{Best Pick} Coleman Power Sports CT200U Gas Powered Mini Trail Bike Reviewed !

Coleman CT200U

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“The best thing about this mini bike is that this dirt bike comes up with a very strong 196cc engine with 25mph top speed. Also this bike comes with very impressive design that your kids will love to ride. ”

Most of the kids these days love driving mini bikes. But as parents there can be a considerable headache as a lot of mini bikes claim to be the best. After a lot of research, we have come up with the best mini bike in this segment i.e. Coleman Power sports CT200U. So, today we would be doing a complete review on Coleman ct200u mini bike in the paragraph to follow:-

Coleman Mini Bike Power Sports CT200U- Product Overview !

Coleman Power Sports CT200U Features-

There are a lot of features of Coleman CT200U. Some of them have been mentioned below:-

The bike functions automatically and the operation is carried out by pulling. It is also equipped with a centrifugal clutch having jackshaft chain. It also comes with the throttle on/off switch which is quite convenient for the rider. The bike starts working once it is pulled and it doesn’t use any keys. The speed of the bike can be easily increased and all you need to do is remove the adjustment screw of the throttle.

This bike is perhaps one of the best that you can get in this segment as it offers a very impressive design and the fact is that it is also not very close to the ground. The height of the seat from the ground is 38 inches. The seat of this bike is un-adjustable and it can only accommodate the rider itself. The seat comes in triangular design and it is 13 inches long. It comes with very big tires and it also features assembly kit tools

This gas powered mini bike is suitable for both teenagers as well as adults. This bike comes with a weight limit of 400lbs and it makes use of the engine known as gx200. The best part about this bike is that it doesn’t consume much gas but it is not equipped with motorized reverse. The bike also features a large tank in which 1.1 gals of gasoline can be filled and it can easily last for a day. The carburetor of the bike also works quite well and the rider is sure to be amazed by this bike. Another very good thing about this bike is the fact that it has a single speed option yet it is quite speedy in operation.

This super mini bike features rear drum brake which provides additional security to the rider. This type of brake has shoes inside it which rotates with the wheel. Once the brake is applied, the force is exerted by the shoes on the drum brake wall and this eventually leads to the wheel being rotated quite slowly. The brake in this dirt bike is present at the rear wheel. The brake positioning is also quite good which ensures the riders safety.

This dirt bike comes up with a retractable kickstand having foot pegs present on both the sides of the bag. Besides this, it also features throttle and clutch such that the bike can be used in the right way. Also, the brake is present at the handle which makes it quite easy to use. The bike weighs about 112 bounds and it is also waterproof. Besides this, the bike is deprived of any electrical material except for the spark plug. Also, it is quite durable if maintained properly.

What are the Pros and Cons ?



Who can use this Mini Bike?

What are the perks of having this product?

There are a lot of perks of having this product. Some of them have been mentioned below:-

This mini bike can be used by both teenagers & adults with quite ease. It is also made using good quality materials and hence it doesn’t wear down easily. It also has a comfortable seat which can enable the rider to have a fun ride.
If you looking for a dirt bike that you can drive on anywhere, then look no further than Coleman ct200u. It can trail on grass and uphill with quite an ease. Also, you can use this product, to drive down to your office quite conveniently. It is quite energy efficient and it will deliver you great results.
You can assemble this bike in quite a hassle-free manner. It comes with a 40-page manual book which makes the task of assembling this bike quite easy. It dictates how to assemble different parts in a proper manner.

The best part about this bike is that you can easily control the speed of the bike by just opening the adjustment screw present at the throttle. On the other hand, handle breaks are present in this bike which immediately stops when pressed. It is also quite safe to drive as very efficient drum brake is present at the rear wheel.

This amazing bike is equipped with a 1.1 gal tank that can easily last for 13 hours and thus offers an adventurous ride. It is ideal for individuals who tend to use the bike on a regular basis. Besides this, it is quite reliable and sturdy and thus you would love having this in your garage.
Coleman CT200U Mini Bike Unboxing & Ride

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

Yes, indeed this dirt bike is ideal for him. Just make sure he wears a helmet while he is taking a hide on this wonderful product.

No, this bike doesn’t offer headlight and it is also recommended that you don’t use it on public roads.

Well, we are afraid but this bike can’t be used for wheelie.

Final Verdict –

This is a perfect dirt bike that can be used by both teenagers as well as adults. This product is amazing and with this, you can take a ride on all kind of terrains. The best part about this bike is that operates on gasoline and thus it enables the rider to use it for a look period of time. It is a pull-start bike in which the halting of the bike can be done in quite a hassle-free way.

We hope that you found the Coleman Power sports CT200U review informative as we pinpointed all the advantages, disadvantages and features of this product. So, if you have any questions to ask, then feel free to get in touch with us by commenting down below.

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2 thoughts on “{Best Pick} Coleman Power Sports CT200U Gas Powered Mini Trail Bike Reviewed !”

  1. Hello. We have two of these Coleman bikes. The chain only comes off when my 10 year old grandson rides. He is 65 lbs. Nobody else
    . Is it possible he is too light or is doing something wrong?

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