EcoReco M5 Foldable Electric E-scooter Review

EcoReco M5 Foldable Electric E-scooter

The best thing about this electric scooter is that it’s low weight and the scooters foldability makes it perfect to stow away or throw it over the shoulder where you cannot ride. 

5/5 Ratings

The EcoReco m5 is surely the beast of adult electric scooters without a seat. It has a fantastic high speed of 20 mph and will take you close to 20 miles on a single charge. It’s low weight and the scooters foldability makes it perfect to stow away or throw it over the shoulder where you cannot ride. The perfect environmentally friendly electric scooter for adults!

What are the Pros?

What are the cons?

What's Great About it?

A fast foldable electric kick scooter for the environmentally conscious adult!

Are you environmentally friendly? Is leaving the planet a greener place important to you? If so, then this is the electric scooter for adults. From the moment this scooter arrived, EcoReco’s commitment to the environment is crystal clear. Packaged in recycled materials, you won’t find any wasted cardboard or plastic.
Better yet, when you register the warranty, EcoReco will plant a tree in your honor. This is truly one of a kind commitment to the green revolution.

That’s just the beginning. The EcoReco M5 E-Scooter is packed to the brim with features that leave no doubt this is one of the best electric kick scooters for inner-city fun. It might be a little pricey but it has but one real competitor and this competitor you can read about in our E-twow review here.

So Much Fun it can’t be good for the Environment. Or can it?

Cruising at 20 mph, you will almost feel guilty about how much fun you’re having.
Surely, such power comes at the expense of efficiency? Hardly. With an astonishing range of up to 20 miles, the EcoReco M5 will save you money on gas and help the environment by reducing CO2 emissions.
There is no compromise here. You really can have it all.


There’s no question this is one sleek scooter. The all black frame screams style and class. This is hands down the most beautiful adult kick scooter on the market.

Best in Class Build Quality

The lightweight aircraft grade aluminum frame comes in at a svelte 35 pounds, making this foldable scooter a breeze to carry in to the office or stow away in your trunk.The battery is good for 2000 charge cycles, or about 10 years of normal use. The front and rear suspension make for an exceptionally smooth ride on city streets. Flat tires? Not with the EcoReco M5. The tires are solid, so flats are impossible.

Additional Features

Safety? The EcoReco M5 has you covered.
It’s kick started, so no unexpected take offs that fling you over the handle bars.
The rear brake makes for smooth stopping, from 20mph to 0 in just a few feet.
The double folding mechanism means you will never fold this while riding.
Want to know how fast you’re going? How far you’ve come? How much battery is left? How many times you’ve charged the battery? The backlit LED display shows all this.

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  1. Hello Brian, thanks a lot for this article. This seems to be a great scooter. I got really interested when you mentioned the 2000 charging cycles, that’s awesome! Even assuming you use it every day, and need to charge it every day… that gives you a lot of rides! And also I assume you can replace the battery for a new one, right? Thanks again mate!

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