6 Best Envy Pro Scooters of 2022 [Reviews]

envy pro scooters

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Envy is one of the most recognized scooter brands on the market today. Many of their scooters are designed for professionals and they have a host of exciting features that make them stand out against the competition. However, knowing which Envy pro scooters are the best is often the challenge that we try to overcome.

Choosing the best option is hard and all of these scooters have some form of merit that makes them stand out. Many people, often want the best option a brand has to offer. However, Envy has a couple of the top options on the market today. Many of these scooters are designed for specific individuals with skills that are already developed.

To help you find the best Envy scooter, we have created the following guide. This guide aims to assist you in making the right decision, while also listing the scooters that are the best for the brand. The pro Envy scooters are specialized and they offer the best performance for the more advanced scooter riders.

While you might think that all scooters are similar, this is not the case. Envy is one of the brands that stands ahead of the pack when it comes to innovation and one of their main focuses is to have durable components. Their components are made mostly from aluminum and this will not only make the scooter more durable but lightweight as well.

Another reason for the popularity is the Envy trick scooters. These scooters are designed to give you more functionality and maneuverability. It also means that the scooters can be adjusted to meet your needs when it comes to performing tricks. The nylon rear brake is designed to also give them optimal stopping power.

Best Envy Pro Scooters Reviews:

The best envy scooter is often hard to find, especially since most of them have similar features. However, this guide will help you isolate all the scooters and determine which of them are the best for your needs. With all of these scooters and features, you can use this to see which Envy scooter is the perfect option for your needs.

1. Best Envy Scooter: Envy Scooters KOS S6 Complete Scooter

The Envy Scooters KOS S6 Complete Scooter is the first one on the list and it is one of the most complete scooter options on the market today. The unit is designed from durable aluminum, which also keeps the scooter lightweight. The weight can easily be seen with only 11-pounds for the overall package of the unit.

The aluminum reaper bars are designed to ensure you have comfort. The dimensions are 650mm (25.6″) x 580mm (22.8″), which also gives you plenty of adjustabilities and this means that you could adjust the handlebars to meet your specific needs. Nylon brakes should give you optimal stopping power at rapid speeds.

The design of the unit should make life easy for you. You don’t need to worry about any additional upgrades, as most of the features on the scooter are the best from the manufacturer. The scooter is also recommended by some of the top riders. It should give you plenty of comforts and overall durability over the ride.




Final Verdict –

If you are serious about looking for a high-end scooter, you don’t need to look any farther than the Envy Scooters KOS S6 Complete Scooter. As the name suggests, it is a complete scooter and the unit has some top-quality features. We would recommend it for more advanced riders that enjoy having all the best features from the start.

2. Best Entry-Level Envy Scooter: Envy Scooters One S3 Complete Scooter

Buying the best scooter is often a tedious process. However, you don’t always need to spend hundreds of dollars on finding the right scooter for the skate park. The Envy Scooters One S3 Complete Scooter is one of the top options and while the color scheme might not suit everyone, it is certainly one of the scooters that will stand out.

The unit features durable construction from alloy steel and people often misjudge the power of steel. In the case of this scooter, it does not affect the weight and the overall weight of the scooter is still around 9.55-pounds. The polyurethane wheels are heavy-duty and are designed specifically for you to use at the skate park.

The manufacturer has also tacked on a useful warranty that should give you some peace of mind when taking the unit for a spin. It should be comfortable for most riders. However, the color scheme is not always what everyone might like. Unfortunately, you cannot make any adjustments to the handlebars for better usability.




Final Verdict –

Overall, the Envy Scooters One S3 Complete Scooter might not be for everyone. The scooter is made from high-grade alloy steel and should be the ideal entry-level scooter. It is not expensive and Envy always backs up their scooters with some great features. If you are just starting, this is the scooter for you.

3. Best Intermediate Envy Scooter: Envy Scooters PRODIGY S8 Complete Scooter (New Model)

As you begin to evolve as a rider and you become better at your craft, you might be looking for the Envy Scooters PRODIGY S8 Complete Scooter. The unit is one of the leading options on the market today and it includes some exceptional features. The new design of the scooter will make it functional for modern riders.

Made from aluminum, we once again have a high-end scooter that is lightweight. So far, it is one of the lightest options on the list and it is packed with advanced features that make it stand out against the competition. With a weight of only 7.7-pounds, it should not take you too long to master the scooter and perform all the stunts.

Since the scooter is often marketed as one of the trick scooters, it has plenty of adjustabilities. You should not need to worry about adjusting the scooter for your personal needs. It will only take a few turns from your wrench or even the quick-release mechanism and you should be fine. Unfortunately, it has an expensive price tag.




Final Verdict –

The Envy Scooters PRODIGY S8 Complete Scooter is certainly not the most expensive option on the list. However, it comes with some great features that make it perfect for beginners and experts. According to the manufacturer, the scooter should work best when it is used by more competent riders moving to an advanced level.

4. Best Advanced Envy Scooter: Envy Scooters PRODIGY S8 Complete Scooter (Old Model)

The Envy Scooters PRODIGY S8 Complete Scooter (Old Model) is very similar to the previous option we have on the list. When you get on the scooter and you compare it to the new models, you won’t find many differences. However, the adjustment of the reaper handlebars feel more functional and they allow the scooter to move much better.

It has the same deck and deck size, but the setup feels a little smaller compared to the newer version, which means that it might not be for everyone. In terms of durability and weight, the scooter is also made from aluminum for the most part. It is 7.7-pounds in total weight and the unit tends to be best for performing stunts.

The newer model has a bigger variety of colors that you can choose from and this is one reason why people might consider it. However, if colors are not important to you, you might get off a little cheaper by choosing this model. The only downside we have is the smaller deck width, which might not accommodate all riders.




Final Verdict –

Overall, the scooter is similar to the newer model and you will only find that some of the colors have been changed. The other subtle changes hardly ever go noticed. We would recommend the scooter for intermediate and advanced riders. It should be ideal for those that want to take their riding to a new level.

5. Best Envy Trick Scooter: Envy Scooters PRODIGY S8 Complete Scooter – Jade

Sticking to the Envy Scooters PRODIGY S8 Complete Scooter, we have decided to add the one in the Jade color separately. The Jade color makes it stand out when compared to some of the other options and it features a lightweight design. The aluminum construction is ideal for those that want to keep the scooter as light as possible.

When looking at the previous two scooters, you will find that this one is similar. It has all the advanced features you might need and the unit is designed to give you functionality for your needs. The polyurethane wheels are durable and should keep the scooter stable while offering you exceptional value.

There are no real differences when comparing it to the others. However, the jade color is something that people find very attractive. You can find this scooter in a variety of different colors, but selecting Jade will have it stand out. It should enable you to be seen by many of your peers, who might even be envious.




Final Verdict –

A great scooter is certainly the way to go and if you are serious about riding your scooter, you might give the jade option a go. As mentioned with many of the other similar options, the scooter is for the intermediate rider. However, it has some similar properties to the top options, which is ideal for the top riders.

6. Best Complete Envy Scooter: Envy Scooters KOS S6 Complete Scooter

When looking for a great scooter, you want it to have all the features. If you are willing to pay almost $300 for a scooter, it should have everything you need and more. Fortunately, the Envy Scooters KOS S6 Complete Scooter is one of the scooters that can offer you this and it comes with a host of high-end features.

The unit is made from aluminum, which gives it a durable frame but still keeps the frame as light as possible. The polyurethane wheels should ensure that you have a smooth gliding motion while you are riding and it has a decent weight of 11-pounds. The weight might be too heavy for some, but it will be stable.

What we like about this scooter is that it takes all the features you find in your standard scooters and combines them into one. These features will enable you to perform stunts or casual riding experiences if you want to explore the world. Aside from the expensive price, there is not much we could find wrong with the scooter.




Final Verdict –

Quality is always paramount when looking at these types of scooters, and the Envy Scooters KOS S6 Complete Scooter is the embodiment of all the quality features you will need when riding your scooter. There are virtually no downsides to the unit. However, we would recommend it to the more advanced riders with some skills.

Essential Factors To Look For In Envy Trick Scooters:

Envy Trick Scooters

Now that you have seen 6 of the top Envy scooters and what some of the features are, you might be wondering which features make the brand so popular. Fortunately, we have you covered and the following section will focus on some of these factors. Now, you can see for yourself why Envy scooters are the best choice:

One of your first considerations should be looking at the frame of the scooter. When it comes to these high-end scooters, a standard frame might not do the trick and you are better off with something more advanced. We recommend the aluminum frame due to having durable construction but keeping the scooter lightweight. However, the alloy frame might be heavier but offers more durability.

Generally, a plastic compound is used when constructing the wheels of any scooter. However, you will be trekking across different terrains, which means friction might wear the tires. It is important to consider something like polyurethane. The polyurethane wheels have a long lifespan. Additionally, they will work for performing all your stunts.

The brakes are an essential part of looking for a good scooter. Durable brakes will give you more confidence to perform stunts and you should be able to rely on the brakes a little better as well. Nylon brakes at the rear seem to be the way to go. However, you can still come across scooters that offer a handbrake. These handbrakes connect to the handlebar and they allow you to stop the scooter with your hands.

Speaking of the handlebars, they are often designed to accommodate riders of an average height. However, some riders might be taller or shorter, which means that you will want to make adjustments to these handlebars. The reaper handlebars used by Envy are perfect for these situations and they will adapt perfectly to your needs. You don’t need any tools to make the correct adjustments.

When you think of these scooters, you can be sure that performing tricks and stunts will be at the top of the list for almost every rider. However, you need to keep the weight in mind when making these decisions. A good weight for a stunt scooter is around 8-pounds. However, if you can find a lighter scooter, it should be even more effective.

Finally, the risk we run with scooters is that you can fall at almost any moment. Falling can be painful and you might even damage your scooter. The risk with damaging these scooter is that they are expensive and replacing some of the parts are very expensive. Fortunately, Envy is one of the top brands that allow you to extend your warranty and offers a great default warranty.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

The features might assist you in making the best decision on which scooter to choose. However, it does not always tell the complete story. We have done some additional research and found some common questions you might have. These questions should assist you in making the best decision for your specific scooter:

  • Why Are Envy Scooters So Expensive?

If you are to get the best scooter, you need to be willing to pay a little more. Envy scooters place plenty of emphasis on their products and they only use the best materials. Due to using these materials, they have designed the form of the best scooters on the market today.

  • Are Envy Scooters For Tricks?

Envy trick scooters are known for their design and the ability they offer the users to perform stunts and tricks. For many people, it might not be the ideal beginner scooter. However, it should be perfect for the more advanced performer.

  • What Skill Level Do I Need For An Envy Scooter?

Your skill level is always important when selecting a scooter. As a beginner, you might need something easier to work with. However, Envy scooters are mostly designed for advanced riders. They might have intermediate features as well.

  • Are Envy Scooters Easy To Assemble?

Most of the components on the Envy scooter will arrive partially assembled. You will only need some basic skills if you are to put the rest together. It is also easy to add upgrades or to make any adjustments on the scooter if you need to.

Final Verdict

If you consider yourself a serious scooter rider, you might want to consider the best Envy Scooter. These scooters are made from the best materials and they have some great features. We would recommend all of their scooters. However, we would love to see some of your thoughts in the comment section on any options we might have missed.

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