12 Awesome Cross Trainer Benefits (Facts & FAQ)

cross trainer benefits

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Fitness is essential for a healthy life. Sadly, most of us have little or no time to dedicate to our fitness and well-being needs. Does this mean you cannot stay fit and achieve your fitness goals? Certainly not! There are some modern ways, in fact, equipment that allows you to reap maximum benefits by investing a little time and dedication. 

Yes, if you want to get more exercise in a limited time and target your whole body with some all-inclusive workouts, you must invest in a home cross-trainer

Also known as an elliptical cross trainer, a cross trainer is a piece of gymming equipment that allows you to target a lot of fitness goals at once. A fundamental piece of gym equipment, elliptical trainer, or cross-trainer is an inseparable part of the cardio section of any gym. The equipment is stationary in nature and has two long handles and foot pedals. When you exercise on this equipment, you mimic the motion that is performed while walking, running, and climbing stairs. This means that the entire body functions at once, offering an effective and complete workout.  This is one of the most prominent benefits of a cross-trainer.

The benefits of using a cross-trainer are endless. The most prominent benefit is that it offers you an easy way to break the monotony of your sedimentary life and gain fitness.  Moreover, it lets you kill the boredom that you would have otherwise felt while running on a predictable treadmill or following the same workout schedule.

Cross trainers offer you a wholesome challenge as it focuses on multiple parts of your body including arms, core as well as your lower body.

Research shows that the results of using a cross-trainer are much better than exercise bikes and treadmills. Besides being compact and lightweight, the elliptical trainer is also an affordable purchase. Let us discuss the key cross trainer benefits in detail below:

Key cross trainer benefits:

The cross trainer benefits are several and listed below in great detail:

1. Boost your weight loss regimen:

cross trainer

If you are aiming for fat loss, using a cross-trainer has evident results. It is one piece of equipment that enables you to expedite your weight loss while reaping several other advantages. As per various researches, it has been concluded that cross trainers are more beneficial for weight loss as compared to other alternative machines including stair climbers and exercise bikes.

While you may burn the same amount of calories on a cross trainer as you do working on a treadmill, you gain better benefits because you target a larger group of muscles at once. The amount of calories you burn while working on this equipment is significant but may vary depending upon various factors including age, gender and your current level of fitness.   

2. Low-impact workout:

benefits of a cross trainer

Cross trainers are great exercise equipment because it offers you a low-impact workout. The impact on your joints is very mild however the benefits are major. Unlike treadmills, which makes continuous pounding on your ankle, knee and hip joints and often leads to serious injuries over time. The chances of injuries are even higher if you do not know how to run efficiently and maintain the right form. 

Contrary to this, cross trainers offer a very low-impact workout, exerting just the right amount of pressure on your joints. In fact, the smooth nature of the workout ensures that you can work or longer time periods for people who deal with joint or tendon pain, cross trainers are the best over the treadmill.

3. Whole-body workout:

benefits of cross trainer

Unlike most of cardio machines, a cross-trainer session offers you whole body workout benefits. This means that you will burn more calories than conventional exercise. Here is how you can enjoy the benefits of cross-trainers:

4. Arms & upper body:

The cross trainer benefits for arms are great as it provides you a great movement of pushing and pulling. This will not only work on your arms but also offer benefits for the complete upper body. 

5. Legs and lower body:

cross trainer benefits

As you pedal the cross trainer, you reap great benefits for your lower body. The work out strengthens your feet, calves, thighs, core, and glutes. By increasing the resistance or pedalling backwards you can have the best effects on the glutes. 

6. Workout with varied resistance levels:

The best cross trainers come with different resistance levels which can be adjusted as per the user’s ability. It is a well-known fact that the best workouts are those which are done in a variety of intensities. When using a cross trainer, you can perform a range of workouts including brisk walk, running or climbing the stairs. Just change the resistance level and the speed of your movement and reap the benefits. 

7. Safety and stability:

The best benefit of cross trainers is that it allows you to safely perform the exercise. The elliptical machine moves very fluidly, similar to your movement. As long as you work out in the permissible limits of the cross-trainer, you can safely perform intense exercises. 

If you choose a cross-trainer of high quality and weight, you can perform intense workouts without the fear of the cross trainer falling down. If you are into intense muscle training, make sure that you choose a high-quality machine that is made for such an intensive workout.

8. Rehabilitation benefits:

benefits of a cross trainer

If your family member has sustained an injury, cross trainer benefits in rehabilitation from the injury. They are especially proven helpful in joint injuries as they work miraculously on strengthening the quadriceps muscles without putting too much strain on the knee joint.

Moreover, if you are injured, your stability is questionable until and unless the muscles are rehabilitated to fitness. This is why the cross trainer is beneficial for rehabilitation as its stability quotient is ay higher than any other cardio machine. 

9. Toning:

The toning benefits of the cross trainer are amazing. If you are looking for strengthening your muscles you can do it through cross trainer exercises. As you raise the resistance level of the machine, you will have to increase the intensity of your workout and hence tone those muscles. Besides, you can also use an elliptical trainer to get recovery advantages by adjusting the workout to low intensity.

10. Benefits to the heart:

cross trainer benefits

Because you are working on a stable and more consistent machine, you enjoy low impact cardiovascular training. This means that the cross trainer benefits for the heart are many including:

  1. Stronger heart 
  2. Enhanced cardiovascular activity
  3. Controlled blood pressure
  4. Reduced risk of cardiovascular issues such as heart attacks.

11. Benefits to the lungs:

Just like your heart, a healthy cross trainer workout can benefit your lungs too. Because cardiovascular training improves lung capacity you will have a better influx of oxygen which will ensure full functionality of the organs. When the lungs function at their best, you can easily fight with breathing problems like asthma, or sleep apnea. The increased inflow of oxygen in your body will also ensure that you have a relaxed body and mind as the lungs will contain more volume of air.

12. Stress buster:

benefits of cross trainer

Because cross trainers are pretty engaging, one of the biggest benefits of cross-trainer is that you can enjoy your workout sessions and forget your day to day problems. This means that you will enjoy a healthy life with a lot of mental benefits. Moreover, enhanced physical activity will increase the production of endorphins and serotonin, also known as the hormones of happiness.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)



Q) Does cross trainer exercise helps in lower Blood pressure?

If you are dealing with high blood pressure problems, working out on a cross-trainer will certainly offer you great benefits. However, if you already have normal blood pressure, your goals from a workout should not be lowering your blood pressure.

Q) What should I look for while buying a Cross trainer?

There are a number of considerations to keep in mind while buying a cross-trainer. This includes:

  • Brand
  • Frame size
  • Weight
  • Resistance level
  • User-friendliness
  • Stability 
  • Price

Q) Is cross trainer safe to use during pregnancy?

It is best if you talk to your doctor and inquire about the safety of users of a cross-trainer during pregnancy. As a general rule, low-intensity training is apt when pregnant and cross-training is just perfect.

Q) Can I use a cross-trainer for an abs workout?

If you are focusing on developing abs alone, cross trainers are not preferable. 

Final Verdict:

Cross trainer benefits are multi-faceted and when you use it regularly, you can enjoy them all. From physical fitness to mental wellness, cardiovascular health to efficient lung function, and more, you can work on multiple aspects of your body by regularly using a cross-trainer at home. As it is a compact machine, you can easily set it up at home and get fit. However, to ensure your cross trainer delivers all the benefits, you must invest in a high-quality machine. 


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