8 Best Mountain Bikes Under 300

best mountain bikes under 300

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Are you new to mountain biking or an experienced rider? Are you seeking the best mountain bike under 300? 

Mountain biking is highly adventurous. However, buying mountain bikes under 300 is such a daunting task. To help you get sorted, we have listed down the best mountain bikes under 300.

1. Mongoose Mech Mountain Bike, 24-Inch Or 26-Inch Wheels:

The Mongoose Mech mountain bike comes in two different varieties with 24-inch and 26-inch wheels. This mountain bike is available in black color. It goes well for adults and perfect for trail use. 

You’ll love this bike because it comes with a front suspension type. This lightweight bike comes with 21 speeds with an aluminum frame. 

The best part about this mountain bike under 300 is the aluminum frame having hydro-formed tubing for a durable, strong frame. The front suspension soothes out the thumps and bumps over the trail. 

Ensure immediate stop over the trail with this bike features rear and front v-brakes. 

The 21 speeds in this Shimano rear allow easy shifting. It features light alloy rims having 26×2.1inch diameter tires. Grab this bike with a strong handlebar with colored plug ends for an MTB look.



2. Dynacraft Vertical Gauntlet 24″ Bike:

Dynacraft vertical bike is a mountain bike that works well for children above 13 years of age. This mountain bike comes with dual suspension. It also features rear and front caliper brakes, making it easy to stop immediately. 

That’s not all! 

This bike also comes with a grip shifter, making it easy for users to ride it. It also comes with 21 different speeds. The full suspension frame of this bike makes it durable and sturdy. 

The high-res graphics used in the design of this bike makes it easy to incline. Enjoy a perfect adventurous trip now with this immediate releasing seat post with a handy kickstand. 

Lastly, the bright orange color of this bike makes you look perfect with its star design.



3. HY Ride-On Smooth Or Rough Terrain With 20 Inches:


HY ride bikes are perfect for smooth and rough terrains. It comes with a hyper swift magenta for girls. What you’ll love about this bike is that it comes with a 7-speed twist shifter. Moreover, this stunning bike comes with rear and front brakes making it convenient to stop. 

Get your hands on this excellent bike now for young riders who plan on going on adventures. 

This best women’s mountain bike under 300 is perfect for youngsters. The wheel size of this bike is around 20 inches. It has dual, front, and rear suspensions. It also comes with a bicycle pump. 

Enjoy riding this bike which comes with the perfect Shimano rear derailleur. The steel wheels with three-piece cranks and pink color make this bike an amazing choice.



4. Xspec Speed Folding Mountain Bike For Adults:

This stunning mountain bike is a perfect choice for 13 years and above. This $300 mountain bike is portable and is easily foldable. Moreover, it comes with 26-inches wheels. The dual suspension type of this mountain bike makes it a stunning choice. 

The best part about this folding bicycle is that it features 21 speeds, and you can fold it in just 15 seconds. Get your hands on this bike now, which comes with a strong, fast, reliable stopping power with V-brake systems. The disc brakes in this bike are long-lasting and do not cause wear and tear to the tires. The disc brakes in this bike are so consistent that they offer accurate braking. 

That’s not all! 

This best cheap mountain bike under $300 comes with a steel folding, high-tensile frame, which allows it to withstand the mountain trails. This bike folds flat within seconds without any use of extra tools. 

What Else! 

This bike comes with rear and front shock absorbers which withstand tough terrains, daily commutes, or mountain trails.



5. Merax 26″ Mountain Bicycle With Suspension Fork:

This mountain bike comes with 24 speeds. Plus, it features a lightweight aluminum frame having disc brakes. This aesthetically appealing bike comes in black and blue colors. What you’ll love about this bike is that it comes with a 26-inches wheel size. It comes in dual suspension with aluminum frame material. 

This bike also comes with a linear-pull brake system with 330 pounds, leading to extreme stopping power. The dual suspension prevents bumps and increases your control over rough terrains.

What else! This bike is fitted with 21-speed derailleurs with lifters, perfect for smooth and reliable gear shifts. This bike is designed with ultimate features meeting the needs of the riders. 



6. Schwinn High Timber Youth/Adult Mountain Bike:

Next on our list of mountain bikes is the Schwinn high timber bike for youths and adults. What you’ll love about this bike is that it comes in a wide range of colors like black, blue, orange, and much more. 

This bike is available in 24-29 inch wheels with 7-21 speed varieties. It is available in aluminum and steel frame options. It is a lightweight mountain bike that works well for trails. 

Get your hands on this mountain bike that is highly durable and is designed for neighborhood rides and trails. The alloy crank in this bike offers steady gearing with less maintenance. 

The best part about this bike is that it features twist shifters having rear derailleur for immediate gear changes over the trail. This bike is ideal for all terrains and sits on durable, light-alloy wheels for additional stability. 

Lastly, this bike comes with adjustable height through quick-release seating. Enjoy smooth navigation with this bike that features a limited lifetime warranty.



7. Titan Pathfinder Elite:

Titan pathfinder elite comes in white, silver, and green color. It comes with 26” wheels with full suspension. It is a perfect unisex bike that comes in high-tensile strength. This bike comes with a steel frame and an alloy fork. 

It features a V-style brake system with doubled alloy rims. The 21-speed gear system in this bike makes it a great choice. Get your hands on this mountain bike now, which works well for adults. This bike is perfect for adults and goes well on a wide range of trails. The dual suspension of this mountain bike allows the user to have perfect control.

Get your hands on this bike now, which comes with 21 different speeds having an 18-inch frame. It is a great choice for parks, trails, roads, and commuting. This bike’s tubes, tires, and wheels are great with an immediate release saddle. It comes with rear and front v-brakes.  

Overall, this bike’s rear and front suspension allow a solid ride leading to less bouncing. 

Lastly, it features a 1-year warranty for users.



8. Titan Punisher 21-Speed Suspension All-Terrain Mountain Bike:

The Titan Punisher is last in our list of best mountain bikes under $300. This stunning bike comes with an 18-inch frame height having 26-inches wheels. You’ll love this mountain bike because it features dual suspension. The full suspension in this mountain bike allows the rider to move over the rough terrains comfortably.  

This bike features 21 different speeds and is available in black/ silver color. The best part about this bike is that it comes with a cantilever brake system. Enjoy a smooth ride with this bike’s rear and front suspension system. It also features a V-style brake system and grip shifter. 

Get your hands on this bike which comes with alloy rims and works well for all terrains. Lastly, it features a quick-release kickstand seat pin with an adjustable bike saddle. This bike comes with a 1-year warranty. 

Overall, this bike is a stunning choice for both women and men. Enjoy using this bike over trails, sidewalks, parks, commutes, hills, pavements, beach rides, or more!



Factors To Consider When Purchasing A Mountain Bike Under 300:

best mountain bike under 300

Mountain bike gears come in 1-30 gears. As you move further, the strength and speed of the mountain bike can change. 

Mountain bikes are made with different frames like aluminum and steel. Steel frames come with higher resistance and durability, while aluminum frames are light. 

It is one of the best things you should consider while buying mountain bikes. 

  • Park bikes are great for downhill terrains. However, riders need to wear protective gear and helmets on these bikes. 
  • All-around mountain bikes are versatile bikes. This bike handles downhill and steep terrains. You can enjoy bumpy and rocky rides with this bike. 
  • Fat bikes are perfect for starters. It comes with wide tires making it easy and convenient over rough, smooth road surfaces. It is best for light snowy and sandy surfaces. 
  • Cross country bikes are excellent, and they come with fast speed. It comes with high climbing power.
  • Trail bikes are perfect for exciting trails and leisure. The balanced power of this bike is amazing, with high climbing power.

The MTB suspensions include:

Full bike suspension comes with rear and front shock-absorbing mechanisms having reduced vibration and tension. This suspension offers traction and comfort. Enjoy this convenient suspension over the downhill, bumpy and steep rides. 

Hardtail bike suspension means zero suspension over the rear section. This suspension protects all riders from going over bumps and vibrations. Such bikes with this suspension are cheaper and need low maintenance. 

Next is the rigid suspension, which comes without any shock-absorbing mechanism over the rear and front section of the bike. These bikes come at a lower price with low maintenance.

The bicycle brake mechanism includes the following:

Rim brakes are widely used and most common in bicycles and MTBs. They come with dual brake pads having a grip over the wheel rims. These brakes are affordable. 

Disc brakes are perfect for gripping the rotor and are attached well with the wheel hub. Disc brakes are available in two types like cable-operated and hydraulic. They come with superb stopping force.

Weight is something you need to consider when buying a mountain bike. If you take the bike off-road, you need to consider weight, durability, and high quality. If your bike’s weight is heavy, it’s hard to take it off. However, if weight is slightly heavy, you should also consider other factors and choose the best one for you. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

  • What Is the Fastest Type of Mountain Bike?

26-inch wheel mountain bikes are best, and they are the fastest. 

  • Which MTB Is Best for Beginners?

With a diverse range of mountain bikes available in the market, the best MTB for beginners is a cross-country bike. These bikes are versatile and lightweight. Riders can use this bike and enjoy it at high speed.

  • Can You Use a Mountain Bike On The Road?

Yes, you can use mountain bikes on the road, but they are a bit slower than designed for mountains. These bikes are also louder, but it works great to replace their tires with road bike tires. 

  • Can You Jump A Hardtail Mountain Bike?

Hardtail mountain bikes are great for jumping. They are lighter, durable, making them easy to maneuver in the air and are less likely to damage.

  • Why Are Mountain Bikes So Slow?

Mountain bikes are slower than road bikes because they are heavy with thick tires and knobs. The shock absorption is high in mountain bikes with a high gear ratio leading to slow bikes.

Final Verdict

So, what are you waiting for? Get your hands on the best mountain bikes under 300. These bikes are perfect for all users. These bikes go well for all trails like bumpy roads and more.

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