How Much Does A Electric Scooter Cost? [2022 Guide]

how much does a electric scooter cost

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We live in a world where every single human being loves having fun and adventure. Be it a child or an adult. The great part is, an adult wants to have fun like a child and a child wishes to have fun like an adult. We may think it is impossible, but it is not really. There are ways a child and an adult can both have fun like each other. Can you take a guess? Yes, it is by riding an electric scooter.

For an adult, an electric bike will take them back to their childhood days when fun was all they had to worry about. No responsibilities were breaking their back every minute as they rode their scooter around the town. For a child, riding an electric scooter is riding a vehicle all on their own. It makes them feel responsible, independent, and yes it is a lot and a lot of fun.

While the focus is on fun, we cannot ignore another crucial part of owning an electric scooter. Another crucial part of owning a vehicle is the question asking how much does an electric scooter cost? Are they cheap? Are they expensive? If these vehicles are expensive, how expensive can an electric scooter cost?

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To answer the question, an electric scooter is an expensive vehicle. It comes in several ranges depending on features like the quality of the vehicle, the quality of the ride it gives, the safety features it offers, and a lot more.

Let’s understand why electric scooters are so expensive?


Why Are Electric Scooters So Expensive?

An electric scooter does not always have to be expensive. It strictly depends on what you are looking for in an electric scooter. Here are some of the most important factors that affect “how much does an electric scooter cost”.


Features are a self-explanatory point. The more features a product or an electric scooter will have, the higher it will cost. An electric scooter that simply gives you a ride backed by an electric motor will be less expensive. In the same situation, another electric scooter with safety features, lights, etc. will cost more.


The motor is the most essential part of any motorized vehicle. However, the motor is the second most expensive part of an electric scooter. Do not compromise on buying a heavy motor scooter. It makes the vehicle more reliable. A good motor ensures a great riding experience and thus holds a great part of the cost of an electric scooter.


One expects the motor to be the most cost-holding part of an electric scooter. But the battery is the part that holds 1/3 of the cost of an electric scooter. The power of the battery is the component that affects the performance of the scooter the most.

Market Factors:

As the economics principal says, price increases with the demand for a product. Since electric scooters are so high in demand around the globe, the cost of the scooters is high too.

electric scooter cost

What Is The Cheapest Electric Scooter?

An electric scooter is a trendy electric vehicle with rapidly increasing demand around the globe. Something that is extremely high in demand naturally will be expensive. This is the prime reason for the high cost Along with the manufacturing costs that run high too. If you ask how much do scooters cost or what is the cheapest electric scooter, it will not be a definite number. An affordable electric scooter can cost between $100 and $350. If you wish to find the cheapest electric scooter, it will cost you a minimum of $100.

Going for the cheapest electric scooter may be easy on your pocket but it can prove to be unsafe and unpleasant to ride on. While manufacturing an electric scooter, the production includes several costs including the costs of the parts. While the testing, packaging, and other costs cannot be cut down, the company has to go with poor quality parts.

If an electric scooter is cheap, the motor and the battery will not be reliable. It will not be very safe. It will not be durable. It will demand a lot of maintenance. The appearance may or may not be good. It will lack all the added features like safety, lights, etc. The absence of all these things will make you regret later for buying a cheap electric scooter.


What Is The Most Expensive Electric Scooter?

An electric scooter is a motorized vehicle. A motorized vehicle has no limit on how expensive it can be. While the cheapest electric scooter can be bought between $100 and $300, for the most expensive one the price goes to thousands of dollars.

Currently, the most expensive scooter available in the market is Rion2 RE90 Racing. This electric scooter is priced at $6800 right now. If you are wondering, no, the shipping charges are not included in the retailing price of $6800 for the scooter.

There are more electric scooters available in the same price range in the market. These scooters are built with top-notch quality basic parts. Apart from that, The electric scooters of this range come filled with a lot of fancy accessories like flashing lights, bells, safety gears, etc. But this is not it. The electric scooters of this range come backed with ultra powerful batteries and a motor. This means the rider can enjoy uninterrupted long rides at a very high speed.

The appearance of these premium range electric scooters is premium as well. It speaks loud of the stunning built, exquisite design, and quality incurred.


Is Buying An Electric Scooter Worth It?

Yes, it is worth buying an electric scooter. If you draw a comparison between a car and an electric scooter, it will be a waste of time. Both the vehicles are extremely different from one another and should not be compared at all.

An electric scooter is a safe means of transport that not only helps one in traveling around but also brings a lot of fun. The scooters are a great choice to use for commuting to work as well as the nearby market. A rider can also go around the neighborhood or kids can use it to go to school each morning.

A great advantage of using an electric scooter is that one does not have to worry about how expensive the gas is. It is an eco-friendly vehicle that helps you move without worry. These scooters are absolutely comfortable. You can add a basket too if you wish to use it to buy groceries or take around to picnics.

The slim and sleek design of an electric scooter is also an added feature. It is easy to store, does not demand a lot of maintenance, and is a style icon in the present day world.

We do not see any reason why one should not buy and ride an electric scooter. It is absolutely worth buying.

how much do scooters cost

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is it fine to buy a low-power battery electric scooter?

It is fine to buy a low-power battery electric scooter. But it will not give you great performance or take you for long endless rides at high speed. However, it will be a fine option to stroll around or to go to work.

How much does an average electric scooter cost?

An average performing scooter can cost anything between $100 and $2000. It is on you to decide which one do you wish to go with according to your use and needs. Concentrate on the battery power of the scooter before you decide to buy one.

Can we find a good electric scooter for under $2000?

Yes, there are several options of electric scooters that cost under $2000. You can pick any depending on the size, features, and specifications you are looking for. Make sure you only go for the electric scooter that you are completely satisfied with.

Is it an eco-friendly vehicle?

Yes, an electric scooter is an eco-friendly vehicle. It does not use fossil fuel as a power source. It also releases no gasses into the environment. It simply runs on an electrically charged battery making it an eco-friendly vehicle.

Can it be used to ride long distances?

An electric scooter can travel long distances at a high speed. Such electric scooters cost higher than an average one. These scooters need high-power batteries and such batteries are expensive ultimately increasing the price of the vehicle.



To answer the question of how much an electric scooter costs, we will say it fits every budget. But to completely enjoy a safe and long ride one should invest enough and pick a reliable electric scooter.

An electric scooter is an absolutely fun vehicle to ride on and is worth spending money on.

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