The 6 Best Hoverboard Seat Attachments – Convert your Hoverboard into a safe Hoverboard Go Kart!

hoverboard seat attachment

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Does your kid have a hoverboard go-kart yet? If not, and you have been choosing to buy one, it is the right time to get one in the most affordable range possible. However, if you already have one, you should have a go-kart attachment to it.

Hoverboards are the coolest gadgets currently that you will find a lot with the kids these days. Having a perfectly comfortable seat attached to it makes the ride even more smooth and safer for the kids. It is a lot easier to ride on them using a seat and very easy too. You may have come across so many who keep on crashing to the ground on these hoverboards and hurt themselves. This is something you would never want with yourself, so it is better to be safe than sorry.

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Such endeavors can be sorted out when you simply attach a seat to it which is available at a very small and affordable price on the web. Along with proper instructions you can simply attack them by yourself. Hoverboard seats are made available by different brands and serve a lot more purpose than just for seating. People tend to prefer it more since the speed is quite slow and it is not even close to being dangerous. Let us learn about the list of Best Hoverboard Seat Attachments in 2020.

1. Hiboy HC-01

The Hlboy HC-01 is one of the best Hoverboard Seat Attachments you will find on the web or any eCommerce sites. Moreover, it is our personal favorite too since it is smooth to ride on and highly reliable under any circumstances. You can use this seat attachment for scooters that have a height of 6.5, 8, 10 inches, and are self-balancing too.

We loved the design of the seat and how easy it was to fit in on the Hoverboard. This kart kit has been upgraded and made durable so that it can handle at least 270lbs weight capacity. Like we said the seat is very easy to install and once you go through the manual you can make it happen in 15 mins. It has smooth yet powerful steering that helps you control the directions super easily.

Other than this, you should know that being an adult if this is what you want to try as well, this hoverboard go-kart attachment supports anyone from age 4 – 65 years old. The reason behind this being that it has adjustable leg pedals so that no matter what your height is it will adjust accordingly.

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2. HoovyKart – Go Kart Conversion Kit for Hoverboards

Have you tried a seat attachment from HoovyKart yet? You are going to love everything about this hoverboard go-kart attachment. This kart kit is the best you can get to convert your normal hoverboard into a hoovykart within minutes. If you are new to this, you can check out the instructions on YouTube or simply the manual given to you along with the kit. 

It is proven that these hoverboard go-carts are pretty fun to ride on and also very safe. The best part of this conversion kit is that it comes fully assembled to make your work a lot easier. Simply fasten up the velcro of your seats and bolt the seats to the hoverboard. All of this will hardly take a couple of minutes and you are ready to go. 

Also, it has adjustable leg bars which make it easier to adjust it based on the heights. Along with the seat, the padded handles allow you to take turns, stop, and even make 360 degrees turn easily. HoovyKart is very much affordable and anyone can buy it. You are also provided with additional straps and parts in case any of the parts wear off anytime.

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3. Segway Ninebot Electric GoKart Drift Kit

Segway Ninebot is an exceptional self-balancing electric transporter that can be easily converted to a more comfortable electric GoKart with this conversion kit. You will be amazed to see how easy it is to ride on them and the design looks incredibly good. It is known to be the first-ever GoKart that is meant to take drifts. This is not managed by a handled bar but purely electrical.

You are getting a footbrake along with a mechanical handbrake that will give a powerful stopping force since it can pick up a decent speed. Furthermore, this handbrake is also responsible for the drift we were talking about. Within seconds you can achieve a speed from 0-20km/h which is exceptionally good. It is super easy to assemble and more fun to ride on it. 

One of the most amazing parts of this hoverboard kart is that the material it is built with has the capacity to absorb vibrations. Moreover, it can be controlled by an app as well for more safety to your kid. You can also collapse it and use it as a portable option that can withstand a weight capacity of 22lbs. Furthermore, this ride can easily adjust riders with a height between  4’3” to 6’5” tall.

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4. Hiboy HC-02

Hiboy HC-02 is just another upgrade model for the HC-01. There are loads of similar features to it but offers a great deal to the riders. The design is pretty good and the seats look comfortable. With the help of rear suspension, you will be safe from vibrations of any kind. Also, the build material is pretty strong and highly durable. It is great for self-balancing scooters with the size of 6.5, 8, 10 inches.

This hoverboard cart can withhold a weight capacity of 270lbs which is incredible, so you may longer have to worry about your weight at all. Moreover, it is not only a great ride for your child but you can enjoy it too. The leg pedals are adjustable as well so you can adjust it as per your height and make it work. The package you receive is pre-assembled so that you only need to fit in on the hoverboard or the scooter.

Other than this, the ergonomic seats are reliable and comfortable as well. Both the handles are very smooth to use and help you choose your directions while riding on it. It works just like steering. Even your 4-year-old can ride it with utmost safety and perfectly good for people till 65 years of age.

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5. Hover-1 Beast Buggy

Hover-1 Beast Buggy is a popular choice for users who are looking for the hoverkart seat attachment. It is one of the best brands there is and this product is perfect. Some of the major aspects you will see on this kit is the amazing quality of everything you would be using here. It takes just minutes to assemble them, but if you have no idea of how to do it, there are plenty of videos on the web that can help you with it.

The seats were very comfortable not only for your child but you too can hop on it. Weight capacity is around 200-250lbs which is incredibly good overall. Now, the two hand bards are meant to tell you the direction or use it for the direction. You will find the padded bars are very easy to use and may require a little time to understand how it works. With the help of rear wheels, you can even take up reverse driving.

Apart from all of this, the hoverboard seat does have a dual-shock absorbing coil that prevents any jerks or vibration while riding on difficult terrains. Also, it has both adjustable frames and straps that you can use at your convenience.

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6. Toysga SPS-TAPS

Toysga SPS-TAPS is the ultimate product that you have been searching for. It surely is the last resort of our list but a worthy one to look into. The design is pretty decent, and you can easily get them together by following simple instructions on the way. All of the parts do come mostly pre-assembled so that all you need to do is fix the seats on the hoverboard and you are ready to ride.

This kit is compatible with your hoverboard which is 6 inches in length. We all know that this set-up is safer for small children than the hoverboard in its normal state. Here, all you need to do is to learn how to use the handlebars to change the direction and that is all. The hoverboard can be a bit difficult to learn especially once you start out while for the Hovercart this isn’t the same. It can carry a weight of 220lbs which is pretty amazing and anyone can ride on it irrespective of the weight issue.

Moreover, as you can see the seat attachment kit has a small knob on the pedals that makes you adjust the height as well and accommodate you even though you may have a good height. Make sure to assemble each part properly so that they do not come off while on the street.

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How does Hoverboard Kart started and became popular?

hoverboard cart

Hoverboard or self-balancing scooters had become popular since a blockbuster movie was released during the year 1967. This movie showed a fictional levitating board that was used by people for transportation. It was then that the entire concept was brought into the real world. However, it is believed that this hoverboard still does not fulfill the true meaning of the word “hover” since they are still on wheels and not levitating.

After years of experimenting on multiple prototypes, a Hoverboard was first created and since then there have been multiple such attempts made to this. As of now, multiple companies have been making such gadgets along with multiple other concepts. Along with this, people now have started to use it more like a go-kart for safety. There have been multiple casualties related to Hoverboard incidents and thus to keep it safe, you will find multiple hoverboards go-kart conversion kits.

Simply, attach these seats and make the necessary fits to make it look like a cart that is a lot safer than the usual. Your children as well as even you can enjoy the ride. As of now, you can easily afford the hoverboard and convert them to a go-kart. It surely is more of a luxury item than any necessity but then those who can it is a great gadget to have for a little fun.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

Well, speaking of a typical Hoverboard Go Kart, it can take up a maximum speed of 15km/h on an average. The speed depends entirely on the hoverboard that you have bought and all you need to do is simply attach the seat and there you go. There are different hoverboards with the different speed limit and you can choose whichever suits the best for you.

For getting on the Hoverboard kart your age can be anything between 4-65 years old. Yes, your child can easily drive it anywhere they want. And it is completely safe as well. In fact, you can also sit on it and adjust the led paddles at your convenience. No matter whichever hoverboard you choose, it has been anything above the age of 4.

You might be concerned about the fact that the hoverboards still catch fire that they used to before. So, the fact of the hour is all the hoverboards that you will find are UL 2272 Certified i.e fire safe. All of the products that use the lithium battery in your home are all fire safety and certified. You need not worry about it anymore since everything has been taken care of. 

Final Verdict

Well, this is all you need to know about the Hoverboard Seat Attachments and the list that will help you to get for yourself. Just to make sure these are the costs of only the seats or better say the kit and not the hoverboard. They are a little expensive and you need to have a good budget if you want to get one for yourself.

Yes, there are other options available as well, but these are reviewed and curated so that you get the best available option we have. Also, make sure to check the durability of the seats and that they are comfortable as well. These are bought by multiple users and you can check out their reviews to know more about it. Other than that if you feel you have more queries about the seat attachments, you can let us know in the comment section below.

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