13 Best ATV For Kids & Youth – Four Wheelers For Kids [ 2020 Reviews ]

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There are a variety of reasons to make your kid happy by giving him the best kids & Youth ATV’S. For instance, “They will not get stuck playing video games and they would perhaps be involved in physical activities”.

Also, with kids ATV, they will develop a sense of responsibility and independence which they can utilize in the rest of their life. Riding the ATVs can indeed be a great pastime and adventure for them.

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There are a lot of kids ATVs available in the market which promises to deliver good results but at the same time, you can get bluffed with the sales and marketing campaigns of different ATVs manufacturers.

So, in order to make your life easy, we have researched a lot of products and finally compiled a list of best ATVs for kids that are tailor-made for your child. Also, we have illustrated the buying guide and safety guide that can come quite handy while you are purchasing the ATVs for kids.

 Power Wheels Racing ATV

Power Wheels Dune Racer ATV

Razor Dirt Quad Electric Four-Wheeled

Best Choice Products 12V Kids ATV

Yamaha Kids YFZ450R ATV 

Best Choice Products Kids ATV 

Best Choice Products 12V Kids Powered ATV 

X-PRO 125cc ATV Quad Kids ATV

Peg Perego Polaris RZR 900 CAMO Ride On

Tao Tao 110cc Gas ATV for Kids

110cc Four Wheelers 6” Tires ATV

Bran New Youth Size 110cc ATV

Our Top 13 Picks- Best ATV For Kids in 2020

1. Power Wheels Racing ATV

If you had been looking for a stunning and modern designed ATV Quad, this is the one you cannot look past. It is more inclined to kids between the ages 3-7 and the design is quite colourful and attractive too. Since it is meant for small aged kids, the top speed it can go is up to 6 mph forward and 3 mph maximum reverse.

To keep your child safe from any circumstances, this quad ATV has been equipped with maximum safety controls. Starting from parental control, high-speed lockout, and power-lock brakes allow you to make sure that your kids have a safe ride. It has three button controls, green for full speed, yellow for low, and red for reverse.

The seats are pretty comfortable to ride on and the wheel is rugged and perfectly fit for difficult terrains such as sand, grass, etc. It has a 12V battery power and gives a good backup all day long.

Key Features:

2. Power Wheels Dune Racer ATV- Best ATV for 6-Year-old!

The power wheels Dune Racer ATV can very well provide your kid with a safe and exciting way to kick storm their driving action. It is a very good 4 wheeler for 6 year old. It is an off-road vehicle which is specifically designed for outdoor use. It is also equipped with a Monster Traction drive system that enables your kid to travel on the hard surfaces, rough terrain, and wet grass.

It also comes with a sturdy steel frame which is bound to last for a long period of time. In addition, it has flashy chrome accents and an open cockpit design that is capable enough to handle two riders. Your kid is sure to have a fun drive as it backed with two forward drive speeds and one reverse speed and it also features a 12-volt rechargeable battery.

Key Features:

3. Razor Dirt Quad Electric Four-Wheeled

This Razor dirt Quad is a highly durable vehicle meant to be driven in rough terrains. We love the build quality and stunning looking design meant to attract kids. It is a mini quad as compared to others in the market yet very powerful and exotic. With the use of a powerful engine, you can gain a maximum speed of 8mph. Also, this is meant for small kids and has a weight capacity of 120lbs.

As we speak of this dirt quad, it runs electrical power and the battery can last for as long as 40 minutes in a single charge. Do not worry anymore about different weather conditions, the use of shatter-resistant plastic fairings and powder coated tubular frames you will have issues riding in tough conditions as well. Furthermore, the 13” pneumatic knobby tires keep you protected from any bumpy rides along the way.

Key Features:

4. Best Choice Products 12V Kids 4-Wheeler ATV Quad

This ATV Quad by Best Choice store is an exceptionally designed 4-wheeler that has a rugged look meant for an adventurous ride. Rather than having a throttle control, it features a foot pedal accelerator to give your kid an experience of a lifetime. It does require some time for assembling the quad and take about 20 minutes at the most before you start riding on it. Since it is meant for small kids the top speed is 3.7 mph.

Your kid can choose between high and low-speed modes and the forward as well as reverse mode. The most amazing part of the vehicle is that it has a special built-in AUX outlet where you can plug in some music for your kid to enjoy. Similar to a jeep this has large four wheels that can handle difficult terrains. Other than this, it is equipped with a 12V battery which works perfectly well.

Key Features:

5. Best Choice Products Kids ATV Quad 4 Wheeler-  Best ATV for 3+ Year old!

Let your kid discover the path of adventure through the assistance of this amazing ATV. This ATV has been uniquely designed keeping different features in mind such as horns, headlights and a powerful electric motor. It offers 2-speed options and it comes with a 12V rechargeable battery.

Besides this, it comes in a large size and it is sure to give your kid an adventures ride. It is also built using a plastic body which is quite durable and also offers a bold design. Besides this, it offers a Foot Pedal Control which helps in easy riding experience.

Key Features:

6. Yamaha Kids Battery Powered Ride-On Quad

If your kid is adventurous, then it is high time that you consider buying this quad from Yamaha. It is a battery-powered ride-on which comes with cool ATV graphics and styling and thus your kids would be happy to tackle the joyful ride in the backyard.

The operation of this vehicle is also quite easy as it comes with an easy-to-use single-button control such as a smooth ride is experienced in every turn and twist that you would go ahead. It is also equipped with a 6V battery that is bound to give you an exciting ride. In addition, it also comes with a charger that would be beneficial if the battery drains out.

Key Features:

7. X-PRO 110cc ATV Quads Youth ATV Kids

We have another X-Pro ATV Quad in our list that runs on a powerful 110cc engine. It comes in various colors that are very attractive especially for children. Starting with the design and build quality which seems to be the highlight of this entire Quad ATV. Even though the engine becomes too hot, the air cooling system takes care of it pretty well.

Similar to other X-Pro ATV, this too has been provided with better safety measures such as engine kill switch, remote stop with the parents, speed limiter, and other aspects as well. Anyone with a weight below 132 lbs can easily ride it with proper ease. Furthermore, you can see the sturdy tires that add more to this atv for kids. With the elimination of the hand-operated touch and the use of automatic transmission, it becomes a lot easier to ride.

Key Features:

8. Best Choice Products 12V Kids Powered ATV Quad Ride-On Car

It is one of the best kids 4 wheeler ATV that you can purchase in 2020. It is perfect for the kids who want to kick start their adventurous campaign. It comes with a 2-speed option and it is backed with a high performance 12V motor which offers a maximum speed of 4 MPH.

It also has a very good sound system that is equipped with radio, horn sounds and a built-in MP3 player that is compatible with USB/MICRO –SD cards. It is also built using non-toxic plastic that is quite durable. The best part is that it comes up with a storage basket that is capable enough to carry toys and other stuff.

Key Features:

9. X-PRO 125cc ATV Quad Kids ATV

If you have been looking for one of the best ATVs for your kids, you cannot miss out on X-Pro ATV Quad. It looks stunning and the build quality is superb. This 4-wheeler kids’ vehicle has everything you will see in any adult ATV. It runs on a powerful 125cc 4-stroke engine that works as a driving force and smooth driving experience. This ATV quad has an automatic transmission that ensures smooth shifting. Your kid no longer has to worry about gears or anything complicated. 

In fact, it has a reverse-feature as well so that you can take the ATV backwards too without having to get out of the vehicle. Also, to protect the engine from overheating, it has an air-cooling design. You may have to assemble a few parts that will hardly take much time. There are multiple colours available in the market for you so your kid can choose his favourite colour and you can gift them.

Key Features:

10. Peg Perego Polaris RZR 900 CAMO Ride On- Best ATV for 3-6-Year-old!

The new Polaris RZRTM 900 CAMO is the last on our list for the Best ATV for kidsIt is indeed the great riding vehicle for the kids who loves to have adventure. It also features a kick-ass cool-blue look and it comes with a working horn and seat belts. It comes up with a 2-speed shifter which will allow you to drive at 2.5 or MPH speed on dirt, grass and hard surfaces.

It also features 5 MPH lockout for the beginners and it also comes with the adjustable buckle seats which are quite durable and it lasts for a long period of time. The product also features a 12-volt rechargeable charger and battery which charges the vehicle in a span of just 2 hours.

Key Features:

11. Tao Tao 110cc Gas ATV for Kids- Best ATV for 9 Year old!

This product is undoubtedly the best 4 wheeler for 9 year old that you can get. It is a fully automatic ATV four wheelers for kids that are backed with an amazing design. It is quite perfect for beginners and it is one of the best gifts that you can give to your kid. Your kids are surely going to have a blast with this product.

It is also quite easy to use and it comes with a remote kill feature that would give all the parents the peace of mind. It is also backed with a big rear rack that can be quite handy. It is available in a sporty black color and it is powered with an electric start.

Key Features:

12. 110cc Four Wheelers 6” Tires ATV- Best ATV for 8-Year-old!

ATV-3050C is probably one of the best Kids & Youth ATVs that you can buy in 2020. It is a streamlined vehicle that is backed with a dependable 4 stroke 110 C motor.  The ATV is also quite lightweight and low maintenance which makes it quite perfect for casual field, yard, and trail riding. It is also available at a very competitive price and it also comes with a lot of safety features such as foot brake, Remote Control, electric start, and automatic transmission.

This ATV also features a luggage rack that is available on the rear. These can potentially allow you to carry any extra weight if you want while you are riding. It also has a reliable and smooth engine that can give you an abundance of memories and fun.  This ATV has been designed keeping the quality standard in mind and it delivers the best in the class facility, performance, and reliability.

Key Features:

13. Brand New Youth Size ATV 110cc Engine- Best ATV for 10-Year-old!

This is the last product on our list of the best Kids & Youth ATVs that you can purchase in 2020. It is one of the ideal 4 wheeler for 10 year old. It is quite perfect for young kids who want to have an adventurous ride.

Your kids can very well have the best experience while driving on this ATV. The kids can easily drive through different kinds of terrain using this ATV with quite an ease.

Besides this, the kids can conquer your backyard with the top speed of 4 MPH. It also has a 110cc engine with the option of automatic transmission alongside the reverse option. It is also equipped with front hand brake and Drum rear foot brake.

Key Features:

Factors to Consider Before Buying an ATV For Your Kid-

Kids, in general, are quite excited while they ride an ATV especially in the month of summer.  The children enjoy a great atmosphere as well as have great outdoor fun. An ATV can indeed be a great companion to your children in the summer season.  ATVs offer a thrilling ride as it is backed with a lot of exciting features and enchanting appearance.

In addition, if you want your kid to learn the riding skills, then the ATV is a perfect choice that you can make. Besides this, an ATV can very well help your kid to learn endurance, balancing and many other cognitive functions. However, if you are looking to purchase atv for kids, then there are some common factors that you should consider while purchasing an ATV.

The automobile market has a wide range of ATVs and its types to offer to its customers but you should purchase the one that suits the requirement of your kid. There are also numerous options to choose such as sports ATVs and utility ATVs.

When you are selecting an ATV for your kid then make sure that you purchase an Electric ATV over the gas ATV as it can easily match the requirement of your kid. In addition, electric ATVs are known to be more cost effective in comparison to gas ATVs. Also, a gas ATVs is not suitable for kids who are 10 years and above.

While you are selecting atv for kids, you should make sure that you consider the engine type which suits the skill level of your child. To start off, you should know the strengths and weaknesses of your child which can be easily analyzed by the habit of riding a bicycle which indeed nurtures the skills in your kid.

Another important factor that you should keep in mind while selecting an ATV is the tires. They are quite important as they need to be sustainable and accurate to accommodate the most vulnerable conditions of the road. You need to check for the type of thread, tread depth, piles such as it is sturdy enough to face scratch. In general, the angle thread is the ideal choice for the muddy terrain while paddle thread is the ideal choice for the sand.

This is also another important point that you should keep in the back of your head. If you purchase a used ATV, then it can come with a lot of substandard features such as parts of the ATV, condition and many more. Besides this, buying a second hand ATV can be quite cost-efficient.

On the other hand, if you purchase a brand new ATV, then it can come with a lot of benefits such as safer, fully-featured vehicle, attractive appearances and much more. The only downside is that it can cost you a lot while you compare it with the second hand ATV.

The maintenance factor is another important thing to consider while you are buying an ATV. It is very important that you select an ATV that requires very less maintenance such that you won’t have to send the vehicle for the service on the regular basis. It is important that you consider an electric ATV as most of them don’t consist of gas, oil, chain and sprockets which can indeed help you to save a lot of time as well as money.

Many people have the misconception that it is easier to drive an ATV bike than a car but the fact is that it is indeed quite dangerous to drive an ATV when you compare it with driving a car. So, here are some of the safety measures for kids that you should keep in mind while they are driving an ATV.

While you are driving an ATV, you should keep in mind that you wear safety equipment such as boots, goggles, helmet, gloves etc. It may sound a bit awkward especially if you are a beginner, but it will certainly offer you a great quality of protection.

Riding an ATV on a non-permitted road can be quite hazardous. If your kid is not riding on the permitted road, then there is a high chance that another vehicle will hit your kids. You should also keep in mind that ATV is made for the off roads and not for the crowded market. So, make sure your kid rides on the permitted road whenever he/she takes a fun-loving ride on the ATV.

Generally, it is seen that we don’t consider the age factor while we are selecting an ATV for kids.  But, the fact is that it is very important to do so as it can help to safeguard your kid. You should make sure that if your kid is 8 years or younger, then you should not consider buying an ATV of 200 cc as they may lose the balance and control and they may end up lying on the road with the broken bones.

Many of us may ignore this but to the knowledge, it is one of the most important safety measures that you should always keep in mind. If your ATV is equipped for only one rider, then you should make sure that your kids don’t drive the ATV alongside his friend. In the case, if he/she wants to do so then you should make sure that you purchase an ATV that is compatible for 2 riders.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

To start off, you need to place the ATV in neutral and then pull the clutch lever. Further, you would need to shift down by pressing the foot lever down such that the 1st gear is activated. After this, by using the right thumb, you would need to push the throttle lever quite slowly while also releasing the clutch. The clutch would start to engage and the ATV would start to move.

You should make sure that you are wearing all the safety equipment such as helmet, gloves, boots, goggles etc. while you are riding an ATV as it can very well help to safeguard you.

Quad bikes should not be used by any child under the age of 16 (as a driver OR passenger). Passengers are generally not recommended on any ATV because they can affect the vehicle’s balance and make it hard for the driver to stay in control.

At least 16 years old. To ride an ATV unsupervised, the operator must be at least 16 years old unless riding on land owned by the operator’s parent or legal guardian

Final Verdict

Above is the list of the Best Kids & Youth ATVs that you buy in 2020. For us, the clean winner is Power Wheels Hot Wheels Kawasaki KFX as it is backed with a lot of features and it comes at a very attractive price.

If in case you are low on budget, then you should definitely opt for Best Choice Products 12V Kids Powered ATV Quad Ride as it is loaded with a lot of necessary features and at the same time it is not very costly to afford.

In addition, you can select any of the products listed above based on the age of your kid and the requirement that you might be having. Also, make sure that you go through the buying guide as well as all the safety measures such that your kids can have a seamless experience of driving an ATV.

What is your opinion about ATV for kids? Did you purchase one for your children? Let us know in the comment section that has been mentioned below

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