How To Remove Bike Pedals – Step-Wise Guide 2021

how to remove bike pedals

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Welcome to the world of possibilities. We humans have the tendency of escaping from a task we do not know about rather than learning how to do it. We prefer letting someone else do it for us. This may seem like an easier option at times but is defiantly not a great option.

Remember how as kids, every time we had a glitch in the cycle our parents would take it away for the repair. They were also able to do it themselves at times. As a grown-up cyclist, it is important for you to learn and repair your own cycle too.

Imagine you are out on a trek, miles, and miles away from a repair shop. And suddenly one of the pedals of your cycle broke and you are unable to pedal with the right balance anymore. You have the extra pedal but you do not know how to fix it. It could turn out to be a disaster for you. The easiest and the most comfortable way to escape such a situation is by learning how to remove bike pedals

Once you get a hold of how to remove bike pedals, your adventures will not be hampered. You can go on for long without interruption. But to begin with, let’s first learn how to remove bike pedals. Here are all the steps you need to learn and be a pro at it. Make sure you practice it once before you take your bike out the next time.

Steps Of Removing Bike Pedals:

When you are learning how to remove pedals from a bike, it is mandatory to learn to install the pedals too. This is why we have covered you with both here. You don’t have to worry about missing out on anything. Just keep reading and you will learn it all in no time.

Removing Bike Pedals

Step 1 – Both the pedals of a bike apparently look the same but they are not. Open the packaging of the pedals and check them once. Most pedals come marked. If the pedal is on the right side, it will be marked with “R” and if it is on the left side it will be marked with “L”.

If you try and fix the pedals randomly, there is a great chance you waste a lot of your time and energy. In case there are no L and R signs on the pedal, you can check the sides yourself too.

Check the threads of the pedal that are attached to the spindle. If the threads are twisted towards the right, the pedal goes on the right side. If the threads are twisted towards the left, the pedal goes on the left side.

Step 2 – Dig out your tool to start unscrewing the pedals. Unscrewing the pedals can be a tricky thing to do. As the threads of both the pedals are twisted in different directions, they also unscrew in different directions. To unscrew the left pedal, one will have to unscrew clockwise and get the bolt out.

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Get your spanner that is made specifically to unscrew the bike screw. It is a great help when you wish to remove bike pedals. You may use other tools if you do not have a specific one. However, it will harm the screw and the arms. While doing this, make sure the bike is on the ground and not on the bike stand. If kept on the bike stand, the chain wheel can move and hurt your hands and knuckles badly.

Step 3 – Secure the bike and unscrew the pedals. Once done. Carefully pull them out and keep them aside. Now apply some grease to the pedal and the crank arms. Just make sure that you avoid spreading grease on your clothes.

This will make screwing the pedal is very easy. Unpack the new pedals and place them on the crank arms. Now start screwing them in. It will be great if you have help from someone who can hold the pedal in the place while you do your job.

Step 4 – Keep rotating the tool you are using until the pedal is tightly attached to the crank arm. If the pedal is left loose, it may come out and cause an accident or a severe injury to the rider.

These are all the steps you need to follow to learn how to remove pedals from the bike. To make sure your task is done with ease you need good tips. Here are few tips to take care of while you follow the steps for safer and better results.

remove bike pedals

Tips On How To Remove Pedals From The Bike-

Tip 1

Make sure your bike is standing on the ground and not on a stand. When a bike is on the stand, the front wheel gets free and rotates without any resistance. To screw and unscrew the pedal, it is very important for the bike to be still. This way you will be able to put more pressure while screwing and the probability of getting injured will reduce.

Tip 2

Removing bike pedals is a task we do not perform very often. This is why when we wish to do it, it can be hard. The screws can be sitting in for years and may require extra support in leaving the bike. For the same, apply some penetrating fluid on the screw and it will help you in saving your energy and doing the job faster. Spry the liquid and let it sit there for a few minutes before you start unscrewing the bolt.

Tip 3

Keep your knuckle protected. There is a great chance of getting hurt while you are removing bike pedals. Your fingers and your knuckle are most prone to get hurt while you are at the job. Make sure you keep your knuckle at a safe distance from the chain.

Tip 4

Make sure you pick the right tool. When the wrong tool is used, the bolt gets harmed and losses its shape. This can cause trouble when you screw the bolt in again. The same can even become a barrier in completely tightening the bolt, leading to a mishap.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) –

Is removing pedals from the bike easy?

Removing pedals from a bike can be tricky but not tough. It needs an understanding of how the pedals work and are attached to the bike. To understand and learn how to do the task, you can simply follow the above procedure. Once you get a hold of the tool, you will be able to do the task right following the steps.

How much time does it take in removing bike pedals?

If you are someone who knows how to replace bicycle pedals, it will only take 15-20 minutes with the right tools. But if you are someone who does not know and are doing it for the first time, it may take close to 30 minutes at once.

How to place the bike while removing the pedals?

When you have to remove the pedals of the bike, make sure the bike is not on a bike stand. Either hold the bike up or make it lie on the ground to ensure resistance. If the tires are left free, the chain may run and cause an accident.



If you are a cyclist and love going on treks or long ridings, learning how to remove bike pedals is a must. This skill may come as a saviour to you when you are miles away from a repair shop and your bike has a missing or a broken pedal.

To learn how to perform the job, we have mentioned all the steps. All you need to do is read them and learn how to perform them right. In no time you will be able to change the pedals and get back on the road again. Also, read the tips and keep them in mind while doing the job. It will help you to ease the task.

Hope you have a great ride. Cheers.

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