5 Best Outdoor Ping Pong Tables In 2022 Reviewed

best outdoor ping pong table

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Ping pong or better known as Table Tennis is a great game that can be played anywhere and anytime. It is a sport that can take a lifetime to master however the joys of reaching that point is well worth the journey. Generally, it is played on a table with net dividing the center similar to tennis, however, the net is a few inches tall. Despite requiring two or four paddles or rackets and a ball, this game does not take up to much space and can be enjoyed either in an enclosed space or outdoors. Unlike games like football and golf that require a certain amount of space, ping pong occupies the dimension of a regular-sized table and can be played with up to four people. 

Ping pong is a wickedly fast sport that not only tests the physicality of an individual, it tests their mental sharpness too. With summer here already, the great outdoors may be a tad bit too hot to be out in. Hence, enjoying a game in the vicinity of your home. 

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Generally played indoors, many could be facing the limitation of space and for that reason, it is best to go for an outdoor ping pong table. There are plenty of varieties in the market and each has its pros and cons. The outdoor ping pong tables have weatherproofing abilities or are easily foldable, these may not be available on all models, and hence it is very important to choose the one that fits your requirement best. 

The ping pong table isn’t just a regular sport or hobby at home, it can be used for social occasions and is a great way to improve your health from the confines of your home. So let us look at the five best outdoor ping pong tables!

Outdoor Ping Pong Table

Traditionally played indoors, ping pong is evolving to a new level. We have constantly viewed ping pong as an indoor sport. We have learned the game by playing it indoors and watching events on television. However, this does not mean that the sport is restricted to that environment. 

The first case for choosing an outdoor ping pong table is the space factor. Many do not have space at home to house another table for entertainment. Some have a room dedicated for games, hobbies and extracurricular activities, however, this does not represent everyone. So having a foldable, outdoor ping pong table takes care of that issue. When in use, fold it out on the porch, backyard or any space outdoor deemed fit for use and when not in use, just fold it and store back in the garage. 

Secondly is the weather factor. Ping pong played indoors may not have the same effect on the body as playing outdoors. Mood levels are elevated when playing in outdoor conditions. Along with that, the table can be used for family get-togethers. It is an excellent way to keep many active and fit at home without the excuse of no space in the house. It can be set up easily and can occupy children for hours while adding to their health. 

The only downside that could be there is the fact that the tables for outdoor use are made by combining waterproof materials which means they are coated. This, in turn, affects the bounce ability of the table. Outdoor tables tend to have lower bounce as it absorbs more energy when it touches the playing surface. This means it can be a slower game. However, for recreational purposes, this factor is negligible. 

Best Outdoor Ping Pong Tables In 2022 –

1. Joola Nova

A well-known brand in the ping pong space, Joola has been constantly innovating and implementing new technologies to their tables to ensure the best possible product for the customer. They have been doing this for about forty years. 

The Table is weatherproofed and ready for outdoor conditions. It has a 6 mm thick aluminium and plastic composite surface which is resistant to scratches and chipping. The table itself sits on 30×30 mm powder-coated, rust-resistant undercarriage. 

The table can be easily folded into half for single person use or solo practice. When both sides are folded, the table becomes compact and easy to store. The table comes with an easy to assemble net which features a net tensioning system and classic screw system. Each of the table halves has four wheels that ensure added safety. There is a locking system that prevents the tables from falling over when in the folded position and ensures stability while being moved as well. 

The caster wheels are heavy duty in nature and have a locking mechanism to ensure stability when in a stationary position. The table is equipped with adjustable height levellers that allow the user to adjust the position, especially on uneven terrains.

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2. Stiga XTR Outdoor Table

A world-renowned favourite for professional and semi-professional players, Stiga is a brand that is created for those who play for recreation as well. Their products have the highest standard of quality and durability. 

Similar to Joola Outdoor Tables, the table is designed for outdoor purposes. Designed in a simple, clean and eye-pleasing aesthetics, the table may not be rated highest in terms of the ball bounce or speed but it ticks all the boxes in terms of an affordable outdoor table. 

The table surface is made from an aluminium composite that provides waterproofing qualities. It is about 6mm thick so the bounce will not be as high as professional level tables however it still provides an excellent experience. 

The best part of the Stiga XTR is the fact that it is mostly preassembled so there is no hard work involved in terms of putting it together laboriously every time you play. Instead, it follows a Quickplay design that allows you to set up quickly in 10-15 minutes and is probably the fastest on this list.

The table has two halves that can be separated which means it can be stored completely separately and has playback positioning capabilities too. So perfect for solo practice as well. 

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3. Stiga Vapor Outdoor Tennis Table

Stiga is definitely in the top bracket as far as the best table tennis brands in the world are concerned. Founded in Sweden in the 1930s, they have a global reach of over 100 countries. The table is completely waterproof, this is a distinguishing feature when choosing a good outdoor Ping-Pong table. Water is generally considered to be the biggest factor when it comes to surfaces of outdoor tables getting ruined. If surfaces are getting warped post water, it is best to steer clear of such tables. This can render the table useless and your money wasted. Surprisingly, high humidity can cause damage to the table

The Vapor is designed with an aluminium composite tabletop that is 6mm thick and is supported by a 1.5” steel apron. The two layers combine to ensure maximum bounce without compromising on the weatherproofing abilities.  The frame is created from durable and strong materials that are rust-resistant. Even the legs of the table are galvanized to stop it from rusting. It is always important to get a table cover to ensure maximum protection at all times. 

The best thing about the table that is two halves that can be folded and stored. The two halves can be connected to create a full-length table or one half can be propped up to the playback position for solo practice. The table has latches when in a closed and open position that ensure that it stays in place for safety. The legs of the table fold automatically and are fitted with levellers that adjust to different kinds of terrain. The table is extremely easy to assemble and takes about ten minutes to do so. The table includes a weatherproof net and a threaded clamp that can be adjusted for the level of tension needed. 

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4. Kettler Outdoor 10

Manufactured by Kettler, a popular German manufacturer. Approved by the ITTF (International Table Tennis Federation). The design of this outdoor board makes it unique and sets it apart from the other outdoor tables. 

The best feature of the table is the 22mm is the ALU-TEC waterproof playing surface. It is made up by combining a resin treated board along with an aluminium sheet. This makes the board retain top quality bounce along with long term durability and most importantly protection against warping. To give additional protection, there are two layers of coating and a UV resistant finishing. This gives the surface of the table an edge against its competitors in terms of facing the elements. 

The board has consistent bounce levels and a relatively fast pace of speed. This table is good for recreational players, beginners and even for advanced players. This table is excellent and comes closest to the playing experience of an indoor playing table. 

The frame and legs of the table are made from aluminium and are highly durable. They provide the necessary stability to the table. There levellers on the leg as well. The table is foldable and has four large-sized wheels for ease of movement. It can be folded for the playback position for solo practice. The net is of a professional level that can withstand outdoor weather conditions. It comes with a neat ball box to store and dispense balls during playThe table has corner protectors that are handy when you have children around. The table needs some assembling before it can be used.

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5. Cornilleau 500M

The looks and design of this table strike you the moment you lay your eyes on it. This is a premium table and has that written on it from the word go. This is an excellent choice if you have money to spend on an excellent quality table that has plenty to offer. Firstly, this is a crossover table which means that it can be used indoors and outdoors. This table is a result of a high tech robotic technology and hence it is made with a lot of precision.

The surface of the table is made with 7mm laminate surface. A glare-reducing layer helps with increasing the visibility of the ball without compromising on the durability and the weatherproof abilities of the table. The table comes with these giant oversized wheels combined with a special handle that makes transporting the table pretty easy and is pretty capable of handling the bumps and doorways it encounters.

There are brakes on the wheels and the table has integrated storage for balls and paddles. The net is retractable and adjustable for ease of storage and height/tension adjustment. The playback position is unique that it can bend and drop to allow visibility on the other side. The initial assembly is a pain but once the table has been set up, it is pretty easy to use and store. 

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Factors to consider when buying an outdoor ping pong table – 

best outdoor ping pong table reviews

 The most important factor when considering an outdoor ping pong table. It must be well protected against the elements and show great durability. If this is combined with good ball bounce then you have the perfect product. 

If the table has large wheels, can be transported easily then you have a win-win situation. If the table comes with levellers, that is a bonus because no matter the type of terrain, playing on it will be a possibility. 

There are pre-assembled tables that are perfect for quick play. Others have a painful assembly process. Depending on your requirement, pick the one that suits you. This is, however, a one-time thing that should not be an issue. The dimensions of the table in terms of storage is important as well. If it is too large and occupies too much space, then it is more sensible to go for a smaller and foldable table. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

The answer is a resounding yes! Outdoor tables are made durable, but having a little extra protection against the elements will give longer life to the table. It is best to store the table in a dry area. In case the humidity levels are high, it is best to remove the cover and let the surface breathe. 

Finding replacements is not that easy. So make sure you look after the table and contact manufacturers directly in case there is a requirement for spare parts. 

Final Verdict

 It isn’t a bad idea to have an outdoor ping pong table at home. It may be great for recreational use and fun days with the family. Choose an outdoor ping pong table basis your requirement – if you’re looking for a budget-friendly option head for a Stiga. Looking for a premium model, check out Kettler or Cornilleau. If you are looking for a mix of all then Joola may be perfect for you. There are plenty of options for everyone

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