How Digital Content Is Squashing the Traditional Media !


For sports like squash, social media and digital content gives the ability to reach out to a significant audience. With Premier League football dominating the traditional media, most have resigned themselves away from competing for that space.

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Instead, by being clever online, you can still hit the audience you are looking for, and we caught up with the Professional Squash Association’s PR & Communications Manager, Nathan Clarke, to explain.

“Social media and digital media is huge for us and sports like us. I think in reality, a strong social media presence and good digital content is the only way a sport like ours can really reach out there and get to the public.

“Without the ability to live share highlight reel action, or keep fans up to date in real time with what’s going on – and without the likes of great sports pages like GiveMeSport, Bleacher Report etc – I think sports fans would struggle to find out much more than the main football scores via the traditional media.”

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