🛹 6 Best Off-Road Electric Skateboards in 2020 You Must Get Your Hands On!

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Electric skateboards are all the rage in today’s day and age. Not only are they a fun way to commute and get by from one place to another but they are also a more eco-friendly mode of transportation than electric scooters and bikes.

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Electric skateboards are also perfect for off-road riding and activities. The powerful motors on these skateboards make it fun and exciting to go off on a road less traveled and have an adventure. Just charge up the skateboard and you are all set to have some great uninterrupted fun!

In this article, we will compare and review some of the leading off-road electric skateboards in the market today so that you know which ones to keep your eyes peeled for. If you are looking for something for your daily commute, do check out this post about cruiser skateboards.


  • Maximum Speed 25 MPH
  • Power 3000W
  • Range : 31 miles
  • Battery: 36V


  • Maximum Speed 22 MPH
  • Power 1600W
  • Range : 10 miles
  • Battery: 36V


  • Maximum Speed 26 MPH
  • Power 3000W
  • Range : 31 miles
  • Battery: 35V

6 Best off-road electric skateboards of 2020 – Our Picks !

1. Evolve Skateboards – Bamboo GTX Street Electric Skateboard

If you want an electric skateboard that is best suited for rough terrain and off-road usage, then the Bamboo GTX Street Electric Skateboard is ideal for you. With a powerful motor that is capable of giving a top speed of 20 to 25 miles per hour, this skateboard offers different riding modes and speeds which lets you control the way you cruise on this awesome electric skateboard. It comes with a small remote which lets you see the speed of the scooter, range and battery levels, all in the palm of your hand. 


  • Power – 3000 watts
  • Top speed – 25 miles per hour
  • Range – 31 miles
  • Maximum weight carrying capacity – 260 pounds


  • Can be used on hilly terrain
  • Has a huge battery capacity
  • Has high grade 83mm hybrid wheels
  • The deck is sturdy with anti-slip features
  • It has an ECO mode which helps you save energy


  • None! , Literally we can't find any 😉

What We Like-

We love the additional feature of the hand-held remote which displays all the important information and lets you monitor the speeds, battery levels and so on.

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2. MotoTec 1600W Dirt Electric Skateboard

This is one of the few electric skateboards that has two motors, one on each of the rear wheels. This skateboard has a very unique look as well, with a 12-ply maple deck that is sturdy and just the best for rough and tough use. This electric skateboard also has large wheels and high ground clearance. These are the features that make it the ideal model for off-road usage. You can control the speed of the skateboard with the help of the remote it comes with. 


  • Power – 1600 watts
  • Top speed – 22 miles per hour
  • Range – 10 miles
  • Maximum weight carrying capacity – 260 pounds


  • It has a very strong deck
  • It has very strong and large wheels that make riding this skateboard easy
  • It only needs 3 to 5 hours to charge completely
  • It has a dual-motor system
  • It can be used on all types of terrain


  • It can only go on for 10 miles on a single charge.

What We Like-

We specifically love the look of this electric skateboard. The 12-ply maple deck gives it an earthy and unique look which is hard to find in other electric skateboard models.

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3. Evolve Skateboards Carbon GT Series Electric Skateboard

Another synonym for this beautiful off road electric skateboard can be the ‘black beauty’ of skateboards. Evolve has always worked on creating the best electric skateboards for their fans, and the Carbon GT Series does not disappoint one bit. It looks extremely sleek and stylish and also packs a very powerful punch. It is built in a certain way (notice the large wheels on this monster) so that it can endure different types of roads, dirt tracks, concrete, hill terrain, sandy terrain and so on.


  • Power – 3000 watts
  • Top speed – 26 miles per hour
  • Range – 31 miles on the street, 18 miles on different terrain
  • Maximum weight carrying capacity – 260 pounds


  • It has a very strong deck
  • It is extremely stylish and sleek and has anti-slip features
  • The large wheels on this thing make it easy to ride and maneuver
  • It has a powerful brushless motor
  • It has an LCD display which allows you to see the basic stats


  • It is an expensive electric skateboard

What We Like-

We love the fact that this skateboard is the ideal balance between good looks and even better performance.

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4. Koowheel Electric Skateboard

This is another electric skateboard with a dual-motor system. Each motor is 350 watts, giving it a combined power of 700 watts. This is an affordable electric skateboard you can go for if the value for money is one of your criteria for choosing an electric skateboard. The strong and sturdy deck is made up of a 7-ply Canadian maple that is made to withstand all types of wear and tear. The lithium-ion battery in this electric skateboard is pretty impressive as well and it charges up pretty soon and gives an excellent range too.


  • Power – 700 watts
  • Top speed – 24.8 miles per hour
  • Range – 15 miles 
  • Maximum weight carrying capacity – 286 pounds


  • It has an excellent range for the price you pay
  • This is a skateboard made for offroading
  • Comes with a wireless remote which lets you monitor the battery levels of the skateboard
  • It has 2 riding modes - one is normal and the other is the high-speed mode
  • The batteries of this electric scooter can be replaced easily


  • The wheels can be better as this skateboard is not as smooth as the others on this list

What We Like-

We like the fact that this electric skateboard gives its rider value for money. The features of this skateboard are way above the price.

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5. Wave Street 2000 Watt Electric Off-Road Skateboard

One of the first things we noticed about this off-road electric skateboard is the large wheels on this bad boy. The pneumatic wheels make it easy for riding on hilly uneven off-roading terrain. You can easily deal with 30-degree inclinations without any hesitation. This skateboard also just weighs 13.5 pounds which goes to show that it is lightweight and easy to travel with. This skateboard has a very powerful and efficient motor and battery. 


  • Power – 2000 watts
  • Top speed – 18.6 miles per hour
  • Range – 10 miles 
  • Maximum weight carrying capacity – 260 pounds


  • Strong and sturdy 10-ply Canadian maple deck which also has great grip
  • Short charging time. Only needs 3 hours to charge fully
  • Large pneumatic tires which ensure you have a smooth ride
  • Comes with a wireless remote to monitor speed and battery levels
  • Great shock absorption


  • Can be a little expensive for some people

What We Like-

We love the wheels on this electric skateboard. It gives the board a lot of flexibility and smoothness.

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6. Rimable Complete 22 inches skateboard (GREEN)

Although this is not an electric skateboard, this skateboard is quite impressive so we just couldn’t ignore it! This skateboard comes fully assembled and is made up of high-grade plastic. The board has three-inch wide aluminum trucks that ensure that you have a smooth ride. People who opt for this board usually enjoy riding it at skate parks. This skateboard is most suited for kids who have just started to venture out into the world of skateboarding. 


  • Length of the board – 22 inches
  • Wheels – aluminium and polyurethane
  • Deck – high grade plastic
  • Weight Capacity – 196 pounds


  • This is a very affordable skateboard
  • It is a great board for ids to start their skateboarding journey
  • It can be used by anyone under the weight limit of 198 pounds
  • It comes fully assembled


  • It does not have an electric equivalent

What We Like-

We really like the fact that this scooter is so versatile and can be used by people of all ages.

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How to pick out the most appropriate electric skateboard for you – A Buyer’s Guide

Before you go ahead and buy the first electric skateboard that comes your way, you need to keep certain parameters in mind which will help you take an informed decision and ensure that you have bought an electric skateboard that is best suited to your needs. Some of the parameters which seem to come across as most important are –

  • Range

The range of the electric skateboard is a parameter which gives you an idea about how many miles or kilometers the skateboard can go on for after being charged once completely. Depending on the type of usage you need, you must go for a rage that best suits your needs. If long distance traveling is what you want, then a skateboard with a range higher than 15 miles is ideal.

  • Battery

You must look at getting an electric skateboard that has a powerful battery so that it can give the skateboard the oomph it needs to make it the ride of your life! Rechargeable or replaceable batteries are the best kind.

  • Deck

You must choose an electric skateboard that has a heavy duty deck that can withstand all types of wear and tear. These decks should also have anti-slip features which make it easy for the rider to  get a good grip and not slide off the board.

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  • Motor

This point is about as obvious as it can be – the more powerful the motor is, the greater the performance of the board. An electric skateboard with a power lying in the range of 2000-3000 watts is ideal for rough and wild terrain and this board can also climb inclines and hilly regions.

  • Wheels

The larger the wheels, the better they are for providing a smooth and bump-free ride. Large wheels are also more effective in absorbing shocks. In our experience, big wheels which are air filled provide the best riding experience. Other than rubber tires, pneumatic tires work just as well.

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  • Weight

If you are looking for portability and being able to travel easily with your board, then you must consider some of the lightweight electric skateboards there are in the market. These boards were made for this exact purpose and are very easy to travel with on the go.

What are some of the safety precautions one must take before riding an electric skateboard?

Investing in some high-grade protective gear for skateboarding is essential and almost non-negotiable. Make sure you purchase these – 

  • Helmet

Any regular BMX biking helmet can be used. The idea is to completely protect your head, and these helmets do the job just fine.

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  • Elbow pads

Skateboarding is such an activity where you are bound to have a fall, no matter how good or experienced you are. Having elbow pads just protects you from some nasty falls which may result in some injuries.

Here are a few options on Amazon.

  • Knee pads

Knees are the most injury prone areas on your body, so protecting them is a very important part of the overall protection.

Here are a few options on Amazon.

  • Wrist Bands

Wristbands protect your wrists but also gives you the grip you need to hold onto the wireless remote as well.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

Yes, it most definitely is! If you like having the option of different speeds, and other additional features which you won’t get in a regular skateboard, then this is the skateboard for you. Electric skateboards also need lesser effort from your end because the motor is able to do most of the job.

This depends on the electric skateboard you are riding. If you want to ride your electric skateboard in the rain, then you have to make sure that all the components of the skateboard are waterproof. If yes, then yes you can ride it in the rain.

Yes, off-roading electric skateboards can be used on sandy beaches as well. The only thing you need to keep in mind is that you make sure that you clean the board and the wheels properly so that the sand does not go into places it isn’t supposed to.

No , it is not difficult to maintain, but regular checks and cleaning should be done to ensure that your electric skateboard has a long life and works well.

Final Verdict –

To conclude, if you are someone who loves to skateboard and wants to venture into off-road skateboarding, then an electric skateboard is just what you need. These skateboards are heavy-duty and powerful, and give you the thrill and excitement that all skateboarders crave.

Every electric skateboard has its special qualities, so it is important that you do your research, narrow down on what features you want in your board, and then embark on the journey of investing in a great electric skateboard which will be your companion for a long time to come!

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