Jetson Adventure Electric Bike Review (2022)

jetson adventure electric bike

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5/5 Rating

“The Jetson Electric Mountain Bike demands minimum efforts to ride for miles. The power-assisted design makes the ride smooth and the high comfort level does not let you get tired easily.”

jetson electric bike review

A good bike ride is indeed refreshing. Whether you are out on an evening stroll or an exercise spree early in the morning, a comfy, efficient and performance-centric bike is what you need to have the best time of the day. Jetson Adventure Electric Bike is one such bike that has carved a unique presence amid the rich electric bike section in the market. 

Popular amid the biking enthusiasts, the Jetson Electric Mountain Bike demands minimum efforts to ride for miles on this bicycle. The power-assisted design makes the ride smooth and the high comfort level does not let you get tired easily.

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Befitted with a 250W motor powered by a 36V Lithium-Ion battery, the bike is one asset you should have in your garage. The 27.5-inch wheels give great efficiency to the bike and the assisted pedaling makes the rides much more fun. It is said assisted pedaling because the power is only supplied to the pedals once you gain the momentum after pedaling the bike significantly. 

Whether you like a ride to the countryside or want to enjoy some adrenaline rush while driving uphill, the bike is the one electric bicycle you can rely on. 

While driving uphill you can have the assurance of easy stopping as the front and rear brakes offer you the ability. Moreover, there is a LED light on the front allowing you to enjoy bike rides even if it is past daylight. This detailed Jetson adventure electric bike review will offer you every piece of information you need to know about this bike before you consider buying it. 


Jetson Adventure Features

If you love biking on tough trails and the adrenaline rush it offers, Jetson Adventure Electric Mountain Bike is for you. The bike is very easy to handle and every feature contributes towards its user-friendliness. One of the best feature-rich mountain bikes available in the market, Jetson adventure electric bike stands out because of its 21-speed pedal gear assist function. You can easily push past your limits and enjoy an easy-breezy ride by utilizing the assistance that the pedaling system offers. Let us discuss the exciting features of this bike in detail in this Jetson electric bike review:

The bicycle frame is the one aspect that you must consider first when you are shopping for a bicycle, especially a mountain bike. Made with high-quality Aluminum alloy, the Jetson Adventure Electric Bike offers you extra-ordinary satisfaction in this aspect. The body frame of the bicycle features an ergonomic design along with a sturdy frame and finish.

Riding on hilly terrain means you need to ride through the slippery path, steep curves and rough patches both uphill and downwards. To ensure the high safety of the ride, the electric bike comes befitted with the Front and Rear disc brake system and makes stopping instantly possible. Avoid accidents or take a quick break during the trail ride by pulling the brakes and having a swift and smooth stoppage.

An interactive LCD display is one of the most striking features of this electric mountain bike from Jetson. The monitor displays battery life, current speed, distance travel and laps that you have completed. The display is large and clear to ensure you do not have to change your focus while riding the tough mountainous terrain.

The company describes the bike as an electric bike that allows you to ‘push past your limits”. This is possible because of the advanced 9 Level Pedal assist system. If you are in a mood of enjoying the ride without putting much effort, you can rely on the pedal-assist feature. As you gain momentum on the pedals, you can level up the pedaling with the Pedal Assist feature. With each level you can gain more power from the motor, pushing your speed further and allowing you to travel farther. It is also effective when you want to enjoy the ride without putting much effort. Let others envy your speed and effortless drive as you enjoy the 9 level Pedal assist system.

If you love trail rides, you must be prepared for the after-hours. The Jetson Adventure Electric Bike comes equipped with a front LED light and rear brake light. While the front bright LED light illuminates your path in the dark, the rear brake lights let others know your presence and offer the utmost safety.

When it comes to mountain bikes, the incline is an important aspect. The smoothness and efficiency of the bike can be determined by its climbing angle. Jetson Adventure Electric Mountain bike has a climbing angle of 15 degrees allowing you to cut the gravitational pull and ride towards the hilltop easily and more swiftly. 

This advanced Jetson Adventure Electric Mountain bike weighs 42 lbs. and is super light to ride uphill. It is noteworthy that the lighter the bike will be, the lesser gravitational pull you feel. This 42 lbs. bike cuts through the downward pull while offering you better performance and speed. 

The Jetson Electric bike is powered with a powerful, rechargeable lithium-ion battery that lasts for long hours. Thee battery is fitted concealed at the center of the lightweight aluminum frame and is safe from wear and tear as well as water damage if you like riding in the rain. Moreover, the strategic position of the battery makes it very easy to access, charge and maintain.

The Jetson e-bike comes equipped with front shock suspension which makes your rides smooth and comfortable. You won’t feel the bumpy path or sudden jerks with this advanced suspension system. Moreover, the bike is fitted with a seat that has shock-absorbing ability further minimizing any shockwave reaching you that hits the bike. 

The performance of the e-bike widely depends upon the wheel size and this e-bike is fitted with 27.5” wheels which boost its performance by another notch. The wheels are sturdy and enough in size to match the performance capacity of the bike. The wheels are very durable and apt for multi-terrain trails. 

As aforesaid in this jetson adventure electric bike review, the seat of this e-bike is shockproof and saves you from the bumps on the road. Moreover, it is also very easy to adjust. Each member of the family (13 years and above) can ride this bike adjusting the seat to the desired height and enjoy a smooth ride. 

Although the bike is designed with light and durable materials, the bike can carry up to 300 pounds of weight. It is one of the highest weight capacity for a motor-bike which makes this bike indifferent from others. 

What are The Pros and Cons ?

Like every other product, the bike comes with its perks and a few disadvantages. We have closely observed the bike, stationery and while in motion to find out the many benefits and shortcomings it bears. Let us discuss the advantages and disadvantages of this jetson electric mountain bike:



Who Should Buy The Jetson Adventure Electric Bike?

The features say it all, the Jetson Adventure Electric Bike is a great bicycle to enjoy a fun ride. It has a striking and sturdy frame, effective suspension and front and rear brakes, and a set that enhances the comfort level of the ride. 

Moreover, the LCD display is a striking feature that makes this e-bike even more admirable. You can stay aware of your biking progress including speed, distance travel as well as remaining battery life. 

The cost-effective price tag is also one aspect of this bike that makes it a desirable choice, at its price, it is certainly one of the most feature-rich and durable bikes. Moreover, it comes with a 1-year limited warranty, a 30-day return policy.

The 9 level pedal assist system is also a bespoke feature of this bike which gives you the freedom to enjoy a bike ride even when you don’t want to pedal the bike. A little effort put to the pedals to gain momentum can easily be converted in an assisted pedaling regimen which can be enhanced with each level rise.

If you face any problem with this bike, you can reach out to the 7 days/ week support provided by the company and get the issue resolved or a satisfactory answer to your queries. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

Thanks to the concealed battery and sturdy bike frame, the Jetson Adventure Electric Bike is completely water-resistant. You can easily enjoy a bike ride, whether it is snowing or raining, till the time it is safe to do so.

It will take you approximately 5-6 hours to fully charge the 36 V Li-Ion battery. The battery is long lasting and you can enjoy a long stretch with a single and full charge. The battery can get easily charged up to 70% in just 45 minutes. You can charge the battery while attached to the bike.

Assist pedaling is a feature that enables the rider to ride the bike without putting much effort on pedaling. One can easily pedal for a while and once the desired momentum is attained, the speed can be leveled up after gaining the power from the battery.

Final Verdict

Although there are a few shortcomings in this bike, overall it is great to ride as compared to its counterparts in the market. The price however is reasonable but keeps on changing as per the discretion of the retail company. It is one feature-rich bike that is equally attractive and appealing in looks. The comfort and convenience it offers are not possible with any other bike in the same price range. 

The most amazing feature- 9 levels assisted pedaling- is one of the core reasons why we recommend investing in the mountain bike. As soon as you get your own Jetson Adventure Electric Bike, hop on it and enjoy a ride to the corner of the neighborhood. You will know why it is such an amazing bike and recommended by us. 

Apt for people of 13 years and above, this bike is indeed a charm to drive and enjoy. You can take it to uphill rides as well as to the beachside and call it a day. Whether you want to de-stress or raid a tough mountainous trail, Jetson Adventure Electric bike will never defy your trust. Buying this bicycle will be a great choice and you certainly will be the talk of the town when you step out on this bike on a sunny afternoon or a pleasant evening.

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3 thoughts on “Jetson Adventure Electric Bike Review (2022)”

  1. Brian
    I agree with your analysis. I am a lifetime bike rider and have 6 other mtn and road bikes and 3 motor bikes. I love riding off road and on gravel roads and presently live on a 800 ft high hill above the Pacific . Its getting up that hill at the end of a ride that has made me think of buying this bike for 3 years now. I finally pulled the trigger and I am very happy. I will probably put more aggressive tires in the future as my favorite trail is a cliffhanger and these Kenda hybrid tires are slippery on turns. compared to my knobby ones I like most of the components and they are of very good quality.. I have hit 22-24 mph on the flats and 40+ down the hills and yes it is geared high for a mtn bike but amazon has a tree stomp puller LOW rearsprocket that slips on . The highest that I have used on the hill trail is PAS 2-3 and the battery seems to last. This bike IS the one you were thinking about and it is a good one. Do it its that good.

  2. The June of 2020 Consumer Reports rated this bike with a great unassisted Hill Climb rating and a great unassisted cruising rating which old veterans like me need.
    So I wanted to know if this bike is available in Austin Texas

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