Fuzion Z250 Review

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“The best thing about this scooter is its sleek design and build quality which makes it lovable for both kids and adults to ride this scooter.”

The Fuzion Z series is quite well known in the scooter world. This series has something for everyone. The Fuzion Z250 was made specifically for kids keeping their needs and wants in mind. Now when we say this we don’t mean that t is exclusively for kids only, a lot of adults use this scooter too and they love it.

But what we do mean is that this entry level scooter is great for kids 8 years and above and can go through all the phases of riding the scooter – from first figuring out how to use it, to learning the first few amateur tricks and stunts. This scooter is also strong and reliable. Since it is mostly targeted at children, the exterior durability is high because kids tend to be more reckless and accident prone.

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VOKUL Z250 Features -

Since this scooter is targeted at children, it is built in a way to withstand the test of time and recklessness. Kids will be kids, and this scooter lets them live out their true selves without falling apart into pieces.

This scooter features the new “Chronos deck” a unique Fuzion product design. This deck has been tested by professional scooter riders and the Fuzion team itself. It is sturdy, wide enough and has the signature dog-bone shape which helps the rider distribute weight equally all over the scooter, giving it better balance.

Usually found in very expensive scooters, this scooter has the HIC compression system which ensures that the rider has a pleasant and smooth ride and promises that it does not come lose with time.

Once you receive your package, you are all set to ride the scooter in just a few minutes – that’s how easy it is to assemble it.

The buyer can now choose from 4 awesome shades – battle grey, gold, pitch black and scorched red.

Can we take a minute and appreciate the beautiful T-Bar? Made with high grade steel with very high tensile strength, this bar gives you the balance and stability you need to perform tricks and stunts.

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FUZION Z250 Unboxing and User Review -

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