Segway Ninebot ES2 Review: The Best Kick Scooter

segway ninebot
5/5 Rating

“The Segway ES2 Electric Scooter is perfect for those who love speed and adventure, making scooting a fun activity.”

ninebot segway

The times have changed and so has the lifestyle. With all the chaos in adult life, we have forgotten to have a little fun at times. Yes, we do not get enough time to ditch the responsibilities and have fun all the time, but we can make a few changes and make fun a part of our daily routine.

Just as we were kids and would ride our scooters to school and the friend’s house, we can ride it to work today and give ourselves the golden hour of being a kid again.

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To help you get the right scooter, here is a Segway es2 review. The Ninebot es2 is the most popular scooter available in the market right now.

With the trust of the brand Segway and its stunning looks, the scooter has gained popularity in no time. However, it does not give the best in general performance. The scooter has the price range of the highest performing scooters in the market but it does not give competition to the same in terms of performance.

The scooter is perfect if you are looking for something for your commute, but it will not be a fair choice if you have a lust for adventure. The scooter runs at 15.5 mph at its highest speed. You can definitely get a few other models in the market with a much higher high speed, but this suits the scooter for daily short distance commute.

The scooter has a great braking system and its steering folding mechanism is one of the best available in the market. To throw lights on a completely analyzed performance and specifications of this scooter, we have noted down all the features in detail. 


Qiewa Q1 Hummer Features

For most scooters, climbing a hill comes easy, but for Ninebot ES2 the case is not the same. This scooter does not have a very powerful motor. This results in a lack of power and performance in a few cases. The scooter cannot climb hills. In fact, it does not perform well even on the slightest of slopes. If you are someone who lives in a hilly region, this scooter is not ideal for you.

Range is the number of kilometres the scooter can cover in a single charge. As per the company, the Ninebot ES2 has a range of 26 km approximately. This can vary a bit as per the ground condition, and the speed at which the scooter is running. This also varies because of battery power. The battery used in Ninebot ES2 runs on just 187 W which is not too strong and yet gives out a great range in its capacity.  

A very high speeding mechanism can be risky at times. It can also make the scooter unfit for people who are beginners or are afraid of speed. Like most of the scooters, this one also requires a kick start. It takes up speed very quickly. It can go to as high as 15.5 mph of speed. Yes, this is not the highest speed count available in other scooters in the market, but this one suits the purpose. The scooter is designed specifically for shorter distances, the speed count is also kept in consideration with the same.

The Ninebot ES2 scooter comes with dual brakes. One of the two brakes is the front power brake. The other brake is the rare brake. While both the brakes are in very comfortable and accessible positions, these are not exactly very strong. The brakes are smooth and do not give a jolt on applying. This makes the scooter safe and the application of brakes easier. The brakes could have been stronger when applied but do the work as the scooter does not run at a very high speed.

The Ninebot ES2 is highly portable as the scooter folds up and reduces in size in no time. The folding mechanism of the scooter comes very easy. After folding, the scooter can easily fit in the trunk of your car. It could be a little bulky on the deck but it is manageable. The steering of the scooter is long but it is easy to carry around. Once folded, the scooter can be easily carried around or put on charge. After folding, the size of the scooter remains larger than most other scooters available in the market.  

Lights are exceptionally important to mark the safety of the rider while riding the scooter. The Ninebot ES2 comes with both top-mounted front light and a rare lighting system. The headlight works on LED lights. Two strips of LED lights are also attached on the lower side of the deck to keep the ground illuminated. The rare lights are mounted on the side of the wheels and thus it may turn out to be a little difficult to spot the lights from behind. But the 16 multicoloured Led lights fitted under the deck makes the scooter highly visible. The underdeck lights are one of the best features of the scooter.

The handlebar of the scooter is its star feature. The handle looks stunning and has a fine finish both on touch and on appearance. The handle can at times feel a little less sturdy but the acceleration it allows is terrific. The handle also has an LED display that is bright enough to show the reading in bright daylight as well. The LED screen shows the speed and the battery percentage of the scooter. The handle also gives a great grip while accelerating as well as while applying brakes.

The tires used in the scooter have a diameter of 20.3 centimetres. These tires are airless tires made of a very hard and strong component. This means there is no risk of a flat tire while riding the scooter. However, these tires do not give great grip. The chances of an accident because of the tires are very less.

The Ninebot ES2 has a wide deck for comfortable footing. The deck has a brake at the end with LED lights both at the rare side and under the deck. The deck has rigid matting that makes it anti-slippery. The deck is very strong and can carry upto 100 kgs of weight without any bend or difficulty.  

The quality of the scooter is in the mediocre range. The scooter is not very high quality but it is also not very low quality. It falls in the middle range and suits the price it comes for. It is a mediocre scooter with a low power motor and the body in the same consideration. The handle of the scooter may come as a little flimsy at times but this does not affect the acceleration and the brakes in any way. The tires also lack the right amount of grip that is required but fulfills the need.

ninebot es2

The Ninebot Segway scooter is an electric foldable scooter. It has a socket attached and is backed by the motor. This makes the scooter prone to water. But thanks to Segway, the company has manufactured the scooter keeping this important point in the notice. The scooter is water resistant and can withstand rainfall, water cleaning with sprays, but it cannot cope up with a storm if that happens. Submersion in water can harm the motor of the vehicle.

The Segway Ninebot ES2 has a solid deck. The deck is strong and weight absorbent. The scooter can easily carry weight upto 100 kgs. Depending on the size of motor, the weight capacity of the scooter is really higher than the other scooter of the same motor power. When the weight of the rider is on the higher side of the capacity, the scooter still works smoothly. It does not slow down or the performance is not affected in any way.

The star feature of the Ninebot scooter is that it comes with a warranty. There are not enough scooters in the market that come with a warranty but this Segway scooter comes with one. The warranty extends for a 12 months period since the day of purchase for the frame. For the motor, the company provides a 6 month warranty. And for the wear and tear of the rest of the parts, the company provides a 3 months warranty.

What are The Pros and Cons ?


The most important pro about the segway es2 is its stunning design. It is sleek, modernized, practical, and very attractive. The color of the scooter comes in a matt finish. And it is a treat to the eyes. 

The scooter is very lightweight. This means the scooter is highly portable. It also folds without a glitch and keeps it easy on the rider. 

The scooter has LED headlight, rare lights, and 16 LED lights under the deck to keep it illuminated. This not only makes it safer to ride in the dark but also makes the scooter look terrific. 

Cruise control is another pro feature of this scooter that makes it safer to ride. 


The tires are hard and do not give a very smooth ride on different terrains. 

In comparison to other similar models available in the market that has the same or better performance level, the Segway es2 is marked a little overpriced.  

Why should you buy the Qiewa Q1 Hummer?

If you are someone who is looking for a fuss free scooter for commuting, this is the perfect choice for you. The Ninebot ES2 is a scooter for people who have enough money but do not have the time or effort to spare on maintenance.

The scooter is durable and has an excellent warranty that ensures a longer life of the scooter.

If you are someone who loves adventure and wish to take your scooter on one too, this is not the option for you. If you live in a hilly region, the Ninebot ES2 will not work as great for you. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

Yes, the frame of the scooter has 12 months of warranty, the motor has 6 months of warranty and other wear and tear has 3 months of warranty.

Yes, the Ninebot ES2 scooter is durable and sturdy.

Yes, the scooter has dual brakes, one brake on the handle and the other one on the rare side of the foot.

Yes, the brakes, the speed control, the lights, and everything else in the scooter is in consideration with the beginners and kids.

Every scooter or vehicle requires some maintenance. However, this one needs very less of it.

Final Verdict

With the trust of Segway, Ninebot ES2 instantly became extremely popular in the market. The scooter looks stunning and is priced as premium but its performance shall be considered mediocre. It is a safe scooter and works best for beginners and people willing to use it for short distance travel or commute.

The Segway Ninebot ES2 comes with a 12 months warranty and a superior folding mechanism. The star feature of the scooter shall be the lights that make it a stunning piece. With one LED headlight, a pair of rare lights, and 16 LED lights under the light, the rider will ride in the spotlight all the time.

Concluding the article we will say, yes this is a great scooter but there are better options available in the market in the same range.

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