E-twow Electric Scooter Review

e-twow electric scooter

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 The E-twow is surely a cheap alternative for the car. Not only is it environmental friendly it is wallet friendly. Most of the times you will get a smoother commute with an electric scooter than you would have gotten if you’ve taken the car.

Today we are setting out to discover what the cheapest electric scooter is. There are many high quality inexpensive scooters on the market currently, however only a handful are what we would consider “full feature”. By full feature, we mean a scooter that incorporates a number of the standard features on an automobile.

Think such an animal doesn’t exist?

Think again.

What we have discovered in this E-twow review is that it checks many of the boxes you would expect on an automobile. In addition to being affordable, it has a number of features not found on other scooters. We recommend this scooter for adults and kids/teenagers 12+. For younger people, we often recommend one of the Razor electric scooter we reviewed before. 

→ Cheap full featured electric scooter –

One of the handiest features of this scooter, at least when considering it as a vehicle to replace your automobile for your daily commute to work, is the presence of cruise control.

E-twow Booster ScooterYes, you read that correctly. This scooter has cruise control.

To activate this feature you use your right thumb to actuate the accelerator, and keep the same speed for 5 seconds. This is so easy it is practically automatic.

Not only does the cruise control make your life easier, it is also more ergonomic. By removing the need to periodically accelerate the scooter you are reducing the strain on your hands and wrists.

This may sound trivial, but it is quite the handy feature when you consider that many jobs require the use of a keyboard and mouse. Any strain on your wrists that you can reduce is going to lower your chances of developing a repetitive strain injury.

Who would have thought an electric scooter could help prevent injuries?

The premium features aren’t just limited to the cruise control.

One feature we have not found on other scooters is the presence of a horn to alert other pedestrians, motorists, or bicyclists of your presence. The E-twow Electric Scooter comes standard with a piezo ceramic horn, so that you can announce your presence to anybody that may be in your way.

In addition, this scooter comes equipped with an LCD display that provides a wealth of information. There is an odometer for the lifetime mileage of the scooter, as well as a trip meter and speedometer. In addition, it lets you know the ambient temperature which is probably superfluous as you’re going to know if it’s cold, but it’s still a nifty feature.

Of course, it also indicates the battery life and percentage as well. This is critical to knowing when you’re in danger of running out of juice.

Another premium feature is that the scooter comes equipped with an LED lighting system, to make night riding safer.  This illuminates your path as well as warns other motorists and pedestrians to your presence.  This is a critical safety feature for a scooter that can serve as a replacement for your daily driver, so we hope it catches on in in the industry.

This is just another great stand up electric scooter for kids and adults.

→ Great performance and fast recharging –

Of course, the most critical aspect of any electric scooter is its performance. With a 500W electric motor, this scooter isn’t the fastest we have reviewed, but it is certainly sufficient to get the job done.

Top speed is quoted at 18 mph(30 kmh) , which is pretty quick but not enough to scare the rider.

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The maximum range is quoted at 21 miles, which is actually quite far. The caveat is that this is achieved with a sustained speed of 12 mph, far below the maximum speed capable of the motor. Oh, and this is achieved with a 165 pound rider (average weight for an adult male). None the less, this is a respectable range, and is likely to be more than sufficient to get you to work.

Even more impressive than the range is the charge time. The E-twow Booster Scooter reaches maximum charge in about two hours, which makes it incredibly useful for commuting to work.  It can be driven in the morning, completely drained, and then recharged in time to ride it to lunch. Wow.

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Summary -

In summary, the E-twow Electric Scooter is one of the highest quality foldable electric scooters we’ve reviewed. It comes with a  host of premium features, such as cruise control, LED lighting, regenerative braking and an LCD display indicating all the critical parameters you need. At almost $1,000 it is a little pricey, but for a scooter that can go 21 miles under ideal conditions, and thus serve as a daily commuter vehicle, it is really a bargain. Reviewing the E-twow scooter was just pure fun on our part. Get in on it and start commuting the right way for your wallet and the environment!

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Icing on the Cake

With class leading range and premium features, one might think there is nothing else to be said about this scooter. That would be incorrect.

It also comes equipped with front and rear shocks, to make riding on city streets as comfortable as possible. As always, avoid pot holes and rough roads to maximize the lifetime of your scooter, but it’s nice to know that the E-twow Booster Scooter can handle adverse driving conditions, should the need arise.

The tires are also airless, meaning that flat tires are of no concern. This is a great safety feature, and one we are seeing become the standard on premium electric scooters.

The braking system is comprised of a front magnetic brake that regenerates the battery when actuated. In addition, there is a mechanical rear brake as well. This can be actuated by leaning on the rear part of the scooter, in addition to using the handle.

The build quality is excellent, as it is made of aluminum alloy. This makes it light weight, coming in at only 24 pounds.

It’s also foldable to fit into tight storage spaces, or a backpack which makes a perfect fit for folding electric scooter for adults. This makes carrying it by hand slightly easier, as it changes the center of mass to something more manageable.

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  1. I purchased the 8.7ah version of this uScooter and i am very happy with it.Other than that, it worked well for my everyday commute to and from the train.

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