Jaguars launches ultimate game-day experience app with VR company !

“Jaguar says VR is helping it sell an ‘incredible amount of cars’ as it launches Andy Murray experience.”

While Virtual Reality is set to become $1 billion industry by 2016 , online marketers are set to target a large number of customers by providing them with VR experience (The New Hot Agenda) .


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As said by Marketing Week ,

Jaguar Land Rover, in particular, first launched a VR experience (in partnership with IBM) back in September 2014. The VR experience allows an in-store consumer who is wearing a headset to choose the model, make, colour and features of a car. The experience also allows consumers to get into the car to check out interior features with a 360-degree view, and to make real-time changes.

And Robert Herd, head of communications at Jaguar Land Rover UK, said VR is having a major impact on the brand.

“We felt there was a perfect opportunity to build something cutting edge for Wimbledon and we want the public to experience hitting the winning smash and how that feeling of joy has similarities to driving one of our cars,” he told Marketing Week.

“Jaguar now designs its cars in a VR environment and sells its cars in a VR environment; it is incredibly successful for driving purchases.

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