Disrupts expands 3d printing customisable technology !


Disrupt was founded in 2014 by a surfing instructor and snowboard teacher originally from the UK. The company has already created 1,500 boards for customers in Australia, Sri Lanka, and Hong Kong and it has now launched in Europe, setting up a new HQ in the UK. While the UK market will serve to expand Disrupt’s reach and customer base even further, there is no doubt that this “distributed manufacturing thing” is proving quite a good fit for Australian companies, as  3D printing enables them to valorize a product by making it extremely unique and thus make it worthwhile to ship it globally.

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More than a year ago we covered a company called Flying Machines that uses 3D printing to make custom bicycles down under and then deliver them worldwide. They are still quite unique in their business model and growing fast with new models and customization options. Surfboards are the next logical step and it certainly looks like this 3D printing pipeline is not about to end anytime soon.

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