Black Friday means significant discounts on your favorite brands. So if you’re looking for the best Black Friday deals for electric scooters, you’ve come to the right place.

Electric scooters offer an eco-friendly way to commute in jam-packed streets. However, they are not the cheapest power-operated vehicles out there. But you don’t need to worry since Black Friday is just around the corner, so you will find great deals for electric scooters.

The big day starts on the 26th of November, but you don’t have to wait for Black Friday itself because many stores are already offering great discounts for their products. So if you want to get a good deal on electric scooters, here are your best options.

UPDATE NOTICE: This page is updated daily to bring you the best deals. 

Our Top 3 Deals:

Turboant X7 Pro

Free Shipping at Turboant

Best Electric Scooter for Under $500

The Turboant X7 Pro is a weather-resistant and corrosion-proof scooter with an aluminum alloy frame, improving its durability and lowering its weight. It comes with a foldable stem that features a locking latch, allowing you to bring your scooter anywhere.

The scooter also features a three-speed mode, making it suitable for intermediates, pros, and beginners. The Sports mode caps the top speed at 20 mph, while the Beginner mode peaks at six mph and the Eco mode limits the scooter’s max speed at 10 mph.

The Turboant X7 Pro comes with responsive throttle, allowing you to enjoy a smooth and fast acceleration curve. The battery is removable so that you can carry extra batteries in your bag. The scooter’s 4.5″ ground clearance improves its off-road capacity. The handlebar comes with a bell, LED display, and rubber throttle.

Apollo Ghost + FREE Apollo Air

Save $649 | Was: $2,248 | Now: $1,599

Apollo Ghost
Best Entry-Level Performance Scooter

The Apollo Ghost is an electric kick scooter with two 800W motors that deliver 1000W of power each. It has a forged aluminum frame that enables the scooter to provide a smooth ride at high speeds. The deck is also spacious, allowing you to find a comfortable and natural stance while riding.

The scooter features a foldable handlebar with ergonomic grips and a QS-S4 display that allows you to monitor your riding mode, speed, battery, and trip. You can configure the scooter through the P-settings as well.

Aside from this, the handlebar features a key-start ignition, turbo/eco button switches, and trigger throttle. The display has a USB port where you can charge your phone. The Apollo Ghost also has dual rear and front lights, deck lighting, and a breaking alert for maximum visibility in low light conditions.

FREE Apollo Air
Best-In-Class Ride Quality Under $600

The Apollo Air has a spacious rubberized deck and progressive profile tires that allow you to tackle straightaways and corners with ease. The tires also deliver exceptional stability, making them suitable for daily commuting.

Designed to be intuitive and seamless, the Apollo Air is ideal for beginners who need a portable and user-friendly electric scooter. It has wide handlebars that offer stability and an aircraft-grade aluminum frame that supports entry-level riders.

The IPX4-rated escooter can endure splashes thanks to its rubberized deck and extended back fenders. The Apollo Air also boasts a clean design as it has no cables or protruding screws that could disrupt your ride. The scooter comes with a 12-month warranty.

Wolf GT Pro + FREE Horizon

Save $899 | Was: $4,198.00 | Now: $3,299.00

Wolf GT Pro
Best All-Terrain Electric Scooter

The Wolf GT Pro has powerful controllers that allow you to ride longer, faster, and harder without overheating. The scooter comes with a rubberized deck and rear and front suspension.

The thumb throttle and TFT display allow you to check the speed, switch on the lights, and select the turbo or eco mode. The Wolf GT Pro also has dual headlights, under-deck lighting, and rear and front turn signals.

The enormous battery allows the scooter to reach higher speeds as well. Thanks to its forged aluminum frame, the Wolf GT Pro can also take on light and wet roads. It comes with a one-year warranty as well.

FREE Horizon
Best-In-Class Ride Quality Under $600

The Horizon is an all-around escooter designed for urban transport. The scooter’s durable materials and classic design make for a long-lasting vehicle. It comes with a brushless hub motor with a maximum output of 800W, allowing the Horizon to take on 15% inclines easily.

The scooter’s rear and front suspension also provide a smooth ride. Thanks to its folding mechanism, you can take the Horizon on a train or keep it under your desk. The scooter also comes with rear and front LED lights and mudguards to protect you from water. The optional carrying handle and trolley wheels allow for more versatility as well.

Deals Categorized by Brand:

Apollo Scooter Deals:

Apollo Air

Save $150 | Was: $649.00 | Now: $499.00

Apollo Air Pro

Save $200 | Was: $799.00 | Now: $599.00

Apollo City

Save $200 | Was: $1,099.00 | Now: $899.00

Apollo Explore

Save $300 | Was: $1,499.00 | Now: $1,199.00

Apollo Ghost (Regular Brakes)

Save $200 | Was: $1,599.00 | Now: $1,399.00

Apollo Ghost (Hydraulic Brakes)

Save $250 | Was: $1,799.00 | Now: $1,549.00

Apollo Ghost (Regular Brakes) + FREE Apollo Air

Save $649 | Was: $2,248.00 | Now: $1,599.00

Apollo Ghost (Hydraulic Brakes) + FREE Apollo Air

Save $649 | Was: $2,448.00 | Now: $1,799.00

Apollo Phantom

Save $300 | Was: $2,099.00 | Now: $1,799.00

Turboant Deals:

2x Turboant X7 Pro – Exclusive Deal

Save $60 | Was: $1,099.96 | Now: $1039.96

Turboant M10 – Exclusive Deal

Save $20 | Was: $449.98 | Now: $429.98

2x Turboant M10 – Exclusive Deal

Save $60 | Was: $899.96 | Now: $839.96

Turboant X7 Pro + Turboant M10

Save $60 | Was: $999.96 | Now: $939.96

Kaabo (Mantis & Wolf) Deals:

Mantis Pro SE 2022 (18.2Ah)

FREE Next Day Shipping | Now: $1,799.00

Mantis Pro SE 2022 (24.5Ah)

FREE Next Day Shipping | Now: $2,299.00

Mantis Base + FREE Cityider

Save $499 | Was: $2,198.00 | Now: $1,699.00

Mantis Pro + FREE Cityrider

Save $499 | Was: $2,898.00 | Now: $2,399.00

Wolf Warrior X Pro (Gold)

FREE Next Day Shipping | Now: $1,995.00

Wolf Warrior 11+

FREE Next Day Shipping | Now: $2,495.00

Wolf Warrior 11 + FREE Horizon

Save $899 | Was: $3,898.00 | Now: $2,999.00

Wolf King

FREE Next Day Shipping | Now: $2,999.00

Wolf GT Pro

Save $200 | Was: $3,795.00 | Now: $3,595.00

Wolf GT Pro + FREE Horizon

Save $899 | Was: $4,198.00 | Now: $3,299.00

Fluid Free Ride (Horizon & Cityrider):

Cityrider + FREE Helmet

Save $159 | Was: $658.00 | Now: $499.00


Save $150 | Was: $879.00 | Now: $729.00



Save $300 | Was: $1,799.00 | Now: $1,499.00


Save $300 | Was: $2,199.00 | Now: $1,899.00

Dualtron Deals:

Dualtron Mini

FREE Next Day Shipping | Now: $1,499.00

Dualtron Thunder

FREE Next Day Shipping | Now: $3,499.00

Dualtron Storm

FREE Next Day Shipping | Now: $4,490.00

Dualtron Victor

FREE Next Day Shipping | Now: $2,699.00

Mercane (WideWheel) Deals:

WideWheel Pro

Save $370 | Was: $1,369.00 | Now: $999.00

NAMI Burn-e Deals:

NAMI Burn-e Viper

Save $350 | Was: $4,499.00 | Now: $4,149.00

Varla Deals:

Varla Eagle One

Save $200 | Was: $1,699.00 | Now: $1,499.00

Varla Eagle One x2

Save $400 | Was: $3,398.00 | Now: $2,998.00

Varla Pegasus

Save $300 | Was: $1,299.00 | Now: $999.00

Valra Pegasus x2

Save $600 | Was: $2,598.00 | Now: $1,998.00

Varla Eagle One + Varla Pegasus

Save $500 | Was: $2,998.00 | Now: $2,498.00


Black Friday officially starts on the 26th of November, but many retailers have already started slashing prices. We are expecting significant discounts on electric scooters, so check out the models listed above.

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