How Do Hoverboards Work? A Complete Go-Through

how do hoverboards work

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Remember how as kids we used to fantasize about a vehicle that can get us to school as we fly over the neighborhood, cheering and laughing? But to our dismay, the best we could have other than walking or riding a bike to school was going on a skateboard.

A hoverboard is very similar. It’s a board that hovers.  

Years ago, a team of some of the coolest scientists decided to give humanity the vehicle of the future, the hoverboard. When you look at a hoverboard, it looks like it is flying in the air but it actually runs on wheels.

Over the years, there have been a lot of speculations about hoverboards. One of the most prominent concerns people have is that would it be safe? Or is a hoverboard legal? Or of what material a hoverboard is made of? And the most important question that seems to make everyone curious is how do hoverboards work?

In this article, we have got answers to all your questions. We understand how your curiosity can eat you up but we won’t let that happen. So let’s jump straight on the most important question, what a hoverboard actually is?

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What is a Hoverboard? 

A board equipped with two wheels on each side, a hoverboard is an electric device that makes moving a lot more fun. The hoverboards are also known as self-balancing boards that are mobile in nature and operate on rechargeable lithium-ion batteries.

The hoverboards were launched into the market around 2015. When these boards first launched in the markets, people went crazy for this device from the future. In no time, the hoverboards had reached every household.

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But the device has had a long journey since then. Today the hoverboards come with better suspensions, improved sensors and control systems, pressure pads, and a lot of improved and improvised components. The hoverboards available in the market today are much advanced than their counterparts that were launched less than a decade ago. The ones available today are much safer, smoother, and faster as well.

Now that we know what a hoverboard is, let’s know what it is made of.


What Is A Hoverboard Made Of?

A hoverboard is a mechanical invention that gives an illusion of a flying board. To know what exactly it is made up of, we did deep research and found out some of its basic and most important elements. The first and foremost important element in building a hoverboard is the understanding of the technicality of wires.

A hoverboard is made of –

Two Wheels – The basic need for transportation.

Two IR Sensors – To help the rider in navigating and operating the board

Two Motors – Strong enough to carry an adult size human, function right, create self-balance and do all the needful.

Two Gyroscopes – The device that helps the board run.

Speed Sensors – To make sure the speed is in control and appropriate.

A Logic Board – The main circuit board or the mastermind of the hoverboard.

Power Switch – To turn the board’s power on

A Plastic Cap – Generally to act as a mudguard for the wheels.  

A Pack of Battery – For the power

Frame with central Pivot – To support and keep strength in the board.

Charging port – To keep the battery packed with power.

These are all the basic elements that are used in a hoverboard. This must be a little complicated. To understand it better, let’s see how a hoverboard works?

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How Do Hoverboards Work?

A hoverboard is built with a very smart mechanism. As the board gives an illusion that it is hovering on the ground, the wheels are placed on the bottom side or on the side of the board. On average, a hoverboard has about two wheels. Both the wheels have a gyroscope, speed sensor, and tilt sensor each. All three of these elements are placed on the underside of the board. These are placed under the board to receive better instruction.

The gyroscope is responsible for the movement of the board. When the rider places its feet on the board, the Gyroscope takes the signal and transfers the same data to the logic board. Every time the rider makes gestures to control the working of the hoverboard like bending forward or backward, it traps the move and instantly notifies the logic board to take the action.

The IR sensors of the hoverboard are placed on the upside of the board where a rider places its feet. When there is no action or movement in the feet, the logic board is made aware of it. This then instructs the hoverboard to stay still and turn off the motor as there is no instruction from the rider. The IR sensors are the ones that help the rider in controlling the hoverboard.

To move backward, the rider has to tilt a little backward. To move forward the rider will have to bend slightly forward. If the rider has to make a right turn the rider will have to keep their right leg slightly forward. When this is done, the gyroscope of the right wheel will still be running but the left side will be turned off. When the rider puts its left feet forward, it happens vice versa.

The main component of the hoverboard is the logic board. It is the processing unit or the mastermind of the hoverboard that controls and works for the entire unit. It understands the gestures and then takes the data to process it. Then the logic board provides instruction to the motor, the wheels, the speed controls, and other parts to follow the rider’s instructions. The logic board also takes care of the self-balancing system of the hoverboard.

The hoverboards work on batteries. These batteries come in a pack and can be charged again through the charging port on the hoverboard.

This is how a hoverboard works.

After understanding how a hoverboard works, you must have this one question in your mind. Are they even legal? Let’s find out.


Are Hoverboards Legal?

Like any other transportation vehicle, riding on a hoverboard can be risky. But once a person gets hold of the machine, there is no going back. Riding a hoverboard can be extremely fun. But this does not change the fact that there are chances of causing accidents while riding this board.

To answer the question if hoverboards are legal is yes. Owning a hoverboard is legal and riding it is legal. However, the government does not permit the riders to take their hoverboards on the streets.

Riding a hoverboard on the street is illegal. If you wish you can always ride it on the pedestrian walk, in the park, inside your house, inside the campus of your school or college, and even in your workplace. Take your hoverboard and go for a ride right away. It will be super fun if you are not riding it on the streets.


Frequently Asked Questions:

Q) Are hoverboards safe?

Yes, once learned how to ride a hoverboard it becomes very safe and exciting to ride a hoverboard. It may take a person 15 to 20 minutes or a few hours to learn how to ride the hoverboard. Once learned how to ride it, it becomes safe and effortless.

Q) How does a hoverboard work?

A hoverboard essentially is operated by the logic board that acts as the processing unit of the board. It collects the data from the IR sensors placed on the feet pad of the board. The data is collected and then sent to different parts of the board like the speed sensor, tilt sensor, motor, gyroscope, etc.

The rider just has to bend a forward to take the board forward and tilt backward to take the board backward. In case of going right, the rider will have to keep the right feet forward and vice versa for turning left.

Q) Does the hoverboard come with lights?

There are multiple options for hoverboards available in the market today. There are so many options that come with the lights and there are options that come without the light. You can pick whichever one you like and need the most.

Q) Can hoverboards carry people with very heavyweight?

Every different model of hoverboard has a different weight-bearing capacity. You can choose whichever model fits right for your needs.

Q) Can a beginner ride a hoverboard?

Yes, a beginner can ride a hoverboard easily. It only takes 15 to 20 minutes to learn how to ride a hoverboard.


Final Verdict:

Hoverboards are fun vehicles that are ready to take you around the city. With the right understanding of the operations and a little practice, anyone can easily ride a hoverboard.

Investing your money and time in a hoverboard can be a great idea. It can become a break from your monotonous life that takes you back to your fun self. Don’t miss out on that chance. Have a great time riding.

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