Top 8 Best Shiatsu Massage Chairs In 2021

shiatsu massage chair review

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Massage chairs have been around for a while. The 1940s and ’50s in the US had older versions than today’s technologically advanced versions. The early massage chairs were something that looked straight out of an old school sci-fi film. Despite having rollers, motors, gears and vibrating parts that are a staple of massage chairs today, the sophistication that we see today isn’t seen. They were the opposite, quite a rough experience. However, as technology kept improving so did the quality and experience. 

In the age of stress, increasing bodily diseases and round the clock disturbance, the human body has become fragile and a constant companion to stress and pain. What better way to turn back the clock on the body and give it a relaxing time. Massage chairs do just that, it heals the body through sound scientific techniques and processes to leave you feeling relaxed and like jelly!

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There are several benefits to owning a massage chair. Not only does it relax you, but it also proves to be a therapeutic treatment for sore aching bodies. Let’s look at the benefits of massage chairs – 

  • Improves circulation of the blood – It helps with improved flow of blood throughout the body and helps in oxygen flow and reduction of swelling in the body. 
  • Reduces the chances of diseases – Those suffering from hypertension, cardiovascular diseases and strokes can be treated right with these chairs. 
  • Helps elevate mood – The most important thing a massage chair does is improve the blood flow, reduce anxiety and leave a relaxed feel. All these combined, create a better mood sensation and in turn, helps with longevity. 
  • Reduces pain – There are so many out there who are at jobs that make you sit at an office desk throughout the day and causes terrible back pain due to incorrect posture. Massage chairs soothe the pain as it is designed to provide vibration to the important parts of the body. Sore muscles after a tough workout can be tackled with the massage chair so it is useful for athletes and those involved in high-intensity sporting activities. 

Now that we know the tremendous benefits of massage chairs, let us look at a few that could be good for you. Let us look at the detailed review of the best shiatsu massage chairs in the market: 

1. Real Relax 2021 Massage chair

This is a Chinese brand that was founded in 2015 and does zero gravity massage chairs. All of their products are certified by CE, FDA and US patents. The brand is known to be involved in sustainable innovations. A perfect gift for your mother or father, this massage chair is easy to assemble and can enjoy a wide array of massage choices. There are 4 preset programs and have a zero gravity full body massage feature. The chair can be adjusted to suit the height of the individual seated in it. The massage chair is equipped with a smart remote control that makes the entire experience simple. The remote has a high definition VFD display and easy to understand instructions.

There are eight massage points in the chair along with an armrest and a foot roller. The foot massage deck has a roller and an airbag that gives a complete massage to the foot. There is a back heating option for very tired backs and the presets allow for targeting specific areas of the body as per need.  This chair has a hip vibrator that massages the glutes and the adjoining areas of any pain. The Bluetooth feature allows for playing and stopping music during the massage session. The chair can recline back depending on the zero-gravity need. 

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2. Relaxon Chair MK-II Full Body Massage Chair

This chair is an upgraded version of the massage chairs available in the market currently. The core aspect of this product is the rollers that are installed in it. They tend to be perfect in terms of being firm and gentle yet providing maximum pressure. The chair comes with four automatic programs that can be used as per your requirement and desire. Five massage options are manual – tapping, rolling, tapping, kneading and shiatsu. These can be set to target specific muscles of the body. There are supporting airbags with the rollers that can be adjusted to three levels.

There are three-stage zero gravity functions that can relieve strain on the neck and back. The chair can elevate to a position that imitates a sleeping position and helps in relaxing you. That function helps reduce the impact of gravity on the spine which is experienced when one is standing or sitting. When in a 180-degree position, there is optimal blood flow in the body. The chair has a built-in L tracking massage system which scans the body through computerized sensors which analyse the kind of massage needed based on the length of your backbone. The airbags are capable of individually inflating and deflating to keep your body in the most comfortable resting position. There are multiple airbags throughout the chair that are programmed to massage hips, thighs, waist, calves and forearms with acupressure like precision.

The chair has the feel of a human masseuse as it provides spinal decompression that assists in the stretching of back muscles, limbs and the body. One can combine a deep tissue massage with heat for that extra relief. The quality of the build is excellent and intends to give maximum comfort. The chair has wheels and since it isn’t that heavy so it can be moved and transported easily around the house. It also has an easy to operate remotely for greater control of the massage experience.

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3. Medical Breakthrough 4 v2 Recliner

A highly recommended massage chair. It features cutting edge technology that sets it apart from the other competitors in the market. It is medical recommended which means that it is okay for use for those who are suffering from diseases that have body pains and aches. The L track system is a four-wheel roller trail that is designed to fit the shape of the body from the spine to the buttocks region. The technique involved is decompressing each individual spine in the body through a set of vertical movements to leave the user refreshed and relaxed.

There is a smart body scan system that automatically detects and fits the chair according to the body type of the user. The chair has a built-in specific massage technique such as flapping to shiatsu that can be adjusted with five-speed levels. 
The unique chair has a zero gravity sleep system that can distribute the bodyweight of the user through the massage to give that sense of weightlessness. The levels can be adjusted with the fully reclined level giving therapeutic effects to its users. 

There is a carbon fibre infrared heating technology that not only provides warmth during massages but also helps in dilating blood vessels and improving circulation. This chair is highly recommended to the elderly and for athletes as well who want to reduce the impact of injuries and improve recovery times. 

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4. Super Novo Massage Chair by Human TouchⓇ

The Super Novo Massage Chair by Human Touch features state-of-the-art design and a luxurious massage experience just like that of a professional massage therapist. This unconventional massage chair guarantees high-performance coverage from your neck and shoulders all the way down to your thighs, whether you’re sitting upright or reclining into the optional zero-gravity seating position.

Advanced technology, including 3D and 4D massage programs, offer variable massage stroke speeds and intensities, allowing users to customize their massage to their specific needs. Choose from 38 Auto-Wellness programs, including deep tissue and full-body immersion, and use the advanced fingertip control panel for quick key functions like powering the chair on and off, volume control for the various audio options, one-touch recline/incline, controlling heat settings, and more.

Discover ultimate relaxation with soothing dual-lumbar heat and pain-relieving Cloud Touch Acupressure–in which targeted air cells strategically placed at key healing points stretch muscles and relieve tension. Immerse yourself in the calming sounds of nature using the built-in Altec Lansing sound system. 

Equipped with underfoot rollers and heated extendable leg rest, the Super Novo automatically adjusts to your height and even features a “bend and stretch” functionality for rejuvenating leg and spine relief. Smart features like a magnetic dock and holder make it easy to store the chair remote or other personal tech devices for convenient use. The Alexa-enabled Virtual Therapist™  asks you questions to customize your massage preferences, so the only thing standing between you and massage bliss is nine simple words: “Alexa, ask my Novo to give me a message.”

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5. Ootori Massage Chair

 This is a pocket-friendly massage chair that packs a punch. There are great features without burning a hole in the wallet. It comes with a fully adjustable three zero-gravity function. The backrest of the chair has eight massage points that work together to give a complete body massage. There are built-in heaters that help enhance the effect of the vibrators. To give extra relaxation to tired and sore muscles in the arms, calves and lower back, the heaters can be used. Four preset auto massage programs are specially created to relieve tightness and stress from your body. The foot rollers are capable of massaging the important acupressure points at the bottom of the feet for a quick, refreshing and relaxing foot massage. 

 The parts of the chair are sent separately so be prepared time putting it all together. The parts come in multiple boxes and likely take about an hour. Luckily the chair is pretty light so it is easy to move around and assemble. The chair is manageable for tall people as well.The chair is pretty durable as it can withstand regular wear and tear pretty easily. Thanks to the long term warranty that gives extra assurance at the time of purchase. It is a one size fits all situation, where one chair is good enough to use for different members of the family. 

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6.  Zero Gravity Shiatsu Massage Chair From BestMassage Store

This chair is multipurpose and powerful and offers a wide range of features ranging from total body massage to shiatsu style massage. It is decently priced for the features it packs. You can customize a massage session as per your choice and requirement. With just a push of a button, you can choose from an array of massage techniques for the one that fits the bill. There are 3 massage modes – Refresh, Stretch and Relax. The chair has a footrest that can be extended so that it can accommodate people of various heights.

The chair is on the heavier side and can be bulky which means that it takes up a lot of floor space. This is not a chair that you can store away easily because of its large dimensions.
There are about 35 airbags in the chair that are located strategically in the hips, shoulders, arms, feet and calves area of the chair. This combined with a heat therapy system means that your muscles and joints can recover much faster and the increased blood circulation means lesser aches and pains.

In the backrest area, there are 8 massage points and 14 acupressure points that work together to give a complete and relaxing massage. The heat therapy system is capable of helping joints and muscles recover faster. The zero-gravity system elevates the feet and puts the feet at the same level as the heart which in turn minimizes the strain on the spine.  

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7. Fullbody Shiatsu Electric Massage Chair

 A pretty feature-rich and impressive massage chair, Bestmassage brings another winner. This chair is fitted with 21 airbags that are strategically located to massage the arms, hips, shoulders, calves and feet with heat therapy. This is excellent for blood circulation. There is a computerized body scanning feature that detects the body size and measures the size of the spine.

Once scanned, the chair knows exactly where to massage. There are multiple massage modes like tapping, kneading, stretching, shiatsu, air pressure and more! There are automatic massage modes, however, there are manual customizations possible as well.  The zero-gravity mode allows for great relaxation during a massage session. 

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8. Homedics Easy Lounge Shiatsu Massage Chair

A standout from the other chairs in this list. Disguised as a fold away chair, it does way more than just sit around. This chair is capable of giving a relaxing massage while you sit in your front yard and sipping on some drinks! Despite being lightweight in size and weight, this chair packs a punch with features.

The chair can be fixed into two positions – upright or reclining. However, depending on your requirement, the chair can be adjusted. The chair comes with a remote that allows you to control the heat and the intensity of the massage. This chair is mostly for the back and shoulders although the leg massage option is capable of working the hamstring muscles. The chair can give a deep kneading shiatsu massage that works on the neck, shoulders and back. You can pick a specific zone in case the pain intensity rests there.

The best part about the chair is the easy to assemble and store away option. For those who live in cramped apartments and don’t have much space in the house, this chair can be folded like a regular lounge chair and stored away easily. This is one that is light on the pocket as well, so if you’re in the market looking for something to try for the first time then this is it. At nearly half the price of regular massage chairs, this is the cheapest of the lot.

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Factors to consider while purchasing a Shiatsu Massage Chair –

shiatsu massage chairs review

In a product segment that has many rich features, budget plays a crucial role in decision making. If you have extra money for something that is over the top there are options, however, if you’re looking to experiment for the first time, there are lower-priced versions that work best for your wallet.

If you are someone that is looking to buy a massage chair just for recreational relaxation purposes, a feature-heavy massage chair isn’t that necessary. One that can provide a decent full body massage with some bonuses should be enough. However, if you are someone who is suffering from specific issues with your body, it is recommended to get something that can target all these areas. The ones with heat therapy and airbags are extremely useful for those with ailing joints and muscles. Then there is the zero gravity and L massage system options, these can be deal breakers for many.  

 This can be a make or break factor for many as the size a chair occupies determines its purchase. If you’re living in an apartment with barely any space, of course, it would make sense to go for a massage chair that isn’t too bulky. If you have a lot of space to spare, then it makes sense to go for a large-sized feature-heavy chair. Another factor to remember is that the larger the chair, the tougher the assembly process.

A lot of times, manufacturers may offer excellent prices however little or no warranty. A massage chair can be an investment and nobody wants to see their investment tank. So if a manufacturer is offering a long warranty, it is best to go for that as parts in the market can be difficult to come across if anything happens to these chairs.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

It is similar to a computer, it takes up anywhere between 200-300W of power

 Always get extended warranty to ensure that you are future-proofed in case something goes wrong with the chair

 Most chairs are pre assembled and are easy to use. Even if there is assembly, it doesn’t take more than an hour or so.

Final Verdict

 For those looking to get the best massage chair with power-packed features, the chairs from Ootori and Best Massage are perfect. For those looking for a portable, affordable massage chair should go for the Homedic. If you’re looking for a mid-range chair with enough features then go for Real Relax.  For those looking for something serious and preferring something that is medically approved then the Medical Breakthrough Recliner is the best option. 

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