Is Fingerboarding a Sport?


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Fingerboarding is the future wave of entertainment, and it is even recognized as a sport with tournaments. The fingerboard is a little version of a real sports skates that is controlled with the fingers. This sport can also help your fingers become more flexible. Fingerboarding is an excellent choice for individuals looking for a toy that will provide hours of entertainment. 

However, It requires actual expertise to use and master over time. This game is now becoming popular in Europe, Asia, and America day by day. There are several committees that organize different types of competitions among them. They also held many workshops, fairs, and contests consistently.

Is Fingerboarding a Sport?


Fingerboarding is a little variant of skating in which people “skate” on tiny skateboards with their middle and index fingers. These boards are often made from wood or plastic and have sandpapery grip tape on the top and designs below. 

There are fingerboard championships in many countries, and it is classified as a sport now. This game is defined as an athletic activity requiring skill as well as physical prowess. It’s not a popular sport that you’ll see on TV or in the Olympics, but it does demand a high level of talent and there are medals and awards to be won.

Spin Master, a Canadian toy company, saw the potential for the professional fingerboard. The craze is particularly for goods with the emblems and branding of actual skateboarding brands, and then they launched the Tech Deck brand. Even though Robert Lance Mountain invented Fingerboarding in 1960, it was not very admired at the time. 

During the late 1990s, fingerboards became popular, and the brand has since become a household name in the toy industry. Toy fingerboards, such as Tech Decks, are available as both low-cost novelty items and high-end collectors. They are completed with the same accessories seen on standard-size skateboards. 

Parts of a Fingerboard –

A fingerboard has all the qualities of a regular skateboard. Grip tape, a wooden, plastic, or paper deck, bushings, interchangeable wheels along trucks are all part of the package. 

Fingerboards are typically 3.9 inches/100 millimeters in length and 1 to 1.3 inches (26 to 34 millimeters) wide. A real skateboard and a fingerboard have a scale ratio of roughly 1:8. There are some parts of fingerboarding that we mentioned here-

  • Fingerboard Deck – 

The Fingerboard Deck, which is made of wood or plastic, is the most important portion of the Fingerboard. It can be made in a variety of shapes.

  • Wheels:

A fingerboard’s wheels are constructed of plastic or resin. This could include bearings and come in different types of finishes.  

  • Trucks: 

These are the little metal bars that hold the wheels.

  • Grip Tape:

This grip tape is placed to the top of the deck to offer you more traction. This is, in fact, a layer of tape.

  • Nuts and Screws:

Nuts and screws are used to join all the pieces together, ensuring that everything is secure.  

  • Bushings: 

It’s a ring-shaped device that’s attached to the middle of the trucks to make the ride more smooth.

Are There Other Fingerboard Sports?

Though Fingerboarding is one of the first finger sports, since that time the other finger sports have been created. Here are some of them-

  • FingerAirboarding:

Though this is similar to the Fingerboard, it requires a wider deck. Surfers and skateboarders can practice their favorite tricks in this. This needs a very dexterous hand movement that uses finger dexterity to manipulate the little board into diverse motions.

  • Handboarding: 

The gamers must use their hands instead of their fingers in this game. You have to place your hand on the board in the same way, you would place your foot on a skateboard. our hands employ the same motions as your feet to do the same motions on a skateboard.

  • Finger Snowskating: 

This is a different name for finger snowboarding which means fingerboarding on snow. Each board is similar to a standard skateboard, however, it has no wheels and trucks.

  • Finger BMX-ing: 

Mini BMX bikes are utilized to play this game. You must ride your bikes on little ramps and other obstacles by using your fingertips.

Fingerboard Tricks to Learn –

Though Fingerboarding looks like an easier game, you need plenty of practice to be a pro gamer. There are thousands of tricks and technics that you can follow to be a fingerboard wizard-

  • Air Tricks: 

There are different types of air tricks like ollie, rewinds, along flips. Learning all these tricks is fundamental for beginners. 

  • Grab Tricks:

These easy tricks will make you like a skilled border in this sport. Different types of plants like hand plants, gymnast plants, fast plants, and grabs are examples of grab tricks.

  • Grinds and Ground Tricks

Carve, rail walks, Slammin grind, stomach slide. Spines slide many more to these grinds and ground tricks.

What is the Hardest Fingerboard Trick?

There are some hardest tricks that you can practice being a master of fingerboarding. Hardflip, Laser Flips, 360 Flip, Gazelle Flip, Fakie Beta Flip together with Heelflip 720 are the hardest tricks mentioned by several fingerboarders.

What Makes a Fingerboard Different from a Skateboard?

Japanese-style designs on the underside of a Tech Deck fingerboard make it different from skateboarding. Wooden fingerboards are also available for professionals. A fingerboard is a functional copy of a skateboard that a person rides by recreating skateboarding techniques with their fingers.

How Do You Pick a Good Fingerboard?

In choosing a fingerboard, there are several factors to consider. We’ve included a few essential aspects-

  • For Beginners: 

For beginners, small plastic fingerboards will be the most suitable alternative. Complete setups, which include all necessary accessories, are also available. These kits are recommended for children aged eight and up. If assembling all the parts sounds too tricky, you can opt for pre-built boards.

  • For Intermediate Fingerboards:

Get a single deck including Trucks and Wheels. Alternatively, you can choose Winkler wheels which will provide the smoothest rolling and are ideal for all trucks. 

  • Advanced or Pro:

We recommend that an advanced fingerboarder should purchase each item separately. According to your experience, you have to choose the perfect boards, wheels, and trucks to make a perfect set.

  • For Veteran Fingerboarder: 

As a veteran, you can choose from a variety of entire kits or individual pieces, including decks, trucks, and Bearings wheels. You can either try a setup like an intermediate fingerboarder.

Wrapping Up-

Fingerboarding is a fun micro-sport in which you use only your fingers to “surf” and execute tricks on a little skateboard. Though earlier fingerboards were homemade and not playable, they look like skateboards nowadays. You no longer have to find a skate park in order to ride a fingerboard. 

With this device, you can practice and show off your skating skills with nothing more than a pocket-sized fingerboard anywhere, at any time. There is much more than regular skateboarding; if you’re searching for your new hobby, then invest in a good fingerboard and get all the fun.

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