Dualtron Thunder Electric Scooter Review – Best Folding Electric Scooter In 2022?

dualtron thunder

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“This electric scooter will allow you to travel to work, go around, get groceries, anything you need, quickly and conveniently.”

dualtron thunder

If you have a need for speed and have found other electric scooters not feeding that hunger of adventure of yours, then the Dualtron Thunder Electric Scooter will definitely pique your interest. When we tried this scooter out, we were absolutely thrilled! With speed and range that can compete with any other regular personal mode of transportation. So if your main objective of buying an electric scooter is to commute long distances on a daily basis, then you have come to the right place! This electric scooter will allow you to travel to work, go around, get groceries, anything you need, quickly and conveniently. 

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And you know what the best part is? No more spending money on gas! Once you buy this scooter, you don’t have to make trips to the gas station and pay for riding. Just charge it up and you’re good to go!  Since this is an electric scooter, you also end up saving the environment! You won’t be causing any carbon emissions, leading to green and clean travel and also reducing your carbon footprint. If you care about the planet, then this electric scooter is a great pick.

If the Dualtron Thunder Electric Scooter has caught your attention, then we suggest you go ahead and read this article thoroughly so that you can know this scooter inside out. Based on what you see, you can make an informed decision in the future!


Dualtron Thunder Features

The incredible speed of this electric scooter is a result of the awesome motor system. This electric scooter has two brushless electric dual hub motors, each of 2700 watts, which gives us a combined motor strength of 5400 watts. This incredible motor system allows you to reach really high speeds with great and quick acceleration. Sometimes, a bit too intimidating for first-time riders, this is a scooter that you must invest in if you are already comfortable with electric scooters. The motor is what makes this scooter so special. We love that both the motors are brushless as these motors give better torque, are more reliable, not as noisy, and just generally last longer. It also is a better motor for sustained power delivery, so there is nothing to not like here!

This electric scooter can run for 75 miles on a single charge, but this range may vary depending on the terrain you are riding on and also the weight of the rider. These two factors are the main influences on the range of the electric scooter. The incredible range is a result of the powerful 60-volt, 35 Ah battery that is composed of LG 3500 cells. What we really enjoy about this scooter is the fact that this offers different options for charging. If you have a regular charger, then the scooter takes 20 hours to charge up fully. But with two charging ports, you can use two standard chargers to reduce the charging time by half. For even better results, you can get the quick charger, with which you can speed up the charging process greatly, in just 5.3 hours, the scooter will be fully charged! The battery is one of the best and most important features of this scooter, so make sure that you take great care of it, and don’t overcharge it. 

As far as the climbing ability of the scooter is concerned, you can easily climb slopes of 25 degrees. This scooter is quite a powerful model, so be cautious when you are using it.

Feeling safe and having control over the bike is very important. The braking system ensures that you are safe and are not in control. This electric scooter has an excellent braking system that is very quick, responsive, and stable. With large 160mm ventilated discs, you can control your ride very easily. It also has the ABS braking system, which is not as common in electric scooters without seats. This additional feature gives you a more secure braking experience.

The handlebars are loaded with features that will make you fall in love with this scooter if you haven’t already. Dualtron has some of the best LCD displays and handlebars in the business, and the Thunder surely delivers. The panel on the handlebar allows you to control all the different modes this scooter has to offer (start mode, cruise mode, activating the electronic brake function, ABS braking, and many more). The different modes are preferred in different situations. When you want to ride for a longer period of time at a constant speed, then the cruise mode is the best for that. Apart from that it also has a fingerprint sensor, wireless phone chargers, buttons to control the front and rear lights, and a finger-controlled accelerator. 

Apart from these awesome features, it is also built in a very ergonomic fashion, with handgrips that are comfortable and have anti-slip properties. Made with high-grade aluminum (same as the body of the scooter), it can also be folded up with a quick spring-loaded folding mechanism. You can control the scooter easily if you study the controls properly. Just read the manual for proper instructions. 

We won’t lie, this is a heavy electric scooter. It weighs about 95 pounds, which means this is not the scooter that you can just carry and hop on the subway. But since it is also a scooter used for long-distance traveling, you wouldn’t really be faced with situations where you will have to travel that way. But the easy portability of this scooter makes it easy to fold it up and store it in the car or at home when you have to. When folded up, the Dualtron Thunder has dimensions of 48x12x21 inches. If this is a size too big for you, then we suggest you go for smaller models that you can handle. 

This electric scooter features 11-inch tires that are 4 inches wide. They are quite smooth, so if you are looking for a scooter specifically for offroading, then this is not ideal for that. We suggest you go for a scooter that has better tractions. The smoother tires were made for riding for longer distances on hard paved surfaces. We specifically like the width of the wheels, which makes it perfect for balancing and better stability while riding. Overall, the tires are wide, durable, and pneumatic. While we say they are durable and sturdy, we still ask users to take great care of them to prolong their life.

This scooter has a deck that is one foot wide. Quite unusual for electric scooters, this wide deck is strong and durable and takes weights of 265 pounds with ease. The extra width gives you more place to keep your feet comfortably and ride for longer distances without feeling too tired. We love this deck! It also has anti-slip features, making sure you stay on it firmly.

With great lighting systems in place, you can easily and safely ride this electric scooter at night, it has a low-mounted front as well as rear button LED lights that are very bright. The underside of the deck also lights up in every color you can possibly imagine. When you are riding this scooter down the streets, your swag will be unmatchable and you will definitely turn a lot of heads! You can control these lights easily with a remote. If you are not comfortable riding at night, then you may not be used to the headlights, in which case we suggest that you stick to using this scooter during the day.

What are The Pros and Cons ?



Who should buy the Dualtron Thunder Electric Scooter?

If you have prior experience with riding electric scooters and are looking for one that can keep up with your fast-paced life, then the Dualtron Thunder is perfect for you. It is made for people who need to use this score for long-distance traveling. Travel to work in style! It is also the perfect electric scooter for eco-conscious people who want to work on reducing their carbon footprint. If all these reasons resonate with your need of buying a scooter, then congratulations! You have stumbled upon the electric scooter of your dreams!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

In the US, electric scooters are street-legal. By this we mean that you can use these scooters without having a driving license, making it a very easy mode of transportation. However, we do recommend that you use all the safety precautions one needs before riding this scooter in public and especially in traffic. 

This electric scooter is only recommended for kids over the age of 16 and for adults. The reason for this is because it is quite a powerful scooter that can be quite dangerous when put in the hands of an inexperienced rider. There are other electric scooters which are completely suitable for children as well.

Just like any other mode of transportation, electric scooters require the same amount of maintenance. Make sure you protect it from the elements and don’t leave it out when it is raining or snowing outside. Basic cleaning and maintaining should do the trick!

This electric scooter, in particular, maybe an expensive buy, but there are many other scooters that you can go for that are quite affordable and budget-friendly. There is a big range and a great variety of electric scooters. 

Final Verdict –

Many people might just see the cost of this electric scooter and feel intimidated, but if you have dabbled in the field of electric scooters, you will know that the Dualtron Thunder is the ultimate cream of the crop. Made for people who know how to ride and love the feeling of having the wind blowing in their hair, this is the perfect scooter for them. For the price you pay, you get some of the best features that you could have asked for in an electric scooter. What are you waiting for now? Go ahead and order your own Thunder today!

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