Carrera Vengeance Review – Best Mountain Bike of 2020?

carrera vengeance review
5/5 Rating

The most sold mountain bikes in the last few years, Carrera Vengeance is a mountain bike designed for cycling enthusiasts looking for some fun.

carrera vengeance

The biking industry is very competitive and the company that does not maintain its competitive edge, cannot expect a survival. There are several manufacturers in the biking market but only those with a knack for innovation are the ones that succeed. Carrera, a 25-year-old company is one such market player that has proved its mettle over the years.

While there is a lot to talk about Carrera, the company gains key attraction because of its best seller- Carrera Vengeance. An advanced version of Carrera Vulcan in terms of features and looks, Carrera Vengeance has earned a great market share.

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The most sold mountain bikes in the last few years, Carrera Vengeance is a mountain bike designed for cycling enthusiasts looking for some fun. However, the fun isn’t limited to mountain biking alone but one can also ride the bike on the sloppy or flat terrain of the countryside.

What makes Carrera an exceptional bike with the ultimate comfort factor is its exceptional design. A few reasons why you must invest in this striking bike are listing below in these short Carrera Vengeance review points:

  • Light as a feather, the bike picks up speed very swiftly after a stop. Thanks to burning restraint in its braking system.
  • The entire frame is very sturdy and can sustain any bump too it while driving on a pitchy road.
  • Irrespective of the trail type and difficulty, you can enjoy the utmost comfort riding this bike.
  • When it comes to the shift changes and suspension, the bike would never fail. It is so far the best-rated bike in terms of these two qualities which is greatly mentioned in every Carrera vengeance men’s mountain bike review.


Carrera Vengeance Features

Carrera is a very feature-rich mountain bike and hence a large part of this Carrera vengeance electric bike review is dedicated to its features. You can read them thoroughly and compare with other bikes available in the market to check on your own:

The bike frame is the most important aspect to check while buying a mountain bike. As mountain biking is risky, you need to be extra cautious for avoiding injuries, and the frame is what makes it happen. Moreover, with a bike that offers the right distancing between your seating and handlebars offers better speed, comfort, and adaptability. Carrera Vengeance is optimally designed for mountain biking with an aluminum alloy frame measuring 22 inches. The alloy is by far the easiest to maintain and use material used for boiling most of the modern bikes.

In terms of gears, the bike allows you to easily touch the speed of 24 with swift shifting and high comfort levels.

Shifters are the key to evaluate the efficiency of the bike and how enjoyable a ride would be. The key reason is that mountain bikes need to be smooth, with the rider having no worries about stooping to make a shift. Although the perfection can be achieved with custom-made shifters only, Shimano Altus SRAM X4 trigger shifters in Carrera Vengeance make it quite possible to achieve great experience. Moreover, these shifters are way easier to use and maintain than most of their counterparts. For maintenance, you will not need to go for a maintenance drive because experts suggest that the shifters fixed in the bike are extremely durable.

If you love riding your mountain bike at an awesome speed, you better consider the wheel size while buying it. A few years back, the maximum wheel size available in the market was 26” but demands for 27- and 29-inches wheel size are higher nowadays.  Carrera Vengeance too comes with 26″ double-wall alloy rims, which many claims that can be made better. However, there are also expert bikers who claim that having a 27.5 inches wheel or a 29 inches wheel size can prove risky while encountering sloppy terrains. The fork travel in Carrera Vengeance is Sun tour XCM fork travel is 100mm capacity.

Carrera Vengeance can be claimed as the safest bike to ride because of its Shimano Altus bike component that gives its Tektro I0 Mechanical disc brakes the ultimate ability to have an instant stopping to the movement even if the terrain is sloppy and not so plain. Mountain bikers also pay a lot of attention to the chain set fitted in the bike because none of us wants to have a bike that makes us worried about stopping every now and then and checking the oil. Carrera Vengeance, in this aspect, comes with SRAM S200 3.0 crankset. The crankset might not be the best solution but it is way better than most of the other bikes you will come across in the market. The brakes are mechanical and one of the first pairs of such advanced techniques. It is recommended to buy an extra pair when you decide to invest money on the Carrera mountain bike.

Carrera Vengeance also has this unique design of its front suspensions which gives it a stylish look and as well as performance capacity.

The bike is a featherweight, measuring only 14 kilograms. You can easily ride and peddle it without putting a lot of effort, which is exactly what you want while riding through the mountains.

A few tweaks to the car build were made recently in which the bike got longer wheelbase, wider well-positioned handlebars, and shorter stems. This makes the bike more equipped to have smooth cuts at sharp corners as well as great stability.

The bike, overall, is well set to offer you great rising experience as you ride through the mountains or mud-filled fields and enjoy a great ride.

Most of the buyers may think that with all these features and advanced design, the Carrera Vengeance bike would come with a hefty price tag. However, this is far from the truth. The bike is optimally priced, way lower than most of its competitor’s bike in the category besides affordability, the bike comes with free unlimited safety checks plus a discount for all the spare parts that you might need in the future. Also, there is a lifetime frame guarantee associated with the bike making it a perfect deal. Because the main concern of mountain bikers is the cost of maintenance, the bike reduces your worries to zero.

The bike is easily available but you need to stay alert of the scammers. There are many locally made, cheap copies of Carrera Vengeance available in the market that are much similar to the product. Pay a little more attention while choosing and buy from an authentic dealer only. The options of frame size include 18″medium, 20″large, and 22″extra-large depending on your body size. You will also get a free installation service from the manufacturer.

What are The Pros and Cons ?



Why should you buy the Carrera Vengeance Mountain Bike?

A good question to ask. Well, the features and specifications of Carrera Vengeance Mountain bike are way too impressive and by far the best available in the market. As compared to the other mountain bikes, this is one bike that offers you affordability, despite the heavy range of advantages.

Besides, this bike is safe. Safety is the key priority when you are riding a bike, especially on the sloppy, mud-laden mountain ranges. You can rely on this bike for your comfort, prevention from injuries as well as the joy of riding.

If you are too much concerned about the looks, you will not get a better bike than this. The exclusive design alloy frame paired with a contrast of silver supporting part just makes it an undeniable beauty.

It is a very comfortable bike to ride thanks to the memory form saddle and knurled soft rubber handlebars.

Also, this is a multipurpose bike. So, if you want to get the sun on a warm winter afternoon or get rid of the stress on a breezy summer evening, all you need to do is hop on this mountain bike and drive across the street.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

A Carrera Vengeance bike comes with a striking 24, 16-speed Shimano Altus modern and efficient gears. These gears are easy to shift and make your ride extra smooth, irrespective of the terrain you are driving on.

As per the Carrera Vengeance review, this bike is extremely easy to maintain, for major problems, you can reach out to the service center as the bike comes with a free warranty on maintenance and repairs. If you want to just clean it, use a damp cloth and clean the frame with a gentle motion from the top to the bottom.  

The ideal weight for a mountain bike is between 12 kg to 14.5 kg. Carrera Vengeance weighs 14 kgs and is the perfect bike for your next mountain trip.

Final Verdict –

If you are looking forward to enjoying speed and efficiency, look no further than Carrera Vengeance. The bike is extremely good looking and a complete value for money. Light weight, the bike can easily balance on the tricky mountain trails and also becomes easy to restrain with the powerful braking system. It has a unisex appeal as the frame and color are made to suit all age groups and genders.

As aforesaid, the bike has a premium mechanical disc fixture which makes it slide very swiftly of the crankset and makes the overall riding experience very rewarding. Each feature and accessory added in this bike enhances its value and makes your riding experience great.

Whether you are venturing to a mountain trail for the sake of an adrenaline rush or just want to de-stress yourself with an easy stroll in the evening, this super comfortable and cost-effective bike is your deal. Besides, it is strikingly impressive so stay prepared to be stared at as you ride it in your neighborhood.

A complete value for money, the bike can be easily repaired and maintained by approaching to an authorized dealer. The free maintenance and repair warranty makes it very accessible to keep your Carrera Vengeance bike in perfect shape. Investing in the bike is the right decision as long as you check the product for originality and also for no manufacturing flaws before paying for it.

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