8 Best Naked Bikes In 2021

best naked bikes

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If you want a bike designed for commuting or traveling long distances, you should get a touring bike. And if you want one that’s optimized for acceleration, cornering, speed, and braking, a sports bike is your best option. But what if you can get all of these features in just one bike? That’s what you can expect from the best-naked bikes today.

And since there are many models out there, we have decided to review eight naked bikes known for their versatility, quality, and performance. But before we reveal our top picks, let’s learn more about these two-wheeled vehicles first.

A naked motorcycle is a naked version of its fully-faired counterpart. In other words, naked motorcycles are sports bikes without any plastic fairings. These bikes are known for their differently tuned engines and upright riding position.

One of the reasons naked bikes are trendy among new and experienced riders is that it’s more affordable than sports bikes. The maintenance cost of naked bikes is also lesser compared to other models. Having fewer components on the motorcycle means fewer things to worry about.

Aside from the affordable price and low maintenance costs, naked bikes are also practical because they’re smaller than other models. As such, they can easily fit in small spaces. In addition, the lightweight nature of these bikes makes them easy to park and maneuver. Finally, you’ll be comfortable throughout the ride because of the bike’s upright riding position.

Naked bikes are fast and incredibly powerful, so they’re a suitable option for experienced riders. And since these bikes have fewer components on them, they’re easier to control than other models.

Naked bikes have varying speeds, but these vehicles can easily reach 150mph when required. These bikes also have raised handlebars, which helps improve their braking efficiency.

Plus, naked bikes are equipped with the latest technology today. You’ll find models with digital displays, injection, traction control, cruise control, and other advanced features.

But the best thing about naked bikes is that they offer the thrill of sports bikes and the comfort of cruiser bikes. So this bike is one of your best options if you need something that you can use for commuting to work or around the town.

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Best Naked Bikes of 2021:

As mentioned earlier, there are many styles and models available out there. So we have reviewed the top naked bikes today to help you save time. Each of the options listed below comes with powerful features. So here are the best naked bikes in 2021.

1. Yamaha MT-03

best naked bikes

The Yamaha MT-03 features a 321cc two-cylinder engine, two angled lights, and one LED headlight for improved visibility at night and low light conditions. The bike’s engine capacity is perfect for new riders. Gear changing is also easy thanks to its effortless shifter and light-feeling clutch. In addition, the bike’s upper triple clamp and 37mm tubes provide a smooth ride during cornering, braking, and acceleration.

The Yamaha MT-03 also features a sophisticated fuel injection system and offset cylinders that deliver a smooth and fast throttle response. The engine’s built-in counterbalance and 180⁰ crank design reduce vibrations as well. The bike also boasts a six-speed smooth-shifting gearbox, ensuring that you always have the correct ratio throughout the ride.

Furthermore, the aluminum forged pistons help reduce vibration and power loss, allowing the bike to run smoothly even when you’re speeding down the road. The bike’s short muffler construction also helps improve agility and centralize mass. If you’re looking for the best naked motorcycle that can withstand urban commuting and extended rides, the Yamaha MT-03 is one of your best options.


2. Kawasaki Z400 ABS

best naked motorcycle

The Kawasaki Z400 ABS is perfect for entry-level riders as it offers a smooth and ride. It has two kinds of cams – slipper and assist cams. The assist cam works as a self-servo system that pulls the operating plate and clutch hub together. On the other hand, the slipper cam pulls the operating plate and clutch hub apart. This function prevents the rear tires from skidding and hopping. Thus, it’s perfect for track or sport riding.

This model comes with a 399cc four-stroke engine with high fuel efficiency. There’s also an indicator that monitors the bike’s fuel consumption. This indicator helps improve your fuel efficiency, which can help enhance your cruising range. Aside from this, low fuel consumption also helps protect the environment. In addition, the Kawasaki Z400 ABS has rear and front-wheel sensors that continuously monitor the wheel speed.

The bike also features a 3.7-gallon tank, final chain drive, and six-speed manual gearbox. The adjustable clutch and brake levers make it easy to control whether you’re a small or big-handed person. In addition, the Kawasaki Z400 ABS has soft shock springs and a fork, which are ideal for lighter riders. The bike’s LED lighting also improves visibility at night.


3. Suzuki SV650 ABS

top naked bikes

The Suzuki SV650 features a powerful V-twin engine, utilitarian nature, and minimalist style, which hides the bike’s sporty side. It comes with a 645cc engine that delivers power to the wheels through a six-speed gearbox. Aside from its solid gearbox and engine, the bike also comes with cast aluminum rims and Tokico brakes. The SV650’s low seat height is ideal for new riders as well.

The 2021 version has a trellis-style frame made from heavy-duty steel tubes, contributing to the bike’s low trim chassis and weight. The SV650’s slim, black bodywork is not only eye-catching but also improves the bike’s maneuverability and comfort. Moreover, the stainless steel cover and muffler offer ample angles when you’re cornering.

The SV650’s braking performance is also top-notch, thanks to its braking system. It comes with a sophisticated EFI system that effortlessly adjusts the bike’s speed during low-speed running and takeoff. The engine also produces strong horsepower while adhering to the emission requirements.

The engine’s 90⁰ L-twin design has perfect balance, so there’s no need for a heavy counterbalancer. The engine’s unique pistons were made using FEM analysis for maximum rigidity. In addition, the bike’s cylinder heads are designed to provide cleaner emission and better combustion efficiency, and fuel economy.


4. KTM 390 Duke

best naked bikes 2020

The KTM 390 Duke is designed for crowded streets. The best part is that this bike uses sophisticated technology to provide all the help you need when driving.  It features a 373cc, four-valve engine, and a TFT screen that shows your driving information. The bike also has an ingenious exhaust and intake system, an advanced fuel injection mechanism, and a 46-millimeter throttle body.

Thanks to the bike’s ride-by-wire, it can deliver powerful torque at all times. This feature also translates the rider’s throttle commands that are suited to your riding condition. Thus, the KTM 390 Duke is great for circuit and road riding. The bike also comes with high-performance, inverted WP forks. The best thing about these forks is that they’re low maintenance, so they’re ideal for all kinds of riding.

In addition, the upright handlebar allows you to maintain a controlled body position while riding the bike. So whether it’s cornering or braking, this handlebar will let you take on any road with confidence and balance. Plus, the brake and clutch levers are adjustable. Thus, you can customize the cockpit to fit your riding style, which can only mean one thing. So whether you’re a beginner or experienced rider, you can ride the KTM 390 Duke with confidence.

But aside from its powerful engine and upright handlebar, this bike also comes with an innovative TFT screen that shows all the info you need when driving. For example, the display bar changes color, so you’ll know whether you should back off or speed up. Moreover, the TFT screen automatically changes its color to suit the current lighting condition around you. So you can see the display regardless of the lighting condition.


5. Yamaha MT-07

naked motorcycles

The Yamaha MT-07 comes with a 689cc parallel-twin Euro5-compliant engine and “MT face” aesthetics. Thanks to its exhaust system and intake air duct conduction, the powerful engine delivers outstanding torque and a smooth throttle response. The bike’s fuel injection setting improves its linear response as well. The Yamaha MT-07’s valve seats also have exceptional abrasion resistance and gearshift feel.

Plus, the bike’s tapered handlebars offer better control for riders of all sizes. The Yamaha MT-07 also comes with LED lights. As a result, the rear and front turn signals exhibit powerful and precise illumination at night and low light conditions. The bike’s cylinder blocks also help improve fuel economy and power.

The best part is that the Yamaha MT-07 can take on all kinds of terrain, thanks to its e-fuel injection setting that delivers a smooth and quick throttle response. Plus, the high-strength, compact steel frame allows for agile handling. The bike’s lightweight wheels also provide excellent suspension performance, thanks to their exceptional agility and grip.

In addition, the Yamaha MT-07’s 298-millimeter front disc brakes have four-piston calipers. The bike also comes with 245-millimeter rear disc brakes. The ABS prevents wheel lock-ups as well. What’s more, the front suspension comes with a 41-millimeter KYB fork. The bike’s suspension performs exceptionally across different riding styles with meticulously selected damping settings and spring rates.

The rear shock is also adjustable. And since it is placed below the bike seat, it made the chassis more compact. The Yamaha MT-07 also comes with an LCD screen that displays your current gear and other driving info. In addition, you can toggle and reset the meter functions and temperatures using the left thumb switch that you can find on the handlebar.


6. KTM 890 Duke R

best naked bikes

The KTM 890 Duke R features an 889cc parallel-twin engine, die-cast swingarm, and aluminum subframe. Plus, the bike’s aggressive engine management makes it more powerful. In addition, it has a motorsports-based ABS with mid-corner braking support. The bike’s anti-wheel-lift systems also keep it on the road, allowing you to enjoy the agility and power of the 890 Duke R.

This model has horizontally split crankcases that help reduce wall weight and thickness. A heavier flywheel and crankshaft setup helps improve torque as well. In addition, the 890 Duke R has new sensors that help improve throttle response for accurate throttle inputs. This bike also features a cylinder head that can accommodate 30-millimeter exhaust and 37-millimeter intake valves.

Plus, KTM added a balancer shaft to the 890 Duke R to support the improved rotating mass and RPM. This bike can effortlessly take on mountain passes and twisty tracks thanks to its tubular chassis. And like other KTM R bikes, the 890 Duke R has an orange frame to emphasize its sporty features.

Aside from its compact proportions and loud graphics, the 890 Duke R also has a tapered aluminum handlebar. And since there are four fine-tuning positions and three rotational modifications on the bike’s triple clamp, you can adjust your reach anytime. The 890 Duke R also comes with an LED headlight that offers the perfect combination of optimum light output and near-field illumination.


7. BMW S1000R

naked bikes

The BMW S1000R shares the same gearbox, straight bars, frame, engine, and suspension as its fully-faired counterpart. But the company made several improvements and today, the 2021 version of the BMW S1000R is more powerful, faster, and lighter than ever.

Aside from its powerful inline-four engine, the S1000R also comes with an improved six-speed gearbox. In addition, BMW has made the fourth, fifth, and sixth speeds longer to reduce the bike’s noise level and fuel consumption. The S1000R’s MSR also prevents the back wheel from skidding when you’re shifting gear or accelerating.

The new frame also allows the rider to move around freely. In addition, BMW placed the spring strut further from the engine axle and swingarm to prevent the bike from overheating. This position also ensures consistent damping and stable temperature response at all times. The 2021 version has three modes – dynamic, rain, and road.

Aside from these features, the bike has a 6.5″ TFT screen that displays your riding info. You can also pick from different screen displays. For instance, the Pure Driving screen shows the information required for highway driving. The BMW S1000R also features an LED headlight. In addition, the bike’s LED taillights and turn indicators provide improved visibility when you’re driving at night.


8. Triumph Speed Triple RS

naked motorcycle

The Triumph Speed Triple RS is one of the best naked bikes 2020. But the company has made significant improvements to the 2020 version. And thanks to these impressive tweaks, the Triumph Speed Triple RS is one of the most responsive and powerful naked bikes in 2021. It features a 1,050cc, three-cylinder 12-valve engine that can produce 86 lb-ft of torque and 148 HP.

This model has five modes – sport, rider-configurable, track, rain, and road. And with its optimized traction control, cornering ABS, and traction control, the Speed Triple RS is among the most sophisticated naked bikes for new and experienced riders alike. In addition, it has keyless ignition, adjustable Ohlins suspension, LED DRLs, and Brembo brakes.

The 2021 version also comes in two colors – crystal white and mat black. What’s more, the Speed Triple RS has a TFT display that shows both additional and essential rider info. You can also pick from three screen options for maximum visibility. Aside from these features, the Speed Triple RS has backlit and ergonomic switch cubes that allow easy and quick access to the bike’s functions.

The switch cubes have a five-way joystick that you can use to access the TFT display, cruise control, and riding mode button. In addition, you can enable the cruise control option to reduce fatigue during long-distance trips. The Speed Triple RS also comes with DRL headlights for improved visibility.


Final Verdict

The best part about naked bikes is that they’re perfect for new riders due to their upright riding position and low seat height. These bikes are also fast and sporty, making them an excellent option for experienced riders who want a speedy bike. The naked bikes listed above are some of your best options today. So whatever you pick, you’ll get the best value for your money.

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