✅ Top 12 Fastest Electric Scooters in 2020 – Listed By Top Speed & Range

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The story of e-scooters started off slow. It came in as a toy for kids and adults to pass time in a fun way. But the advances in technology soon reflected in the e-scooter market. Things changed pretty quickly. Now, e-scooters are looked at as an alternative medium of transport. It’s eco-friendly, energy efficient, safe, portable and most importantly, it is a source of simple joy.

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That brings us to today’s topic. We are here with the Top 12 Fastest Electric Scooters in 2020. We picked them keeping in mind the needs of our readers and have tried to cover most of the different scooters out there so that all our readers find their right one irrespective of the budget. 

Let’s get started…

Dualtron Thunder Electric Scooter

  • Power 5400W
  • Speed Limit: 50 mph
  • Range : 74 miles

NanRobot LS7

  • Power 3600watt
  • Speed Limit: 52 mph
  • Range : 60 miles

Quiewa Q1 Hummer

  • Power 800W
  • Speed Limit: 35 mph
  • Range : 40-50 miles


  • Speed Limit: 26 mph
  • Range : 22 miles

Uberscoot 1600W

  • Power 1600W
  • Speed Limit: 20 mph
  • Range : 12 miles

Speedway 5

  • Speed Limit: 40 mph
  • Range : 60 miles


  • Speed Limit: 40 mph
  • Range : 50 miles

eDrift ES295 2.0 Electric Fat Tire Scooter

  • Power 2000W
  • Speed Limit: 30 mph
  • Range : 25 miles

MEGAWHEELS S5 Electric Scooter

  • Power 250W
  • Speed Limit: 16 mph
  • Range : 13.6 miles

Xiaomi Mi Electric Scooter

  • Power 250 W
  • Speed Limit: 15.5 mph
  • Range : 18.6 miles

Glion Dolly Foldable 

  • Power 250W
  • Speed Limit: 15 mph

XPRIT Folding Kick Scooter

  • Power 250W
  • Speed Limit: 12.5 mph
  • Range : 13 miles

Fastest Electric Scooters : Our Top 12 Picks 2020

1. Nanrobot LS7 – Top Pick!

NanRobot is a Chinese Bicycle and Scooter manufacturer that has been in the market for a while now.  Their abundance of experience clearly shows up in their products.

  • Top Speed- 50 MPH
  • Range- 60 Miles   

The LS7 is NanRobot’s flagship product. It wouldn’t be fair comparing it with most other scooters on this list. Neither the prices are comparable nor the performance. The simultaneous action of the dual-drive motor produces a 3600 watt power that enables the LS7 to hit the 52 mph mark making it the fastest bike on this list. Its sibling, the NanRobot RS11 claims to reach a top speed of 55 mph. But what makes us choose the LS7 over it is the torque on this product. While most scooters struggle climbing uphill, the LS7 does it effortlessly.

This scooter is built to last. Like most of their products, NanRobot keeps the design simple with the LS7. The LS7 is top-class when it comes to comfort. The highlight would be the pneumatic (air-filled) tyres and front-rear rubber suspensions. The dual hydraulic disk brakes on the LS7 should be enough to give you the confidence to get everything out of this beast and touch that top speed.

Features –

  • The powerful battery keeps you going for a good 60 miles on a single 5-hour charge.
  • It weighs around 84 lbs and can bear a load of up to 330 lbs.
  • The [1800watt x 2] dual-drive motor
  • LCD speedometer with power ON/OFF
  • Powerful LED headlights and brake lights.
  • USB charging functionality.
  • A removable hub motor, making maintenance easy.
  • Water-Proof (IP6). That means the scooter can handle heavy sprays of water.
  • Easy and a Rigid folding mechanism.
  • Integrating with dealers and agents worldwide has made purchasing the NanRobot possible outside of China.

Final Verdict –

The first thing that pops up in your mind would be “Is this scooter really worth that money?”. Well, we would like to help you answer that. The LS7 is not one of those “commuter’s” or “last-mile journey” scooters. 

This is meant for people who are looking for an alternate medium for transport. People who travel a lot running errands will find this extremely useful. The build and the battery is made long-lasting for this very reason. And of course, all the scooter enthusiasts out there will find riding this machine very thrilling and exciting (50 mph on a scooter? It’s insane!).

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2. Dualtron Thunder Electric Scooter- Runner Up!

Dualtron is known for setting new standards when it comes to scooters. The quality, capability and long-range that the Dualtron Thunder offers is almost unmatched.

  • Top Speed : 50 MPH
  • Range : 74 Miles

The Dualtron thunder is the most gorgeous scooter in the market. Period. The performance on this scooter is almost comparable with gas-powered bikes. So naturally, the price also is similar. The dual motors produce a maximum wattage of 5400W (dual motors rated 2,700W each). That makes it absolutely perfect for any kind of slope or terrain. The scooter is on the heavier side weighing a good 95 lbs. The weight provides more stability of the scooter at high speeds. It offers a range of 74 miles on a full charge ( which can take 4-20 hours depending on the charger ). The top speed of 50 mph lets you rip through the traffic and reach your destination in no time.

According to us, the build quality on the Dualtron is better than the LS7. The frame and handle are made of aluminium alloymaking it sturdy and light. The 11-inch ultra-wide pneumatic tyre makes balancing easy while the rubber suspension ensures a comfortable ride. Long story short: There is nothing that this scooter lacks.

Features –

  • All Dualtron scooters come with ABS brakes and adjustable suspension.
  • Climbing Grade: 47% or 25 degrees depending on rider weight and state of charge
  • Waterproof (IP54)
  • A metallic case for the battery.
  • LED lighting. Both front and rear.
  • Brilliant DashBoard: LCD speedometer with cruise control and electric brakes.

Final Verdict –

The Dualtron Thunder is easily the best performing adult electric scooter in the market. But again, not a scooter for short distance commuters. If you could afford this price and can handle the weight, this scooter is the ultimate answer to your search.

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3. Quiewa Q1 Hummer – Our Favorite !

Quiewa is a Taiwanese manufacturer whose product, the Q1 Hummer, has been making noise in the scooter market for a while now. Not sure why it is called a Hummer but we are guessing that Quiewa is trying to say something about the scooter’s build quality. This is a strongly built scooter that looks classic and durable.

  • Top Speed : 35 Miles
  • Range : 60 Miles

The 800W motor provides enough torque to make the Q1 Hummer suitable for any conditions. The top speed of 35 mphmakes it the fastest scooter available at this price range. Online feedback suggests that the scooter delivers as promised. Its got a26Ah battery that survives long enough to give you a good 40-50 mile range. The tyres are 10 inches wide but are not tubeless. This is not really a problem as users have found the bike to perform really well on all kinds of terrains.

The scooter folds up pretty quickly and can be carried around without any struggle. The dual shock absorbers and disk brakesmake the Q1 hummer very controllable and smooth.

Features –

  • Brake light comes with the bike ( Other lights need to be purchased ).
  • It’s IP56 rated, making it rideable even when raining.
  • USB mobile phone charging feature.

Final Verdict –

The Quiewa Q1 Hummer is the fastest budget electric bike on this list. It can be used for the short rides but we would recommend it to people who require daily usage. That’s when you would be really appreciating the quality and performance of this little beast. Also, Quiewa has dealers in the US making local services available and easy. 

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4. WIDEWHEEL PRO – Unique Design & Dual Motor Power

The Widewheel 2019 just got an upgrade and it’s been worth its weight in gold. Larger battery, dual brakes, smarter display and sturdier design. The dual motor delivers strong torque and super acceleratior.

  • Top Speed : 26 MPH
  • Range : 22 Miles

For a 1000W electric scooter, 30% inclines are tackled with ease and you’re looking at 26mph and 22+ miles of range (10-15% more than the 2019 model) thanks to the updated 48V 15Ah high efficiency li-ion battery. As you’d expect, this electric scooter has ultra wide wheels and a durable, sturdy frame. A brilliant piece of equipment that is unlikely to let you down. You can get more details about this amazing scooter at blog section of fluidfreeride where they have also put up videos of test rides with this scooter.

Features –

  • A smart and comprehensive display to see total mileage, speed, suggestions for gear selection, and cruise control.
  • Safety is considered a priority and this model benefits from 120mm disc brakes improving braking power with bright LEDs front and rear for optimum visibility. 
  • Folding down smoothly and at 54lbs in weight, this electric scooter can be stowed in the car boot or luggage rack. 
  • It also takes up to 220lbs of load, which is in the upper region for commuter scooters.
  • Normally with airless tires, you could find the ride is less smooth, but this is countered by flawless front and rear suspension. 
  • Updates to the frame include upgraded materials, reinforcement to the neck with a thicker stem resulting in a higher level of durability, and improved performance in touch weather.

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5. Uberscoot 1600W (With Seat)

The Uberscoot has been a popular scooter in the market for some time now. This is again a mid-range scooter that promises premium performance. The overall system that UberScoot uses might be a little old, but its still giving a hard time to competitors in this price range.

  • Top Speed : 20 MPH
  • Range : 12 Miles

Powered by a brushless 1600W motor, the UberScoot 1600w Electric Scooter delivers over two horsepower.. The UberScoot 1600w rockets you to a top speed of 20 mph and offers an average range of 12 miles. You can extend your range by activating “Economy Mode”.

This handy feature partially restricts the scooter’s acceleration and the top speed in order to save up more battery for those long rides. Other great features include a quick release seat (Yes, comes with the scooter), a folding mechanism that quickly and easily allows you to pack it away. The dual disk brakes and the key ignition feature makes the Uberscoot a safety enabled scooter.

Features –

  • The large 11-inch knobby lets you take on any terrain.
  • BMX style handlebars
  • One touch easy folding frame with advanced ‘Posi Lock’ folding/locking system.
  • Front and rear lights to keeping your midnight rides well illuminated

Final Verdict –

The Uberscoot is a bang-on product for its price. It’s an allrounder that gives you everything at a decent price. We suggest this scooter to people who are looking for a rugged, fast and low-budget scooter for daily usage. The only downside that we see is its weight. 117 lbs make this scooter very hard to carry around ( uses a Lead acid battery that is pretty heavy ). If you can manage that, then this is a wonderful product. 

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6. Speedway 5 Electric Scooter

Speedway Electric Scooters, by Mini Motors, make trusted and reliable entry-level scooters that are being used by many scooter sharing services across the US. 

  • Top Speed : 40 MPH
  • Range : 60 Miles

Just like the Dualtron, the S5 uses a dual hub motor to offer a power of 3600W. It uses the best-in-class 23.4 Ah battery to give you a mileage of around 60 miles. The speed you can achieve on the S5 is around 40 mph depending on the rider and the terrain.

The Speedway S5 is a toned down version of the Dualtron Thunder. The build is similar (though not as sturdy as the Thunder) and so is the working. The 70 lbs machine is easier (comparatively) to carry around and can be safely locked using an optional fingerprint feature. One of its main highlight is the dual air spring suspension which makes riding the S5 super comfortable.

Now, if you are a person who likes multiple lights on your vehicle, which definitely makes it look cooler, then this would be a great choice. The Speedway 5 comes standard with headlights, tail lights, side lights, and even LED Logo mood lighting.  This sure is going to brighten up those night rides.

Features –

  • You have a quick charger option available to get your refuelling done in under 4 hours.
  • The LCD throttle houses all your settings and shows you everything you would want to know about your scooter.
  • It comes in dual colours, black and white.
  • Climbing Grade: 37% depending on rider weight and state of charge.
  • The wheel is separate from the hub motor. This makes repairing your scooter very convenient.

Final Verdict –

This scooter is the perfect choice for anybody who is looking for a high-performance machine without having shell out as much as. Again a scooter meant for long-range applications. The battery on this is really impressive and so is the performance. All this makes the Speedway S5 one of the most value-for-money products on this list. 

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7. MANTIS – Advanced All Round Electric Scooter, Power & Range

This zippy number has been designed for the demanding rider who needs not only fantastic trail performance and strong torque, but high acceleration too. Large batteries deliver up to 50 miles of range, delivering top speeds of 40mph. It’s portable and can handle most ground condition with ease.

  • Top Speed : 40 MPH
  • Range : 50 Miles

Features –

  • This is a serious piece of kit. 
  • Advanced display/throttle combo allows configuration of cruise control, speed limit, regenerative breaking system and you get 50 miles between charges.
  • This electric scooter handles all kinds of terrain with ease and you can choose which mode to ride in to ensure you are getting the most out of speed and range.
  • Nifty, speedy, stylish and loads of fun. 

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8. eDrift ES295 2.0 Electric Fat Tire Scooter

This street-legal moped looks amazing and delivers with its performance as well. Ideal for everyday use, this eDrift model is a favorite of many and some even choose to ditch their cars to ride this.

  • Top Speed : 30 MPH
  • Range : 25 Miles

Although we mention that the range is 25 miles, we love the fact this range can be extended when the user decides to get the battery of the scooter upgraded. Fun, efficient and stylish – what more can one want from an awesome electric scooter? The thick tires are a trademark of this scooter and give the rider a smooth and comfortable riding experience. While this electric scooter may look intimidating, keep in mind that it is very easy to ride and has a great weight carrying capacity as well, making it one of the most popular choices in the fastest electric scooters category

Features –

  • It has a 2000-watt hub motor that is incredibly powerful
  • This electric scooter has a 60-volt battery
  • It is very easy to ride as the controls are very intuitive to the rider
  • It has a hand-operated hydraulic disc braking system

Final Verdict –

This stylish and incredibly powerful electric scooter is ideal for those people who have a need for speed. Its 350-pound weight limit is very generous and lets you ride even when you have additional luggage with you. Equipped with a great suspension system and thick wheels, you can have a safe and smooth ride while enjoying the thrill of the speed. The only drawback we feel is that some users may find the design of this scooter very bulky and big, but that is the price one has to pay for such a smooth and comfortable ride.

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9. MEGAWHEELS S5 Electric Scooter

We love this electric scooter because it offers great value without burning a hole in your wallet. If you are on a budget and are looking for an electric scooter that gives you excellent quality, then this is the electric scooter for you.

  • Top Speed :15.5 MPH
  • Range : 13.6 Miles

While the motor is only 250 watts, it is still quite powerful. The battery indicators on the dashboard of the electric scooter also help you see how much longer you can use the scooter at a stretch. The body of this electric scooter is made up of an aircraft-grade aluminum alloy, making it the perfect companion for you when you want to explore your adventurous side and need a scooter that can be with you in all conditions. We love the braking system of this electric scooter. The dual braking system is reliable and incredibly effective. 

Features –

  • It has a powerful 250-watt motor
  • This electric scooter features 8.5-inch pneumatic tires
  • This electric scooter has a mechanical disc brake and an electronic disc braking system

Final Verdict –

With incredible battery life and 5 different LED indicators on the scooter, you can be assured that you will be safe and this electric scooter can be a reliable companion while you are zipping through the streets. Beng street-legal, there is no hassle related to license and documentation so you can ride to your heart’s content. The wheels of this electric scooter are reinforced with a shock absorption system and when not in use, you can easily fold it up and store it in your home. The only drawback we feel is that the latch used for folding the electric scooter is not very smooth and can take some time to get used to.

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10. Xiaomi Mi Electric Scooter

This 250-watt electric scooter has the capability to make your daily commuting fun and interesting. Offering great high speeds and an impressive range, this electric scooter is foldable and can fit in the trunk of your car or under any cabinet in your home easily when not in use. 

  • Top Speed : 15.5 MPH
  • Range : 18.6 Miles

The double braking system and the suspension system of this electric scooter are loved by everyone who decides to invest in this scooter. The Xiaomi Mi Electric scooter has won many awards and it is most well known for winning the “Best Design” award. The sturdy frame of this electric scooter is made up of an aerospace-grade aluminum alloy that lets you push and test its boundaries in terms of the durability. If you like sleek and smart design, then it is difficult to get an electric scooter that can compare to this one.

Features –

  • This foldable electric scooter features a 250-watt motor
  • It has a strong aerospace aluminum alloy body
  • It has 8.5-inch pneumatic tires

Final Verdict –

This electric scooter is one of the fast ones in the game and we love the sleek and stylish design. The makers of this scooter kept the ease of riding in mind as well, making it an absolute pleasure to ride. Taking just 5 hours to charge up completely and last for a long time, you can use this electric scooter to commute to and from work and do all your chores around the neighborhood. With a weight capacity of 220 pounds, this is suitable for teenagers as well as adults. While we really do feel the need to address that there is a lack of a screen on the electric scooter, there are many other aspects of this scooter that make up for this fault. 

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11. Glion Dolly Foldable Lightweight Adult Electric Scooter

The Glion Dolly is a scooter built with a vision to coast through the city on the most portable, reliable and energy efficient last mile solution.

  • Top Speed : 15 MPH
  • Range : 15 Miles

The Glion Dolly foldable commuter electric scooter is an alternate to the EcoReco we just mentioned previously. The brushless 250W motor can get you going at a top speed of 15 MPH in no time. The battery charges quickly and claims amazing longevity (over 1000 cycles). Built of aluminium alloy, this scooter is super-light, weighing just 28 lbs. The Dolly sports a 1-second foot actuated folding/unfolding and a vertical self-standing feature that makes it ultra-portable. The 8-inch honeycomb never-flat tyre does its job perfectly, allowing you to run on any terrain.

But the standout feature of the Glion Dolly is that you can pull out the handle which is built into the front and bring it around with you when the scooter is folded. This is very useful when bringing it around places where you might not want to carry or ride it.

Features –

  • When folded, you can walk with it like a roller bag suitcase.
  • One of the most popular and highly rated scooters on Amazon.
  • Clean, quiet, lithium-ion battery-powered hub motor.
  • Additional features: charger, headlight, rear reflector and pedestrian bell included.

Final Verdict –

This product is our favourite budget scooter on this list. It is not the fastest but the features it offers are invaluable in making life easy. It is extremely portable and user-friendly. We recommend this scooter to anybody who wants to save time and make those short rides enjoyable. 

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12. XPRIT Folding Electric Kick Scooter

The goal of XPRIT is to provide quality products at a low price. That is the exact reason why we have the XPRIT foldable on our list. This bike is not really comparable with the others in terms of speed and performance, but anybody who is on a tight budget should definitely take a look at this.

  • Top Speed : 12.5 MPH
  • Range : 13 MIles

The 250W motor propels the e-scooter to a max speed of 12.5 MPH. The moderate capacity of a 4Ah battery provides a maximum travel range of up to 6.8 miles under specific conditions (up to 3 hours charging time). It makes use of puncture free non-pneumatic solid tyres for traction during bad weather and heavycoil suspension on the front wheel to absorb shocks on bumpy roads. Also, its got an LCD display that can show speed, battery life, odometer and time accurately.

Features –

  • Easy to store: folding size 38×15.7×15.7 inches.
  • Full aluminium alloy frame durable and fast acceleration.
  • Front headlights.

Final Verdict –

The XPRIT foldable is the perfect choice for users who are running on a tight budget or needs to purchase multiple pieces. This scooter is suitable for last-mile journeys or short rides within your locality. It makes moving around and getting things done very easy and super-fun. 

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Things To Consider While Choosing Fastest Electric Scooters –

There is an array of things that you need to figure out before choosing the Fastest Electric scooter perfect for you.

  • Specs
  • Power Uphill: The power or the speed that the scooter operates at when climbing up a hill. The higher the better.
  • Speed: The top and average speed of the scooter.
  • Battery capacity: Higher battery capacity ensures a better range.
  • Weight: Choose the scooter that suits your weight and the weight you can handle.
  • Purpose or Usage

This refers to your intent for purchasing the scooter. Examples: Work, Fun/Adventure, Short RIdes, Long Rides and so on.

  • Budget

This refers to the money you are willing to spend on your scooter purchase. Once you have these ready, match them with the review of each bike and eliminate the ones that don’t fit. This makes the whole process easier.

  • Tips
  • Don’t go for a second-hand scooter. You never know why people sell stuff. Scooters parts usually have a functioning period beyond which they are not really useful.
  • Don’t buy from an overseas website. Local presence of the dealer is very necessary when it comes to products like the scooter.
  • Check for the warranty.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

NANROBOT LS7 Electric Scooter. With a top speed of 52 mph, the powerful LS7 from NANROBOT takes the title of being the fastest electric scooter available today.

-UBERSCOOT 1600W 48volt Electric Scooter
The UberScoot 1600 is one of the most powerful electric scooters ever being sold. Powered by 48 volts SLA battery and a 1600 watt motor, this beast of an electric scooter is not a toy. It can go over any terrain and climb very steep hills.

Scooters tend to have top speeds ranging from 10 mph to 25 mph, but some scooters can go upto 50mph also like the NanRobot LS7.

Electric scooters do not have these, so they are not legal for roads. Normal scooters (without motors) are not allowed on pavements or cycle paths but there are no laws to prevent them being used on roads.

An electric scooter with a full battery charge can go as much as 10 miles depending on the model and capacity of an electric scooter. This can go as long as 30 miles if your electric scooter is pedal assisted. The performance of your electric scooter may vary depending on some factors.

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