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If you have ever been injured or you have broken a leg, you might have been told by the doctors that you need crutches. Most people choose crutches due to the assistance they offer and the small size for their transportation. However, a knee scooter or knee walker is an alternative that features wheels that make transportation easier.

People often don’t buy these knee scooters and a knee scooter rental is often more than enough to help you overcome your disability for the time being. These units are lightweight and some of the newer models can even be folded, which makes transportation easier. If you enter knee scooter rental near me into the internet, you should find plenty of options.

What is a Knee Scooter?

The knee scooter is one of the newer forms of alternatives to the crutch. Before the introduction of these scooters, those suffering from a broken leg or any pain had to settle for a wheelchair or crutches and this put a limit on the level of rehabilitation they could do and also slow the recovery process significantly.

With the introduction of the knee scooter, those suffering from temporary injuries could choose to have a scooter that allows you to place the knee on the seat and transport you much like you would with a traditional scooter. They are available with a variety of wheels to ensure that you could find the one most comfortable for your needs.

The first knee scooters were tedious to move around with and since they were fixed, the transportation was just as bad. However, the improvement of technology has given us some of the best knee scooters that offer you a portable design. Now, the design can be folded and this makes it much better for transportation purposes.

Why Do You Need A Knee Scooter?

A knee scooter is a great option for those suffering from pain or broken limbs. There are a couple of reasons that you might need one of these scooters. We have listed some of the most common reasons you might need to search for the term; “knee walker near me” on the internet and get yourself a knee scooter rental:

Knee Surgery Or Injury:

One of the main reasons you might need to get a knee scooter is if you have to deal with getting knee surgery or when you have an injury. The knee scooter will enable you to move about more comfortably and allow you to reduce some of the strain to allow the muscle to recover.

Any Leg Or Foot Injury:

Aside from the traditional knee surgery, you might also want to use the knee scooter when you have a foot or ankle injury. Since you will be placing plenty of strain on these limbs, the knee scooter will enable you to reduce some of the strain that these limbs need to endure.

The Elderly:

Finally, many of the elderly often have an issue walking and instead of using a wheelchair, which could weaken all your lower body muscles, the knee scooter is a great alternative. You will still be keeping one of your legs active and eventually, it will be much easier to transition back to walking when injuries have healed.

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Ways to Get a Knee Scooter:

Now that you might have established a reason for you to get a knee scooter, it is often hard to understand where to start. We have determined a couple of ways that you can use to help you to get your hands on a knee scooter. Here are some of the top ways that can work for you when you are trying to rent a knee scooter:

  • Buying A Knee Scooter:

One of the first ways that many people consider is buying a knee walker or scooter. However, the prices of these units can be fairly expensive. They range from $100 to $400 and the price will vary depending on the quality of the unit and the model. This is an option, but if you are not using it forever, it is not recommended.

  • Rent A Knee Scooter At The Doctor:

The more common alternative is to rent a knee scooter from a reputable source. When visiting your doctor, they might often have knee scooters and your medical aid should be willing to cover these scooters to ensure you have comfort. It might be a little expensive, but it should be far cheaper than buying one.

  • Rent A Knee Scooter Online:

If you don’t like any of these options, you might want to consider turning to the internet. The internet will show you a variety of these scooters that you can rent. By searching for knee scooter rentals near me, you should find a list of reputable options that will allow you to rent a knee scooter for a limited time.

However, we would recommend that you consider looking for reputable sources to ensure that you find a durable option. If you can have some warranty with the scooter, it is even better. Keep in mind that just like normal scooters, these will vary in quality.

  • Having One Custom Made:

The final alternative is to have one of these scooters custom-made for yourself. Unfortunately, it is not always easy to use pre-used options and if you have some kind of disability, you might need a scooter tailored to your needs. While it is the most expensive option, if you plan on using it repeatedly, you might want to consider having your knee walker made for your specific needs.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Now that you have seen some of the reasons that you might need these scooters and you also have an idea of where to find them, we have decided that we answer a couple of your questions. Due to the popularity of these knee walkers, many questions have arisen. Here are some of the most common that we could find from people.

How Long Can I Rent A Knee Scooter?

While you can rent the scooter for as long as you want, the rentals for these scooters are often no longer than 4-weeks. After 4-weeks, you will need to re-rent the scooter or you should be comfortable enough to move about without one.

Does A Knee Scooter Weaken My Leg?

The knee scooter does not weaken your leg, but rather gives it ample time to recover. However, we don’t recommend that you constantly rely on the knee walker. As soon as you can start rehabilitation for your leg, you must do.

How Much Does It Cost To Buy A Knee Scooter?

The prices for knee scooters will vary and the determining factor is the quality. Much like other brands, the quality and the reputation of the brand will have a massive impact on the overall price of the unit.

Does A Knee Scooter Help?

Yes, the knee scooter might seem like an uncomfortable alternative to crutches. However, you will be placing far less stress on your leg and this will assist you in your recovery. You might also be able to start rehabilitation much sooner.

Can I Transport A Knee Scooter?

While some of the earlier models were fixed, the newer knee scooter models will allow you more versatility. They often have a portable design and this means that you can effectively fold the scooter once you are done.


Whether you want to buy or rent a knee scooter, the knee scooter is one of the greatest medical inventions to assist those with injuries or walking issues. The knee scooter rental is durable and gives your legs the time needed to recover. We would highly recommend it for the value and the overall quality of the units.

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