✅ Best Go Karts for Kids & Youth in 2021 – Electric, Gasoline & Pedal Go-Kart !

go karts for kids
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Adrenaline rush is something that everyone needs to experience once in a while. While some experience it by jumping off a cliff, some can experience it during a race. And some, experience it while driving Go-Karts. ithe recent years, Go Karting has become one of the top favorite sports for adults as well as kids. Some like to drive their go-karts due to the adrenaline rush, while some do it as a recreational activity.

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The best part about go-karting is that age is no bar. Go-Karts are available in various sizes and features depending upon the age of the rider which allows people from all age groups to enjoy the exhilarating ride. If you want to consider a lighter option for your kid, check these drift karts which are perfect for your kids when it comes to roaming only from your house to neighbourhoods.

If you aren’t familiar with what exactly is a Go-Kart, it usually looks like an open wheel vehicle that has just two pedals to drive-one for the accelerating and one brake. They are available in 3 wheels and 4-wheel options. You can also choose between one seater and two-seater go karts for kids.

You might think that Go Karting is just a fun sport. This means you’re totally unaware of the fantastic health benefits that you can receive from this adventurous and fun activity!

Best Pedal Go Kart- Reviews –

Pedal Go-Karts are a lot similar to bicycles. They use three wheels and two pedals to run. The speed of the pedal go karts for kids depends upon the rider’s pedalling. It is a great option for children between 3-8 years to learn the basics to drive a vehicle and coordination skills!



1) Hauck Highlander Pedal Go Kart Ride-On

The first one here we have is the Hauck highlander that is perfect for go-karting for 8 years old who loves old school cycling. The sturdy plastic body can hold up to 150 pounds of weight and has gone a single adjustable buckle seat that can accommodate different heights for children between 4-8 years of age. It has got wide 12 inches rims, and the frame is made of steel tubes and high-quality plastic fairing which makes it very durable and trustworthy.

The steering wheel serves the purpose of quick maneuvering and rapid response to turn and twist the vehicle on sharp turns. It comes with race-style pedals that let the driver control the vehicle with pedal power. To ensure the safety of the vehicle, it comes with rubber wheels that provide maximum grip and 8 ball style brake to swiftly stop the vehicle.

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2. Berg Toys Junior Buddy (Orange)

The berg toys junior buddy is one of the best pedals go kart for kids between 3 to 8 years. Similar to the Hauck highlander it can also hold up to 150 pounds of weight. This vehicle comes engineered with BFR-HUB system that lets your child take total control over movements such as brake, forward, and reverse. It is available in different bright color options that are adored by a lot of users.

The vehicle also features a swing axle to provide a comfortable ride to your child. The automatic freewheels and sealed bearing on the vehicle make it an amazing option in pedal go karts for kids. This pedal go kart is very lightweight and takes up very little space. That suggests you can take it anywhere with you and even travel with it in your car.

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3) EzyRoller Ultimate Riding Machine (Blue)

Another most loved kids go kart is eazyroller ultimate riding machine. It has one of a unique design, and it doesn’t actually use pedals to move along the surface.  It comes with a foot bar allowing your child to get this racing machine moving with easy alternating leg movement on the foot bar. You can easily extend the length of the foot bar to make it suitable for all kids aged 4-14 and weigh under 150 pounds.

The smooth sailing motion of this pedal go kart is very addictive, and the comfortable seat just makes it more relaxing by removing strain and pressure from the back. This pedal go kart for kids comes unassembled and takes about an hour to make it ready for a fun ride. It is strictly suggested to use this go-kart only on smooth and flat surfaces as rough terrains, and slopes can damage its tires.

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Best Electric Go Karts – Reviews –

For children older than 8 years who are no longer interested in peddling and loves speed, we have the electric go kart for kids. It doesn’t require any physical force and runs with the help of a motor and a battery. The electric go karts can go up to 8-12mph in terms of speed and can last up to 35-40 minutes in one go!



1) Razor Dune Buggy Review (Red)

If you’re looking for electric go-karts for 9 year old kids, this is the best choice for you. This vintage styled Kids dune buggy has a single seat and can support up to 120 pounds. Kids and youth aged 8 or above can take a ride on this amazing vehicle. It has a variable speed feature that can be controlled with the help of handles and can reach a maximum of 9mph. The speed is maintained with the help of 2 batteries that are 12 volts each and takes about 12-14 hours for the first charge to give you 40 minutes of non-stop fun.

The padded bucket seat and seatbelt is very comfortable, and the side role guards along with its sturdy frame ensure safety. Thanks to its terrain-following rear suspension and 8-inch knobby pneumatic tires, you can take this kids dune buggy to conquer obstacles like bumps, sidewalk cracks, tall grass, and small hills!

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2) Razor Ground Force Drifter Fury Ride-On

If you want a little more powerful and speedy go-kart for 10 year old kids, the search ends here! With the name and fame of RAZOR, who have received a lot of awards for their wonderful riding products, this little and compact electric go kart is a full package of speed and safety. It has four Super Slider POM rear wheels and Molded aluminum front wheels with solid rubber tires which makes it a perfect fit to drive over rough and uneven terrain.

It features a 24V (two 12V) sealed lead acid rechargeable battery system that can provide you a comfortable fun ride for up to 40 minutes and can reach a maximum speed of 12mph in just one charge. The battery has to be charged for at least 12 hours for the first time. Safety is ensured with the help of thumb trigger acceleration control and hand-operated rear brake. It requires some assembly in the first place that takes just a few minutes of your day!

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3) Fisher-Price Power Wheels Dune Buggy (Green)

This vehicle is one of the top kids 2-seater go kart that is suitable for kids ages 3-7 years. It is the best choice for your little kid as it can just go a max speed of 5mph forward and 2.5 mph reverse that is sufficient for a 4 or 5-year-old. This electric kid’s dune buggy runs on a single 12-volt battery that can last up to 30-35 minutes.

Its sturdy and strong steel frame can support a total weight of 130 pounds while accommodating 2 younger kids at a time. The giant rugged tires provide high stability to the rider. The safety features include electronic power lock braking system to keep the kart in place when acceleration stops and ‘Monster Traction’ drive system allows the rider to drive the vehicle on concrete and rough terrain.

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Best Gasoline Go Karts – Reviews –

The third type of Go-Karts that are available in the market is gas powered Go-Karts. There are gas powered go-karts for kids and youth go-karts. This category of Go-Kart as the name suggests uses Gasoline to produce the power with the help of an engine and transmission. This is certainly the most powerful Go-karts that most of the adults prefer.



1) Monster Moto MM-K80BR 79.5cc Go Kart

The Monster moto MM gas-powered go-kart is the perfect starter vehicle for younger kids. It comes with a 79.5cc power plant that is really quick in picking up speed and can go as much as 18mph. It also an automatic transmission for instant start and a low center of gravity to make it flawless for taking corners. It is a seamless gas-powered youth go kart, but it is not recommended for little kids as it has got great speed and heavy body which is difficult to be controlled with their little hands.

To ensure safety for the rider, it comes loaded with a ton of safety features. The protective roll bar, a secure seat belt, and a nice-sized bucket seat are present for a comfy and safe ride. The hydraulic brakes serve the right purpose to the rider by providing complete control over the vehicle.

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2) MotoTec MT-GK-10 Black SandMan Go Kart

Gas-Powered Go kart for kids is another amazing high-quality vehicle. It is one of the toughest, fastest, and coolest go-karts in terms of its buildup and remarkable features in the market. It has a large 1-liter gas tank that is sufficient to drive up to 20 miles in one go. It features standard 8-inch knobby tires and a powerful axle-mounted Ventedrear disc Brake to run it over tough and rough uneven terrain like slopes, small hills, and patches with a maximum speed of 30mph.

It also comes with an automatic clutch with chain drive and finger throttle to keep the speed control right at your fingertips. The low mounted handlebars and with the padded seat are present for the comfort of the rider. It is suggested to always wear protective gear before getting on the go-kart as the high speed can be dangerous.

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3) TAO TAO – Brand New 4 Wheeler fully automatic engine with REVERSE – ATA125D

The TAO TAO gas powered go kart for kids has a unique design with large, humongous wheels. It is the perfect lightweight ATV that is extremely easy to move around if you want to take it to some other place by picking it up. It has a great 4.2-liter fuel capacity which can run the vehicle for long hours. It has an electric start transmission, so you don’t have to worry about misplacing keys.

It has two amazing safety features-the speed limiter to take it down up to 5mph and a kill switch to provide the highest control to the rider. The big wheels can easily go over any kind of terrain to teach you astounding skills of going up and down rough surfaces. Putting all together, the lightweight body, independent suspensions, and amazing safety features make it a perfect choice for youth go-karts.

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Buyer’s Guide : Choose The Best Go Kart According To Your Need!


You have to be very particular in deciding the speed limit. The pedal go-karts can be sped according to the driver’s pedaling abilities, and the electric go-karts can give you a speed of about 8-12mph without the need of pushing pedals. Whereas the gas-powered go-karts are more powerful and can give amazing speedy experiences.

Here, we are not talking about the weight it can hold but about the weight of the vehicle. It is important for the vehicle to be light weighted as you have to do a lot of pickup and put away service. It depends on you!

Make sure the go-kart is suitable for your kid’s age. The go-karts usually come with a age-range that also limits the weight that can be put inside the vehicle. Always buy a go-kart with such an age range that can be used for a few more years by your kid.

Safety is the biggest concern about everything. Although, Go-karts are made with precision and there are no chances of getting hurt by a go-kart due to its sharp edges or something like that. 

But, there are also risks while riding these kinds of vehicles. You should never allow your child to go alone riding on a go-kart as they can increase the speed for fun and might get hurt. Your go-kart should contain safety features such as strong brakes, seat belts, speed limit set, etc.

It is something that matters equally as the other features. The buildup and appearance of the go-kart cam tell a lot about it. It tells about the material which actually determines its quality.

Five Important Factors To Consider Before Finalizing A GO KART!

After considering all the above points, you now must be left with just a few options at hand. It is now the time to select the best of them! Before finalizing any of the go-karts, take a look at these five important things!

The buildup of the go-kart may look fantastic and shiny from outside, but a lot of times the plastic material used to make the body is not as strong as it appears from outside. Look for the quality mark on the vehicle and make sure it has cleared all the safety tests!

This should actually be the first thing to look in the go-kart, but if you’re getting all the desired features and high quality in a ‘not so famous’ brand why to go pick a famous brand. Although, the brand of the go-kart matters a lot as it gives a kind of guarantee of the durability of the product and its high quality.

The third thing that matters a lot while purchasing a go-kart are the price. Thinking that “the priciest the go-cart is, the more it can offer” is just a foolish thing to do. Do not ever get fooled by the price! The most expensive things might live for a very little stretch, and there are times when the cheapest of the cheap objects goes very far. Choose it according to the features and not the price.

Yes! It is important to know what other people think of your selected vehicle as they might have collected a lot of information while using it for themselves. They can assure you about the features, pros, and cons of your selected go-kart. You can read the reviews on Amazon or any other such websites before buying the go-kart!

Last but the most remarkable thing to see for before paying for your dream go-kart. Presence of a warranty on the go-kart you’re buying confirms its durability and quality to a great extent. It assures you that you can get a replacement or get you go-kart serviced ‘free of cost’ if you find any manufacturer’s defect. Such a relief!

Final Verdict –

This was all about the best Go-Karts, if you have any more queries or you want to tell us about any other amazing go-kart that is worthy of making a place in the above list, do let us know in the comments section below!

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