How To Make A Cheap Electric Skateboard For $35?

how to make a cheap electric skateboard for $35

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We all loved creating things when we were kids. Building blanket forts, robots out of cardboard boxes, craft out pencil shavings, and whatnot. We loved trying our hands-on DIY projects. This is why we are here to help you with the perfect DIY project today.

As we grow up, a lot of things change but our love for DIY projects never does. This is why we have this fun-filled DIY electric skateboard project that will bring you a skateboard at a dirt-cheap price.

Riding an electric skateboard is as much fun for adults as it is for kids. But an all assembled electric skateboard is expensive. Sometimes we cannot afford to pay so much, and sometimes we may not wish to pay an expensive price. In either case, we are missing out on having fun on an electric skateboard and this should not happen. So here is how to make a cheap electric skateboard for $35. A great fun project, an inexpensive electric skateboard, and some amazing and adventurous time as you surf the streets on your skateboard, what else can one wish for?

Before we start with the steps on how to make a cheap electric skateboard for $35, let’s look at the things and all the requirements one should know before starting the project.

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Requirements For A DIY Electric Skateboard:

A skateboard is simply made of a deck and wheels. An electric skateboard however needs a lot many things to work right. It is a skateboard that runs on electric power. This is why it needs a proper mechanism to run the device. Before jumping to the steps on how to make a cheap electric skateboard for $35, one must know and have all the required things. Let’s have a look at the requirements and a few tips on how to make a cheap electric skateboard for $35

First things first, you need the basics. Get a deck, the trucks, and the wheels. Then comes the next important part, the devices you will need. Get a motor, some wires, batteries, etc. In the end, get your tools and learn how to use them first.

Your tools will include a drill machine too. Make sure you know how to use a drill machine. If you do not know how to use it, make sure you ask for help from someone who does.

Now that we are prepared with all the requirements, let’s move to the steps on how to make a cheap electric skateboard for $35.


How To Build A DIY Electric Skateboard?

Step 1 – BluePrint:

The blueprint is the road map of building anything. This is why when you are starting to make your own DIY electric skateboard the first step has to be preparing a blueprint. A blueprint helps you organize your efforts and makes you do the task efficiently with the right planning. The blueprint will also help you accumulate all the things, devices, and tools you may need for building the electric skateboard before you start.

Preparing a blueprint can be a difficult task if you have never built an electric skateboard before. This is why you do not have to put in efforts to make a blueprint. You can simply find and download one from the Internet with complete ease. Download the blueprint and start working for the next step.


Step 2 – Get All The Requirements:

When you get a blueprint online, you will also find a list of materials that are needed to build the electric skateboard.

The material will be

– 6 to 7 piles of wood for the deck of the skateboard. The size should be 30cm x 10cm.

– Reverse trucks – 1 pair

– Skateboard bearings – 8 pieces

– Skateboard wheels – 2 pairs

– Riser pads – 2 sets

– Set of bolts and nuts – 8

– Motor

– Adhesive

– Drill machine

– Grip tape

– Paint


– Battery


Building The Deck

You can buy a deck from the market or build one for yourself using hardwood, plywood, maple wood, etc. Make sure to search on the styles of the deck before you start making one or before you buy one. There are several different types of decks available in the market. Top mount, drop a mount, drop through, and double drop decks are some of the best ones to get.   

The Wheels

Getting wheels is a tricky job. Make sure you get deck-appropriate wheels for your electric skateboard. This means make sure the size of the wheels is appropriate and in proportion to your deck. A large deck can have smaller wheels but a smaller deck cannot have large wheels.  

diy electric skateboard

Step 3 – Electric Devices:

It is impossible to make an electric skateboard without electric devices. This is why in the third step we have to get all the electric devices we will need in the process.


Batteries are the most vital part of an electric skateboard. Make sure you get waterproof or water-resistant batteries for your skateboard. If not, it can possess great risk while you are riding. You can get Lithium – Polymer batteries.  


There are several kinds of motors available in the market that suits the need to build an electric skateboard. However, we should not go with just anyone that fits. The maintenance of some motors can be really difficult. To save yourself from the mess go for a single or a dual motor.


After installing the batteries and the motor comes the final device. Buy and install an ECS, Electronic System Controller that will control the functioning of the electric skateboard.


Step 4 – Make The Deck:

If you are someone who is wishing to make an electric skateboard that costs cheap and works equally amazing then make sure you make your deck and not buy one. Buying a deck can cost a lot more than it will cost in making one.

Get your wooden planks, measure them, chop, assemble, and make the deck.


Step 5 – Assemble:

This is the step that will bring you close to your skateboard in one piece. After you are done making your deck, it is time to assemble the wheels and the trucks on the board. Take a pencil and mark all the places you need to fix your trucks in. Now take the drill machine and drill away holes for the trucks.

Drill 8 holes and fix the trucks in. Now take the wheels and fix them on your trucks. Make sure you keep the wheelbase larger. It makes taking turns easier.


Step 6 – Cover-Up:

Once all the parts are installed you have to secure them. The parts installed in an electric skateboard are expensive and will need a cover-up. Install all the devices like the motor, the ESC, and the batteries. Now you will have to cover up all the parts with a sturdy cover. This cover-up can be of metal. Make sure it is sturdy and is capable of holding all the devices.


Step 7 – Finish:

Your skateboard is ready now. It is good to ride on. To give it the last look you can paint or add graphic stickers to your skateboard. Once done start your skateboard and ride it away.



Is it necessary to make a large deck?

Answer – No it is not necessary to make a large deck. However, a large deck gives better performance and better balance to the rider. It also becomes more strong and stable even if made at home.

Is an electric skateboard safe?

Answer – An electric skateboard is as safe as an ordinary skateboard. It runs on a motor but the speed is controlled as per the need of the rider.

Is it important to have a helmet on while riding an electric skateboard?

Answer – A helmet protects the rider if it gets into an accident. There is a great chance of the rider falling. One can also get into an accident. To avoid any serious injury wearing a helmet while riding will always be a wise choice.

Why is it important to cover up the devices installed on an electric skateboard?

Answer – Electric devices are fragile. Most of the devices are not water-resistant and can even give out electric shocks when coming in contact with water. They can get bumps while riding. The dust can ruin the devices, and there are so many more reasons like these. This is why it is important to keep the devices covered.



Riding a skateboard is one activity that can never be without fun. Now that we have learned how to make a cheap electric skateboard for $35, you start building your DIY electric skateboard soon. All you have to do is follow the steps and get a blueprint and you are great to go. Once done, riding will be even more fun because you made the skateboard on your own.

We would recommend making one at home not only because it is cheap and fun to make one, but also because you can paint it the way you want and show it off with your tribe.

Happy riding.

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