✅ Top 10 Fastest Electric Scooters in 2021 – Listed By Top Speed & Range

fastest electric scooter
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The story of e-scooters started off slow. It came in as a toy for kids and adults to pass time in a fun way. But the advances in technology soon reflected in the e-scooter market. Things changed pretty quickly. Now, e-scooters are looked at as an alternative medium of transport. It’s eco-friendly, energy efficient, safe, portable and most importantly, it is a source of simple joy.

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That brings us to today’s topic. We are here with the Top 12 Fastest Electric Scooters in 2021. We picked them keeping in mind the needs of our readers and have tried to cover most of the different scooters out there so that all our readers find their right one irrespective of the budget. 

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Dualtron Thunder Electric Scooter

Turbowheel Lightning+


Speedway 5


Emove Cruiser


eDrift ES295 2.0 Electric Fat Tire Scooter


Uberscoot 1600W

Fastest Electric Scooters: Our Top Picks 2021

1. Dualtron Thunder Electric Scooter – Top Pick!

Dualtron Thunder

The Dualtron Thunder is easily the best performing adult electric scooter in the market. But again, not a scooter for short distance commuters. If you could afford this price and can handle the weight, this scooter is the ultimate answer to your search.

Dualtron is known for setting new standards when it comes to scooters. The quality, capability and long-range that the Dualtron Thunder offers is almost unmatched.

  • Top Speed : 50 MPH
  • Range : 74 Miles
fastest electric scooter

The Dualtron thunder is the most gorgeous scooter in the market. Period. The performance on this scooter is almost comparable with gas-powered bikes. So naturally, the price also is similar. The dual motors produce a maximum wattage of 5400W (dual motors rated 2,700W each). That makes it absolutely perfect for any kind of slope or terrain. The scooter is on the heavier side weighing a good 95 lbs. The weight provides more stability of the scooter at high speeds. It offers a range of 74 miles on a full charge ( which can take 4-20 hours depending on the charger ). The top speed of 50 mph lets you rip through the traffic and reach your destination in no time.

fast electric scooter

According to us, the build quality on the Dualtron is better than the LS7. The frame and handle are made of aluminium alloymaking it sturdy and light. The 11-inch ultra-wide pneumatic tyre makes balancing easy while the rubber suspension ensures a comfortable ride. Long story short: There is nothing that this scooter lacks.

Key Features:

2. Turbowheel Lightning+

Turbowheel Lightning+

Well, this electrical scooter is brilliant and we have no doubt about that. But the money that you may have to spend on it can get a little on the higher side but it is worth it in every aspect. It is portable and can be folded so that you can carry it with you. Moreover, it will not need any parking space so that is something really great.

Other than this, it offers greater power and stunning battery life as well. With just 3 hours of charge, you can ride it for an entire day that you will hardly find in any other scooters in the market.

Turbowheel Lighting+ is a high-performing e-scooter that is among the versions of the very popular Lighting eScooter. The company has made multiple upgrades to this model to give you the best scooter at the most reasonable price in the market. It has an exquisite design with some of the boldest colors that you will love. With the use of charcoal black & metallic cherry red finish, it looks stunning.

  • Top Speed : 45 MPH
  • Range : 40 Miles
most powerful electric scooter

The best part about this e-scooter is that it is highly portable and can be folded into a small footprint such that you can easily carry it around with you in your truck or store it in any place you would like. It runs on high-performance dual motors with a power of 3600W. You can easily gain a maximum speed of 45mph which is exceptionally good. With more speed, you need powerful brakes and this scooter delivers just that.

fast electric scooter for adults

It has been upgraded with a Nutt hydraulic brake kit & larger brake pads so that you get precise brake control while gaining max speed. Furthermore, the Lighting+ has been fitted with a key ignition switch & a separate voltage readout display which you will not find in any other e-scooter at this range.

Key Features:

3. MANTIS – Advanced All Round Electric Scooter, Power & Range

Mantis Pro

If you wanted an all-rounder, here it is. Mantis has every capability to be called amongst the best and certainly the fastest scooter. It has a mid-price range and certainly something you can think of buying. This scooter is pretty light as compared to others and highly portable to be carried with you anywhere you travel. In fact, it is perfect for riders who love adventure and can take up to climb hills with ease. 

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This zippy number has been designed for the demanding rider who needs not only fantastic trail performance and strong torque, but high acceleration too.

  • Top Speed : 40 MPH
  • Range : 50 Miles
fast electric scooters

Large batteries deliver up to 50 miles of range, delivering top speeds of 40mph. It’s portable and can handle most ground condition with ease.

Key Features:

4. Speedway 5 Electric Scooter

Speedway 5

This scooter is the perfect choice for anybody who is looking for a high-performance machine without having shell out as much as. Again a scooter meant for long-range applications. The battery on this is really impressive and so is the performance. All this makes the Speedway S5 one of the most value-for-money products on this list. 

Speedway Electric Scooters, by Mini Motors, make trusted and reliable entry-level scooters that are being used by many scooter sharing services across the US. 

  • Top Speed : 40 MPH
  • Range : 60 Miles
fastest electric scooters

Just like the Dualtron, the S5 uses a dual hub motor to offer a power of 3600W. It uses the best-in-class 23.4 Ah battery to give you a mileage of around 60 miles. The speed you can achieve on the S5 is around 40 mph depending on the rider and the terrain.

The Speedway S5 is a toned down version of the Dualtron Thunder. The build is similar (though not as sturdy as the Thunder) and so is the working. The 70 lbs machine is easier (comparatively) to carry around and can be safely locked using an optional fingerprint feature. One of its main highlights is the dual air spring suspension which makes riding the S5 super comfortable.

fast electric scooter

Now, if you are a person who likes multiple lights on your vehicle, which definitely makes it look cooler, then this would be a great choice. The Speedway 5 comes standard with headlights, tail lights, side lights, and even LED Logo mood lighting.  This sure is going to brighten up those night rides.

Key Features:

5. Inokim Oxo Electric Scooter

Inokim Oxo

Inokim Oxo is undoubtedly one of the fastest electric scooters. The price range can be on the higher side for some, but “Is it worth the price?”. Well, we do believe that you are going to enjoy every ride on it since it is super smooth and fast enough for you to enjoy but also keep you safe and secure at the same time.

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Inokim Oxo is another brilliant addition by the brand to its list of electric scooters. This model has been designed for the sole purpose to give you speed and power both on and off-road. The design is pretty much similar to what we have seen on the OX model but it does have premium quality and much better finish.

  • Top Speed : 40 MPH
  • Range : 62 Miles
40 mph electric scooter

It is highly portable and takes less than 5 seconds to be folded up or down for use. The durability test can be measured by the use of high-quality aluminum 6061 T6 Alloy in its making. It is used in the car manufacturing industry which makes it ready to be used in even difficult terrains. This electric scooter runs on a dual brushless motor with a power of 2000W together. With this, you can achieve a speed of 40mph which is simply incredible.

fastest electric scooter

Moreover, you will have an LCD display on the handle that gives you every info you need such as Distance, speed, battery life, and much more. Inokim Oxo uses an indeed very powerful battery that is capable of giving about 13.5 hours of charge and can go for a range of 62 miles altogether. We were really impressed with the battery and also that it can carry a weight of 130kg.

Key Features:

6. Emove Cruiser

Emove Cruiser

The Emove Cruiser is a superb and the most affordable E-Scooter you can grab if you have a low budget. We found no issues as such even though the price range is pretty small. The speed limit could have been a little more as compared to the range but otherwise, it is easy to use and you can enjoy a smooth ride all day long. 

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Emove Cruiser is a high-speed electric scooter that is built for long-range rides. It has everything you are looking for in a scooter. Not only is it highly affordable but also checks out all the specs you need in your scooter. The design has been made in a manner such that it can be folded on multiple ends. This scooter lets you fold the handlebars and then shrink to a size that can be easily carried around, Either keep it in your garage or even your room.

  • Top Speed : 25 MPH
  • Range : 60 Miles
fast electric scooter

It runs on a dual brushless motor with a power of 1600W. With this, you can achieve a maximum speed of 25 mph. However, these scooters have a special display where you can manage the P settings to know the speed, change the wheel diameter, battery voltage, types of start mode, Cruising Mode Setting, etc.

fastest scooter

The best part is its massive range that it can travel with a single charge. Moreover, it has the capacity to carry two people together with a total weight of 352lbs. The tires used on this Escooter are car grade tires that are a symbol for durability and can withstand even harsh terrains. You have complete control of the speed with the use of front and rear hybrid hydraulic brakes for precise braking power.

Key Features:


Inokim Ox

The OX is one of our favorites based on its design and build quality. It has a decent speed range so that you can use it without having to worry about going too fast. Also, you can easily use the brakes just to be safe and secure. Furthermore, in this price range, you will hardly get an electric scooter that has such quality and precision.

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INOKIM Ox is yet another amazing and one of the fastest scooters in 2021 that will surely be worth every penny you spend. This is more of a mid-range product and much more affordable based on your set budget. It has a phenomenal design and looks like a powerhouse. From its ultra-durable to its sturdy tires, everything about it speaks greatness.

  • Top Speed : 28 MPH
  • Range : 32 Miles
fast electric scooter

It runs on a powerful 800W base / 1300W peak motor that is meant to give this electric scooter more power and speed. In fact, this brushless motor is silent and gives a smooth ride. You can easily attain a maximum speed of 28mph with the help of a powerful motor. The platform has enough space to give you a good ride and also the handle has a throttle thumb button to help you attain speed. Furthermore, it is equipped with both front and rear brakes that are powerful enough for a precise stop.

cheap fast electric scooters

For battery life, you can choose between two options i.e Hero version has 13Ah Chinese cells for up to 32 miles range and the Superb version has 21Ah LG cells for up to 45 miles range. You can choose between them depending on the price it will come to.

Key Features:

8. WIDEWHEEL PRO – Unique Design & Dual Motor Power

Widewheel Pro

The WideWheel Pro is a brilliant scooter and we cannot agree more on this. It is for everyone who has set up a low budget to buy good electric soccer and this one meets all their needs. It has been upgraded with a better battery, brakes, display, and a lot more that you could never get even in the high priced products. We loved the tires and the design is impeccably stunning, and highly durable for a ride every day.

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The Widewheel 2019 just got an upgrade and it’s been worth its weight in gold. Larger battery, dual brakes, smarter display and sturdier design. The dual motor delivers strong torque and super acceleratior.

  • Top Speed : 26 MPH
  • Range : 22 Miles
powerful electric scooter

For a 1000W electric scooter, 30% inclines are tackled with ease and you’re looking at 26mph and 22+ miles of range (10-15% more than the 2019 model) thanks to the updated 48V 15Ah high efficiency li-ion battery. As you’d expect, this electric scooter has ultra wide wheels and a durable, sturdy frame. A brilliant piece of equipment that is unlikely to let you down.

fast electric scooter for adults

You can get more details about this amazing scooter at blog section of fluidfreeride where they have also put up videos of test rides with this scooter.

Key Features:

9. eDrift ES295 2.0 Electric Fat Tire Scooter

eDrift Fat Tire

This stylish and incredibly powerful electric scooter is ideal for those people who have a need for speed. Its 350-pound weight limit is very generous and lets you ride even when you have additional luggage with you.

Equipped with a great suspension system and thick wheels, you can have a safe and smooth ride while enjoying the thrill of the speed. The only drawback we feel is that some users may find the design of this scooter very bulky and big, but that is the price one has to pay for such a smooth and comfortable ride.

This street-legal moped looks amazing and delivers with its performance as well. Ideal for everyday use, this eDrift model is a favorite of many and some even choose to ditch their cars to ride this. Although we mention that the range is 25 miles, we love the fact this range can be extended when the user decides to get the battery of the scooter upgraded.

  • Top Speed : 30 MPH
  • Range : 25 Miles
fastest scooters

Fun, efficient and stylish – what more can one want from an awesome electric scooter? The thick tires are a trademark of this scooter and give the rider a smooth and comfortable riding experience. While this electric scooter may look intimidating, keep in mind that it is very easy to ride and has a great weight carrying capacity as well, making it one of the most popular choices in the fastest electric scooters category

Key Features:

10. Uberscoot 1600W (With Seat)

Uberscoot 1600W

The Uberscoot is a bang-on product for its price. It’s an allrounder that gives you everything at a decent price. We suggest this scooter to people who are looking for a rugged, fast and low-budget scooter for daily usage. The only downside that we see is its weight. 117 lbs make this scooter very hard to carry around ( uses a Lead acid battery that is pretty heavy ). If you can manage that, then this is a wonderful product. 

The Uberscoot has been a popular scooter in the market for some time now. This is again a mid-range scooter that promises premium performance. The overall system that UberScoot uses might be a little old, but its still giving a hard time to competitors in this price range.

  • Top Speed : 20 MPH
  • Range : 12 Miles
fastest electric scooters

Powered by a brushless 1600W motor, the UberScoot 1600w Electric Scooter delivers over two horsepower. The UberScoot 1600w rockets you to a top speed of 20 mph and offers an average range of 12 miles. You can extend your range by activating “Economy Mode”.

fast electric scooters

This handy feature partially restricts the scooter’s acceleration and the top speed in order to save up more battery for those long rides. Other great features include a quick release seat (Yes, comes with the scooter), a folding mechanism that quickly and easily allows you to pack it away. The dual disk brakes and the key ignition feature makes the Uberscoot a safety enabled scooter.

Key Features:

Factors To Consider While Choosing Fastest Electric Scooters –

There is an array of things that you need to figure out before choosing the Fastest Electric scooter perfect for you.

  • Power Uphill: The power or the speed that the scooter operates at when climbing up a hill. The higher the better.
  • Speed: The top and average speed of the scooter.
  • Battery capacity: Higher battery capacity ensures a better range.
  • Weight: Choose the scooter that suits your weight and the weight you can handle.

This refers to your intent for purchasing the scooter. Examples: Work, Fun/Adventure, Short RIdes, Long Rides and so on.

This refers to the money you are willing to spend on your scooter purchase. Once you have these ready, match them with the review of each bike and eliminate the ones that don’t fit. This makes the whole process easier.

  • Don’t go for a second-hand scooter. You never know why people sell stuff. Scooters parts usually have a functioning period beyond which they are not really useful.
  • Don’t buy from an overseas website. Local presence of the dealer is very necessary when it comes to products like the scooter.
  • Check for the warranty.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

Dualtron Thunder Electric Scooter. With a top speed of 50 mph, the powerful Thunder from Dualtron takes the title of being the fastest electric scooter available today.

-UBERSCOOT 1600W 48volt Electric Scooter
The UberScoot 1600 is one of the most powerful electric scooters ever being sold. Powered by 48 volts SLA battery and a 1600 watt motor, this beast of an electric scooter is not a toy. It can go over any terrain and climb very steep hills.

Scooters tend to have top speeds ranging from 10 mph to 25 mph, but some scooters can go upto 50mph also like the Dualtron Thunder.

Electric scooters in the US are allowed on roads as long as they don’t exceed the speed limit of 25 mph.

An electric scooter with a full battery charge can go as much as 10 miles depending on the model and capacity of an electric scooter. This can go as long as 30 miles if your electric scooter is pedal assisted. The performance of your electric scooter may vary depending on some factors.

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