✅ Best Mini Bikes For Adults & Kids In 2021 – Top Picks & Buyer’s Guide !

mini bikes for adults
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Mini Bikes are taking 2021 by storm. From parents obsessing over these “safer alternatives” to making it a great excuse to get their kids off PlayStation, Mini Bikes are the new cool.

So, be it that it is your kid’s birthday or he is just getting too obsessed with the idea ( or maybe you are), there shouldn’t be a reason for you to not try these amazing bikes whether it be mini bike or mini gas dirt bike.
But, only wanting to get a Mini Bike isn’t the real problem. The real task here is to select as to WHICH MINI BIKE TO BUY?”

Now, you will ask your geeky cousin, ponder over different tech-savvy guides( of which little people understand), compare on a hundred different aspects and keep reading those long, tedious guides and then again go back to your geeky cousin.

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Is it worth all that stress?

Maybe in the whole process, you lose the idea of buying the Mini Bike.

Your kid definitely doesn’t want that, neither do you.

Calm your nerves here, and do not lose hope because we are here to take in your worries. And, technically we already have.

*Drum rolls*
From listing the Best Mini Bikes of 2021 to categorizing them according to your budget, we have compiled all the information into one special ALL-IN-ONE Guide to buying the best Minibike for you!


But, what are we looking for here? How do we decide who wins the crown of “The Best Mini Bike” or if not that, which ones better in what way and what are you supposed to look at while getting a mini bike?
The answer to that isn’t really simple but neither is it as complex as you think. As soon as you finish reading this article, you will be sure as to what and which bike to get.

One of the first thing that you should look for in a minibike is the power and speed. With electric ones be careful to check how long their batteries last and with the ones with actual engines check the cc or HP. A decent minibike should have a 2-2.5 HP of the engine power which makes it worth buying.

Another thing is: how durable and safe the bike is? This one concern parents the most as they are ultimately allowing their kids to go on a “bike”. The design of tires, handling, suspension, throttle, and other features play a key role here.
The last but yet another important one that sums all the other features is the BUDGET. So, if you could find something that will fit well in all your conditions, you know you have made the right choice.

Now, let’s dig into the TOP 7 MINIBIKES that you can ACTUALLY BUY!

Razor dirt bike MX350

Coleman Powersports CT200U

Razor Dirt Bike SX500 MCGrath

Razor Dirt Bike MX650

Coleman Powersports CT100U 

Mega Moto 80CC/2.5HP Without Suspension 

Mega Moto 80CC/2.5HP With Suspension 

Top Editor Picks For Best Mini Bikes in 2021-

1. Razor MX350 Dirt Rocket Bike

Light yet robust framed Razor MX350 with a power to fuel the speed up to 14mph. The bike is powered by a battery cross motor for all surfaces ranging from rough to smooth. The tires are broad and grip well on any terrain. The handling of the bike along with great efficiency of brakes makes it a delight to ride. The bike is a little smaller than it looks and the ideal age for a rider would be 3-6. The suspension provides for a smooth ride and with customers using it for 1-2 years, the durability speaks for itself. The bike is available for around $250 on Amazon.

What We Like-

The bike is a great starter for kids 3-6 years old. It is easier to handle and safe to handle in rough terrains.   

Important Points To Remember !

The bike is a little smaller than it looks. So, buy it only  if it is appropriate  for your kid .

Check the latest price on Amazon!

2. Coleman Powersports 196cc/6.5HP CT200U- A Gas Powered Mini Trail Bike Scooter

A ‘4-stroke OHV 1 cylinder 196cc/6.5 HP engine’ powers this little beast. If you don’t know what that means, we can short it out for you: This Minibike has a beast for an engine!

Not just that, it gives Coleman Powersports CT200U a fuel efficient system as well. The sturdy built gives this bike a big extra star on durability and comfort. The minibike is capable of taking the weight up to 200 pounds or more depending on what terrain you are driving it in. The easy pull start makes this bike a better choice for kids. Although the clearance is 5.5 inch, the bike can be comfortably used by kids 7 up. The bike comes with a price tag of around $580 but is all worth it.

Check our details review about coleman mini bike here.

What We Like-

The Coleman Powersport comes with a really powerful engine that can fuel the bike to 25mph and that is fast! The additional rear drum breaks give the Coleman a great grip in rough terrains and a smoother break. Another great thing about the bike is: it is highly durable. Customers, who brought this 3 years ago, have reported that the bike still works as great as new.

Important Points To Remember !

The assembly of the bike can be a little tricky but with a little work here and there it can be built effectively .

Check the latest price on Amazon!

3. Razor Dirt Rocket SX500 McGrath Electric Motocross Bike

As dope as it looks, the Razor Dirt Rocket SX500 bike comes with a powerful electric motor that can push it to 15-19mph. The bike is inspired by legendary Jeremy McGrath’s own bike. The dual suspension and high angular trap design of the tires make the ride safer and smooth on the Dirt Rocket. The bike comes with a dual disc set of breaks which prove to be highly reliable in tough terrains.

The bike is 21 inch from the ground to the seat and is suitable for kids accordingly.

The 36V rechargeable battery is powerful and can fuel the bike at max speed for a decent 40 minutes or more. The bike’s dirt-bike-frame gives it a authentic look and feel of a sturdy dirt bike.

The assembly as easy as it can get. The handling of the bike, as reported by customers, is firm and at the same time smooth, especially for terrains rough and steep. The bike fits well in being a budget purchase. It is available for around $450.

What We Like-

The authentic dirt-bike-feel and the handling of the Dirt Rocket makes it one of the best razor dirt bike you can get. The firm build of the bike is yet another pro about it.

Important Points To Remember !

The bike is a little bigger than others in the same category. It would be perfect for kids 7 up but a little big for the younger ones. 

Check the latest price on Amazon!

4. Razor MX650 Rocket Electric Motocross Bike

With a 500-Watt powerful electric motor fueling up the bike to 17mph, the Razor MX350 is a “steal deal” available at Amazon for about $499. The compact body frame and dual suspension system give the bike a considerably great a comfy, safe and smooth ride. The tires’ grip on surfaces ranging from rough terrains to smooth roads.

The bike’s sturdy frame gives it a Dirt Bike look, which again contributes to a reliable design and durability. The bike can take weight up to 200 pounds and even more. It comes with a warranty of 90 days but the people have been using it for 2 years with no quality defects.

What We Like-

The dirt bike look will always be a bonus with the Razor MX. If you are looking for something that is more sturdy and also combines the feel of a dirt bike experience, Razor is the way to go!

Important Points To Remember !

There are no major issues with the Razor MX350 but some customers have reported the battery life of the Minibike to be depleting over time. But since it has been reported from a few, we won’t let this con weigh this amazing Minibike down.

Overall, the Razor MX350 combines to be a powerful, durable and safe option for kids and even adults. You will envy your kids for this. 

Check the latest price on Amazon!

5. Coleman Powersports CT100U Gas Powered Mini Trail Bike

With its 4 stroke 98cc/3.0 HP, the bike has got what it takes to be one of the best Minibikes of the year. The ride, with a great suspension, sturdy tires and rear drum brake, is smoother than you’d imagine. And don’t doubt this bike for durability and safety, it is as tough as it can get. The solid, rugged tire design helps it grip the surface better. 

The bike can take weight up to 150 pounds and is ‘ideal for kids 6 and up’. The frame of the bikes not only looks muscled up, it actually is as strong. From muddy grounds to bumpy hills, there is no place this bike cannot go. The bike can run up to 25mph and is quite reliable in terms of safety and handling. The bike comes for around $350.

What We Like-

The power that the Coleman comes with is one the greatest things about it. If the minibike can go up to 25mph, has a great grip and is well built like this, what more do you want?

Important Points To Remember !

With a little lesser power than its 6 HP version, this one can get slower on rough terrains and the speed may go down to 12-14mph over time of use. But the bike still proves to be one of the best here! 

Check the latest price on Amazon!

6. Mega Moto Gas Mini Bike 80CC/2.5HP Without Suspension

With a solid, beast mode look, the Mega Moto Gas Minibike surely looks like a badass biker’s ride. The bike is powered by a 80cc/2.5 HP overhead valve engine that can make it go up to 23mph. It is safer, more reliable and more durable. The bike is studded with rugged, high grip tires that, along with its powerful and smooth brakes, make it a highly efficient minibike. 

The additional features that amaze us are that the bike comes with an exhaust heat shield and engine stop switch which ensures double safety of your kid. The operation of the bike is further made easier with automatic clutch, large comfy seat, spring-loaded tires and motorcycle style throttle. The bike handles well on the toughest terrains and smoothest roads.

What We Like-

The power along with additional features such as an automatic clutch, strong gripped tires, and exhaust heat shield makes the bike one of its kind.

Important Points To Remember !

After a rough ride, the bike may heat up and shut down entirely but don’t worry its just its heat safety feature working and once it has cooled off, you are good to go again.

Check the latest price on Amazon!

7. Monster Moto Gas Mini Bike 80CC 2.5HP with Suspension

Much like the Moto Gas Mini Bike that we discussed in the above section, this one too comes with a 80CC/2.5 HP overhead valve engine, enough to make this mini bike go 23mph or even more. The difference between the two is the suspension. While the one we discussed earlier is an as smooth ride as this one, it doesn’t come with a suspension. 

So, if you are really into buying the one that does have a brilliant suspension, this one is what you should choose. The bike’s suspension, grip, and handling are praiseworthy. It is durable with a well built welded tube frame of steel and polypropylene that leave no-dent even if you crash. The chain guard protects the system further and with a exhaust heat shield and engine stop switch, there is nothing that you will have to worry about.

What We Like-

The suspension and a powerful engine make this bike one of the best you can get. At a price of around $450, the bike will fit into your budget. The durability of over 3 years or more makes it the bike one of the best ones so far. The looks are yet another pro!

Important Points To Remember !

Similar to the one with no suspension, the bike may heat up being used for too long and may shut down altogether. But this is again one of its features and you rather not worry about it too much .

Check the latest price on Amazon!

Weren’t all of these Minibikes just Amazing?

But, we had to choose one that is above all of them. The one bike that is what we actually call: THE BEST !

So, which one is it?

The one bike that we selected to be the best among the best Minibikes, with all the power, safety, and the best features is…

Wait for it.

Top 2 Mini Bikes of 2021

Top Pick

Coleman Power-sports CT200U

Runner Up

Razor dirt bike MX350


Here were the best of all Minibikes that you could buy but, if you are still worried about the high price range and want something that does the job with no compromise and is pocket-friendly too, we have some more Minibikes that can be just the right one for you!

These Minibikes are powerful, badass, durable and won’t hurt your pocket either.

So, let’s ride in!

1. Coleman Powersports CT100U Mini Bike

Also listed on out TOP 7 MiniBikes, the Coleman Powersports CT100U is a power-packed, budget buy priced at just $349 on Amazon. The Minibike comes with a 4 stroke OHV 1 cylinder- 98cc/3 HP engine that can catch a speed of over 21mph at ease! 

With a rugged tire design to provide better grip on rough surfaces, this Minibike is easy to handle and will hold on to be one of the most durable built minibikes of all times. The brakes are smooth and firm with maximum safety assured.

If you are looking for a powerful mini bike that isn’t too hard on money, this one should be your best choice!

Check the latest price on Amazon!

2. Razor MX350 Dirt Rocket

Yet another one from our TOP 7 PICKS, the MX350 is well under budget with no compromise on its beauty and power. The MX350 provides for a great Dirt Bike experience, and the built and design says for it. The bike is powered by a electric moto-cross that can go up to 14mph. 

The chain driven motor can fuel the bike well on tough terrains and with utmost ease. The large tires are designed to increase friction and give the bike a better hold on the grounds, whatever be the terrain. It can take up to 150 pounds and would be ideal for kids 3-8 years old. Given a motor power, the bike is smooth and quiet, and no issues were reported on this. The bike is well under budget, priced at just $249 on Amazon and is one of the best “under budget” minibike you can get!

Check the latest price on Amazon!

Best Electric Minibikes of 2021-

Often, parents prefer electric dirt bikes for adults over engine given that it produces little or no noise, are lighter and a bit easier to handle. So, keeping that in mind, we are here with the best Electric Mini Bikes that you can get!

1. Razor MX500 Dirt Rocket

With a 500-Watt powerful engine, the bike can ride you to 15mph in seconds. One of the best features of the bike includes a dual suspension which provides jerk-free, smooth ride all along. The large tires of the bike provide it a better grip over every kind of surface. The bike comes in an original dirt bike frame which will give you every reason to get this.

Important Points To Remember !

 The assembly might get a bit tricky on this but with a little time, it will be done. There is a instruction manual that comes along and online videos which will help you tackle this problem.

Check the latest price on Amazon!

2. Monster Moto MM-E250

A budget-friendly, durable and powerful bike that is easy to set up. What more do you need? The bike comes with a ‘250 Watt electric motor’ that can fuel it up to a great speed. The sturdy built a metallic frame with polypropylene will take no dent. The brakes are cable actuated which allow safe and smooth stoppage. The bike is all that you need!

Important Points To Remember !

 The bike may shut off after heavy usage. So, give it a decent time to cool down. After then, it good for a ride again. 

Check the latest price on Amazon!

3. Massimo MB200 Supersized

The bike may look a little bigger than other Minibikes but if your kid is 13 or up, this would be just the right one for him. The MB200 is powerful with a 196CC engine, four stroked engine. It can reach up to 21mph and is effortlessly smooth. 

It comes with a dual suspension and wide tires which will give you a relaxing ride all along. The bike is featured with a heat exhaust shield and an engine stop switch which makes it an all-rounder: safe, durable and fast!

Important Points To Remember !

There are no rear shocks but the front shocks make up for it and are by all means better than that of most Minibikes.

Check the latest price on Amazon!

Best Gas Minibikes of 2021-

1. Mega Moto MM-B80-MG 2.5HP Without Suspension 80CC Youth Mini Bike

As cool as it looks, the 212 CC/7.5 HP engine on this one gears it to a fast 25mph. The bike is smooth with special suspensions and authentic motorcycle throttle. It is exactly like a motorbike, just scaled down a bit. The tires handle all surfaces pretty well with their rugged, wide design. The bike is durable and safe with special safety features such as exhaust heat shield, engine stop, and chain guard. It is the by far one of the best Minibikes of 2021!

Important Points To Remember !

When starting this bike for the first time, you may have some trouble in starting and handling but after a few rides, it would be as smooth as it can be. 

Check the latest price on Amazon!

2. Monster Moto Gas Mini Bike 80CC 2.5HP with Suspension

Much like the previous one we discussed, this version of Monster Moto comes with a suspension. The extra dual suspension provides the bike with smoother rides with no jerky or bumpy rides. It comes with a heat exhaust system which ensures safety from the bike being heated too much. It can easily reach to 21mph within seconds and provides the rider a good, comfy ride. The tires grip well on rough surfaces and the bike is easy to handle. It comes pre-assembled and you will just need to fit in some parts. Overall, the bike is better than ever and should be on your short list!

Important Points To Remember !

When starting this bike for the first time, you may have some trouble in starting and handling but after a few rides, it would be as smooth as it can be. 

Check the latest price on Amazon!

Best Mini Dirt Bikes for Kids –

1. Mega Moto – Gas Mini Bike – 105CC/3.5HP Without Suspension

Well, the bike is great for kids, given its size, yet it is super powerful. It comes with a 105CC/3.5 HP engine that is enough to boost this bike to a good 18-19mph. The tires are designed for high grip on even the roughest surfaces and the bike handling is quite well. It is safe and durable, and the best gift your kid could ever ask for!

Important Points To Remember !

Given its heat exhaust system, the bike shuts down after being used for long which might concern you a bit. But, don’t worry, after a nice hour long cool down, the bike is good to go again.

Check the latest price on Amazon!

2. Coolster Kids Gas Mini Dirt Bike 70cc Pit Bike Small Motorbike Semi-Automatic

The Coolster Mini comes with a gas-powered, semi-automatic engine that provides 4 gears. It is powerful and an be handled easily which makes it a reliable choice for your kid. The tires grip and handle different surfaces, from rough to smooth, pretty well. Another great thing about it is: it comes with 90% assembled and you will have no worry about how to assemble it.

Important Points To Remember !

On rough surfaces, the bike to get a little warm and since these are geared bikes, your kid would have to learn to adjust himself to this system.

Check the latest price on Amazon!

Why should kids have all the fun?

It is fairly reasonable for you, as an adult, to drool over how awesome these are. Even if you are gifting this to your kid, why shouldn’t it be something you enjoy yourself too? And even if you don’t have kids but just want to get a Minibike (because damn they are cool! Why should there be anything stopping you?

So, here we have picked out the …

Best MiniBikes for Adults!

1. XtremepowerUS 40CC 4-Stroke Gas Power Mini Pocket Motorcycle Ride-on

Built like an exact Mini Dirt Bike, this one comes with a 49CC 2 stroke engine, powerful enough to fuel this up to 20mph which declares how powerful it is. The suspension on this Bike is better than any other mini bike. With a solid frame designed to provide extra stability, anti-vibration system for off road riding and twist grip throttle, this bike rounds up to be one of the best Minibikes that you can get!

Important Points To Remember !

 The bike’s plastic parts may wear down after a time but with replacements and adjustments, the bike will be as good as new. The performance won’t be compromised. 

Check the latest price on Amazon!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

Mini bikes are a lot of fun when you ride them in the right places. They’re intended for off-road use, which basically means they can be driven anywhere that’s not on the road! Popular places for riding mini bikes are the outdoors, woods, parks, and terrains.

The design of this mini bike is pragmatic and compact. It’s small, weighs only 115 pounds, and has a thin frame.

The 49 cc pocket bikes can reach speeds of 30 to 45 mph (48 to 72 km/h), and the 110–125 cc four-stroke bikes are capable of 60-80 mph. Gasoline-powered bikes are substantially faster and require more skill than off-the-shelf electric bikes, which typically can not exceed 10 to 15 mph (16 to 24 km/h).

To ride a motorcycle in California, you typically must have an M1 motorcycle license, carry proof of insurance, and wear a DOT-approved helmet. … Mini bikes, also referred to as pocket bikes or mini motorcycles, are not street-legal in California.

The top speed of the Coleman CT100U mini bike is 19 mph with 3 hours of ride time on a full tank of gas. Keep in mind that this mini bike was rated at 150 pounds so top speed can and most like will vary based upon the actual weight of the rider and any cargo.

Final Verdict –

So, these were the best of the best Minibikes of 2021. These bikes are safe, durable, fast and as badass as they can get. So, no matter if it is for your kid or for yourself, a Minibike experience will be all worth its price.

If you are still not satisfied with all these mini bikes, don’t forget to check our article on best razor electric scooters if you are interested in purchasing electric scooters.

We hope this guide helped you in making the right choice and you have already ordered your favorite! Do let us know which one it was.

For questions, feedback, and suggestions, write to us, and we’ll get back to you soon!

Till then, keep ridin’!

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