Built Bar Review – Are They Best Or Is It Just The Hype?

built bar reviews

“The typical protein bar is dense, gritty, and difficult to chew. Not Built Bar. The texture is light and fluffy, and it is covered in perfectly tempered, 100% pure, dark chocolate. With each bite you take, you will think you are cheating on your diet, indulging on a chocolate dessert! We think you’ll agree, there isn’t a more delicious way to get your protein.”

Most energy and protein bars have all the ingredients to bulk up your body and put you in the best shape possible, but do they really taste good? Built Bars were created so that you can be mindful of your health and not neglect your taste buds as well. These energy and protein bars can be a great substitute for an indulgent dessert, something to munch on when you are tired on a hike or just to satisfy those killa hunger pangs. You can now satiate your sweet cravings in a productive and healthy way. Pop one of these in your gym bag and you’re good to go! People who believe in having a light breakfast are also known to just eat one of these bars in the morning and they can go about their day with a renewed sense of energy and by treating their taste buds to something delicious. This perfectly healthy and delicious snack is the best replacement for a packet of chips or that butter and sugar-loaded cookie you would otherwise go for.

The protein and health bar industry has exploded in the last couple of years, and with so many brands out there, people find it difficult to find a brand that they can trust. After examining the ingredients that are in these so-called health bars, experts have found that these bars are loaded with a lot of sugar and many artificial colorings and flavors, which defeat the purpose of the health bar in the first place. So how can one be sure of which health bar is the perfect one for them? 

This is where Built Bars steps in. known to be one of the healthiest and truest health and protein bars out there, we have decided to do an in-depth review of this product so that people know what are in these bars and how they affect one’s body. Read on to know more!

Built Bars are protein and health bars that focus on nutritional value as well as the taste. Unlike the regular protein bar that is hard, chalky, and too difficult to taste, Built Bars have an amazing texture that is soft and fluffy, making you doubt yourself whether you are really eating something healthy. The best way to describe a Built Bar is – A yummy dessert in a bar form. The perfect blend of taste and health, this bar uses the highest quality ingredients and come in 18 exciting flavors such as 

  • Coconut almond
  • German chocolate cake
  • Peanut butter
  • Coconut chocolate creme
  • Double chocolate mousse
  • Banana nut bread
  • Peanut butter brownie
  • Mint chocolate creme
  • Orange chocolate creme
  • Raspberry chocolate creme
  • Salted caramel chocolate
  • Vanilla chocolate creme
  • Mocha chocolate creme
  • Banana chocolate creme
  • Mint brownie delite
  • Black cherry chocolate creme
  • Toffee almond
built bar

No matter what you are in the mood for, Built Bars have all your cravings covered!

built bar review

Built Bar Ingredients - What are in these nutritional bars?

  • Whey protein : Whey protein is a type of protein derived from milk. It has the perfect amino acid profile for a protein bar and is easy to digest. The flavour of whey protein does not interfere with the overall taste of the bar, which is why this protein is preferred. Although, since this is derived from milk, whey protein may not be suitable for vegans and people who are lactose intolerant.
  • Gelatin : Gelatin is used in most protein bars, and the use of gelatin makes this bar non-vegetarian, which again might not sit well with vegans and vegetarians. Since there has not been any other suitable alternative for gelatin found, people continue to use this ingredient for protein bars. It is a stabilizer and is needed to maintain the perfect texture that the Built Bar is known for. Also, it does not add any funky taste to the bar, so that you can enjoy the pure dessert indulgence of it. 
  • Erythritol : This is a sweetener that is used in this bar because it is safe for diabetics and other people who might not be able to consume high levels of sugar. This component of the bar can be easily filtered by the kidneys and also the intestines and don’t cause any stress on the digestive tract. It does not add any calories to the person consuming it, making it the ideal sugar for people who are conscious about their health and weight. This component is known to also be occurring naturally in fruits like grapes, watermelon, etc, making it one of the healthiest and safest sweeteners to consume. It does not have any side effects.
  • Glycerin : This ingredient is added to thicken and stabilize foods. It is also used to maintain the moisture in Built Bars. glycerin is also used as a sweetener. In combination with erythritol, it gives this bar a great texture and sweetness, both of which are very important to the taste aspect of this bar. 
  • Chocolate : All the bars have a delectable chocolate coating that makes it super yummy and dessert-like. They use high-quality dark chocolate that does have a bit of sugar but when you compare the amount of chocolate with the weight of the bar, it is almost negligible. As many of you may already know, dark chocolate is known to have many health benefits, it is known to uplift moods and also have antioxidants. When you bite into a Built Bar, you will be able to taste the quality of the chocolate used.

  • Maltodextrin : Maltodextrin is a type of soluble fiber that adds to the health benefits of this bar. Built Bars use a type of maltodextrin that is soluble in water and also adds an extra dimension in the texture, giving it a great mouthfeel. This component of the bar is very nutritious and will make sure that it is easily digested and absorbed by your body. 

  • Natural flavourings : This bar does not use any preservatives and artificial flavors, but it sure does use natural fruit flavorings that give it the yummy and decadent taste we all love so much. While there is not much information given about the natural flavorings, there have been no negative side-effects of these flavors. They do not add any artificial colors to their bars as well.

Who are Built Bars Made For?

Built Bars are made for everyone! While there are certain ingredients in this bar which makes it not suitable for consumption by vegans and vegetarians. People who also consume kosher food and are lactose intolerant also can not eat this bar, but people who don’t have any of these restrictions can happily consume this bar without any issue. 

If you are a gym freak and are looking for a regular fix of protein and want to bulk up while also having the taste of an awesome dessert, then Built Bar is perfect for you. It is also the perfect dessert for people who want to watch their weight and want to have control over how many calories they consume, this is the perfect sweet treat for you. Also, this bar is great for people who have soy and nut allergies, so they can enjoy this protein bar without thinking twice.

Do Built Bars Really Work?

The makers of these bars don’t claim that this bar promotes weight gain or weight loss, but what they do claim is that it gives you your regular fix of protein and sweet cravings. This protein bar also is known for satisfying hunger pangs and sweet cravings. So if you find yourself on a hike or on a long road trip, you can easily grab one of these and calm your growling tummy for the meanwhile. They also give you an energy spike, so if you are feeling low, grab a Built Bar and you’re good to go!

This is what Built Bar customers have to say -

built bar reviews

Their website is flooded with people who have really honest reviews about their protein bars. All of them go along the lines of –  “This bar is unlike any other protein bar I have tried before. The flavor and the texture of these bars are phenomenal and each and every flavor lives up to the mark. I would recommend these bars to my friends and colleagues for sure.”

The side effects and safety precautions for Built Bars -

There are ingredients in these bars that make them not suitable for vegans, vegetarians, and also for people following a kosher diet, but apart from these restrictions, these bars are safe for everyone to consume. They clearly mention all the ingredients on the packaging, so if you are allergic to something, make sure that you go through the ingredient list carefully before consuming it. People with soy and nut allergies can relax because these bars have no traces of these ingredients in them.

Where can one buy Built Bars?

Built Bars can be bought directly from their website or even from Amazon. On their website, they have different offers that allow you to build your own box of bars, or choose the pack of 18 bars. These bars come in a pack of 18, but if you go for 2 boxes of 18 bars or more, then the cost decreases. One single box of 18 bars in 37.5 dollars and the deal gets better depending on how many boxes you buy at one go. They have a free shipping policy withing the United States Of America. 

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

No, Built Bars contain whey protein and gelatin, which makes them not suitable for people who are vegans, vegetarians, or even those who are lactose intolerant. 

No, Built Bars do not contain any nuts or soy. In case you are allergic to something, we suggest that you thoroughly examine the ingredient list on the packaging of the bar. 

Built Bars come in 18 delicious flavors. None of the flavors use artificial flavoring and food color, making them extremely safe for consumption.

You can order your own stash of Built Bars from their website – www.builtbar.com

Yes, this protein bar uses erythritol as a sweetener along with glycerin, both of which are known to be safe for people who are suffering from diabetes. 

Final Verdict

When it comes to taste and texture, Built Bar has really got it right. Its decadent taste and soft and fudgy texture will trick your mind into thinking that you are eating a yummy dessert and not a health bar! While these aspects of this bar are great, we do feel that they did not consider the vegan and vegetarian crown while making this bar. It would be great to see some vegan/vegetarian options in the future from Built Bars!

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