scooter have a suspension system built inside, which adds to the comfort of riding the scooter. 
  • The tires have more traction for greater grip.
  • They have anti-slip properties.
  • They are heavier than regular electric scooters, making them more stable to ride.
  • The fat tires are capable of absorbing any unnecessary jerks and vibrations.
  • These fat tires have greater floatation properties, which means that they don’t sink into soft mud or sand. This happens because the weight of the rider and the scooter gets distributed over a larger area. 

The Best Fat Tire Electric Scooters

1. eDrift ES 295 2.0 Electric Fat Tire Scooter Moped

The ES 295 2.0 Electric Fat Tire Scooter by eDrift is a model that has become incredibly popular. With speeds that can match up with a regular scooter, this fat tire electric scooter not only is street legal, but it can easel zip through city streets, while even being able to handle sandy, rocky or snowy terrain. It is the perfect blend of adventure and safety. The scooter is powered by a 2000-watt electric hub motor and battery of 30 amps, which also gives a great range as well.

This scooter is mostly suitable for adults and has an awesome aesthetic design which makes it a favorite amongst scooter enthusiasts. Buying this electric scooter is a great investment – after buying, there is no other cost of filling fuel or other things. You can simply charge it up and you’re good to go! 

Features –

  • It has a 2000-watt electric hub motor.
  • It has a 30 amp battery that requires about 7-8 hours to charge up fully.
  • It offers a top speed of 30 miles per hour.
  • It has hydraulic disc brakes that are controlled by levers at the handlebars.
  • It offers a range of 65 miles on a single charge.
  • It has a twist and go throttle.
  • The front and rear tires are 8 inches wide.


  • The seat is cushioned and comfortable.
  • It has a great range.
  • It has a front fork suspension system.
  • It has a battery indicator.
  • It has a weight capacity of 350 pounds.
  • It has a feature of keyless starting.
  • It can occupy two people easily.
  • The front and rear fenders are made from ABS plastic.


  • Shipping this product may take time.
  • It is not suitable for you if you want a lightweight and portable electric scooter.

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2. TOXOZERS Adult Citycoco 1000W Fat Tire Scooter

This fat tire electric scooter boasts a 1000-watt motor that is powerful, allowing the rider to reach maximum speeds of 20 miles per hour at one go. This is a more advanced electric scooter that we advise only people over the age of 16 years to use.

Although this scooter does not require a license and is street-legal, it still requires some basic safety precautions to be put in place like a helmet and being mindful of the speeds on the busy street. This is a very versatile scooter – made for handling rough and adventurous terrain, as well as the city crowds. Use it at your convenience and you will not be disappointed!

Features –

  • It has a 1000-watt brushless hub motor.
  • It can easily reach a maximum speed of 20 miles per hour.
  • It has two seats, one for the rider and one for the pillion.
  • It has a simple key start feature.
  • It has a hydraulic braking system.


  • It is easy and comfortable to ride.
  • The fat tires are durable and absorb a lot of shocks.
  • It has a range of 20 miles and up, depending on the weight of the rider and the terrain.
  • It has a weight capacity of 450 pounds.
  • It has front and rear LED lights for safe riding at night.
  • It is suitable for raiders older than 16 years of age.


  • The charging time is very long (8-10 hours)

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3. Mercane WideWheel Pro Fat Tire Electric Scooter

Taking the electric scooter experience to the next level, the WideWheel Pro has been designed to give you a powerful ride under a reasonable budget. Compared to the WideWheel original model, the Pro gives you better battery power, better display, more powerful and responsive braking system and overall just a better design. It also has the capacity to cover inclines of 30 degrees with utmost ease, making it the scooter of choice when you want to ride on hilly terrain.

Features –

  • It has two 500-watt motors, giving it a combined motor power of 1000 watts.
  • It can reach a maximum speed of 26 miles per hour.
  • It has a range of 22 miles and up.
  • The electric scooter comes with front and rear suspension for a great smooth ride.
  • It has front and rear disc brakes.
  • It has a smart digital display that shows you your speed, distance traveled, and battery levels.


  • It is lightweight and can be folded up easily when not in use.
  • The ECO mode makes the most efficient use of battery power.
  • You can change gears while riding easily.
  • It allows you to climb inclines of 30 degrees.
  • It has a weight capacity of 220 pounds.
  • It has a good lighting system for safe riding at night.


  • This electric scooter does not have wheels as large as the other scooters mentioned in this article.

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4. Winkine 2000W Electric Moped Fat Tire Scooter

We fell in love with this scooter on the first sight itself – with its strong and sporty design fit for any biker dude, not only does this fat tire electric scooter deliver when it comes to aesthetics, but it also gives an incredible performance that cannot be outmatched easily. It has a durable and luxurious looking frame, which goes to show that this is one scooter not to be messed with.

With its powerful 2000-watt motor, you can cruise down the road with a maximum speed of 40 miles per hour, almost giving competition to regular scooters that run on fuel. The makers of this fat tire electric scooter also paid a lot of attention to the comfort and safety features, so it is the perfect package deal you can invest in!

Features –

  • It has a 2000-watt power rated motor with a 60-volt battery.
  • This scooter can reach top speeds of 40 miles per hour.
  • It offers an incredible range of 50 miles on a single charge.
  • The dual disc brakes can be applied by using the levers at the handlebars.
  • It has a front as well as rear hydraulic shock absorption system.
  • It is easy to start with the one-button start feature.
  • The tires are about 7.8 inches thick, giving you a lot of stability. 


  • You get to be the envy of the road when you ride this thing as it is very attractive looking.
  • The battery is very powerful, giving you a great range.
  • The tires are grippy with great traction.
  • It is easy to operate and ride.
  • It can support weights of 44 pounds.
  • The remote control makes it easy to lock and unlock this scooter, adding to the safety factor.


  • It can be an expensive investment for some.

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5. Phatty Electric Scooter

There are many reasons to love the Phatty Electric Scooter, but one of the main ones is that you can customize it as per your own requirements so that the scooter matches your personal style. Choose from a variety of different colored fenders!

With three different modes for riding, you can switch between different speeds depending on the terrain you are riding on at the time. And you what’s even better? You don’t need a license to ride this beauty! If you adhere to the speed regulations, this is a street-legal fat tire electric scooter that you just can’t miss. 

Features –

  • It has an incredibly powerful 1200-watt electric hub motor.
  • The 20 AH battery can give you a range of 50 miles on a single charge.
  • It has a hydraulic shock-absorbing system for a smooth and comfortable ride.
  • This electric scooter comes with electronic ABS hydraulic disc brakes.
  • It has 8-inch wide tires for added stability.
  • It is safe to ride at night, thanks to the powerful LED headlight.


  • It has a sturdy and durable frame.
  • It is suitable for use in all types of weather conditions.
  • The assembly of this electric scooter is very easy.
  • It has a strong spring-loaded kickstand.
  • The fat tires make riding this scooter an absolute pleasure.
  • The seat is padded and comfortable.


  • It is not a foldable electric scooter.
  • It takes a long time to charge up fully.

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6. SKRT 350-Watt Fat Tire Electric Scooter

Another great fat tire electric scooter, this model by SKRT was made to endure tough terrains with ease. Versatile just like the other scooters on this list, this scooter has all the ingredients to make it a favorite of yours and your family members.

While this electric scooter is very easy to use and navigate, we suggest that people over the age of 16 use this. You don’t need a license to ride this on the street, so take it for a spin today! With all its awesome features, you won’t know what you are missing out on unless you ride it. And once you do, you are sure to fall in love!

Features –

  • It has a 350-watt powerful motor.
  • It can reach a maximum speed of 18 miles per hour.
  • It gives a great range of 18.6 miles on a single charge.
  • It has a powerful hand braking system.
  • It has front and rear LED lights so that you stay safe even while riding at night.
  • The tires are 8.5 inches wide to give you added grip and stability.


  • It is a foldable electric scooter.
  • It is strong and stable to use.
  • It has a loud horn with front and rear LED lights.
  • It takes 6 hours to charge up completely.
  • It has a simple key start system


  • It has a weight capacity of just 220 pounds, which is quite low compared to the other electric scooters on this list.

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How To Choose The Best Fat Tire Electric Scooter – The Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

fat tire scooter
  • The size of the scooter.

The size of the scooter is very important for you to consider before you make a decision. If you are short, then invest in an electric scooter that has a small to medium frame. If you are over the height of 6 feet, then a large frame is most well suited for you. The electric scooter should be able to handle your height and weight easily, which will make it a reliable mode of transportation. 

  • The width of the tires.

Most of the electric scooters we have featured in this article have wide and large wheels with a width of 7-8 inches. This should be the minimum width of the tire, because the wider the tire is, the more evenly the weight gets distributed on the ground, making it a more stable and comfortable mode of transportation, you can even use this scooter on softer terrain without the tres digging into the land. 

  • The motor of the electric scooter.

If speed and thrill is something you crave for, then go for an electric scooter that has a minimum motor power of 1000 watts. Anything less than that will be purely a functional scooter that can’t reach high speeds, making it suitable for using it around the neighborhood and to do some chores. A higher motor power allows you to use this scooter as an actual replacement to a gas-powered scooter. 

  • The battery of the scooter.

To run the motor and the entire electric scooter, you must invest in a scooter that has a great quality battery. We suggest going for a battery that has a power of 25-40 volts. Anything over that is a great bonus! The battery of the scooter will indicate the range of the electric scooter (how many miles it can run after being charged completely) and how long it takes to charge fully. The shorter the charging time, the better. The higher the range of the scooter is, the more distance you will be able to ride it for.

  • Foldability and portability.

There are some electric scooters that can be folded up. These electric scooters are perfect for those you lack the space and enjoy the convenience of folding it up and taking it wherever on the go. Unfortunately, the best fat tire electric scooters lack this capability because they are heavy and built with highly durable materials. But you can find the occasional jackpot that fits both the requirements, so keep an eye out!

  • Weight capacity of the electric scooter.

If you plan on taking your backpack and other equipment (or even your groceries) on the scooter, then doing a rough calculation of the total weight you would require your scooter to carry would be very helpful. We suggest that you go for an electric scooter with a weight limit of 350 to 450 pounds. 

  • Safety features.

The electric scooter you decide to buy should have powerful and bright front and rear headlights, a loud horn for when you are riding in traffic, powerful and responsive brakes, a rearview mirror, high-quality fenders, and a durable stand. An LCD screen that displays your speed and battery levels also elevates your scooter riding experience. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

No, in the US at least, one does not require a driver’s license to ride these scooters around. Although, people riding these scooters need to be over the age of 16 years.

Yes, fat tire electric scooters are street-legal. They have reasonable speed limits, but people still need to take all the necessary safety precautions when they ride these out on the street. Wearing a helmet is a must.

Yes, riding these scooters is very easy and they are made for intuitive riding experience. You would just need to spend a day understanding the scooter and you will be good to go!

Final Verdict

To conclude, If you are someone who is looking for a quick, convenient, and cost-effective way to travel without adding harmful carbon emissions to the environment, then a fat tire electric scooter is perfect for you. The fat tires allow you to ride on all different types of terrain, be it sand or snow, giving your adventurous side a release, making daily commuting fun and exciting!

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